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Spring Undergarment Essentials Refresh

March 25, 2022

Hello, and welcome to Dressed for My Day. Today we’re going down under! That is, we’re talking undergarments. When I start pulling out my spring and summer dresses, white pants, tank tops and even my sneakers, I realize it’s also time to refresh some of the undergarments I wear primarily in the warmer months. So I thought today would be a good day for a spring undergarment essentials refresh.

Spring Undergarment Essentials Refresh

Undergarments can make or break an outfit. It’s essential that we wear undergarments that fit, do what they’re supposed to do effectively and stay where they’re supposed to stay…under! In fact, the right bra – one that lifts and supports – can truly make you look more slender and even more alive and energetic, whereas wearing an old or unsupportive bra can easily make you look 5-10 years older than your are. Yes, it’s that important, ladies.

That said, if it’s been a while since you’ve had a professional bra fitting, I suggest you slip into Soma, my favorite lingerie store, or your favorite department store to get fitted as soon as possible. According to those who conduct such fittings, most women are not wearing the right size bra.

Meanwhile, the next time you get dressed check to see if perhaps you need to adjust the straps, taking in some of the give so that the bra lifts like it is supposed to. If you do end up taking in the straps some, check out the results in the mirror once you’re dressed. You may be surprised at the visible and significant difference this little adjustment makes in your appearance.

Finally, when you do purchase a new bra you want it to fit comfortably but with support with the shoulder strap completely or almost completely let out. That gives you room to take them in as the straps stretch out with wear. You also want the new bra to fit comfortably with it fastened at the furthest out hook closures on the band. That way you can move them in as the band stretches with wear.



#1 – Nude panties for white pants and skirts

I think every gal needs multiple pairs of basic nude panties to wear under white garments. And when I say nude, I mean your color of nude, of course. For several years now I’ve been wearing the Vanishing Edge Microfiber with Lace High Leg Briefs in the shade warm amber from Soma. I absolutely love these undies.

Underwear for Spring & Summer
Vanishing Edge Microfiber with Lace High Leg Briefs // Microfiber Retro Brief

These panties stay in place and do not show lines at all. That’s because they really don’t have a seam around the leg openings, but they do have stay-put silicone underneath the edges so they don’t ride up or bunch up. I’ve always preferred French cut or high leg briefs, but they do have other styles of Vanishing Edge panties, including cotton ones. Find all the styles available here.

Right now you can buy 3 pair of Vanishing Panties and get 2 free. That’s a tremendous deal, so it’s worth it to stock up for spring and summer. For reference, I wear a medium in the Vanishing Edge Panties.

By the way, I wash my Vanishing Edge Panties in the machine on cold water, but I do not put them in the dryer. I lay them on a drying rack to dry. That may sound extreme, but I want them to last as long as possible. But according to the care directions you can indeed put them in the dryer.

#2 – Light shapewear for everyday skirts and dresses

Shaper Shorts for Spring & Summer

When I wear everyday skirts and dresses I like to wear lightweight, light control shapewear like these Spanx Thinstincts 2.0 Mid-Thigh Shorts or these Smoothing Shorts from Soma. If I keep two pairs in my drawer I seem to have what I need for the couple of times I wear skirts or dresses each week. They prevent panty lines and bulges, but they also prevent thigh chafing. Ahem.

I’ll have a few additional options in this category in the shopping widget at the bottom of the post.

#3 – Heavy shapewear for body hugging dresses

Because I do have a few close fitting dresses that I wear during the warmer months, I like having a pair of bodyshapers that offer a little more support and shaping. I purchased these SPANX Thinstincts High Waist Mid Thigh Shorts before my son’s wedding to wear with my dress even though that dress had a full skirt. I liked the fact that these are constructed from a very thin, breathable microfiber fabric and that they offer super cinching of the waist all the way up to my bra.

SPANX Thinstincts High Waist Mid Thigh Shorts

Look, shapewear is not super comfortable because it does indeed suck you in. But I can attest that these are the most comfortable I’ve tried. And I really didn’t mind wearing them at all for about 6 hours. They don’t roll down at the waist and they don’t roll up at the thighs. No, they’re not super easy to put on. But once they’re on, they don’t move!


#4 – Nude everyday bra

I’ve never been one to have bras in pretty colors or patterns. But I think that’s perfectly grand if you do. Still, I think every gal needs at least one nude colored everyday bra that works well under all the white and pastels we wear this time of year.

Because we are all so different in this particular body area, it would be silly of me to tell you what bra to buy. But I can share with where I’ve found good bras.

  • Soma has a large selection of bras Buy One Get One 50% Off.
  • Macy’s has a full and varied selection of bras in familiar brands.
  • Spanx has one of my favorite lines of bras with good support and coverage as well as lots of comfort, the Bra-llelujah Collection. These bras are so soft and come in a variety of styles.

