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Choosing an Elegant Dress for an Alaskan Cruise

February 22, 2024

Hello sweet friend! Have I mentioned that we’re taking an Alaskan cruise later this spring? Yeah, you’re going to be hearing a lot about that if you hang around. We’re taking this long-anticipated cruise in celebration of our 60th birthdays, so we’re more than a little excited. If nothing else, it’s how we’re making turning 60 a little more palatable. Hahaha! Anyhow, today I’d really appreciate your help in choosing an elegant dress for our Alaskan cruise. Will you kindly give me your opinion? I’d love it!

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I know that people on our Alaskan cruise will dress quite differently than on a Caribbean or other cruise. And I’m preparing a warm and water-resistant wardrobe with activewear for exploring Alaska and being out in the elements. And I understand that most people may not even opt to dress up much for dinner in the evenings. But since this is a special trip for us and because I just enjoy dressing up, I definitely want to take a nice dress that I will probably wear twice on the trip and then other times, too.

I’m looking for something that feels festive and special, but that I’ll also be able to keep in my closet for several years and wear for nice occasions. And yes, since this is for my 60th birthday, I am willing to spend a little more than usual on it.

Diane von Furstenberg Valerie center ruched dress in bright berry

So let me share with you the dresses I’m considering and provide a few thoughts on each. Then I’d truly appreciate you weighing in in the comment feed below the post. First up is one of my favorites, a Diane von Furstenberg dress in a beautiful bright berry.

dress (available in black here) // slingback pump

Based on the size guidelines, I ordered a large in this dress. But looking at these photos I’m wondering if it’s a bit large and I should order the medium. I LOVE the way this dress looks and feels, but I do see that the waistline looks a little baggy compared to the one the model is wearing on the website. This is a dress I could wear to dinners and weddings and other special occasions for sure.

Diane von Furstenberg Midi Length Wrap Dress

I purchased several Diane von Furstenberg dresses to try. I’ve always admired the Belgium designer, known most for her wrap dresses, but I’ve never owned one. And I figured if I’m ever going to fork out the money for one of these classic designs it might as well be for this momentous cruise. So this Abigail silk wrap midi dress is a classic example of her designs and would be a great investment I think.

silk wrap midi dress (and here) // beige slingback pump

My dress is in the medium chain link and it’s also available in a giant chain link. But I think the medium chain link is a little more timeless. The dress feels great on and I just think a wrap dress is a silhouette that most every woman can wear beautifully. Plus it’s very forgiving! I’m wearing a size 10. This is one of the most expensive dresses in my try-on collection, so it would definitely be an investment. I’m fine with that as long as I know it looks good on me and I can truly enjoy wearing it. Whereas the pink dress above would be reserved for weddings and special events, I think I could wear this one for conferences and church services, even funerals.

Diane von Furstenberg Maxi Length Wrap Dress

Because I’m very inclined to get a maxi length dress for the cruise and they’re quite in style at the moment, I tried the same dress in a longer length. It fits just the same of course, and I’m still wearing a size 10. I will say that these dresses are snug in the arm, but once I get it on (easily enough) it feels very comfortable. So the sleeves aren’t tight; they’re just not loose.

Cruise Dresses
Abigail chain prints silk maxi dress (and here) // sandal

I love the idea of the full length in this Abigail chain prints silk maxi dress, but I don’t know about the practicality, especially since it costs even more than the midi length dress. What are your thoughts?

By the way, the Abigail chain links dress from Diane von Furstenberg is also available in a shorter Julian dress.

Diane von Furstenberg Dorothea Midi Wrap Dress

The final Diane von Furstenberg dress is this Dorothea Midi Wrap Dress. To me it has a distinct Asian influence. What do you think? I love the dress, but I’m not sure it is as classic as I want, especially for the price.

midi wrap dress // beige slingback pump

I’m wearing a size Large in this dress, per the size guidelines. And I do think that’s the right size. But I feel like the neck opening is probably not right for me. I definitely like the true v-necklines of the other dresses better. Still, this is definitely a gorgeous dress.

Diane von Furstenberg Reversible Dress

Oops! I’d actually forgotten that this reversible dress is also a Diane von Furstenberg design; it’s so different from the others. I actually ordered it more out of curiosity, but I did think that the fact that it’s reversible might give me a little more mileage, too. I could wear it two different nights on the cruise and no one would know. Ha!

reversible maxi dress (and here) // sandal

So on one side of this flowy reversible maxi dress you have a vibrant blue, pink and burgundy geometric…

reversible maxi dress (and here) // sandal

and on the other side the colors are darker and the pattern is more moody. The dress feels great on and does move beautifully when you walk and dance. But I don’t know how I feel about the darker dress still having the brighter ties. And while I may get a lot of use of it on the cruise, I don’t think I’d wear it as frequently elsewhere. I’m wearing a size Large per the size guidelines.

By the way, you can find a full selection of Diane von Furstenberg dresses at their website. They’re just gorgeous and most are very timeless.

Lilly Pulitzer Wexley Maxi Dress

I’ve also never owned a Lilly Pulitzer dress. Even more than the Diane von Furstenberg dresses, these have a distinct style and vibe. And I’m not sure they’re for me…usually. But I thought it might be a nice option for a cruise, even around Alaska.

maxi dress // slingback pump

Of the Lilly Pulitzer dresses I tried, I do think this Wexley maxi dress is my favorite. I like the silhouette and the length. And it seems strangely appropriate for an Alaska cruise…in my mind anyhow. I’m wearing a size 10 very comfortably. And this dress feels lovely on the skin.

