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HOT at DFMD in March 2023

March 30, 2023

March is coming to a close tomorrow. Can you believe it? Even March has flown by fast this time around. Do you think it has anything to do with how many times we’ve been around the sun? Hahaha! Anyhow it’s time for me to share with you what’s been hot at Dressed for My Day this month. These are the items readers and viewers have been snapping up and I’m loving them, too.

What HOT at DFMD in March 2023

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Once again, I didn’t know what was HOT at DFMD until I pulled the above graphic from my assistant Holly’s Dropbox folder. But I’m not at all surprised to see these fun spring fashions, accessories and a great beauty product here.

What HOT at DFMD in March 2023

Truth is most of these items are straight from a very popular YouTube video that I published several weeks ago. If you haven’t yet watched my Spring Travel Capsule Wardrobe with Talbots, you might want to do that. I continue to wear these clothes and love them…even though I haven’t really traveled anywhere yet!

In fact, let’s check out the trending items from that video first.

Bristol Pants

I shared the Bristol Pants in black and in white in the Spring Travel Capsule Wardrobe video, but I think I’ve only worn the black ones in real life. They are turning out to be so versatile. I think they wear like a modern chino – high waisted, fuller legs, the slightest pleat at the waist and a nice lightweight fabric.

Black and Blue for Church
black Bristol pants (TTS, wearing an 8) // ribbed t-shirt (sized up to a large for roomier fit) // grey tweed cap toe flat (gifted) // scarf // necklace // belt // earrings no longer available

I love the length of these pants, too. Remember, I’m 5’8″, but these Bristol Pants also come in petite, plus and plus petite fits. They run true to size to maybe a little large. I’m wearing an 8 very comfortably.

Oh look! Here’s a photo of me with the white Bristol Pants, too.

Veronica Beard Miller Jacket
blue Miller dickey jacket  (more economical option) // Bristol pants // happy splash floral tank // slides

Oh, and I forgot that I also shared the Bristol pants in this previous blog post, too. Maybe you’d like to see how I styled them there again, as well.

Johnny Collar Striped Pullover

I’m so glad to see this Johnny collar striped pullover over the HOT at DFMD list. This cotton and silk blend pullover is amazingly comfortable and soft. You can easily wear it again in the fall.

Mix Business and Pleasure
Bristol pants as seen in this blog post

The pullover runs true to size and is still pretty well stocked. In fact, I’m happy to report that so far most everything on our HOT at DFMD list is in stock. And right now Talbots is offering Buy One Get One 50% off.

Gingham Topper

But of everything I shared in that video and in the blog post, I think I’m the most excited about this Gingham Topper. Talbots gifted me three items for those collaborations, but I purchased the rest myself. And I do not regret at all buying this Gingham Topper. In fact, it’s one of the smartest purchases I made for spring.

Black and Ivory Gingham Topper

When I lived in Texas and Arizona, I never would have imagined needing a coat like this for spring. But this versatile lined, but lightweight cotton and linen blend coat has been perfect for our cold spring here in Ohio. I wear it so frequently, as evidenced below.

Black & White Butterfly Long Scarf

This gauzy cotton scarf is actually another favorite spring purchase. I remember I was so tempted to buy one of the more colorful options, but I “settled” for this one because I knew it would be more versatile. Sure enough, I’ve worn it no fewer than a dozen times in the four weeks I’ve had it. Such a smart buy.

What I Wore to Church Sunday
cashmere v-neck sweater // black pants // gingham topper // butterfly scarf // satchel // earrings not available // necklace

Blue Trench Jacket

Not to be outdone by the gingham topper, the blue trench jacket I shared in the Talbots collaboration has also been HOT at DFMD during March. It’s a lovely trench coat. It does run large. I returned the medium for a small, which is what I’m wearing in these photos.

Black Pants and Blue Jacket
Bristol pants (TTS) // Johnny collar pullover (TTS) // necklace // bracelets // sunglasses // short trench // blue drawstring bag

And that brings us to another HOT accessory from the Talbots collaboration…

Blue Leather Drawstring Bag

The way I see it, if you wear a lot of neutrals like I do, it’s smart to have a colorful bag or two in your wardrobe. And this pretty blue leather drawstring bag is a smart one.

Blue Bag
Blue Leather Drawstring Bag // gingham topper // butterfly scarf

I need to pull that bag out and use it more. I think it got tucked away and I tend to forget to use it. But it is a nice one because you can remove the strap and use it as a clutch, too. And it also have another shorter strap.

Cotton Pullover Sweater

I’m happy to see this cotton pullover sweater on our list of hot items. Amazingly it’s still in stock at Talbots, and also available still in green, navy and bright tangerine (gorgeous!). Remember, it comes in a full range of sizes, too.

cotton sweater

I’ve already washed this sweater several times because I tend to get makeup on my crewneck sweaters. It laundered beautifully. I washed in cold water in the machine and then laid it flat to dry on the rack.

