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The Blazers of Summer

May 25, 2020

It’s no secret that blazers are my favorite “third piece” or outfit topper. Whether I’m adding one to dress pants or jeans or even a dress, I love the way a blazer instantly elevates a look. So today I thought I’d simply gather the blazers I’ve shared this spring, talk about how to incorporate them into your summer outfits and point you in the right direction if you’re considering adding a blazer to your wardrobe.

the Blazers of summer

Blazers in Pretty Summer Colors

First up, let’s talk about blazers in the pretty colors of summer. Depending on your wardrobe color choices, you can find these classic jackets in most any pretty color that would enhance your summer outfits. I recently invested in a pretty blue blazer and a bright red one, but I still have this blush pink one in my closet from last year, too.

4 Ways to Style a Pink Linen Blazer
See more of this post. My blazer is no longer available. Similar option in redwood here.

I love a solid colored blazer for adding a punch of interest to an outfit. And they’re especially versatile for adding to jeans and a simple t-shirt.

Pink + Navy = Spring
See more of this post.
animal print
See more of this post. Red blazer is currently 60% off.

But colored blazers are also a perfect choice for summer because they pair so nicely with white jeans. Check out this post, Red Blazer & White Jeans 7 Ways to get ideas for pairing your solid colored blazer with white denim this summer.

Spring Completer Pieces - blazers
See more of this post.

I like the way this soft pink blazer pulled together the dress above. I also love my solid blue blazer over this pretty floral dress. So don’t limit your blazers to pairing with pants.

Spring & Summer Wedding Guest Dresses
See more of this post. Blue dickey blazer is currently 50% off.

This spring and summer I’m seeing beautiful blazers in every shade of the rainbow. I simply suggest you choose a color that will work well with everything else in your wardrobe.

Plaid and Stripe Blazers

Summer is a time for fun! So even when adding a blazer to your wardrobe, I love the idea of choosing one with a little whimsy. Plus, plaid and stripes are definitely trending right now. So, especially if you find one on sale (and most of the ones I’m showing below are on sale), it’s a great time to add a plaid or stripe blazer to your spring and summer wardrobe.

Plaid Blazer and Black Crop Pants for the Office
See more of this post. Plaid Blazer from Target.

I’ve styled the plaid blazer above for the office, but you could also wear it to church, a date night or conference (one of these days!).

Girls' Trip Graphic Tee
See more of this post. (Similar Blazer in blue gingham.)

My pink gingham blazer is from last year and no longer available. But Talbots (where I got mine) is offering a similar blazer in baby blue this year. And I think the seersucker and gingham check blazers below are beautiful options, too.

checked blazers
Longline Seersucker Blazer (30% off) // Black Claire Gingham Check Blazer

I don’t personally own a striped blazer, but I have some great options in the shopping widget below. And I especially like these very neutral striped blazers below, both currently marked down.

striped blazers
Stripe Blazer (40% off) // Striped Ruched Sleeve Blazer (60% off)

Black & Navy Blazers for Summer

Already have a black or navy blazer in your closet? Or maybe you’ve been considering investing in one, but don’t know if now is the time. I’ve worn my black blazers (I have this one and this pricier one) year round, and I recently purchased a navy blazer that I know I’ll wear year round, too.

Green & Navy
See more of this post.

Black and navy blazers are both so classic and timeless. And they pair nicely with dress slacks, casual pants (like above) or denim. Again, you can dress them up or down. Just add a graphic tee or plain white tee if you prefer a casual vibe.

How to Style a Basic Black Blazer with a T-Shirt
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Paperbag Waist Jeans
See more of this post.

Linen Blazers

Of course, the most classic and seasonally appropriate choice for a summer blazer is linen. If you enjoy wearing linen as much as I do, you’ll love having a linen blazer (or two!) in your wardrobe.

4 Ways to Style a Pink Linen Blazer
See more of this post.

Linen blazers work so beautifully in your wardrobe, playing nicely with denim…

White Linen Blazer + Distressed Jeans
See more of this post.

casual pants…

See more of this post.

work attire…

White Linen Blazer
See more of this post.


How to Style Summer Chic
See more of this post.

and even white denim.

White Jeans for Date Night
See more of this post.

Does linen wrinkle easily. Oh yes it does. But that’s part of the charm of this classic summer fabric. It has a very casual, come-what-may vibe. And it’s breathable and lightweight.

Shop for Blazers

Right now so many of the blazers that I’ve shown in today’s post are seriously marked down. It’s a great time to buy a blazer if you’ve been thinking about adding one to your wardrobe. And since they’re so versatile, why not? A blazer is a great way to elevate a look with little effort.

When shopping for a blazer I suggest:

  • look for a great fit. Fit is key. You want the blazer to fit in the shoulders first and foremost. It does not have to button in the front, but it absolutely can if you prefer (and I do). You can have sleeve length taken up if necessary, but it’s much harder to take in shoulders.
  • look for a good length for your body proportions and shape. Generally you want your classic blazer to end right at the bend of your leg. Of course, if you prefer a shorter cut for your silhouette, you can choose a cropped jacket which should end at your hip bone or above.
  • look for good construction. The vent in the back should lay nicely on your derriere. Seams should be evenly sewn and pockets and lapels should lay flat. Make sure the lining on the inside is roomy but lays flat, too.
  • look for a lined blazer…generally. And I love a jacket lined in contrasting or print fabric.
  • look for sleeves that are roomy enough for you to scrunch or cuff if you’d like. Turning your sleeves up adds a nice casual vibe that’s very “in” right now.

I’ve selected a number of beautiful blazers in different price points for you to select from. I’m including prices in this shopping boutique for general reference, but sale prices do not always show up here. So be sure to click through if you’re at all interested. You never know what the discount may be!

Thanks so much for stopping in today. If you have any questions, please let me know. I love my blazers. And I’d love the opportunity to help you select one that really works for you.

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  1. A lot of favorites here. Who knew pink gingham could look so good in a blazer? I love Blazers but I do look for soft and unstructured styles. just my personality.