Lilly Pulitzer Claudia Twist Front Midi Dress

Next up, the Lilly Pulitzer Claudia Twist Front Midi Dress. I do think this dress is very feminine, maybe even a little va-va-va-boom. Ha! But I don’t think it’s for me. And I don’t know that it’s the best dress for an Alaskan cruise.

midi dress // sandal

I mean it’s flattering and fits nicely. I’m wearing a size 10 per the size guidelines. But it’s just not me. However, feel free to weigh in!

Lilly Pulitzer Tinslee Long Sleeve Midi Dress

This Tinslee Long Sleeve Midi Dress in poinsettia red felt like an appropriate selection since it’s art of their winter line. And It is a lovely dress. It fits very nicely in the size 10, per the size guidelines.

long sleeve midi dress // slingback pump

The dress also features pockets, which I love in a dress. It’s flirty and feminine and fun. And I would wear this dress in a heartbeat. But I’m just not sure it’s one I’d reach for over and over for years. It was discounted down to just over $200 when I purchased it, but I still want it to be a worthy investment.

Lilly Pulitzer UPF 50 Seralina ChillyLilly Maxi Dress

If you like a dress with UPF, Lilly Pulitzer has several. That’s especially nice for a tropical cruise I suppose, but wouldn’t be necessary for my Alaska cruise. Then again, I guess the sun will be shining a long time, so… Anyhow I do love the long lean silhouette of this very tropical print Seralina ChillyLilly Maxi Dress.

Lily Pulitzer maxi dress // sandal

On my 5’8″ frame, it just goes to my ankles, but I still think it’s a nice length. I’m not sure, again, that this Lilly Pulitzer dress is for me, however. And I’m not sure it’s the best dress for an Alaskan cruise.

Okay! Your turn. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please help me choose a dress for an Alaskan cruise that I can enjoy for other things, too. But do me a favor. Let’s not talk money. I know these dresses are expensive. But they’re for a very special occasion and I’ve made the thoughtful choice to spend a little more than usual on one…maybe two.

Right now my favorites are the Diane von Furstenberg Valerie center ruched dress in bright berry, the Abigail chain prints silk maxi dress (or midi???) and the Lilly Pulitzer Wexley Maxi Dress. But I might need to reorder the Valerie center ruched dress in a size down. Is it worth it to try that?

Thanks for dropping in. By the way, tomorrow I won’t have a blog post. But I will have a bonus YouTube video. I hope you’ll enjoy that. Oh, and tomorrow I turn 60!

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279 thoughts on “Choosing an Elegant Dress for an Alaskan Cruise

    1. I like the bright berry ruched dress in perhaps a size smaller. Maybe I’m not used to seeing you in such bold patterns. I think the solid color looks more elegant. Happy Birthday and can’t wait to hear about the trip!

  1. I like the reversible one. Also the pink with pockets was nice. The Alaskan cruise we took was the least formal of all. This is the only cruise we took where men wore shorts to dinner. We went over the 4th of July. Silly us we expected fireworks but it only was dark then in the middle of the night. I’d also take a dress that’s easy to pack.

  2. My vote would be for the DF front ruched dress in the bright berry looked beautiful on you,it would be perfect for a formal night on the cruise and also for many occasions post cruise.(imho)
    Happy Birthday and have fun planning your wonderful trip.

  3. You have to get the chain link in the midi. It’s my favorite on you. What a great piece to have in your wardrobe. I like the LP Wesley but I also like the pink floral. I do think you would enjoy having that in your wardrobe. If you love the berry then for sure try a size down. It doesn’t come through as well in the pics. But if it resonates with you then go for it!

  4. The DVF midi length chain link dress gets my vote. It’s the most flattering on you, and it’s classic. The length is versatile for a number of occasions. You mentioned it was comfortable which is a huge plus to me!

  5. You look FANTASTIC in all of the dresses! My vote is for the Lily Pulitzer maxi. That blue is such a beautiful color on you.
    Also, thank you for sharing the thought about hugging your children before your grandchild. I am also a new grandparent, and never thought of this before. I’m going to try and follow this. Thank you!

    1. I concur! This is LP maxi a standout dress! That color is stunning on you and the vertical line of the pattern is very slimming. I also like the DVF midi length chain on you. It seems like a practical purchase, but not nearly as fun as the LP. The maxi version of the chain length seems like the wrong pattern for a fun full-length dress. I don’t love the berry dress bc of the odd sleeves-maybe not classic enough to withstand time? I do love you in a solid colored dress more than a large pattern, but for a fun long dress, that bright blue LP is a head-turner! It was fun for us to have you try on these options and then to read your musings about each. Thank you for inviting us into the process! Happy Happy Birthday! What a memorable way for you to be able to celebrate it. I hope you and your sweetheart have a wonderful time!

  6. I like the berry. Olio red dress on you and the reversible dress as well…it seems maybe you should size down in the berry one. I don’t care for the sandals you are wearing with the reversible one. I really like the softer colors of the print. You look beautiful in all of them. Happy Birthday!

  7. The midi length chain link dress looks fabulous on you! It is timeless and classic and I think you would get the most wear out of it.

  8. All of the dresses are very lovely, but I think the majority are too dressy for an Alaskan cruise,.even for dinner. To me, the best dress is the darker maxi dress. If your cruise is in several months then I’d choose the light maxi dress.

  9. I think you look good in all the dresses that you picked but I think my favorite is the Diane Von Furstenberg ruched dress if you size down a size. To me it is the most timeless, you could wear it for many different occasions and you look lovely in the berry color.
    Good luck choosing your dress and I hope you show us your final decision!

  10. You requested our opinions on your dress choice. #1. the Abigail midi by von Furstenburg flattering and can be dressed up or worn at another time with sandals and bangles or grab a shawl for a new look. Likely also to be easy to pack and ready to wear with little fuss.. #2 the Lilly Chilly Lilly maxi. Again flattering easy to dress to be show time elegant or add simple necklace and your kitten heels or sandals for another even later this summer. I favor maxi’s too but … your choice again.

