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Shopping Updates at Dressed for My Day

July 18, 2020

Hello, sweet gal! And welcome to Dressed for My Day. I thought I’d simply take today to update my shopping pages and then share with you some of the ways you can shop here.

Shopping Updates at Dressed for My Day

I’m also sharing HOT SALES information in today’s post, but first I wanted to let you know that I’ve updated my Shopping pages here at Dressed for My Day.

About My Shopping Pages

Did you know you can begin any online shopping session at many of your favorite retailers right here at Dressed for My Day? That’s a great way to support the work I do here, if that’s your jam. And I hope it is! When you shop through my links – even if you don’t buy the particular item you clicked through – I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you.

When you shop through my links, you help me earn an income. And I’m so grateful. Did you know that hosting this blog is quite expensive for me? Yep, nothing’s free! Here are just a few of the costs I incur either annually or monthly:

  • annual website host fee
  • annual website security fee
  • website design fee (about every 2-3 years)
  • monthly email deliver fee
  • annual website backup fee

So I don’t mean to burden you with any of that. But I did want you to know why I’m so grateful when you return here to Dressed for My Day to begin your shopping sessions.

Funny Story…

When I remind my own family members to shop through my links, my son laughs at me and says, “Mom, if you need money that badly I’ll just write you a check!” He’s teasing of course. But then I grin and remind him that, while I sometimes make just a few cents on an order, every penny adds up…and eventually becomes enough to pay the bills!

So thank you for shopping my links. I truly appreciate you!

How to Shop at Dressed for My Day

In case you’re not aware of all the ways you can shop through my blog, I thought I’d provide a quick rundown. And look, I’m only doing this because weekly I get questions from readers and subscribers wanting to know how they can support my work and shop through my links in order for me to get the commission.

  • No, I can’t earn a commission on your in-store purchases. I just wanted to go ahead and get that off the table. But that’s absolutely okay. My business model is set up to help you become more familiar with the brands and products I’m sharing. And the way I earn an income is meant to be organic, not forced. So do not worry one iota about that, sweet gal!
  • You can shop through the links in my posts. Anytime you see a highlighted word or phrase, usually in pinkish red, you can click on that word or phrase and it will generally take you to a product page or store website homepage. Those can be in the copy or the photo captions.
  • You can shop the product widgets in the posts. When I speak of a “widget” I’m talking about the line of photos I often include at the end of a post (and sometimes in the middle) that is generally scroll-able. They work the same way the links in the copy do.
  • You can shop through the store links in my Shop Where I Shop list. This list is located in the right sidebar of my blog posts if you’re viewing the blog from a laptop or desktop computer. You’ll find the list below the blog post if you’re viewing from your phone or other handheld device. (If you shop a store that you’d like for me to consider adding to my list, let me know!)
  • You can shop through my Shop tab in the top menu. Now if you just click on Shop, you’ll be taken to a listing of recent shopping related posts, such as this one today. But if you hover over the Shop tab with your mouse, you’ll notice other options. I’ll detail those for you next.
  • You can shop through the Shop My Looks page which is located under the Shop tab in my top menu. Most of the looks I’ve shared in my posts are easily shoppable in this central location. So if you ever just want to look back quickly at an outfit I shared, but don’t remember what post it was in or how to get there, just use the Shop My Looks page.
  • You can shop through my Shop My { Retailer } Favorites pages. Not only do I have Shop My Favorites pages for Nordstrom and Talbots (my two hottest selling retailers), but I’ve recently added Favorites pages for J.Jill, Chico’s and even Coldwater Creek (a new affiliate partner for me). I’d be glad to consider other Shop My Favorites pages if you want to suggest one that you frequently shop.

I just updated all of my Shop My Favorites pages today. Be sure to check out your favorites. And of course, they all have some great sales going on.

  1. Shop My Nordstrom Favorites – Nordstrom is having their Clearance Sale Sunday, with up to 60% off some of your favorite brands.
  2. Shop My Talbots FavoritesTalbots is giving you 50% off all T by Talbots and at least 50% off all markdowns in their Red Hanger Sale.
  3. Shop My J.Jill Favorites – At J.Jill you’ll get 30% off select full-price styles with code SAIL30. Plus you’ll get an extra 40% off all sale styles.
  4. Shop My Chico’s Favorites – This is A NEW PAGE! This weekend at Chico’s you can get up to 70% off in their semi-annual sale. Plus they’ve marked down select tops and pants significantly, too.
  5. Shop My Coldwater Creek Favorites – This is a NEW PAGE & NEW PARTNER for me. This weekend at Coldwater Creek you’ll get 70% off everything.
  • You can shop My Favorite Wardrobe Essentials page. This is a new page, too. I’ll be keeping this page up to date (as much as possible) with wardrobe essentials like t-shirts, tanks, jeans, neutral handbags, even essential jewelry. These are my favorites, however, not necessarily the cheapest. But that doesn’t mean everything on this page is expensive either. I’ve even got favorite wardrobe essentials from Target!
  • You can shop my Instagram posts. Did you know that? If you’re perusing Instagram and see one of my posts, like the outfit and want to shop it, simply click on my Instagram profile @dressed_4_my_day and then click on this link: You’ll then see a lists of links to choose from, but if you scroll down a little further you’ll see my Instagram photos. You can click on any of these and you’ll be taken (safely) to a page where you can shop that look.