#5 – Racerback Bra

Racerback Bra for Spring and Summer
Spanx Bra-llelujah Lightly Lined Racerback Bra

During the summer I find it necessary to have a couple of good racerback bras on hand. In fact, at this time of year I wear these more than I do my standard strap bras. A racerback is simply a bra with straps that gather in the back and create more room at the shoulder area for going sleeveless. These bra straps do tend to go close to the neck at the top, so you do have to be aware of that when choosing the right bra to wear with a particular top or dress. But I enjoy a racerback so much more than a strapless bra if I’m just going sleeveless.

My favorite racerback bra by far is the Spanx Bra-llelujah Lightly Lined Racerback Bra. But it also comes in an unlined style. It’s also at Macy’s and Dillard’s and Nordstrom.

#6 – Wireless comfort bra

Enbliss Bralette

Y’all, I’m so tired of wearing a bra. Aren’t you? But I don’t feel completely physically comfortable without one either. So when I’m just working around the house or from my home office, I often opt for this bralette. It’s very comfortable, prevents chafing and creates a more finished, polished look…just in case someone does drop in. The Enbliss Bralette is also part of the BOGO 50% off sale.

#7 – Strapless bra

Strapless Wacoal Red Carpet Bra
Wacoal Red Carpet Full figure Underwire Strapless Bra

Much more often than in the winter, during the spring and summer I do need a strapless bra. I do not like my current strapless bra, but I’ve heard rave reviews on this Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra so I’m ordering one pronto to wear to Abby’s wedding.


#8 – athletic socks

Bombas solid ankle socks // Tri-Block Ankle Socks by Bomba

First up I’m simply sharing the socks I generally wear when working out and wearing my running shoes. I absolutely love my Bombas, so I thought I’d share. They’re not cheap, so I only own about a half dozen that I’ve purchased over time. But these socks provide nice cushion, stay put, and have arch-hugging support. Honestly, they feel like a hug for your feet! And I find them to last a long time, too. Tough socks!

#9 – low profile socks

Low Profile Socks for Spring and Summer
Bombas Cushioned No-Show Socks // Bombas No-Show Socks

Honestly, I frequently go without socks when wearing my fashion sneakers. But with some of them I do indeed wear no-show socks or low profile socks. I have found two brands that I really like for these. I can highly recommend both the Bombas No-Show Socks and the Zella No-Show Sneaker Socks. The Zella socks are a little thinner and they are a good bit less expensive. But if you need a thicker sock I’d highly recommend the Bombas Cushioned No-Show Socks.


Slips seem to be such a thing of the past…until you need one. Amiright?

#10 – Half slip

Commando Half Slip in beige and black // Vanity Fair Half Slip in a variety of lengths and colors

I’ve discovered that most skirts still need a slip unless they are lined. And even a lining may not keep your skirt from riding up in that annoying way they sometimes do unless you add a simple slip. I haven’t put it on in a while, but I’m pretty sure I wear my half slip with my denim skirt, for instance. I like this one because it’s simple and it has raw cut edges for a no-fuss fit. But I also like this one because it comes in three colors, three lengths and has a slit you can place strategically. I own the Vanity Fair slip.

#11 – Camisoles for modesty

Essential Camisoles from Banana Republic

Because so many spring and summer blouses are sheer, it’s good to have a few lightweight camis in various colors. I have several of these from Ann Taylor. But I also wear these Essential Camisoles from Banana Republic and really like them, too. I like that the Ann Taylor camis come in the colors of blouses you may be wearing and are a little silky, but the Banana Republic camisoles come in skin tones and are more basic.

#12 – Full length slip

Commando Fitted Slip (also in black)

I’m including full length slips because every once in a while you do put on a dress that requires one. Remember, a slip doesn’t just provide an added layer of modesty, but it can also provide a smooth finish and keep you cooler and more comfortable. I like this one because I like its simplicity. I went with the size M/L.


You can shop for the products mentioned and pictured in the graphic by clicking on the links above or by using the shopping widget below. Keep in mind that these are affiliate links, so if you purchase something through them I potentially earn a commission, but at no cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting what I do here by shopping my links.

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Showing up costs something, though, doesn’t it? It takes time, effort, shuffling around your schedule and patience. But let’s not discount the blessing we give someone simply by being there. In fact, I heard many people recount how God encouraged and strengthened them through the presence of a friend. When we show up, God shows up more visibly to the discouraged and hurting person.