  11. Hands down the Valerie. Love it on you. What do you think of taking up the hem just a bit to show more of your leg. But that said I love the Tinslee also. If you want something on the more casual side go with the Tinslee. But I would say it’s your 60th birthday buy both!!!

  12. I like the midi wrap dress and the reversible dress. I like the reversible dress better in the darker color side. Didn’t even notice the belt color. Have fun picking something and dressing up. It might still be cool on your cruise.

  13. I do like all of the dresses that you picked out. My favorites are the chain link midi dress. I think it’s more versatile than the chain link maxi dress. I also like the reversible dress. I like the colors in that dress and you actually have 2 dresses. I also like the Lily Wesley maxi dress. It’s looks very elegant on you. I’m not sure which is my favorite. I don’t think you could go wrong with any of the dresses.

  14. Good morning! I think that planning fir a cruise is at least half the fun of going! Especially when you put a small wardrobe together. Kay, you look gorgeous in each dress! But I can’t emphasize this enough… the dining rooms or specialty dining rooms are cold. You’ll be wearing James’ suitcoat before your appetizers arrive! So I would choose one of the long sleeved options and immediately go shopping for a wrap, jacket, topper, etc that you can wear over it. Have fun!!

  15. Hi Kay!
    Oh boy! This was so much fun!!
    My favorite is the medium chain midi dress. It looks great on you and really fits your style words! It just looks “so you”! 😃 As far as trying the berry colored dress in a smaller size, I say go ahead and do it…you will never know until you try. It’s pretty too.

    And just let me say I SO look forward to your blog posts and especially the videos. I’ve learned SO MUCH in the short time I’ve followed you. THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge!! I really do appreciate it. I turned 60 this month too so I feel that I really resonate with what you have to say. Have a wonderful birthday! You are a lovely lady and a blessing to so many!

  16. I vote for the chain link midi, especially if you want to wear it for your cruise and afterwards. I could see popping on a black (or colorful) cardi or pullover sweater to make it look like a skirt to dress it down or wear it with a lady jacket or blazer. That style and pattern is truly timeless and I think it fits well with your style words.

    1. I agree with Krys. This dress looks very nice on you. You can dress it up or down. My opinion the pink dress looks droopy dragging your appearance down. I love your blog! I have learned so much from you. Thank you!!

  17. For what you want the dress for I like the Diane von Furstenberg midi dress or the Wexley maxi dress the best. I do think the berry dress was too big, but even in a medium I don’t care for the sleeves of the dress. Doesn’t look modern or timeless to me. Good luck on your choice.

  18. Oh Kay, these are all so lovely!!! My very favorite is the Wexley! That blue print just pops and looks very special! The Valerie is my runner-up…it feels special too. Both are unique and would be so beautiful in pictures! I am always drawn to shades of blue for travel capsules…. the camera -friendliness is just unmatched! Hope this helps! Have a wonderful 60th Birthday tomorrow!!!

  19. Absolutely the chain link. No question. It suits you perfectly and you will be able to wear it for other functions down the road.

  20. You look lovely in all the dresses but the Dorothea wrap is my favorite. It’s classic and will never go out of style! My DVF dress from years ago was a chain link but it did not survive the purge when I retired. On our Alaskan cruise three years ago for my 70th birthday we saw everything from formal attire to the very casual.

  21. I’m not a fan of the berry dress. The color is great on you, the style is not. Also, the ruching looks funny from the back on the model. The Abigail chain dress is a winner, either long or short. The red Lilly is fabulous as is the Wexley. Bias alert: I’m a Florida girl, and we are Lilly fans.

    1. They are all gorgeous. But be aware an Alaskan cruise is very casual. Even on “formal” night. I’m sure you have something in your closet that would work just fine.

      Have fun, and happy birthday!

  22. Lots of beautiful dresses!! To my eye, the ruching of the bright berry dress draws all the attention away from your face and directs the attention to your waist and midriff. My favorites on you are the midi chain link patterned dress and the Wexley dress. The pattern and the color of the Wexley are so flattering on you! Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  23. My favorite dress for you is the Lily Pulitzer Wesley Maxi dress. The color is stunning on you and it will be perfect for your Alaskan cruise.

  24. Kaye: Wear the Wesley!!! It does indeed look like Alaskan waters and the Alaskan snow covered mountain peaks and horizon. When you get back have it shortened and make a wrap out of what is cut off so you can get more wear out of it here. Enjoy your cruise and your 60th birthdays! Holly

  25. My favorite is the Valerie. The color is stunning on you and the silhouette flows nicely. I have been on an Alaskan cruise and the majority of people do not dress up. However, I am not the majority. I enjoy dressing up especially for special occasions. So with that being said, you’re not going to turn 60 again and you may not go on another Alaskan cruise so I say go for it!!! I would suggest doing the beige sling back pumps with the Valerie dress, because you could wear the neutral colored shoe with other dinner outfits as well. I look forward to finding out which dress you decided on.

  26. This is a delightful blog of quality dresses. I think the best one for you is the wrap dress in a midi length. It is a timeless creation and there are endless possibilities for jewelry, jackets and shoes. However, for me, the dark side of the reversible dress is my favourite.

  27. My vote is D.vonF. Valerie center ruched dress size down…beautiful color! Or silk wrap dress midi length.
    I wonder which one your daughter likes & your Husband?! Happy Birthday..have a great celebration!

  28. For your cruise I like the bright berry dress on you. You will need a wrap because it will probably be chilly. We have been on 2 Alaska cruises and find this to be the case. The cruise had a formal night but very few couples dressed up. For nightly dinners I suggest a pretty blouse and slacks. Your husband won’t need a suit but a sport jacket is appropriate. Enjoy your trip!

