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How I Really Dressed for My Day – July 2020 Part 1

July 16, 2020

Hi sweet gal! How are you doing at getting dressed for your day during these strange times. I realize most of us are able to get out and about a little more than during the spring, but I’m still not going a whole lot. However, I am trying to get dressed presentably for each and every day. It simply helps me to be more productive, feel better about myself and the world and even interact better with my husband. So today I’m sharing how I really dressed for my days in the first part of this month.

How I Really Dressed for My Day Recently

In case you’re fairly new here, I work fulltime from a home office, so my wardrobe is pretty casual. And since I’m an empty nester, many of my days seem to run together. Ha! Without kids to run to practices and rehearsals or baseball games to attend, my days are all pretty much the same, especially during this time of limited social interaction.

So you can just assume, unless I tell you otherwise, that I wore these outfits to work from home. That may have included a quick run to the grocery store or mall or post office. But I’ll tell you if I did more than that in these outfits.

I’m about 152 pounds and 5’8″. I wear a size 8 or mediums in pants, tops and dresses. So unless I tell you otherwise, just assume I’m wearing my usual size. I wear a size 9.5 shoe. I’ll provide links to everything that is available and links to substitutes for those things that are no longer available…if possible.

My Daily Outfits

This first outfit was a typical work from home outfit. I wish these tiger stripe (camo) utility pants would go on sale because they are really great pants. They’re so soft and fun to wear, lightweight and very versatile. They’re evidently a tiger stripe, but I think they read like a camo print. They run true to size.

Tiger Stripe (Camo) Pants

tiger stripe (camo) utility pants // t-shirt (no longer in navy) // similar silver flip flop sandals // necklace (bracelet sold out)

It’s worth noting that the 2020 version of my silver sandals are now available for less than $20. If you don’t have metallic sandals, these are a sweet buy and will serve you well for several summers, as mine have. They also come in gold.

My pretty earthy green and blue necklace is also half price. Unfortunately the bracelet is no longer available.

Fruit & Floral Print Pants

I’ve really enjoyed wearing these Fruit & Floral Print crop pants, too. They fit true to size and they’re soooo comfortable. Snag’em! These crop pants are 1/4 the original price!

Fruit & Floral Print crop pants // flower embroidered gauze top // similar gold sandals // enamel bracelets

On this day I topped them with my white on white flower embroidered gauze top. Last I checked, it was less than half price and still fully stocked in all sizes. I don’t wear a tank or cami under it.

Linen Tops & Linen Pants

I came across this pretty light blue Linen-Blend Sweater Polo when I was making returns at Banana Republic and fell in love. The price is sweet, too. It runs true to size and feels soft and cool. The light blue Linen-Blend Sweater Polo is available in other colors, too.

light blue Linen-Blend Sweater Polo // linen pants // suede wedge sandals // aqua pendant necklace

My Eileen Fisher suede wedge sandals are marked down 50% again. I’m really enjoying wearing these, and yes, I absolutely do wear them around the house during a normal work day. They’re that comfortable. My aqua pendant necklace is also marked down, and it’s so versatile. I’m wearing it again today with just a basic white button up shirt.

Then I wore the same linen pants to church with this black floral crew neck t-shirt, also from Banana Republic and marked down considerably. I’m wearing a medium, and sizes are running low. But this crew neck t-shirt also comes in other prints that I like just as much.

linen pants // suede wedge sandals // black floral crew neck t-shirt

Easy Work From Home

Here’s another pair of pants I’m loving. These are the Brooklyn wide leg crops from Athleta, and they’re not on sale. But they sure are fun and easy to wear. I’ll be featuring them in next week’s YouTube video, too. The Brooklyn wide leg crops are lightweight, cool and so comfortable.

I like dressing like this for a normal work day because I’m more apt to break free from the house and take a quick walk when I have on pants like these.

Brooklyn wide leg crops // leopard print Boxy Cropped T-Shirt // black leather flip flops // gold hoop earrings // necklace not available

Out to Coffee with a Friend

I met a friend for coffee last week and we planned to sit outside, so I wore this cool shorts outfit. I took the hat, but ended up leaving it in the car when I realized we were going to be in the shade.

Out to Coffee
camo cargo shorts // denim scoop neck tank // similar gold sandals // green ombre single strand necklace // similar hat

I love everything about this outfit and have to keep myself from wearing it more than two days in a row. Ha! Unfortunately, neither the camo cargo shorts nor the denim scoop neck tank are marked down (as I write this post), but the green ombre single strand necklace is a sweet price. The camo cargo shorts run very true to size, by the way.

