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Yay! A Week Full of Spring Outfits

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April 14, 2023

It was still a little chilly last weekend, but all in all I feel like this is the first week I’ve worn a week full of spring outfits. In fact, as I type up today’s blog post it’s sunny and 80 degrees outside. What!?! But that’s really how spring is, isn’t it? Temperatures up and down, sunny and rainy, windy and stormy. We can thank that cyclical weather for the beautiful blooms that abound in my neighborhood, however. And below I’m sharing outfits that match the blessed weather we’ve enjoyed.

a Full Week of Spring Outfits

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How This Works

Because we’re always onboarding new DFMD community, I think it may be a good idea to quickly review how these posts work. These are my real life outfits from my own closet. Because it’s the beginning of a season, many of these things are available, but some may not be. When I can locate one quickly I’ll share substitutes and/or more economical options. But if I don’t provide one and you’d like for me to, just ask.

I try to focus on how I styled things and why I wore what I wore rather than product details here. But if you need to know more about a piece, just ask in the comments. Let’s run through this week’s spring outfits.

What I Wore Friday

Well, what is spring without a little cool weather? Ha! So yes, I actually did wear my favorite cotton sweater again last Friday. And check out those jeans. Do you recognize them? They’re my Talbots full length relaxed fit straight leg jeans, but I cut them off to be ankle length. They’re basically sold out now. And I love these jeans so much, but I know I won’t be wearing full length jeans much through the rest of spring and summer, so I made them into ankle jeans.

jeans // sweater (more economical option) // belt // mules (more economical option) // handbag // earrings // coin necklace

I just used my good sewing shears and cut them to a length just above my ankle bone. Plus I love raw edge hemlines. I have my sweater a little front tuck and added a belt. I love this soft neutrals outfit.

How I Dressed Saturday

Saturday I worked around the house, but then James and I got out for a very casual date night. We went to a favorite burger place and then to an international food market to buy a few things for Sunday night’s dinner.

What I Wore to Work Tuesday
Sarah Flint silk scarf // similar tank // similar jeans// similar blazer // sandals // earrings (use code KAYHARMS for 10% off at Rachelyn Jewelry)

I’d been itching to wear my Sarah Flint silk scarf, so I topped my Madewell jeans with an ecru tank and similar colored linen blazer. The outfit looks great without it, too, but the scarf really pulls it all together and adds such a pretty splash of color at my face. Of course, those pretty Genevieve earrings from Rachelyn Jewelry also help. Aren’t they beautiful? You can use code KAYHARMS at Rachelyn Jewelry to get 10% off. I love supporting this beautiful young woman’s business.

What I Wore Easter Sunday

My new Ann Taylor bow neck shell arrived on Saturday evening, just in time to wear it for Easter Sunday. You know I love my neutrals, but I’m enjoying adding these splashes of color to my outfits for spring.

What I Wore Easter Sunday
bow neck shell // trousers // linen blazer (more economical option) // kitten heel pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of heels at Ally) // handbag // earrings // similar necklace

I envision wearing this pretty pink bow neck shell with navy, black and white pants, too. But I loved how this camel and ivory outfit came together with it.

How I Dressed for Appointments Monday

Monday I worked from home in the morning and then got out in the afternoon for a couple of appointments followed by a little shopping. Sometimes I like to wear the same outfit formula that I’m showing on the blog that day. That way if I hope on Instagram Stories during the day, which I completely neglected to do that day, I can share a little more about the formula.

black jeans // white tank // blue blazer (also at Saks) // dickey // sandals (also in flats) // earrings // coin necklace // handbag

So since I was sharing a tank with jeans and a blazer on the blog Monday, I wore that same formula but in black jeans instead of white, a white tank instead of striped and a bright blue blazer instead of navy. Ha! Oh, and I actually did change into my black pumps before I left the house. I think I decided these sandals wouldn’t work for the little bit of shopping I needed to do. But my Ally pumps served me well for a couple of hours on my feet.

What I Wore to Work Tuesday

Tuesday I posted a style formula of wearing the same color top and completer piece. On this day I actually did get on Instagram and talk about it a little, sharing that you can work this formula with toppers other than blazers. I worked the formula with a sweater tank from my closet (no longer available) and a Rails gauze shirt in the same blue.