  29. You look lovely in the Lily Pulitzer Tinslee; it shows off your figure nicely. I think the Diane Von Furstenberg midi looks like a work dress, not a fun cruise dress. The reversible dark side would look nice in the fall. ( i took a short reversible Chico’s dress to Portugal in October and enjoyed the flexibility. ) Enjoy your cruise -Alaska is beautiful! P.S. Monday I will celebrate my last 60s birthday and you have made the last few years better!

  30. My vote would be for the chain link midi. It is so very elegant, timeless, and as you mentioned, versatile. However, the blue Lily Pulitzer is gorgeous on you as well, but you probably wouldn’t get the same mileage out of it.

  31. Hi Kay , you really look Beautiful in all of the dresses , but for me the clear winner is the Diane Von Furstenberg Valerie wrap front dress in ‘Bright Berry’ the Silhouette is stunning and the ruching looks magical on women , it really does something for us ( Ive recently just started wearing wrap dresses and dresses or skirts with ruching) the Colour is just Gorgeous too and I think you would get a lot of wear out of it , you will shine like the Bright Star you are 🌟Do try the size down though to see how you feel about the fit 👍🏻. Happy Birthday for tomorrow 🎉🥂🍾🎂🎈🎁🛍And have a gorgeous time with your lovely family and baby granddaughter❤️Loved your Devotional today too .

  32. Well! They are ALL beautiful on you and with each one, I said in my head, “Oh THAT one!”, I think you could choose any of these dresses and look stunning. However, after looking all the way through, the long blue Lily maxi is my favorite. It’s stunning and makes a statement. Heads would turn the minute you walked in the room in that dress. It just looks rich, fabulous, elegant, understated and strong all at the same time and perfect for Alaska. My second favorites are the maxi Diane von F and the very first berry one. That one makes a statement as well. I didn’t notice the waist until you pointed it out and I agree, it could be smaller, but still, that dress has a WOW factor to it as well. The Diane V F dresses are always classic and elegant. I’ve owned one and it has always been my favorite. They are timeless and never go out of style. With all that being said, I vote for Long Blue Lily – you just look fabulous in it. I’d choose it in a heartbeat.

    1. How fun to help you choose! I love the Wexley The color is so beautiful on you. This is a special occasion, I think it’s fine for you to be a little more dressy than others. Where I like the chain link dress, it doesn’t say “special occasion” to me. The idea of the reversible is very cool but I’m not sure the prints are my favorite. Have so much fun with your daughter, her husband and that new baby. I think it’s important to tell those new parents that they are doing a great job. Those first months are so hard. Young parents need encouragement! Abundant blessings to all❤️

  33. #1 Abigail silk wrap midi dress. #2 Wexley. You will get more wear out of the Abigail. They both have sleeves to keep you warmer-it’ll be chilly.

  34. Depending on what the medium looks like, the Valerie Center rouched berry dress is my favorite on you. Although in this picture it looks too baggy, the correct size could be stunning. My second vote for you is the Abigail chain link wrap dress. I like the midi and the maxi on you, however, maxi dresses are not always “in style”. So for longevity, I would go with the midi, although both look fabulous on you. I am excited for you, happy birthday!

  35. Hands down the Diane Von Furstenberg Abigail Chain print midi. You look stunning in that dress and it is a classic in design and print.

  36. My choice would be the Lily Pulitzer Wexley Maxi. The center pattern is very striking and overall a very elegant dress for your special occasion and photos too. Also, another easy packable dress – maybe shorter than a midi would look fabulous on you as another dining wear option.

  37. Kay, of all the dresses the Wexley maxi is stunning on you …. The print is a perfect complement to your curves … Don’t show it to James until you walk out to meet him… Gosh is he the one taking your pics…Moses, bet he loved it….Have a great time and Happy Birthday to you both…

  38. The Tinsley looks absolutely fabulous on you!! So flattering, and your face just lights up. And I’m not just saying that because it’s my personal favorite…I would run from a print/color like that for myself hehehe. But it’s perfect on you. Maybe with the gold slingbacks?

    My second pick would be the midi chain link. It’s also super flattering on you, and as you say would get lots of wear after the cruise. I agree with the other ladies who said the Alaskan cruises are more casual. Actually most cruises are more casual these days compared to even just 10 years ago. If you’re really pulled toward a maxi for the cruise, you could always have it hemmed up to midi length afterward, if you think you’d wear it more at that length.

  39. I like the Tinslee red dress. I don’t care for the maxi length. Too cumbersome. Hubby & I are cruising to Alaska the last week of May to celebrate my 70th birthday that’s in June. We did Niagara Falls for my 60th! Don’t dread turning 60! The best of life is still yet to come and we are enjoying it to the max!

  40. I like all the dresses that you tried on, however, my favorite on you is the blue wexley dress. The color and fit on you is perfect! I think it looks like a very special dress!!! I agree with the others who voted for the chain link dress, that it’s a classic, but it feels to “business-like” to me for a vacation. You are beautiful both inside and out, so whatever you decide on will be a good choice!!! Happy 60th and enjoy this time of celebration with your family this weekend.

  41. Try the Valerie down a size – but thinking of future use, could you wear a jacket over those sleeves? The chain links midi (not maxi) is much better – looks fabulous and would be a great investment you could wear for different occasions over the years.
    If you want a long dress too, the LP maxi looks very nice – a gorgeous blue which suits you, with long sleeves that might be welcome on your Alaskan cruise, but is so distinctive I wonder if you would get the wear out of it. The ChillyLilly dress is also gorgeous, and a lovely shape on you, and has a vintage touch with 1960s vibes that won’t date.
    The reversible dress is fun. I prefer you in the “moody” side, it looks more sophisticated, and with some silver jewellery would be super, and I can’t see the bright ties on the picture.
    The Tinslee long sleeve midi in red is very pretty, and I actually think you would get a lot of use out of it but is it special enough?
    Not keen on the kimono-style dress or Claudia Twist.

