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Talbots August 2021 Collection Try-On Session

August 10, 2021

Hello dear reader. Thank you so much for stopping by Dressed for My Day for a little style inspiration. Because so many of my readers love to shop at Talbots, and they are currently giving us 25% off our total purchase, I thought it would be a good day to share my recent try-on session at Talbots. And even if you don’t generally shop Talbots, you might enjoy seeing some of the early fall looks and how I’ve put them together.

Talbots August 2021 Collection Try-On Session

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an in-store try-on session, so let’s cover the basics real quick.


I weigh about 155 on a good day and I’m holding steady so far at 5’8″ tall. I have a pear or hourglass figure and balanced proportions. That’s just to give you reference when you’re looking to see how these items fit on me.

I generally wear size 8 in tops, bottoms and dresses. But at Talbots I do wear the curvy fit size 8 if they are available. I generally wear a medium in all of those pieces, too. I wear a size 9.5 shoe almost without fail. So unless I tell you otherwise (and I think there are only a couple of exceptions this time), those are the sizes I’m wearing.


I’ve been shopping Talbots for closet to 40 years. I admire their classic styles, but I also like that they do make an effort to present modern renditions of those classics. If you join their Classic Awards program for free, you can earn points fairly quickly toward bonuses to use in the store.

Besides appreciating Talbots’ modern classic style, I also love the fact that their indigo blue and black dyes have stayed fairly consistent through the years. So that makes it easy to build a wardrobe with Talbots that works together nicely. Finally, I definitely appreciate that Talbots carries a full range of sizes from 0 to 24 in many if not most clothing items. I understand that some of my smallest readers do struggle to find clothes that fit at Talbots, but for many of my readers, it’s their go-to store for casual, business and special occasion dressing.

The August Collection

Obviously I couldn’t try on everything in the latest collection. In fact, a lot of it in available online exclusively. For instance, the light toffee suede Maddie Mules you’ll see throughout these photos are only available online. And they are well worth the order. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go!

Sunny Stripe Side-Tie Tee // This 55% Cotton, 45% Polyester T by Talbots tee is a nice weight for an early morning or evening walk. It feels really soft and sits right about the hips. It’s available in one other color, too.

Talbots 1
Sunny Stripe Side-Tie Tee // white // Everyday Stretch Straight Leg Pants in indigo

White Pima Terry Jogger Pants // These joggers are also available in black, indigo blue and a medium heather blue (in limited sizes). I have them in black and really enjoy them. They were some of my favorite “Covid year” pants. Ha! But I’ll continue to wear them. You can count on me styling them sometime this fall in an elevated casual look.

Everyday Stretch Straight Leg Pants in indigo // These 89% Cotton, 11% Spandex would be ice for a leisurely walk or car travel. They’re also great around-the-house pants. They fit true to size (TTS) and at 5’8″ they’re a nice length for me. But they do come in tall lengths as well as the petite, petite plus and plus sizes. They’re a fairly thick cotton blend knit, so you’ll definitely wear them more into the cooler months than you would right now. I think they’re a nice alternative to the joggers if you prefer something a little more polished.

By the way, neither the earrings nor the bracelet I’m wearing are available anymore.

Everyday Relaxed Jeans in Orion Wash // I’m so proud of Talbots for offering a relaxed cut jean this year. And I think it’s a good one. This particular rendition comes with a finished hem and a darker wash. But the fit is relaxed in the legs, while still being slightly tapered. I’d say it fits very similarly to the boyfriend and girlfriend jeans they carried a few years ago, but it hits higher on the waist. I’m wearing the 8 here, and it fits nicely for a generously relaxed fit. But if you want a more slenderizing fit, I’d size down. I’ve ordered the 6. This jean does have a nice amount of stretch in it, so it’s potentially going to “grow” a little with wear.

