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How I Select My Denim Shorts

June 30, 2020

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! Ready for a little bit of casual style inspiration? Today I’m simply sharing how I pick my denim shorts. ‘Cause ya know, jean shorts are a staple in my causal summer wardrobe, y’all.

How I Select My Denim Shorts

Of course, picking the denim shorts that are right for you is a highly personal thing. Hahaha! We all have different tastes and criteria we want to meet. But I thought I’d simply share what I look for in denim shorts. And if you want to apply my criteria to your shorts, great!

Denim Shorts
girlfriend denim shorts in Miller wash (darker wash) // striped cotton v-neck sweater // classic hoop earrings // similar necklace (mine is sold out) // sandals (more economical option) // shoulder bag // sunglasses

Shopping Tip #1I look for denim shorts in a cotton blend that will provide for a little stretch but with no distortion. I want my jean shorts to look more like denim, less like polyester. Know what I mean? I want the genuine article. I think this is especially important as we get older since many people associate knits with “old ladies” anyhow.

denim shorts

Shopping Tip #2 – I always sit down in anything I try on. But especially when selecting denim shorts I think it’s important to move around, sit down, bend over, squat, you name it. These are the shorts we want to feel most comfortable in and be able to really move in.

Denim shorts

Shopping Tip #3 – For a more slenderizing look, select denim shorts in a darker wash. I do have some darker wash jean shorts, too, but these girlfriend denim shorts in Miller wash are about as light as I’d want. I also have these same denim shorts in the darker Ryder wash. They’re also available in black for an even more slenderizing effect.

Shopping Tip #4 – These days it’s much easier to find denim shorts with a mid or high rise. I suggest staying away from low-rise shorts since they are notorious for emphasizing a muffin top. Bleh. These girlfriend denim shorts hit slightly below the waist for a very comfortable fit.

denim shorts

Shopping Tip #5 – When it comes to length, I look for a longer Bermuda length (9-11″) to a mid length (say 7″). Why? Because you can absolutely cuff them up or even cut them off if you eventually decide you’d prefer a shorter leg. But you can’t extend shorts that are too short.

These girlfriend denim shorts that I’m wearing have a 9″ rolled cuff or an 11.5″ unrolled leg.

Denim shorts

Shopping Tip #6 – Look for a little distressing or discoloration. I know some older women don’t like to wear “ratty jeans.” And I’m not suggesting that you do. But a little bit of distressing or discoloration adds just enough interest to make these shorts look more modern.

Shopping Tip #7 – In contrast, I prefer my denim shorts not have any other embellishments, such as rhinestones or embroidery. I want these particular shorts to look authentic and natural, creating a blank canvas to which I can add all kinds of tops.

denim shorts

I wore this simple denim shorts outfit when we visited our son and daughter-in-law this past week. We had a casual day of eating hot dogs and playing a board game, so my denim shorts were the perfect choice. I simply topped them with this very lightweight striped cotton sweater, added my classic hoop earrings and a dainty gold necklace (similar option) and slipped into my neutral colored sandals.

Yes, my Tory Burch sandals are very pricey and I bought them when they were marked down (and with Nordy notes!). But if you like the style, definitely check out Sam Edelman’s similar alternative, the Circus Canyon Flat Sandal, priced much more reasonably.

denim shorts

But my denim shorts (as well as the darker wash girlfriend shorts) and lightweight striped cotton sweater are part of Talbots’ Summer’s Greatest Hits sale. They’re each less than $30! Same for the solid colored cotton sweaters, the marled solid cotton sweaters and the white denim shorts and black denim shorts.

By the way, I’m wearing an 8 (TTS) in the denim shorts and a small in the sweater. So I’d say the sweater runs on the larger size, but not by much.

Thanks so much for stopping in today. Let me know if you have any questions about what I’ve shared with you today. Have a lovely day!

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It amazes me that we have a God who willingly and graciously reveals Himself to us. He desires for us to know Him intimately, to put our trust in Him and to abide in Him. So yes, He makes Himself known, both through creation and through His Word. I believe He also reveals His character and ways through our experience of Him, but we must always be diligent to check out our understanding of Him through the Bible. The truth of God’s Word must trump our experiential knowledge of God.

Still, even as we get to know our God and continue to grow in understanding of Him through the years, we must acknowledge that we only know a very small portion of Him. I love the way this is worded in Job 26:14. These are “the outer fringe of his works…a whisper we hear of him!” We can never exhaust the depths of God. That’s why Paul wrote in Romans 11:33, “Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!”

“Behold, these are the fringes of His ways;
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8 thoughts on “How I Select My Denim Shorts

  1. I enjoy your daily posts. Today’s subject of denim shorts was very good. My question is how to wear bermuda shorts, so they don’s look frumpy. I am a straight body shape, and short waisted, i.e. all leg. Normally I wear a 5-7 inseam in shorts and they are figure flattering. I want to wear the bermuda length, but when I try to put an outfit together, it looks -frumpy/dumpy. Any suggestions? Or would you do a article on how to style bermuda shorts. Thanks.

  2. Hi Kay,
    Fairly new to your site, really enjoying it. I shared with my Mom and 4 sisters (who have ordered)!
    I would Love to see some golf outfits, I am 5’2” and have problem finding golf bottoms that are not to long.

  3. Great post! I am more of a crop pants sort of person, but like the look of shorts too. I really like the sweater and am very tempted to get one. Such happy stripes on the sweater.
    Thanks for BFMD also. In my devotions, I am studying the book of Job, such a wonderful book that reminds me of the sovereignty of God.
    Have a lovely day, Kay,

  4. What beautiful pictures of you in this great outfit! I just placed an order for the black jean shorts because my size is not available in the denim. I sure hope they fit! That sweater is still one of my favorites, but I recently received a few new tops from Loft, so I can’t add this sweater to my closet. I’ve actually got to work in my closet to pare down the number of tops. My brain is really happier with fewer choices. Enjoy your golf outing! We are having triple digit heat indexes with bad air quality, and high humidity, even in the country, so time outside has to be limited, if we get out at all.

  5. I love these pictures – you look so relaxed and like you are having fun.
    You always give such helpful advise!

  6. I enjoy reading your daily posts and watching your video on Wednesday. Your posts have given my ideas for mixing and matching items I already have in my closet and ideas for new items that I can add. Your daily posts are so positive and helpful. Thank you for taking the time to create and share!

  7. I loved the shorts and sweater!
    Thanks for the scripture from the book of Job.
    My small group just finished a study on the book of Job last night! It was very good!
    Blessings on your week! ?