  42. My favorite was the Wexley. The blue is so beautiful. Second is the Valerie, sized down. The ruching is very flattering. Third choice is Tinslee. The skirt is so flowy and it makes your waist look so small.

  43. Kay, all of the dresses look very nice on you. I like both the Valerie and the Wexley. Whichever you would get more use of might be the deciding factor.

  44. You look lovely in all. The MIDI chain link dress is the most versatile and so flattering. I’ve been i on an Alaskan cruise recently and was surprised at how casual diners were. You will have such a great time!

  45. If money is no object my suggestion is purchase 2 dresses . My favorites on you :
    1 the chain link in the midi length ( it gives you an option to wear tall boots – which totally changes the look ) I’m not crazy about the maxi I think it limits its use
    2 the Tinslee looks fun and fabulous on you and Heads will turn when you walk into the dining room! It looks like an all season dress and it was on sale – what the heck-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  46. Love the Pulitzer Tinsley long sleeve midi and the Furstenberg midi length wrap in medium chain. You look classy and beautiful in both.

  47. Hello Kay…I really like the Lily Pulitzer Wexley Maxi Dress on you. It fits your personal style to me. Happy 60th birthday!

  48. Kay and re: cruise dress. I very respectfully suggest that you NOT choose one of the — in my opinion — garish print dresses. The chain link design dress for me, is not flattering at all, and the other print dresses make anyone look larger, and most of the prints re just not PRETTY!. SUGGESTION: The bright berry is a good color, but would work better in a fabric that is not so drapey-jersey looking. And for a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress: please try to find a dress in a solid color or maybe a very small print, such as polka-dot. OR: better yet: go for elegant simplicity with a satin slip skirt and a coordinating sweater (or matching) — since y’all will be in Alaska. If I were choosing a sort of “dressed up” look, I would wear my calf-length, softly full skirt in black with small white polka dots and pockets, with a coordinating white top. For Alaska, this could be a shorter-length, white or ivory sweater. For warmer climates, this could be a great, white tee or . . . a button front white shirt, tied at the waist, with sleeves carefully rolled. I’ll be interested in your choice.

    From Cynthia

  49. The DvF Abigail Silk Wrap Midi chain design dress (NOT the long one). You’ll get much more wear out if it. It will feel appropriate for formal/dressy nights, and is a classic, well-fitted style on you. The long dresses are not as flattering, and are guaranteed to be a problem walking up/down stairs, especially the “fancy” stairs in the ship’s central Atrium. You’ll need to hold the dress up and hold on to the railing at the same time, and a third hand to hold your clutch purse, if you carry it with you. I think this dress is the most flattering on you of all your choices. I do like the berry dress on you, but not as much bang for your buck in per wear cost. And, both dresses provide some arm coverage, which is often needed on an Alaska cruise. The inside temps are frequently on the cool side, especially around the main deck and exterior door access.
    We’ve been on many Alaska cruises and nobody will notice if you wear the same dress on the two formal/dressy nights. As a friend told me, “if they didn’t like my dress the first night, they’ll have another opportunity to change their mind.” I agree with her; one fancy outfit max. Save the luggage space and weight for something with more priority.

  50. Hi Kay,
    I like the DVF chain link dress in the maxi length. I didn’t check the price difference but couldn’t you have it altered to a shorter length after the cruise if you think it’s more versatile? Also, the tighter sleeves show off the shape of the dress (and thus your shape) in a flattering way. Ultimately, you should pick the dress that you feel best in!

  51. I understand your desire to dress up for your special cruise! Both dress and footwear likely will endure walking long hallways and up and down stairs. Wouldn’t want you to slip and fall in a long dress or high heels. Some of these dresses are too memorable for multiple occasions. When in doubt, the answer is no.

  52. Happy 60th Birthday! What a great way to celebrate!

    Hands down favorite (by far) is the Lilly Wexley blue maxi – you look amazing!! So special and flattering! And the long sleeves will feel good, I suspect. But the colors will also work for you in summer months.

    I really like the DVF chain wrap dresses. The midi will be so versatile. The maxi looks so nice and dressy. But my second fav is the asian maxi – it looks so classy and unique. Seems like that would serve as a special dress for years to come and very unique and flattering. Plus – the asian influence is big in the Pacific NW, assume Alaska too? It is subtle…

    Not a fan of the berry dress, perhaps because it is too large? But the three above all get my vote even so – they do something special for you! Lastly, the Tinslee is beautiful, but seems more like a special party dress or event dress, and not as timely or classic. My two cents – and pick the one(s) you feel most beautiful in. You only get to celebrate 60 once!

  53. I vote for the Tinslee. It was fun, flattering and more age 60. I really felt like the dresses were not the most flattering as I thought they made you look older than 60. Maybe I’m just not used to seeing you in prints. I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but just being honest. The moody side of the reversible dress would be my next choice. Talbots has some cute ones. You put so much time into your videos. Thank you.

  54. My votes are for the 1. Berry colored 2. Maxi all the other are such that you look at the dress and not you.! Happy birthday!!

  55. The bright berry dress is beautiful on you. It lights up your face!!! Out of all the dresses, that one is the most elegant and flattering, although you wore them all well!

  56. The DVF “chain link” wrap dress is hands down the winner. Timeless style, versatile for many different occasions, enough detail in the pattern to be interesting, but not overdone. You want people to think that you look lovely, without actually remembering what you wore. Don’t let the dress be the focus; let your personality be what people remember.