Talbots 2
Everyday Relaxed Jeans in Orion Wash // Medallion Trapunto Popover in Sagebrush // Raglan Girlfriend Cardigan in sagebrush // Jessie Metallic Leather Loafers

Medallion Trapunto Popover in Sagebrush // I steer clear of Talbots’ longsleeve popover. It’s kinda funny; they don’t pop over on me. Ha! I mean like I have seriously gotten stuck in them before. But I’m a fan of sleeveless popover like this Medallion Trapunto Popover because it’s perfect for wearing under a cardigan, jacket or denim jacket. It’s a lightweight 100% cotton, so it will need to be ironed. But I limit the amount of items in my closet that require ironing, so I think I can handle this one. I came home with this Medallion Trapunto Popover. (That day tops were 30% off.)

Above I showed you the Medallion Trapunto Popover left untucked and below I’m showing it tucked in. I think it works both ways, depending on what works best for your body shape and proportions. But for my proportions and shape I’ll be wearing it tucked and under a cardigan, like I’m showing below.

Talbots 3
Everyday Relaxed Jeans in Orion Wash // Medallion Trapunto Popover in Sagebrush // Raglan Girlfriend Cardigan in sagebrush // Jessie Metallic Leather Loafers

Raglan Girlfriend Cardigan in sagebrush // This Raglan Girlfriend Cardigan is 60% cotton and 40% rayon for a nice stretch and easy wear. It’s also available in other trending colors, including a pretty scallop pink. These fit roomy, but when I tried sizing down it didn’t work. So for me at least, they run true to size. If you have thinner arms or more narrow shoulders you might could size down.

Jessie Metallic Leather Loafers // I love metallic shoes for adding a little light and levity to an outfit. When I saw that these came in a soft, traditional loafer I knew I wanted them for fall and winter, even into spring. The leather is soft and supple and the shoes fit true to size. And they’re comfortable right out of the box. I had ordered these and took them with me to the store. A lot of Talbots don’t carry shoes, so keep that in mind.

Everyday Relaxed Jeans in Orion Wash // Stripe Elbow Sleeve V-Neck Tee // Raglan Girlfriend Cardigan in sagebrush // Jessie Metallic Leather Loafers

Stripe Elbow Sleeve V-Neck Tee // This 60% Cotton, 40% Modal blend tee is very soft and has a nice stretch for comfort. The off the shoulder seam placement does make it feel a little oversized. And I definitely wouldn’t suggest it if you have wide or big shoulders. It’s just going to accentuate that. But if you have a triangle shape and want to extend your shoulders some, this is the kind of tee you need in your wardrobe. It comes in three color combos and has some nice detailing around the neckline.

Button Cuff Stripe Slub Pullover in Sagebrush and Ivory // I also came home with this Button Cuff Stripe Slub Pullover in Sagebrush and Ivory. It’s very soft, but has a nice interesting texture. I love texture. And I think one of the best ways to make your outfits interesting while staying true to your style aesthetic, is to put together pieces with varying textures. This 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester blend top feels and wears like a lightweight sweater. It comes in four color combinations. And it also comes in four solids here.

Talbots 5
Button Cuff Stripe Slub Pullover in Sagebrush and Ivory // Jessie Metallic Leather Loafers // Everyday Relaxed Jeans in Orion Wash

I showed the Button Cuff Stripe Slub Pullover tucked and untucked above so you’d know how it works each way. I actually kind of like this one untucked, which is a little unusual for me. By the way, here’s an example of why it’s not true that no women should wear horizontal stripes. I’m no skinny minnie, but these horizontal stripes actually are slenderizing on me because I do have an hourglass shape. This is why it’s so important for us all to stay in our lanes and dress our own bodies, while letting our sisters, mothers, daughters and friends dress theirs. Amen?

Windowpane Classic Cotton Shirt // Below I’m wearing the Windowpane Classic Cotton Shirt in a scallop pink multi print. If you’re familiar with Talbots classic shirts, you’ll understand what I mean when I say this one fits as usual. I find it to be true to size, a little narrow on me in the arms (but doable) and a slightly tapered fit. It has darts in the front and a yoke in the back, and it has a curved hemline. These shirts really are nice for wearing alone or under a third piece.