Green Utility Pants & New Necklace

You’ve seen these green utility pants so often! But I really love wearing them. And when I received this new beaded green tassel necklace I just couldn’t resist wearing them for that reason alone! It really elevates this outfit.

work from home
green utility pants // linen v-neck t-shirt // beaded green tassel necklace // similar gold sandals // earrings

The beaded green tassel necklace is marked down to a fraction of the original price, less than $20. And my favorite green utility pants, which I also have in camel and opal, are marked down almost 60%. The linen v-neck t-shirt is also on sale and available in other colors.

Did I mention that I’m experimenting with changing my hair? Ha! Yeah, I’ve decided to try to develop curls from my naturally wavy hair. We’ll see how that works. I figure it’s worth experimenting with for a while. Be patient with me while I get there!

Shorts & Polo Sweater

Honestly, I find myself wearing shorts less frequently this summer. For one thing, our house stays pretty cool, and that’s where I am most of the time. And even when I take a break and step outside, I stay cool enough in other things. But I do occasionally think to wear my shorts.

Shorts Outfit
light blue Linen-Blend Sweater Polo // cafe 7″ chino shorts // leopard print slide sandals // earrings

Talbots has all of their marked down jeans, shorts and pants at just $19.99, and that includes these 7″ chino shorts, which are available in a few colors.

Tech Stretch

Were you around about a month or so ago when I went all gaga over these tech stretch pants from Nic + Zoe? Well, I’m still in love. These navy tech stretch pants are not as plentiful nor are they marked down as much as they were back then, but they are marked down about 30%. This is at Nordstrom. You can also get them at Nic + Zoe, which is where I also picked up this tech stretch shirt.

Tech Stretch Pants and Top
tech stretch pants or here at Nic+Zoe // Tech Stretch Shirt // Mott & Bow crewneck tee (wearing large) // Tory Burch sneakers (more economical option) // earrings

If you do order from Nic+Zoe, enter through this link and you’ll get $20 off your first order of $100 or more. You’ll find their tech stretch ankle pants here and this baby blue tech stretch shirt here (it is marked down about 40%). But to get the $20 off, be sure to enter their website here and then just use the menu to go to the “tech stretch” collection.

Anyhow! I still love, love, love this tech stretch collection. It’s lightweight, moves with you and feels comfortable…for travel or just working around home. The shirt is just right for keeping the chill off of me without adding any weight.

Camo Shorts & White Tank

Finally, here’s what I wore yesterday. Yeah, I can at least remember what I wore yesterday! Seriously, the rest of the days I snapped these photos, but I have no idea what day most of them were. Hahaha!

Yesterday I wore my camo cargo shorts again, but this time with my basic white tank top. I like that this tank top accommodates a normal bra and has just the slightest bit of texture to it.

Camo Shorts & White Tank
camo cargo shorts // basic white tank top // tan cobblestone side slit cardigan // aqua pendant necklace // similar gold sandals

I get a little chilly during the day, so I put this tan cobblestone side slit cardigan on over my outfit. I’m loving this thin but elegant side slit cardigan. It comes in black and pink smoke, too. But if you’re interested in it, hurry. It’s part of Nordstrom’s sale and marked down 55% so it’s going fast.

I think my aqua pendant necklace looks so pretty with this combination. It works well with green or blue pieces really.

Well, there ya go! That’s how I really dressed for my days recently. As you can see, I really have worn a lot of the pieces I’ve shown you here on Dressed for My Day. If you have questions about anything I’ve shown, leave me a comment and I’ll try to keep an eye on them today.

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Blessed for My Day

Do you get tested on the things you pray about and seek to change…almost immediately? I sure do. Yesterday I mentioned how being slow to anger requires that we not be easily offended. That same morning I was simply walking down my own street when my neighbor, an elderly woman with dementia, began to yell at me. She said some pretty nasty things to me and told me to go home and stay there.

Look, this woman is not well. And I know that. But her words still hurt and I felt the sting of them the rest of the day. I had to tell myself the truth about this situation over and over throughout the day. And that was a situation I could easily dismiss because I know the woman is not well. Imagine how hard it would have been for me to shake harsh words from someone who I gauged to be of sound mind! Make no mistake about it, we’ll have to diligently “walk in the Spirit” in order to be slow to anger. This is not a command for sissies. We’ll have to develop this “no offense” muscle in order to walk humbly with our God and keep our cool.

But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger; for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God. ~ James 1:19-20

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43 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Day – July 2020 Part 1

    1. Well thank you. I’ll have to work with it a lot more. And I’m getting it trimmed next week. That should help some. Thanks so much.

  1. Both the wavy hairstyle and wearing it pulled up are very flattering on you. Embrace your curl girl! I would if I had any!

  2. You always Bless Me with your ‘Blessed for My Day.’ Thanks Kay! Love the fact that you too, ‘dress’ for your day. Doing that has made such a difference in my everyday life and attitude. My husband always compliments me as well as other people if/when we leave the house. Love your blog and you!