  57. I love the chain link midi on you! Don’t you love a collar and then the sleeves were very flattering on you. I think this is a dress that I would wear to many different types of events. I have always wanted a DVF wrap dress! You go girl! How fun!

  58. Happy birthday 🎈 mine is today! My first choice is the midi von Furstenberg wrap chain link for a timeless dress. My second choice is the Wexley Lily Pulitzer. The blue looks gorgeous on you!

  59. Hi Kay,
    Happy Birthday! Hope your day tomorrow is a good one.
    I have picked three of my most favorites— best to least favs.
    #1— The Black and white geometric block style rings midi dress. I’d suggest using the sling-backs rather than sandals.
    #2–The colorful maxi with a print that looks like brush strokes with pleating down the front. Again, I’d suggest a covered toe shoe.
    #3–Just before the #2 choice is another colorful (magenta?/blue/pink/little bit of white) maxi dress with a small bow tie in front.
    I think the first and second choices are very close to me. I do tend to like colors.
    And do not forget a coordinated throw or scarf of some kind that will keep your shoulders warm if needed.
    Hope this helps.
    Some great dresses to choose from that you look good in too.
    God bless… Janie

  60. I like the Diane von Furrstenberg berry ruched dress and the Lily Pulitzer Tinslee Midi Dress. Both look great on you!

  61. Kay, You look lovely in all the dresses! My favorite is the Wexley maxi dress. The empire waist and blue color are so flattering on you. The v neckline is perfect, and the pattern draws my eye to your face. I also like the Tinslee. The color is festive and makes me think of spring. It’s a beautiful dress, has pockets and is long sleeves for the cool dining room.
    I think you can wear either the Wexley or Tinslee to weddings, mothers or fathers day, christenings…..
    A lot of folks like the chain link dress, it is a beautiful dress, but it doesn’t say it’s my birthday and I am celebrating.
    Happy happy birthday to you!!! 60 is the new 40, I can attest to that!

  62. I like the Valerie in berry on you. It’s so feminine and flattering to your figure! My 2nd and more versatile choice is the Abilgail chain midi. Its also very flattering on you and you would probably get more wears out of it.
    The chillylilly maxi would be my choice for a different occasion. It hugs your body just right and colors are so pretty. I like the long and lean look it gives you and has a timeless look. I’m not a fan of long billowing sleeves.

  63. The Wexley is my favorite for this occasion. The color and fit are very flattering. The DVF black and white dresses are flattering, but not festive enough for your birthday cruise, in my opinion. But as always, you wear what makes you feel the most beautiful, and have a wonderful time. An Alaskan cruise is an amazing experience. Happy birthday!

  64. You look so good in the bright colors — fuschia center ruched (I think it would be worthwhile for you to try the smaller size to compare the fits of the two sizes; when I looked at the one on the model, it seemed that the smaller size might be a better fit), Lily Pulitzer Wexley, and the Lily Pulitzer Tinsley. The chain link print wrap midi dress would probably get more wear in the long run, so if you’re thinking of getting two of these dresses, this and one of the bright ones would be nice. I don’t think you’d go wrong with any of them, though. Happy Birthday!

  65. 1st choice: Abigail chain link maxi with sandals. Wow. I picked a Spendy one but it seems to fit the venue!

    2nd: lily Pulitzer floral maxi(blue and green) with sandals. This seems more casual of the two!!!!

    Both are great!!!

  66. Well of course they are all lovely. My vote for the top pick seems to be similar to several others, which is the chain print in the shorter length. The only comment I have in addition is that the dress is not a particularly “Wow” factor. The first dress, fuchsia, is very much a statement dress and you will be remembered, which means you will be limited how often you can wear it. The red floral with big sleeves is a festive look and seems to me to transition day to evening well.
    It is a tough choice to pick a dress for that special 60th but still make sure it works in your closet for long term wear.
    Final comment, remember you are packing for 2 different vacation venues, cruise and land tour. I made the mistake of over packing in a similar scenario and regretted lugging all that luggage across Scotland after we left the ship.

  67. I love you in the Wexlee dress. It’s pretty, distinctive, color. looks great on you. All the dresses seem bigger than you usually wear. I do think they are on the bigger side and I am one who will choose clothing that is a little looser if I am between sizes. A very happy birthday.

  68. I thought the reversible dress was hands-down, the most perfect dressy look on you. The Lily Pulitzer Tinslee was very nice on you for a less formal occasion.

  69. I really like the Black Chain link dresses, both of them buyt they are $$$$$ I do like the Lilly Pulitzer Tinslee as well. Good luck and blessings this weekend with your childen and granddaughter and BTW HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY tomorrow, join the club!!

  70. My favorite was the Lily Pulitzer Tinslee long sleeve midi dress. The fit and cut of that dress was fabulous on you. I also see that asa dress for weddings, church, date nite with James ( you look so good in it), lunch with the girls and many more. Also I know you already have accessories to go with it. To change it up take one of your blazers and give it a different vibe!!!

  71. You look great in all the dresses but the chain link midi dress and the Wexley maxi dress are by far the best two dresses for you I think. After your cruise I think you will get more wear out of the midi chain link than the maxi chain link and it will be a better investment. I look forward to seeing which you choose. Happy 60th.

  72. I vote for the medium chain link dress in the midi version. Black and white is my favorite combination for a dress and I think this one would be appropriate for many different occasions.

  73. Kay–you look gorgeous in all of the choices. My personal favorite out of your choices is the reversible maxi. I really love the reversible maxi dress on you in both prints, and I think it would fit the “vibe” of the cruise while being slightly dressy. I love that you could wear it on both sides, and you could add a wrap or cardi if the ship is overly air conditioned or you want to stroll on the deck.

