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My Early Spring Daily Outfits

March 31, 2023

Happy Friday! Although it is raining here today, we’ve really had some nice weather this week. My daily outfits are beginning to look a little more like the season, too. I got a much needed pedicure yesterday, so I’m ready to start baring those toes. If only it will warm up a little bit more! Enough of the weather, let’s get on with my early spring daily outfits for this past week.

Early Spring Outfits for Women Over 50

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How This Works

Because we’re always onboarding new DFMD community, I think it may be a good idea to quickly review how these posts work. These are my real life outfits from my own closet. Because it’s the beginning of a season, many of these things are available, but some may not be. When I can locate one quickly I’ll share substitutes and/or more economical options. But if I don’t provide one and you’d like for me to, just ask.

I try to focus on how I styled things and why I wore what I wore rather than product details here. But if you need to know more about a piece, just ask in the comments.

My Vitals: I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 160 these days. I’m wearing some 8s and some 10s in most everything right now. My proportions are even and I’m an hourglass shape. So keep those things in mind as you review these outfits and consider how they might work for you or how you’d need to style them differently for your body.

What I Wore Friday

Friday James was out of town, so I took the opportunity to get out and do some things I enjoy doing on my own. It was misty and cool. I think I ended up at the mall, a few other stores and a favorite restaurant. I apologize for the grainy photo. I think it must be due to the lack of sun coming through my window on this morning.

What I Wore Friday
jeans // ruffle top // similar blazers (more economical option) // dickey // pumps // similar sneakers // bag no longer available from last summer // coin necklace // smaller necklace

I actually did wear my pumps when I left the house and at the restaurant for lunch with a friend. But then I switched into the sneakers I had carried along to do a little shopping. When you work at home and that’s where you spend most days, you just like to dress up a little when you do get out. Or at least, that’s how I roll. Of course jeans aren’t especially dressy. But wearing jeans and a pretty top and a blazer is one of my favorite go-to’s and I jump on that trio whenever I can.

What I Wore Saturday Around the House

Saturday I had a day of tidying up the house and reading a bit. I’m reading The Second Mrs. Astor, by the way. I know this historical novel based on the story of John Jacob and Madeleine Astor is going to end in heartbreak, but it is extremely intriguing and well written. I highly recommend it.

What I Wore Saturday
seasoft straight pants // relaxed tee // similar sneakers at a great price // earrings // similar necklace

The seasoft straight pants and the relaxed tee above are so amazingly soft. Perfect for a day at home, but also appropriate for running errands if you desire. They run true to size; I’m wearing a medium in both. And of course they come in other color options, too.

Another Day at Home on Sunday

Sunday morning I got up and dressed for church, but I became ill right before we were supposed to head out. So I never actually wore this outfit. But it sure is a sweet one. I’ll have to give it a try again this Sunday or another day.

What I Wore Friday
striped stovepipe pants // cotton fisherman sweater // mules (more economical option) // necklace // earrings // trench coat // shoulder bag no longer available

I wore my new striped stovepipe pants from Talbots and my favorite cotton fisherman sweater. I love the straight but wider silhouette of these pants; unfortunately they are almost sold out. However, I also ordered the solid white stovepipe pants (because they sold out before I could get them last summer), and I can tell you they fit the same, TTS. They also come in a bold turquoise.

SALE ALERT: Talbots is offering Buy One Get One 50% off right now, so it’s a good time to look for those mid-price items lacking in your wardrobe, group them in twos and snap them up!

So I ended up switching into another set of lounge clothes for the rest of the day. I’ve had the black seasoft v-neck sweatshirt (almost sold out // another similar option) for over a year, but I when I was in Athleta Friday I noticed they had new full length seasoft pants, so I snapped them up with rewards points.

What I Wore sunday
seasoft v-neck sweatshirt (almost sold out // another similar option) // seasoft pants // slippers // earrings // necklace (customized)

These seasoft pieces are all so soft and cozy, but not hot. Perfect for the transitional season.

What I Wore to a Nail Appointment Monday

Monday we shot videos, but I did get out in the middle of it all for a scheduled nail appointment. Ha! You can even see one of the box lights we use when shooting videos behind me. It was a crazy day. I think I had just modeled this outfit for next week’s video, so I wore it to the appointment.

