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Styling the Veronica Beard Miller Dickey Jacket

February 27, 2024

One of my signature items in my personal style aesthetic is a classic blazer. I love wearing blazers for both elevated and casual occasions, and I never feel awkward in them. In fact, I never feel more like myself than when I’m wearing my Veronica Beard Miller dickey jacket. So today I thought I’d just run through a few of my favorite ways to wear it. And before you exit out of this post because you think my VB jacket is too expensive, let me share a few new similar jackets that are on the market at much lower price points. You can style all of them similarly.

Styling the Veronica Beard Miller Dickey Jacket

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Yes, the Veronica Beard Miller dickey jacket is an investment piece, and I’ve collected most of mine through using Nordy Notes at Nordstrom. I’ve also snagged a couple of them when they went on sale at the end of a season, and I know they show up occasionally in second-hand stores and even online resale shops like Poshmark.

Styling the Veronica Beard Miller dickey jacket
Miller dickey jacket in black with gold buttons (more economical option and another and another) // dickey // graphic tee no longer available (similar option) // jeans and here (similar more economical and these) // booties (use code KAYBOOTS for $50 off your first pair of boots at Ally) // earrings // bracelet // handbag (similar more economical)

The beauty of the Miller dickey jacket is that it is indeed a classic double-breasted silhouette with beautiful detailing that stands the test of time. And, of course, you can purchase VB dickeys that can be zipped and buttoned into the jackets for more versatility. I am not one to encourage you to spend beyond your budget, but if blazers are a staple to your style aesthetic you may want to consider saving towards a Veronica Beard Miller dickey jacket. I just think they are a smart investment because you really don’t even need additional trendy blazers if you have this one iconic blazer in your closet. And the resale value is pretty impressive, too.

Styling the Veronica Beard Miller dickey jacket

But I did also want to draw your attention to a few blazers that are currently on the market that do include limited dickey functionality for a fraction of the price. This By Anthropologie Dickey Sweater Blazer is a classic one-button front navy blazer that comes with a pretty green, navy and ivory sweater dickey that zips in and out. A dickey, by the way, is simply a “front” of a jacket, shirt or sweater that you fasten into another garment to give the layered look without the bulk or heat. As far as I can tell, the By Anthropologie Dickey Sweater Blazer only includes the one dickey, but still that’s two pieces in one.

The Evereve Dawson Blazer is a similar navy blazer with a navy and ivory striped hoodie sweater dickey. I haven’t tried either of these blazers, but I’ve heard good things about them from other influencers. Here I’m wearing my Veronica Beard Miller dickey jacket with my VB French terry hoodie dickey, and I can tell you that it is a lot of fun to have this accessory to use in my outfits. Generally adding a dickey makes the blazer look a little more casual.

jeans with a blazer
jeans with a blazer

Here are some other ways I’ve styled my Veronica Beard Miller dickey jackets. I have them in black, navy, camel, ivory linen and now two shades of blue. Yeah, that’s probably a little excessive. But I do indeed wear them all frequently. Below is a real life outfit I wore with my navy Veronica Beard Miller dickey jacket and the same graphic tee I’m wearing above. This time I my outfit began with ankle length straight leg jeans. You can get this classic jacket in black with gold or silver buttons and in navy with gold or silver buttons.

blazer (more economical option) // tee is unavailable (alternative graphic tee) // similar jeans (more economical option) // belt // sneakers // earrings // bracelet // bucket bag (more economical option)

I frequently wear my Miller dickey jacket with a graphic tee. I love the juxtaposition. But I also enjoy wearing ribbed tank tops with my blazers. One of my favorite ways to pair a top and a blazer is to wear the same color in both. That’s such a sharp combination.

light blue blazer (more economical option) // tank (more economical option and here to match the suggested blazer) // Southampton pants // heels (more economical option) // earrings // necklace // bracelet // purse

Below is another example of how I wore the same color top under a blazer. Here I wore a long sleeve mock neck top in black, but later on I’ll wear a black tank top and accomplish the same look.

As seen in this video.

Of course another classic combination is a button-up shirt with a Miller dickey jacket.

Tip #5
see the original blog post HERE // shirt or here (more affordable option) // jeans // blazer or here (more affordable option but no in black) // shoulder bag // booties (use code KAYBOOTS for $50 off your first pair of boots at Ally) // necklace // belt

During the spring I enjoy wearing a simple solid colored t-shirt with my black and navy blazers especially. And they all look great with white jeans.

How I Add Color to My Spring Outfits
white boyfriend jeans not available // striped reversible tank // navy blazer (also here) (similar, more economical option) // nude sandals // similar neutral shoulder bag // necklace // earrings

My exact cornflower blue VB Miller dickey jacket is from last year and no longer available. But this Cerulean blue one is very similar. I’ve had some success wearing my blue jacket with a print top…

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But I especially love the look of this blue blazer with a white tee and black trousers or jeans.

See the original blog post.