    Out of your three favorites, I’d pick the bright berry center ruched dress. Pink/fuschia is such a great color on you. I have a similar style that I have been able to wear to several weddings, so it is really a keeper–but I do think the large is too big on you. The one note of caution is that the sleeves would make it challenging to wear a wrap or sweater if it is chilly.

    The Wexley Maxi, while beautiful, gives me a bit more of a Caribbean/Greek Islands Cruise/beach vacation vibe rather than cruise to Alaska vibe. But it would be my second choice of your three faves–it does have long sleeves, so it would probably work fine. Beautiful color on you and could be worn to lots of events in the future.

    I personally don’t think the chain print dress works as well as the reversible maxi and the berry ruched dress for the cruise. True, it is flattering and beautiful, but to me, it reminds me a lot of dresses I used to wear to work. I just don’t think it is festive enough. Diane VF classic wrap dresses are SOOO classic, so you would be able to keep that one forever and wear it to a million things, so keeping it over the others would be a great choice if you can get over the fact that it is not as dressy as some of the others. If you do pick the DVF wrap, I’d pick the maxi to avoid the “career” look of the style, but I think you might be happier with more of an elegant dress for fine dining/dressy events.

  74. Nice dresses to choose from but I liked the first two. The pink is so pretty on you. The black and white midi would be more easy to wear and you might get more use going forward I think. You can style it a few different ways while on the cruise. Good luck and have a wonderful time! Happy Birthday, Enjoy every moment!!

  75. Your granddaugher is expected today, HOW EXCITING! February 22nd is my brother’s birthday and when we were growing up, he always got his birthday off from school since it is George Washington’s actual birthday, so I was always envious. May she grow up to love and serve the Lord with her whole heart!
    Happy early birthday! My husband’s and my favorite vacation is going on Disney Cruises. We love dressing up for dinner even if others are casual. My favorite dress on you is the Lilly Tinslee Long Sleeve Midi Dress. It looks so amazing on you. Lilly holds a special place in my heart because my mom Louise, who is now in heaven, used to love to buy me Lilly. My second favorite dress on you is the Abigail Silk Wrap Midi Dress. This dress is very flattering on you and how can you go wrong with a dress named “Abigail,” after all?

  76. I like the Diane von Fursteinberg midi length wrap dress. A wonderful dress to wear to a wedding, dress up dinner, etc. when you get back from the cruise! I also like the Lilly Pulitzer long blue dress – so cute on you! Those are my favorites.

  77. Our Alaskan cruise was in May and it was still pretty chilly. I think you look great in all the dresses and accessories, but I would recommend closed toed shoes in May. I don’t think I saw anyone with a long dress on at our dinners-but again, at this stage in life, dress comfortably for you.

    My choices would be the first one, the berry center ruched dress, or the Tinslee long sleeve midi dress in poinsettia red. You look especially good in those colors.

  78. I immediately thought of your Nordstrom Anniversary sale …. that beautiful Vince smocked waist burgundy skirt and that wool and alpaca sweater! I loved that outfit so much and it looked great on you!! Matter-of-fact I ordered it simply because it was so gorgeous on you, but it didn’t fit me very well and I wound up sending it back! But I loved how it was such a great blend of that party-flair skirt but with the tasteful, understated sweater! I think that would be absolutely perfect for a chilly Alaska cruise dinner. And no doubt you have a beautiful cashmere wrap you could add to it! And I think your fancy little kitten heels would also look great with it! So save your birthday money for something else —- I don’t think you can improve on what you already have!!

  79. My vote is to keep looking. I like the DVF midi with the chain print, but it really doesn’t look elegant/formal. It looks more like a convention banquet dress. The florals were not my keepers IMO.

  80. I think you are right. I like those the best.
    I think you should try the smaller DVF berry just to compare. I would personally maybe like a little higher hem.
    I prefer the shorter Abigail chain. It is lovely but busy, but still a lovely dress.
    And I had thought the LP Wexley was great on you, too!
    If the berry is your favorite, go for it. I think the Wesley could go with you, too, and save the DVF for another dressy event at home!
    Thank you for letting us opine!
    And, Happy 60th!!!! Have a ball! Our family loved our cruise to Alaska in 2007. I was 54 then. I hope you try the Helicopter Sightseeing/ Glacier Dog Sledding choice! It was my favorite activity.
    I am so very happy to have come across your website. I am 70 now.
    And, last, do you still do speaking engagements for women’s church events?
    Thank you!

  81. I don’t like low cut in front especially on our age. I’m surprised but I like the black and white dress, very unique and classy / have a black or white wrap if cool. Have fun!!

  82. What a fun post! The ChillyLilly and Wexley dresses look absolutely stunning on you! However, I think the Abigail in the midi length is much more versatile and equally as beautiful and flattering on you. Enjoy your cruise!!

  83. Hi Kay,

    Hands down #1 = the DVF chain link midi! It looks amazing on you and you can’t beat its timeless, classic look! The Wexley is a close 2nd.

    Happy Birthday in advance – enjoy your special day tomorrow.

  84. I am commenting on your choice of dress for the cruise. Even though it is one of the more expensive ones, I think you look beautiful in the Abigail chain link dress. I like you in the shorter version, but the longer version is not much more, so if you like that one, you could always have it shortened later. However, I think the shorter version looks better, is elegant, but would be able to be worn for many occasions. I also like you in the Wexley maxi dress and the price is very good on that one. I would say go with your own best feeling. You choose your clothes well and wear them for a long time as you make classic choices. I will look forward to seeing which dress you finally choose. I also want to say how lovely you look in the way you are wearing your hair now I will

  85. I vote for the DVF chain link MIDI. Wow, that silk dress can be dressed up or down very easily, so you could wear it to a funeral, speaking engagement or beachy occasion with a straw hat and strappy sandals. I love Lilly dresses, but not for the cruise or more serious events in the future. And I think maxi dresses wouldn’t be as long-lasting or classic in your long-term wardrobe. Question about the wrap portion of the dress. Does it really stay put against the chest or would it gap as you moved around?? I guess it doesn’t have a snap or some other closure?? Have fun with your granddaughter at your house! I hope you can grab a sweet photo or two to share with us!!