But God, who comforts the depressed, comforted us by the coming of Titus. ~ 2 Corinthians 7:6

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39 thoughts on “Spring Undergarment Essentials Refresh

  1. Hi Kay……I still wear a slip with my skirts or dresses, I just feel more dressed when I have one on. I don’t think it’s that important to the new comers though. I love Breezies Bras from QVC. I wear an underwire and they have a little padding and works well for me.


  2. I too wear a slip under dresses and skirts, unless the dress or skirt is lined. An old habit but a good one. I like Wacoal bras but may try Spanx products. Thanks for the tutorial on undergarments. I agree that the correct underpinning can make all the difference in the way we look and the way we feel in our clothes.
    Thanks also for the Bible lesson. Being present for others blesses the giver and the receiver. I have experienced the kindness of friends often and do my best to support others as well. I love that the Lord uses us in this way.
    The Lord bless you, Kay!

  3. Great post! I purchased the Vanishing Edge panties when you first mentioned them on your blog. The silicone edges are something to get used to but it seems like these are all I want to reach for now. And it’s so true about the slip … you don’t need one until you do! I tried to hunt one down in my small town here the day I needed one. It was not easy! Nude bras are my favorites as well these days. They are just more practical.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I hate foindation garments with a purple passion but there are times when they are necessary. I wear sports bras that pull over the head for everyday around the house but a more structured one for going out. In the Winter with all those layers, you can wear more comfortable garments too. But spring and summer is so revealing of everything and I do love white in summer. I prefer a one piece foundation that covers back fat for tight things.

    If you’ve ever had someone hug you and thank you for coming, you know how important showing up can be. Make the effort, please.

  5. Have you tried Soma embliss bras? I finally did and they are so comfortable for us small chested women especially the days we just want to lounge around or under a T-shirt. I still have other bras too.
    I hate to spend money on undergarments but our clothes do look better when we have the right one. Thanks Kay!

  6. Hi, I’ve just discovered your blog, etc and love it! But, have you thought about including retailers who ship to Canada? I’ve looked at the site where you shop, but most don’t ship to Canada, or it’s limited, and with duty, the cost gets prohibitive. Thanks! love all the info you provide!

    1. I am right there with you, Cathe. I am very interested in many of the products Kay recommends. I have often wished for links for Canadians.

  7. I’ve been fitted professionally and no matter what brand I buy the left strap slips off my shoulder constantly. I’ve been told to loosen / tighten the strap but it keeps happening. Anyone know what causes this

    1. Hi Anne–I have the same issue—also with my left shoulder. I inherited it from my mother. I think it’s because the structure of my left shoulder droops/sits lower than my right. It’s just how I’m made. I have a small chest, so I just tighten the strap, and occasionally hoist the strap off my arm during the day if it drops. My mother is large chested, and has bought silicon strap keepers that keep the strap in place. The keepers attach to the strap, and the silicon helps them stick to your skin and hold the strap up and in place. She got them through a catalogue that sells miscellaneous health and beauty products for the older market.
      Hope this helps!

  8. Very informative post, Kay! Our undergarments can make or break an outfit. I do wish that they weren’t so expensive l though. Just like we should check the rear pocket placement on our jeans/pants, we should check the rear view to see if the world will see what type of panties we are wearing. I have learned that bras with wider bands help smooth out the unwanted bulges, so your closer fitting tops look better. Great BFMD!

  9. Dear Kay,

    Thank you so much for this post! It’s the one I have hoped for and needed! Being a little older ( 72), I find my body shape has changed and I often need a control, especially in the stomach.

    Do you feel Soma’s comfort shorts give you some smoothing in those areas?

    I found you early fall and I have followed you each day and also belong to your Facebook community. I have learned so much from you. Who said an old dog can’t learn new tricks? I live in Florida so I’m really looking forward to traveling through Spring and summer with you.

    Keep up the great work and know you are an inspiration to each of us everyday. Wishing you many blessings.

  10. Happy Monday and March 1 Kay !

    I am old school and still wear a slip with my dresses and skirts…..things just move a lot better meaning, the dress or skirt does not cling to your body and eliminates lines. This slip that you featured in the photo is very nice and an updated one, I really like it.


  11. Thank you SO much for all your wonderful styling tips. I have two weddings this summer and I choose to wear dresses that hit a little below my knees. Do you have any panty hose you would recommend that would look natural on my legs and nice to wear with dresses? Or do you know of any tricks like makeup for legs to help them look better? Thank you!

  12. Great post, Kay! And it appears the pop-up problem has already been fixed this morning! First time in a while that I got to ready the entire post! WooHoo! Thank you!

  13. I have ordered the vanishing edge panties and unfortunately they all fit differently. Some are cut smaller than others and I ordered the same style only different colors. I like the two pair that fit but the other three were a waste of money. So I have mixed reviews!

    Thanks for the post with this great information. I am definitely looking for a bralette so will try the ones you suggested.

