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The Jewelry I’m Wearing & Loving this Summer

July 20, 2020

Happy Monday! Since straightening up the top of my dresser and my jewelry box are on my to-do list today, I thought I share with you what’s there. Yes, the top of my dresser is strewn with jewelry for which I’ve failed to find a real home! But these are the pieces I’m wearing on repeat. So let me share with you the jewelry I’m wearing and loving this summer.

I also have a special SALE ALERT at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check it out!

Have you found that you reach for different jewelry in the summer from what you wear in the winter? I certainly do. Here’s what I’ve been loving and wearing this summer.

My Silver Pieces

Believe it or not, I use to wear silver exclusively. In fact, I sold most of my 14 carat gold a number of years ago to help finance one of our family vacations. But in recent years I’ve started accumulating and wearing gold (not 14 carat, generally) again mostly.

Silver Jewelry
Parker link necklace (and at Nordstrom) // compass coin necklace (also at Nordstrom) // geo twirl French wire earrings

So this spring I decided to buy a set of shorter necklaces in silver. I wanted something I could throw on easily with t-shirts and other casual summer pieces. I’m definitely enjoying my Parker link necklace and compass coin necklace, both from Gorjana but also available at Nordstrom (here and here).

I basically rotate between two pairs of silver earrings when I wear the Gorjana set. Above I’m wearing my geo twirl French wire earrings from Brighton, which I’ve had for several years. And below I’ve paired the necklaces with my rhodium Halogen brushed teardrop earrings.

Another Reason You Need a Chambray Shirt
Parker link necklace (and at Nordstrom) // compass coin necklace (also at Nordstrom) // large brushed teardrop earrings in rhodium

The Parker link necklace and compass coin necklace also come in gold, by the way, as do the Halogen large brushed teardrop earrings. I found myself wearing my gold Halogen large brushed teardrop earrings more in the fall and winter for some reason.

My Gold Pieces

While I’m no longer accumulating 14 carat gold pieces, I have added some pretty, dainty gold jewelry to my repertoire this summer. Since I wear a lot of black, even during the summer, I chose a “black drusy” inset when customizing my Kendra Scott Elisa multi strand necklace. My set is 14k gold plated over brass. It’s also available in other metals and multiple insets.

Black & White Summer Outfit
Elisa multi strand necklace // gold filigree earrings

My gold filigree earrings, shown above with the Elisa multi strand necklace, are a sweet find from Target. I also enjoy wearing this multi strand necklace with my Kendra Scott Veronica Hoop Earrings, shown below.

Elisa multi strand necklace // Kendra Scott Veronica Hoop Earrings // see the original post for outfit details
up close
Kendra Scott Veronica Hoop Earrings // necklace no longer available (similar option) // see the original post for outfit details

While my palm necklace above is no longer available, this palm coin necklace from Gorjana is a nice option and the same length. But you could also check out the other pretty options from Gorjana. I think they do a lovely job with dainty, stylish jewelry, especially for layering.

I’m always a little surprised when I look back through my photos and realize what I don’t have images of. I wear my classic gold hoop earrings so frequently, but don’t seem to have many photos of them at all.

floral pants
classic gold hoop earrings // see the original post for outfit details

Statement Jewelry

I really don’t wear as much chunky statement jewelry as I do my silver and gold pieces. But I have fallen in love with a few pieces from Chico’s and J.Jill this summer. In fact, if I’m going to wear statement jewelry, it’s usually from those two retailers. They’re very different in style from one another, but I like both.

Out to Coffee
green ombre single strand necklace // see the original post for outfit details

I wish I had better photos to share of the necklaces I’ve recently purchased from Chico’s, but they’re still “in the can.” When I purchased the camo shorts, shown above, I ordered three necklaces from Chico’s to try with them. I fully intended to return two and keep one. Well, you know how that goes! I kept all three. I purchased the green ombre single strand necklace shown above (also available in blue ombre), the aqua pendant necklace (shown below) and the beaded green tassel necklace. They’re all three marked down crazy low now.

aqua pendant necklace // see the original post for outfit details

I love how the beaded green tassel necklace also works beautifully with my green slim utility pants from Chico’s. I’m finding all three necklaces to be very versatile with my wardrobe.

work from home
beaded green tassel necklace // Kendra Scott Veronica Hoop Earrings // see the original post for outfit details

I’ve also enjoyed wearing the J.Jill indigo blues beaded statement necklace this summer. It has a bit more of a boho vibe, while the Chico’s jewelry is more dramatic. The coordinating bracelet is no longer available, the indigo blues beaded statement necklace is available for a fraction of the original price. It works beautifully with green, blue, off white or white garments.

Navy Tee
indigo blues beaded statement necklace // geo twirl French wire earrings // see original post for outfit details

Next, I’ll give you a preview of an outfit I’m sharing later this week because I want you to see the jewelry I’m enjoying with it. I just picked up these pieces this weekend at J.Jill, where they’re still 30% off with code SALE30.

shorts (LOVE the fit! TTS) // optional tee // shoes // turquoise skies long pendant necklace // turquoise skies stretch bracelet // scarf/belt

This turquoise skies long pendant necklace will be so versatile in my wardrobe. Really you can wear turquoise jewelry with most any casual piece, especially with a nice white or off white backdrop. And I love that the turquoise skies stretch bracelet pairs nicely with the necklace, but doesn’t look too matchy, matchy. I’m wearing my geo twirl French wire earrings with this ensemble.

Finally, I’ve really enjoyed the necklace Chico’s gifted me earlier in the summer. This sea life bib necklace is still available and at a fraction of the original price. Perfect for a seaside vacation or any occassion.

Striped-Hem Linen Dress
sea life bib necklace // Kendra Scott Veronica Hoop Earrings // classic enamel bracelet

The white classic enamel bracelet in the photo above has also seen lots of wear. I have three of these in different shades. Talbots brings them out every year in different colors that match their collection, so I’ve added one every year. But the white one definitely gets worn the most.

Well, that’s it! Those are the pieces of jewelry I’m wearing and loving this summer. Let me know if you have any questions. And thanks so much for visiting Dressed for My Day today.

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7 thoughts on “The Jewelry I’m Wearing & Loving this Summer

  1. I love the way you pair your jewelry with your outfit. I like the dainty pieces. The statement pieces make a statement without being over-the-top.
    Thanks for BFMD also; it is so encouraging. These days can certainly try one’s patience.

  2. Good luck at your hair appointment! I have tons of jewelry, costume and the good stuff, and a project of mine for this week is to go thru the necklaces and pull out what I’m not wearing. Larry’s hobby is making jewelry from real gemstones, so I don’t have to buy necklaces or earrings too often. I’m actually allergic to 14k gold, so I don’t wear it often. I enjoyed seeing your favorite pieces!

  3. I love the jewelry you have chosen. I also sometimes wear dainty pieces, but also love my chunky statement necklaces. I saw your new haircut on Instagram, so cute!!! Love the waves, but I’m sure it will also look great straight.

  4. Thanks for the jewelry ideas. Unfortunately my better gold and diamond jewelry was
    stolen during a recent move. I have decided not to replace with expensive pieces and wear buy less expensive pieces that I will enjoy. Thanks again

    1. Oh my. I’m so sorry to hear that. Fortunately there is a lot of pretty jewelry these days that does not costs as much because it is not “solid” but it is still fairly well made. Thanks for reading!