Striped Ballet Neck Top

I’ve also worn this black and white striped ballet neck tee a lot. In fact, I know this simple but very comfortable tee is going with me to London in August. It looks polished and a little elevated, but is actually like dreamy-comfortable.

Springlike Day
black Bristol pants // striped ballet neck tee // necklace // belt // earrings // grey tweed cap toe flat (gifted) // bright pink shoulder bag

I’m very happy that I have the striped ballet neck tee in black and white, but I do wish it also came in navy and white. It does not. But that do have a pretty yellow and white (very low inventory) and lilac and white. It fits true to size.

Whew! I think that’s all the Talbots top sellers. Let’s move on to a couple of big sellers from J.Crew. Right now J.Crew is offering 40% off your purchase on a large selection of wear-now items with code SPRING.

Tencel Blend Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

I know that last year this shirt was described as a silk blend. It does still have 5% silk in it, so I do think it’s the same composition. This polo shirt was one of our top sellers for the whole year of 2022. In fact, it was number 4. I have the black and beige ones from last year, along with a pink they don’t have this year. And I’ve already purchased the blue and green for this year.

Silk Blend Polo
polo top // relaxed fit chinos // sandals

I wore at least one of those tops every single week last spring and summer. They’re just so versatile. I like the length for one thing. You don’t have to tuck them in to get those great proportions. And they fit close to the body, but not tight at all. So they’re great for pairing with trending wider leg pants.

Versatile Spring Style Formula
From last year; I think the mountain white is perhaps a little lighter than this // Tencel Blend Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

By the way, just in case you ask, if I were to get just one of these polo shirts, I’d probably get the black or mountain white. But if you prefer color, go for the blue or green. You really can’t go wrong with any of them. And these shirts did sell out last year fairly early in the season.

Unfortunately, the Tencel Blend Short Sleeve Polo Shirt is excluded from the 40% off offer. Phooey.

Summer Day Graphic T-Shirt

On the other hand, the Summer Day graphic t-shirt is marked down. Yay! This simple little tee evidently made a big impact when I wore it in last week’s video. And I do love it with that ivory white blazer. So on trend!

Summer Day graphic t-shirt // blazer (more economical option)

I didn’t think I’d shown this whimsical tee anywhere else, but evidently I did show it on the blog, too.

What I Wore Tuesday
t-shirt // blazer (more economical option) // jeans (more economical option) // sandals // tri-color MK satchel // earrings

That leaves just two more of our HOT at DFMD top sellers for March.

Sockshion Foot Cushions for Heels

I shared the Sockshion Foot Cushions for Heels in last week’s daily outfit post. These are amazing little “socks” you can wear with heels and they really do work.

foot cushions
foot cushions // kitten heel leather mule sandals

I hate to show you my toes like that. Bleh. I’m getting a pedicure today. Yay! Anyhow, disregard the terrible toe nails and focus on those foot cushions. They provide a little padding, but more importantly, to me, they help slides stay on your feet better. I also shared these in this week’s Spring Undergarment Refresh post, along with some other great finds at Sheec Socks.

Sheec Socks for Pumps and Heels
socks for pumps // socks for heeled slides and sandals

It’s definitely worth it to check out Sheec Socks. I’m wearing their socks with mules, slides, heels, ballet flats and sneakers now.

Colleen Rothschild Illuminating Tinted Eye Cream

When the Colleen Rothschild Illuminating Tinted Eye Cream was introduced about a week and a half ago, they offered a great deal with it. This little product really does deliver some pretty amazing results.

Illuminating Tinted Eye Cream
Illuminating Tinted Eye Cream

See that pink tint? That’s a combination of pearlized pigments and peach pigments that help to neutralize the blue tine you may see under your eyes because of thinning skin and more exposed blood vessels. And the pearlized pigments also brighten this area, creating a radiant glow.

You can learn more about the Illuminating Tinted Eye Cream in this post.

Thanks so much for dropping in today. I hope you enjoyed this little recap of some of your favorite finds at DFMD in March. Let me know if you have any questions.

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6 thoughts on “HOT at DFMD in March 2023

  1. Thanks so much, Kay. Appreciate your wisdom and encouragement in your Blessed for My Day column. And the awesome work you do to keep us all inspired to Dress for our Day!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement and Scripture—one of my favorite passages. It was a great way to start my day! On the clothing side, I bought the Bristol pants in white and black. Love them! Thank you!

  3. Love this post with all the items from Talbots. I purchased the Biscayne blue trench coat and love it! The purse I liked, but too small for me. I wish it was a little bigger. Looking to buy one of the stripped tees and cotton sweater. So sad about another senseless shooting, and you are so right we have to look to Jesus.He Is in the background working though, we do not see it, for this is a broken and sick world we are living in now. Thanks for the verse.