    1. Hi Patricia, I’m sorry to hear about that. I’m pretty much a plain Jane and only wear the same kind all the time, so I hadn’t experienced the variation in sizes. But that’s good information to know.

  14. Good morning Kay. I too wear a slip with dresses and skirts unless it is lined. I hate to see through the dress,
    if you are standing in the sunlight, you can see right through the dress. I have seen women that don’t wear a
    slip and you can see things you don’t want to see. Know what I mean? lol I also think that unless it is 90 degrees
    out you should wear hose of some sort if you are really dressed up, like a wedding. Looks nicer and pulled together.
    Makes your legs look really nice. Thanks for the update on undergarments. Also like your BFMD.

  15. Forgot to ask you. I would like to order the Bria comfort shorts, sizes say s-m and m-l. I usually wear
    a medium in everything. You mentioned that you have 2 pairs of these. What size did you order?

  16. This comment is only to assist women who have to wear prosthetics in their bras. When I first had a lumpectomy, my bra caved in on one side and I learned that prosthetics are made just for filling in uneven breasts. I thought I had to purchase bras and prosthetics at special stores that just sold items for cancer patients. After a double mastectomy, I discovered that those stores I went to hiked up prices to get the insurance payments. Bras with places to insert prosthetics are much cheaper online, and foam inserts are also available that are softer and more comfortable than the silicones and others in the store. It takes trial and error to determine the sizes needed, and both prosthetics might not be the same size. I had much more radical surgery one one side, and needed a larger prosthetic on that size than the other one. It is hard enough to lose breasts, getting a bra should not have to be difficult or expensive. The ones available online are much prettier and make me feel more feminine. I hope no one needs this information, but if you do, I hope this helps addresses an undergarment issue that is rarely discussed during recovery from breast surgery.

  17. Kay if you follow GMA in the mornings on Thursday’s they have deals and steals and often have Bomba socks at 50% off.

  18. This is such an informative post. I am definitely old school and wear a slip with dresses and skirts.
    I am also a breast cancer survivor so for me a one piece bralette works best. (Mastectomy and reconstruction of right breast) I purchase mine from Sassybax. They are pricey but the fit is supportive, comfortable, and flattering. Sassybax has bralettes with pockets for prosthesis, bralettes without pockets, camisoles, and other types of shape wear. I also like Wacoal too. I prefer cotton for panties over lycra or other such fabrics.
    BFMD was such a blessing today, thank you for it.
    I am so happy that your appointment went well yesterday. Thank the Lord for answered prayer!
    Have a blessed weekend,

  19. Thank you, for this blog/posting today, it is a great reminder to everyone, that bras and panties need to be replaced even though they “look ok”, they are no longer doing the support needed. On my last bra fitting, she introduced me to pale peach and pale pink to be worn as a nude, the colors do disappear under whites and pastels. the pale pink and peach also feel prettier than the beiges to me. I love bras and panties, and feel better when they match, i.e. both are black, or red, or even pale pink. I think it makes me feel more put together. Also, thank you for the bible verse, it is a great reminder that just being there, sitting with someone is a huge help.

  20. Unfortunately for me the Vanishing Edge panties did not work for me. They did vanish all right but right up the middle. Felt like I was wearing a thong.?

    1. Oh my! Sorry to hear that. But I guess that just goes to show that indeed every body is indeed different. Thanks for sharing.

  21. This post reminds me, that I need to go through my bras, undies, etc and see what I need to replace or add.
    Thanks for the reminder. I too think slips look nicer with dresses, etc. Especially when going to a Wedding or
    church. Don’t have to worry about the dress clinging to us in warmer weather.

  22. Thanks so much for the reminder! Wasn’t on my radar, but I shopped your Soma link and am so excited for the spring refresh ?

  23. What a great post! I have some items on my list to purchase for spring/summer. Thank you very much!

    And I want to echo — Soma – YES! Definitely a favorite. I have been wearing their vanishing edge panties and memorable push-up bras for several years now. What game changers! And the panties really do not show a panty line at all.

  24. How timely! This is exactly what I did today! I planned to invest both as much time as I needed today and I was prepared to make the financial investment. My sizes are smaller so today was a fun exercise in careful selections of all things soft, pretty, and function. I visited IC London and Shelly is the ultimate professional. If you are ever in Charlotte, it’s a must visit. I’m ready for Spring. Thank you for your post.

  25. Okay, I’m weird, but I have not put a bra on over my head for 20 years. I step into them, due to shouder, wrist and arthritis issues, so I wear mostly Coobie beautifully shaped stretchy and padded comfort bras daily, which look amazing under even a sheer tee, and I haven’t looked back. I have real bras but only wear them briefly for special occasions! Lol!!