What I wore Monday
Bristol pants // striped tee // ballet flats (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first purchase at Sarah Flint) // satchel bag // shorter necklace // longer necklace // earrings // pendant necklace no longer available // windbreaker

Plus I absolutely love wearing those Bristol pants. They’ve become a real favorite quickly. They fit and feel like an elevated chino. You can easily dress them up or down. And I honestly have to resist the urge to wear that black and white striped tee every day. So silky soft and effortlessly chic.

What I Wore Working from Home Tuesday

Tuesday I spent the day in front of the computer editing Wednesday’s video. But after my morning workout I did manage to get dressed for my day before starting work. I kept it simple with my white cotton fisherman sweater and grey jeans.

What I Wore Wednesday
white cotton fisherman sweater // grey jeans (no longer available // substitute) // sneakers // necklace set // coin necklace // earrings

I love wearing grey these days. And white and grey is always a winner. I generally find myself mixing the metals of my jewelry when I wear grey. I like gold so much, but grey seems to call for silver. So I just mix them. These reversible earrings help. You can flip the bottom part around so that they are either all gold or silver and gold.

What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday was just another day working from home. I did get out for a nice walk after my weight training workout. But then I just put on jeans, a tee and this pretty new open stitch cardigan I got in a few days earlier.

What I Wore Wednesday
jeans // tee // open stitch cardigan // mules // mixed necklace set // earrings // bracelets and pendant necklace no longer available

I think I wish this cardigan were just a little shorter, but it works. I also got it in the white, but I think I’m returning that one. I don’t wear cardigans that frequently, so I really don’t need two. Plus I already have the pretty soft green one from Sundance.

What I Wore to Thursday’s Nail Appointment

It must seem like all I do is get my nails done. Ha! Funny, I did my own nails for years and years. But these days it’s become more crucial for my nails to look good all the time with me shooting so many photos and videos. So I’ve started having them done with gel polish. But on this day I was actually getting the first pedicure of the year. Yay!

What I Wore Thursday
jeans // t-shirt // similar sneakers // satchel // trench coat // necklace // similar earrings

I topped my white slim boyfriend jeans with my black and white Ayr French Fry tee and wore my white Paul Green sneakers (similar option or more economical). Of course I actually ended up switching to flip flops right before I went into the nail salon. I topped the casual look with my taupe trench coat, which I am really enjoying this spring. Oh, and I just noticed those white slim boyfriend jeans are 40% off with code SPRING. They run a little large; I sized down to a 29, whereas I usually wear a 30 at J.Crew.

So those are my early spring daily outfits for this week. Let me know if you have questions. Have a great Friday!

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But change is necessary. And we have a God who wisely created an ever-changing world where seasons come and go, live things grow and develop and die. If we will lean into the God who created change, He will walk us through it, providing the grace we need to navigate it well. Are you going through a change right now? Well if nothing else you’re certainly aware of how much our culture is changing. When those changes baffle and disturb and even cause us anger, let’s lean into the Lord. After all, He is the only One who never changes.

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7 thoughts on “My Early Spring Daily Outfits

    1. I have the 29 in those, too. They’re actually the same jeans as the white ones. But they do not feel as roomy on me as the white ones do.

  1. Hi Kay I loved your “Blessed for my Day “ on Friday . How very true this was , Ive been going through quite some changes 22/23 some very bad and some spectacularly good ones! But all have had not only an emotional and psychological effect on me but also physical (headaches/shoulder aches/ stomach aches) the lot. But since Ive been reading your Blessed for My Day / Scriptures and all the Lovely ladies who also send theirs in, anything I can’t change or anything that feels out of my control Ive prayed to God to take it on for me or show me a way through , and he has! But importantly ive stopped taking the paracetamols/ibuprofen and things have and are working out , ive been walking daily wind/rain/snow out in nature and loving it . But importantly I feel more Peaceful and Serene and my family even my 12 year old nephew have noticed . Loved your Outfit you wore this last week . Pleased you treat yourself to having your nails done👌🏻You need a treat you are one busy lady , sorry to hear you were’nt feeling too well and missed Church , hope all is well now . Love to you and Thank you 🙏🏻❤️Xx

    1. Thanks so much for sharing this, Kym. I’m sorry you’ve been going through such a hard season. I’ve been there in the past a few times and I know what a toll changes and hard things can take. Bless you. But I’m so glad that you can report that godly encouragement and scripture, along with walks and other healthy habits are making a difference. That’s always been my experience too. Praise the Lord.

  2. You showed a post wearing the Talbots stripe stovepipe pant with a tan/light beige sweater. What other option do you have for those stripe pants. I love them, just uncertain on what to wear with the stripe.