Another extremely versatile Miller dickey jacket is the ivory linen jacket. The linen jacket also comes in navy and a chambray blue color. I enjoy wearing mine with jeans, but also with dress trousers.

What I Wore Easter Sunday
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Here’s a little more style inspiration with the Veronica Beard Miller dickey blazer. Of course, you can use these outfit formulas for other blazers in your closet, too. All of these are great outfit ideas for spring.

Look Classy & Pulled Together This Spring
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Hampshire Ankle Pants
What to wear to a Funeral or Memorial Service
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Before I close I did want to mention that I’ve also tried on the Talbots tailored stretch double breasted blazer and it’s a nice alternative to the VB Miller at a much more affordable price. That blazer fits true to size and comes in some nice colors. The quality is NOT the same, but it is a very nice one all the same.

Styling the Veronica Beard Miller dickey jacket
Miller dickey jacket in black with gold buttons (more economical option and another and another) // dickey // graphic tee no longer available (similar option) // jeans and here (similar more economical and these) // booties (use code KAYBOOTS for $50 off your first pair of boots at Ally) // earrings // bracelet // handbag (similar more economical)

By the way, in case you are interested in the Miller dickey jacket in black, I wear an 8 in it. Most women agree that it runs slightly large and you simply want to order the lower of your two normal sizes. Most people find the sleeves to be long, but you can have them taken up at the shoulders for a nicer fit or you can roll them up a little, which is what I usually do.

Styling the Veronica Beard Miller dickey jacket
Miller dickey jacket in black with gold buttons (more economical option and another and another) // dickey // graphic tee no longer available (similar option) // jeans and here (similar more economical and these) // booties (use code KAYBOOTS for $50 off your first pair of boots at Ally) // earrings // bracelet // handbag (similar more economical)

I know the Veronica Beard blazers are not for everyone, but I do get questions about them weekly, so I thought it would be good to have one blog post to refer inquiries to. And this blazer is my absolute favorite item in my wardrobe, too.

Thanks so much for dropping in.

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15 thoughts on “Styling the Veronica Beard Miller Dickey Jacket

  1. Being a grandma is the best!,, Blazers are so YOU so I think having color choices is a great investment. The VB remind me of what my mom wore 40 plus years ago, and still in style. A true classic

  2. Loved the photo of your family in celebration of your birthday. Blazers certainly add polish even to casual outfits. There is definitely a difference in the quality and craftsmanship in different brand blazers. I appreciate you explaining that in your post. You look lovely in all the blazer outfits.

  3. I certainly love and appreciate my VB Miller blazers. They are definitely a splurge, but I don’t feel so extravagant when I use my Nordstrom notes or buy it on sale! It’s too cold here to just wear my blazers alone so I purchased an oversized winter coat just for the purpose of wearing over my blazers. Thank you for the great post!

  4. Yes this Blazer is a bit too expensive for me…..but oh I love the Classic Look! Love the crease in your jeans ….another more preppy look, so I just creased some of my jeans!


  5. Thanks for your lovely style inspirations. I’ve been looking at navy blazers and popped in to Sax 5th Ave and tried on a VMD blazer, and wow! After that others,though nice they be, just will not do. I’ll make do with nice cardigans or other little jacket toppers while I save for the best. Beautiful family picture.

  6. I loved all your blazer outfits. I added several to my pinterest board. I’m going to NYC next month and can see how my black blazer suit, beige slacks and a pair of jeans can work for the entire week as my basics. I’ve happily embraced blazers again. After retiring 15 years ago, I cried when I gave away my suits. Now I’m rebuilding my blazer wardrobe and feel so much more confident in my original classic style. Thank you for the excellent guidance!

    1. What I wouldn’t give, to have all the blazers and suit jackets I gave away after retiring. So…. I’ll be shopping.

  7. Just loved your family picture. The trick is finding someone to take the photo. Or did you time it on your iphone? Lovely setting, lovely family

  8. Hi Kay , Loved how you styled your Veronica Beard Miller Dickey Jacket, it looks so on trend . I used to wear Classic jackets like this but always felt too dressed up for my Lifestyle , felt it wasnt my style I felt stiff in them plus I always wore the pencil skirt or trousers with them…BUT… the more I look at how you have styled it more casually and with that Dickey in( I never knew what one was had to google it😂and what an ingenious idea) Yes they are expensive but the jacket looks beautifully made and beautifully cut , I also loved that there was a choice of gold or silver buttons (that swung it for me as I find it hard to find silver buttons) I really do think it would be worth saving up for and like you say it is an investment piece , also I saw they do have a beautiful pair of pants that match the ‘Renzo Pant’ if you did want to wear it as a suit. Another thing that really impressed me was I read on the Veronica Beard site that they donate proceeds from all online orders, every quarter they partner with a Cause to support Women, Children and Families , ‘VB Gives Back we, we believe in paying it forward’ 👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻 I love a company that helps others , such a good Ethic ❤️