How I Dressed Saturday
Rails gauze shirt // white jeans // sandals // coin necklace // earrings

By the way, I’m really enjoying those dragonfly earrings. They’re muted silver and soft gold, so they’re a great earring to wear if you want to mix the metals in your necklaces or other pieces. Or if you’re wearing gold jewelry, but your jacket has silver buttons or your belt has silver hardware. Get the picture?

How I Dressed Wednesday

While I was doing that bit of shopping on Monday, I stepped into L.L.Bean to see if there was something I wanted to spend my accumulated Bean Bucks on. Sure enough! I LOVE this plaid shirtdress I found. I’d ordered several similar cut shirtdresses that just did not work for me (most are too short). But this one fits so nicely and is amazingly soft and comfortable, too.

plaid shirtdress // coin necklace // earrings // sandals // straw tote // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off at Nordgreen) // slip

I am wearing a slip under this dress, by the way. It’s not sheer, but I just like to wear a slip so that dresses hang better, especially when walking.

What I Wore Thursday

Thursday was a busy day with an Instagram Live (see the replay here on Instagram), a photo shoot and other office work. We also reached 80 degrees that day. Wowsa! So I was happy to pull out my new linen pieces to give them a spin. Love, love, love.

What I Wore Thursday
linen lantern pants in blueberry (wearing a small) // tank // linen shirt in blueberry (wearing a small) // sandals // Parker necklace // coin necklace // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off at Nordgreen)

I’m wearing more linen today because the temperatures are still high. I’m telling ya, that’s probably all I’m going to wear this summer. 😉 Oh, and I did go back and reorder the smalls in these linen lantern pants, and that’s what I’m wearing. I have to work a bit to get them over my hips (ha!), but once I do they fit much better than the mediums did. You can compare the fit in this previous post where I’m wearing the mediums. So definitely size down.

So that’s a wrap! Thanks so much for joining me for this quick look at my real life spring outfits from the past seven days.

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Then while you’re on your walk and you’re observing the natural beauty around you, think on Jesus’ words. When you see flowers, consider that they don’t do a thing on their own to look so beautiful. And when you see the bright green grass know that it is here today and mowed down tomorrow. And when you hear the birds singing, remember that God provides every meal for them and He’s done the same for you. Allow the Lord to speak to your spirit and to calm you of all anxiety as you reflect on His Word.

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xoxo, Kay
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10 thoughts on “Yay! A Week Full of Spring Outfits

  1. Love your spring outfits! You inspired me to order a Chico’s hot pink windbreaker to wear over my all black workout clothing (or anything all black). I got the hot pink baseball cap also, and wear that on my morning walk with a heavier jacket (it’s still 34 degrees in the morning here in Portland Oregon). Raining a lot, too, so your post about wearing a top with a matching completer piece inspired me to shop in my closet. I found a black Nick & Zoe blazer that I’ve had for two years and hardly worn; put it together with a black T, a grey pencil skirt over leggings and boots. I look VERY dressed up in this, but decided what the heck. Went to lunch with a friend in that outfit. I also found a raspberry boiled wool short jacket with a matching silk blouse by Eileen Fisher that I’ve had for years; the color is very springy, so wore that out to lunch another day. Wool! But it’s still cold and wet here. I’m 5’2″ and need to be careful about proportions with my clothing! Thanks for your suggestions! They always inspire me.

    1. That all sounds amazing, Kathia. Way to go! And I know that sometimes we feel a little dressed up or even overdressed when we put an outfit together, but I think that’s generally just a self perception we have and others don’t see us that way. So I remind myself not to give into that feeling, but wear my outfit with joy. 🥰

  2. What are your thoughts about Lilly Pulitzer clothes? Can we wear the dresses if we are over 60,70? I love the bright colors.

  3. I loved all your outfits this week, your live on Thursday, and your posts about Spring formulas were so simple and timely. Thanks so much Kay, you do such a nice service! I really enjoy the thoughts for the day too ❤️.

    1. That’s great to hear, Jill. I really try to plan out content that will be helpful and practical, not just sell things. I’m so glad you enjoyed the content this week. Thanks for letting me know. 🥰

  4. I have ordered a couple brands of tanks in different sizes but feel like they hug my stomach too much. I usually wear a small in tops. Suggestions?

    1. Sometimes I do size up in tanks, while other times I don’t. If it’s really stretchy I generally wear my true size. All that to say the best advice is usually found in the product reviews or sizing guidelines.