Talbots 6
Windowpane Classic Cotton Shirt // Everyday Relaxed Jeans in Eventide wash (sized down to 6) // Light Toffee Suede Maddie Mules // Cotton Twill Field Jacket in Sandcastle

Everyday Relaxed Jeans in Eventide wash (sized down to 6) // In yesterday’s blog post I showed this pretty pink sweatshirt (also part of this collection) with my size 8 Everyday Relaxed Jeans in Eventide wash. But above I sized down to a six for a slimmer fit. They still fit nicely in the waist and hips, but they just also fit me a little more streamlined in the legs. I didn’t buy them that day because there was no discount, but I ordered them yesterday. I’ll have to keep the 8s (for “fat day” jeans) because I’ve already worn them, but I love these raw ede jeans, so I wanted them in the right size.

Light Toffee Suede Maddie Mules // I had ordered these for a blog post (upcoming), so I took them with me to try things on. And boy am I glad I did. They look amazing with this Cotton Twill Field Jacket in Sandcastle. So of course I’ve ordered that now! The Maddie Mules fit and feel great right out of the box, and they wear well, too, staying put as you walk. I love that they have a bit of a heel, but if you want a flat, check out the Stella Chain Suede Mules in the same color.

Talbots 7
Windowpane Classic Cotton Shirt // Light Toffee Suede Maddie Mules // white Slim Ankle Jeans

white Slim Ankle Jeans // These white Slim Ankle Jeans are actually part of an earlier collection, of course. But I wanted you to see how pretty this soft pink Windowpane Classic Cotton Shirt and Light Toffee Suede Maddie Mules look with the white jeans you have in your closet. This is a great look for transitioning into fall. Don’t you think? But the white Slim Ankle Jeans do fit true to size and are a nice silhouette and thickness if you’re looking for some. Or you might want to check out the natural colored slim ankle jeans. I don’t think they had those in my store. Or they may just not have had them in my size.

Cotton Twill Field Jacket in Sandcastle // Let’s talk about this Cotton Twill Field Jacket, shown below and two photos above. It fits like a dream, TTS. And it has an adjustable cinched waist to create a very flattering silhouette. I think that’s a nice feature for an otherwise masculine looking field jacket. I also love the color of this one. It’s warmer than beige, but not goldenrod either. It’s just a yummy, creamy color. I also really appreciate all the snazzy pockets as well as the zip and snap closure. Score!

Talbots 8
white Slim Ankle Jeans // Cotton Twill Field Jacket in Sandcastle // Slim Ankle Jeans in Tortoiseshell (also in Curvy Fit) // Light Toffee Suede Maddie Mules // Elbow Sleeve V-Neck Tee in Scallop Pink

Slim Ankle Jeans in Tortoiseshell (also in Curvy Fit) // I didn’t really like the Slim Ankle Jeans in Tortoiseshell on me, and now I know why. I do much better with the Curvy Fit to accommodate my hourglass shape, but they don’t always carry these in the store. These jeans are true to their name; the tortoiseshell is a rich, reddish brown. This color is definitely trending this year, so if it works in your wardrobe this might be a nice addition.

Elbow Sleeve V-Neck Tee in Scallop Pink // I had already purchased this Elbow Sleeve V-Neck Tee in Scallop Pink in a medium and worn it. It’s just like the striped tee above, but available in four solids. But on this day I tried it in a small to compare. As I suspected, I might should have gone with the small. I’d say it really depends on what you want in this tee and the stripe one. If you want a casual, slightly room fit, go true to size. If you prefer a more tapered fit, size down.

Talbots 9
white Slim Ankle Jeans // Elbow Sleeve V-Neck Tee in Scallop Pink // Everyday Relaxed Jeans // Windowpane Classic Cotton Shirt // Light Toffee Suede Maddie Mules // Raglan Girlfriend Cardigan in pink scallop // Jessie Metallic Leather Loafers

I think in the photo above I just mixed and matched the things I’ve already shown you. This really is a very versatile and interchangeable collection. For instance, I think my Casual Washed Blazer in jungle green (shown in this previous post) will also look nice with this Windowpane Classic Cotton Shirt in scallop pink because there’s just a little line of green in the plaid.