Well there ya go! Look, you may have known all of this. So I don’t mean to insult your intelligence. But then again I do get asked at least weekly questions about how to use my website. So I just wanted to take today’s post to catch us all up to speed.

Plus I added those new shopping pages and wanted to share them with you.

This Weekend’s Noteworthy Sales

  • You’ll find Amazon’s Deals of the Day here.
  • Talbots is having their Red Hanger Sale. Get 50% off all markdowns and 50% off T by Talbots athleisure wear. Shop my Talbots favorites here!
  • At Chico’s they’re having their Semi Annual sale with savings up to 60%.
  • Soma is advertising BOGO 50% off almost everything. Hmm…
  • At J.Jill you’ll get 30% off select full-price styles with code SAIL30. Plus you’ll get an extra 40% off all sale styles.
  • Shop Nordstrom Clearance Sale, where items are marked up to 60% off. Plus, get an extra 25% off for a limited time for up to 70% off some items.
  • GAP is offering up to 50% off almost everything.
  • At Banana Republic you’ll get up to 75% off sale and up to 50% off select styles. Buy a mask and get an extra 10% off the remainder of your purchase with code EXTRA10
  • You’ll get up to 60% off your order at Lands’ End with code SUNNY.
  • At J.Crew get an extra 50% OFF sale styles with code GREAT.
  • Vera Bradley is giving you 25% off all lunch bags and backpacks. I love my Vera Bradley lunch bag!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Up Date

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preview days are coming up this week, starting July 24th. If you haven’t already read my prep post, you can read it here. This week you also might want to:

  • read my post How & Why to Create a Wardrobe Wish List
  • sign up for the Nordy Club if you’re not already a member (it’s free!). That way you can use the Wish List option during the preview days.
  • apply for a Nordstrom store card IF you were already planning to. (Taking out a credit card is a highly personal decision and I don’t recommend you make that decision lightly or hastily.) For a limited time, Nordstrom is offering a $60 bonus note if you apply for a new Nordstrom credit card and use it that day. Plus, the credit card will qualify you to shop early on August 13th.

Thanks so much for stopping in today. Have a lovely weekend!

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We somehow think that if we put our foot down, things will be made right. But how’s that working for us? Ha! The truth is we can’t make things right by getting angry and expressing our frustrations through a loud voice, a harsh tone, scathing words or a temper tantrum. Why we think we can, I don’t know. But probably most of us are guilty.

Instead, let’s take the time to learn new ways of dealing with the frustrating situations in our lives. The Bible encourages us to slow down, listen more, really hear the other voices and work through situations patiently…even when the other person or people aren’t doing the same. That’s hard. But let’s prayerfully seek to be women who demonstrate the character of God in the toughest conversations.

My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires. ~ James 1:19-20

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9 thoughts on “Shopping Updates at Dressed for My Day

  1. Thank you for this “good to know” info, Kay. The sales are super good right now. Loved your son’s comment! BFMD is very timely. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Yes to Coldwater Creek, I buy a lot from them and Old Navy for wearing around the house. I have a closet full of their shirts from chambray to flannel. They may not have my geranium Pink I love this year but good old basic colors are fine.
    I try to remember that most things we get upset about wont even matter to us tomorrow. Don’t sweat the small stuff and 99% is small stuff. ?

    1. I’m more than glad to support you Kay. You put so much work into your Blog, Blessed for my Day and the YouTube videos! Your Blog gives a wealth of information to me every day and all for free, so yes, I will support your business whenever I make purchases! You’ve been hitting it out of the park lately on your Blog and YouTube! Thank you for delivering such interesting and useful information every single day! And if that isn’t enough, the icing on the cake is your sharing love and truth about Jesus in your BFMD! It’s the the Crème de la crème! I love how you always point back to the Lord and give Him glory! Thank you!

  3. Thank you! Can you explain the sizing at Chico’s? I always rather to shop online, but now I only shop online. I have no idea how Chico’s sizing is figured out. I know my sizes at Loft (where I do a lot of shopping), Amazon, and Old Navy.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Arna. I’ve found the sizing at Chico’s to run true to size. They use a different number system but may be switching over to standard sizing because all of the garments now have their number and the standard size on them. I wear a Chico’s 1, which is a size 8 or medium. Let’s see. That would mean a .5 is a 6 and a 1.5 is a 10 and so on. But I think you’ll find that all of their products have both sizes on them now on their website. So like I said they run true to size and just look for the traditional sizing in the garment info.

      1. Thank you. I didn’t understand the numbers 🙂 I never went to the website since I knew they didn’t go by 6, 8, etc.

  4. Thank you for the shopping updates, Kay! I knew you had a favorite pair of black pants that you purchase from Nordstrom but couldn’t remember the brand. Now I see they’re Nic + Zoe. I have them on my wish list along with a couple of other items. I’m hoping one (or all) go on sale for the Nordstrom anniversary sale.
    Your story about your son made me smile. It sounds like something my son would say too. 🙂
    Thank you again for your wonderful blog. You have provided me with so much inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. I’m glad you like the post and found the new shopping page for wardrobe essentials to be helpful. I don’t know why I didn’t think to do it before. ?