  3. I will be anxious to hear how you’re styling your naturally wavy hair to be curly as I also have naturally wavy hair and do not know how to style it any way other than to straighten! The soft curls look lovely on you!

  4. Hi Kay, I really enjoyed this post. I love the outfits, and your hair looks really pretty when it’s curly, and when you wear it up. Thank you for blessing my day! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  5. My favorite outfits are the linen pants with the linen polo and the linen pants with the floral tee shirt. I like all the other stylings; however, linen pants are so appropriate in the summertime.
    Your hair looks great. You are one of those blessed with manageable hair. I say wear those waves for those of us with poker straight hair!
    BFMD is such an encouragement. The Lord knows just what I will need for the challenges of any given day. Thank you for sharing the scriptures with us.

  6. I love the curl in your hair and the way that you are styling it! I also love seeing what you really wear. Come on down here, and the last thing you will need is a sweater. We are experiencing triple digit heat indexes, high humidity, and highs in the upper 90’s. I pray that your parents are remaining safe. Have a great day!

  7. I really enjoyed your post. I especially liked the stylings with the linen pants. Linen pants are my favorite summertime go to.
    Your hair looks lovely with waves. I say wear those waves for those of us with poker straight hair!
    BFMD is a wonderful encouragement! Thanks for sharing the scriptures with us.
    Have a Blessed day!

  8. Cute outfits – I always love to see how you “really” dressed for your day! Thank you for your comments in Blessed for My Day – your honesty and transparency encourages me to know that others deal with some of the same struggles I do.

  9. I told you I had ordered the Chico’s secret stretch utility pant in camel. I received them and oh, my goodness! They are so soft and comfortable and fit perfectly! I don’t know how to describe it, but I was so impressed that I ordered the opal color yesterday and I probably won’t resist buying the green you show here. If anyone is on the fence, just order them. They are only $34.99 today!

    1. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing Patt. I’m so pleased that everyone who I’ve heard from that ordered them seems to feel the same way. ?

  10. Love this post but love your wavy hair more! I have natural wave to my hair as well and can’t wait to hear what products and techniques you’re using. The camo shorts are one of my favorite!

    1. Yes I love those camo shorts. I’ll definitely be sharing my straight to curly journey. Fingers crossed it works. I go to my hairdresser Monday for a bit of a cut and some styling tips.

  11. Love your hair with the natural waves. I added about all the Chico items to my shopping cart so I can duplicate your outfits, lol!

  12. Smoke pink cardigan sounds like it will be look good with my pale grey jeans. I like your hair a lot wavy. I’ve been thinking about leaving mine longer since it’s wavy. Mama use to say I had wavy hair, one hair standing up waving at another. ?

    1. Well obviously you got your wit from your Mama! Thanks so much. That cardi does sound like a nice fit for those jeans! And a sweet price too.

  13. Oh Kay…..Let me say…..Your hair looks soooooo cute, curly on you, very attractive! Keep doing it?.

    I really like all the outfits and my fav would be the black chinos with the black top with front tuck.

    Having a great time over on The Dressed for My Day Private FB Group!

  14. I just love your hair, Kay! Straight or wavy, it suits you. BTW, I watched your new video yesterday about personalizing outfits seen on Pinterest. That was a home run…and to get a printable! Thank you so much for that and I look forward to more Pinterest-inspired content. Blessings.

    1. Wonderful!!! Good news all around. I appreciate the encouragement on my hair. I’ve got work to do to get it how I want it. And I hope I can adjust. We’ll see!

  15. I love your hair curly ! I have curly hair also and I started wearing it curly about 15 years ago and just love how easy it is.
    My favorite outfit I’d the Linen pants, I love them, I have a white pair and a natural pair and wear them often. They are so easy to style.

    1. Thanks so very much. I’m working on it. Have a hair appointment Monday to get it trimmed and get some styling tips.

  16. Great outfits Kay….but let’s talk about your hair. Your hair looks stunning when you wear it up and looks beautiful wavy as well. Looking forward to your hair tutorial.

    1. Hahaha! Well it may be a while off. I really don’t feel comfortable with it at all right now. I have an appointment for a trim and hope to get some styling tips Monday.

  17. I’m taking a chance on the Brooklyn Wide Leg pant. I already own the Textured Brookyn and Trekkie North Pant and love both of them so much. I can wear them to work and play! This is my first wide leg crop purchase and I’m nervous. I’m 5-4 and short-waisted so we’ll see! Hope I look half as cute as you do! 🙂

    1. Hahaha! I bet you’ll love them. Did you order the petite? I’m sure they’re designed to work well for your frame. ?

  18. LOVE all your different hair styles! You look great in them all! Love the way they’re all becoming on you and change your look! Fun! Keep it up!