Talbots 10
Everyday Relaxed Jeans // Striated Denim Button Front Shirt // Light Toffee Suede Maddie Mules // Cotton Twill Field Jacket in Sandcastle

Striated Denim Button Front Shirt // And for my final look I added this Striated Denim Button Front Shirt to the Everyday Relaxed Jeans because they’re such a close match. They’re definitely in the same light to mid intensity. So they pair together beautifully. Denim on denim is very on trend this year. But I love the way the Light Toffee Suede Maddie Mules and the Cotton Twill Field Jacket in Sandcastle bookend the all denim look. What do you think? Oh, and the Striated Denim Button Front Shirt is a great quality and fits true to size.

Oh! I forgot I snapped one more photo at home when I received this next item in the mail.It’s a winner!

Talbots 11
Cargo Crop Chinos in Canyon // white Tee from Madewell // Tailored Jean Jacket in Grace Wash // Jessie Metallic Leather Loafers

Tailored Jean Jacket in Grace Wash // I had completely skipped over this jean jacket when I scouted out the collection. But then a reader either emailed me or direct messaged me on Instagram about it. Wowsa! Honestly, I’ve worn my Levi’s classic trucker jacket since the 90s and I’m hard pressed to swap it out for another. But this Tailored Jean Jacket wooed me in and didn’t disappoint. The 89% Cotton, 9% Polyester, 2% Spandex blend fabric has a nice amount of stretch, but it still look and feels like real denim. That’s important to me. I think the fitted silhouette is just lovely and, as my reader noted, it will be perfect for readers who either don’t have a defined waist and need a little help there or who have the proportions that require a more cropped fit but want it to slenderize and elongate, too. It’s just a great jacket.

The Cargo Crop Chinos in Canyon I wore with the jacket above are from the spring, but they’re still available. They’ll make a nice pant for transitioning into fall. In fact, I think they’re in a fashion post later this week or next. They’re on big time sale, too.

Okay! That’s a wrap. You can see more of my favorites from Talbots on my Shop My Talbots Favorites page. And you can always access that page through the menu at the top of the website.

Oh, and don’t forget that Talbots is offering an extra 50% off sale styles, 25% off your entire order and, if you have a Talbots credit card you still get an extra 5% off Red Hanger styles when you use your card. And for Premiere card holders, shipping is always free.

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That’s why it’s so important for us to lean into the truth of Jesus’ words in Luke 12:6-7. Today let’s live in the light of God’s tender care for and awareness of our needs. We do not need to fear anything at all because our God cares for us.

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28 thoughts on “Talbots August 2021 Collection Try-On Session

  1. I love this post as Fall is my favorite season. I grew up on Long Island but have lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the last 21 years, as you know in the middle of Fall in the South it can still be 90 degrees – I love that you’ve shown a few light weight, sleeveless things as well. Any other ideas for dressing for our Fall days in this heat?

    Thanks so much,

    1. Yep! Those posts are coming! All month I’ll be sharing early fall looks, even though I’m not actually wearing them yet of course. And I have a post planned for how to transition your outfits to fall while it’s still warm outside.

  2. Take care of yourself! Find out what’s going on with your health. I depend on your advice for style and fashion. Thanks for your guidance.

  3. Great post Kay….love all the looks, especially that silhouette jean jacket, I can see myself wearing that!

    And those jeans…..oh so slimming Kay.

    I hope and pray you find out what is wrong and you get some relief.


  4. Good Morning Kay,
    Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful selections from Talbots. Love the jeans and field jacket in particular. You always look amazing! Praying for healing, protection, strength, peace and comfort.
    God bless you dear lady.

  5. Kat, this is a superb post. I could purchase 3very one of these items and have an excellent start on a perfect fall wardrobe. Thank you.

  6. The field jacket rocks! I tried on and had to buy it–looks great also with the new orange and olive striped and print shirts at Talbot’s right now too! And I added a pair of canyon red jeans from the sale rack which also looked terrific with the jacket!PS, I told the sales gals at my local Talbot’s about your blog and how well you promote their brand–you may have some new followers soon:-))!

  7. I purchased the jean jacket last week. I really liked the feminine styling of the jacket. My only concern is that it wrinkles easily.

  8. I’m fascinated with the striped slub pullover. I think maybe the reason it’s so slenderizing is that vertical stripe that runs down the inside of the arm. It visually “redraws” the body silhouette, making it narrower.

    1. Hi Cheryl. Sometimes people or even brands interchange the names, so they’re both shoes you slide into, of course. But a mule generally has a closed toe while a slide has an open toe. But I’ve seen them called both names.

  9. I enjoyed your post today, because, as a petite, Talbots is one of my favorite places to shop. Green is my signature color, so it was nice to see all the green clothing you styled. I also want you to know that I tried your peach pound cake, and it was a big hit with my family. It is a keeper recipe. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Oh I’m so glad you and your family loved the pound cake. Thanks for letting me know. I’m starting to get lots of similar reports from readers and I love that. ?

    2. I have three pairs of those Pima Terry Joggers and have lived in them all summer, except for the very hottest days. I live in a temperate climate so I can wear them well into fall. I love the jean jacket but can’t justify the expense since I have a jean jacket already but if I get a 40 per cent off coupon from Talbots…

  10. I love it when you take us shopping with you and you show us items styled into outfits. It’s like shopping with a knowledgeable girlfriend. I learn so much.
    BFMD is a wonderful reminder, for me, that no matter what happens in our lives God is there with us.
    Please take good care of your health, Kay. Thanks for sharing. It makes for a stronger connection between you and your readers.

  11. Hello Kay, I’m a new subscriber and have loved all of your posts. Talbots is a favorite of mine as well. You look fabulous in all of these pieces. I had already purchased the pink windowpane shirt (a signature color for me), and the striated denim shirt. The short sleeve tops are winners too, especially in the hot and muggy south. Now, I need to order that beautiful field jacket and the mules. Thanks so much for your detailed posts and photos. I have gotten so many ideas from your posts. I also love your blessings at the end, as well as your sweet daughter’s instagram devotions. I feel as I have met two new friends. Take care of yourself. I lost 60 pounds and have maintained that loss for 3 years. I went gluten free and no sugar either. Doing both of these things really helped me with inflammation and chronic digestive issues. I am 68, now wear a size 6 and am 5’7”! I feel so much better. I walk 6 miles every day, can move around the tennis court more easily and play with my school age grandsons. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Wow! So inspirational. Thanks so much for sharing Linda. So far, after five days I think it is, I’ve stayed completely true to my gluten-free, sugar free, and sugar substitute free plan. I’m back on the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, which is how I originally lost my 20 pounds 3 1/2 years ago. I gained about five back this past year, but I know it will come off fast if I stick to the plan. And I’m getting those blood tests in the morning too!

  12. Kay, thank you so much for this very detailed and informative post! I appreciate you so much! Prayers for you and your doctors, and for God’s restoration of your good health.

  13. Denim on denim is always a fashion statement in Canada, it’s called the Canadian Tuxedo. I do have the same cut of jeans they look so much better and compliment the female form. Makes my waist appear smaller and a more balanced silhouette in my humble opinion. You look fabulous Kay. Thank you for today’s post and everyday’s post. It always gives me ideas of what to pull and shop from my closet and pair items in different ways. Blessings dear sister ?

  14. Some really cute outfits. Wish The field jacket came in Other colors than the tan Or orange. Not my best colors for me but look great on you. I have the one I picked up last year, utility jacket in a soft green
    that will I have to do. I love the soft pink top and sweater., scallop pink. Very pretty.

  15. Thanks for these transitional ideas, Kay. I always appreciate your Talbots try-on posts. I’ve wanted a scallop pink tee and it’s very helpful to see the way this one looks on you. You just can’t judge the drape nearly as well on the model. And I’m so glad they’ve come out with a tailored jeans jacket in a medium wash. I carry my weight in my hips and I’ve found that a regular jeans jacket that fits my hips looks really boxy. The tailoring at the waist, or even a jeans jacket with a bit of a peplum makes this kind of jacket look much better on me. Took me a long time to realize this. Perhaps it will encourage others to try this jeans jacket design.

  16. Kay, these outfits and colors all look so much like YOU!! Last week I popped into Talbots and bought the sage print top and sage sweater. I wore the top yesterday with jeans and a linen jacket ( for inside in air conditioning). Loved all your looks.