    1. I think that’s the quality of the von Furstenberg. It REALLY does stay closed, no problem. I feel completely safe in it. Pretty amazing.

  86. I love the bright berry midi, especially as you have it styled with the gold shoes. I also love the midi medium chain mail dress on you. I didn’t have that “Wow, that’s the one!” feeling about the Lily Pulitzer dresses, although the blue Wesley maxi dress is great. Do you really wear maxi dresses? I just don’t have that many occasions for them and you have some great midi options.

    1. I wear maxi (beachy) type dresses on all our warm weather cruises and destinations. I never wear midis. They really are interchangeable. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

  87. My favorite hands down is the Maxi DVF link dress, the neckline is flattering and it looks great on you. To me the midi length feels more like a dress I would wear to the office, not on a cruise. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  88. Kay
    The DVF chain link midi is elegant, classical, and practical. It’s probably the best choice for your lifestyle. The Lilly Wexley is casual chic, a beautiful color on you, and speaks “cruise”. It’s perfect for spring and summer. I love it.

  89. Kay you look great in all of the dresses. My choice is the Abigail chain link midi. It is timeless and classic but very smart. A simple back wrap would be lovely if you need some warmth.

  90. Hi Kay!

    Happy and Blessed 60th Birthday (to both you and your husband) !!! Enjoy your weekend with your family!

    I’ve loved reading about you preparing for your once in a lifetime Alaskan Cruise! Hope you have a fantastic time!

    Hands down, no question about it the Diane von Furstenberg Abigail Silk Wrap MIDI is the one! If you are to stay true to who you are and what you express as your style, which if I remember correctly are classic, timeless and effortless, the Abigail Silk Wrap MIDI is it! It looks great on you! At the same time being classic, it’s also got that flair to it to make it just a bit more special. The reason I am voting for the Midi as opposed to the Maxi is for 2 reason… 1. the Midi does look more “classic” whereas the Maxi looks more like something you would wear to a Caribbean Cruise and with flip flops to fit the vibe and not with dress shoes as you wear with the Midi. 2. As you stated, I believe the more classic Midi can most certainly be worn to other occasions like conferences, churches, anniversary celebrations and even funerals more comfortably. You might be able to get away with the Maxi to an anniversary celebration, but doubtful to the other places.
    Also, I prefer the Abigail Midi for you over the others DvF dresses as well. Although all the others are LOVELY, they really do seem to be more “generic” and not as special, meaning you can find the “feel” of them in other designers with prints. To me also more appropriate for the Caribbean Cruises. They are lovely, but I don’t think you’d be able to wear them to events year round like you could the Abigail.
    I am a big Lilly Pulitzer fan and her dresses are also stunning, but in a different way. Not surprisingly, they also do seem to lean more towards the Caribbean Cruise vibe.
    Hope this helps!

  91. Hi Kay, wanted to weight in on your dresses. I agree with you on your 3 choices in the order you said. The berry is beautiful and very striking on you. #2, definitely in the midi length. The blue is so different and a great color on you. Maybe you should just all 3! I’m not much help.good luck. Thank you for all your hard work in putting such great information together for us.

  92. My two favorites:
    1) The Lilly Wexley maxi. Oh! That color looks lovely on you! It’s feminine and elegant and fun.
    2) The medium chain midi length. Totally classy, but also elegant. Cannot go wrong with this dress, for so many occasions.
    This fashion show was great fun!
    Thank you. And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎉🎁🎂

  93. Hi Kay,
    Exciting times for you! Happy birthday tomorrow! Here’s my advice:
    1. Pulitzer long dress in blues is scrumptious
    2. Berry dress. I agree that a size smaller would be a better fit.
    Enjoy you family visit, and later your special cruise!

  94. Kay,

    I love the ruched berry dress, the dorothea midi wrap dress, and the reversible. dress. However, my favorite is the wexley maxi dress. The style and colors look absolutely fantastic on you.

    Have a great time with your family and especially your granddaughter.

  95. I can almost feel the luxury of these beautiful dresses! My opinion: The Berry rushed dress is a good color for you and would be a show stopper. I agree you might want to size down and if you like the drape of the sleeves, go for it. The midi length chain dress is the practical option for repeat wears and multiple occasions. It fits you well, reminds me of old money, lovely but not celebratory. The reversible dress on the dark side is more sliming on you that the bright side. The Wexley maxi dress is in one of your best colors (I think) It’s eye catching and beautifully elegant .The Tinslee long sleeve midi is pretty in red but seems to be a lot of fabric,
    My vote for you would be the Wexley Maxi as a first choice and the red rushed as a second.
    For me personally, it would be the blue front twist midi. I’m a big fan of fit and flare; perfect for the cocktail party, a fancy dinner and the dance floor, even weddings. Although I would shorten the sleeves to bracelet length.

  96. Vous êtes ravissante dans toutes ces jolies robes .
    Mais certaines sont trop voyantes ,d’autres n’avantagent pas votre silhouette.
    Ma préférée reste la robe à maillons midi .Vous pourrez la porter dans d’autres circonstances avec une petite veste noire par exemple .
    J’aime beaucoup votre pays qui me fait rêver vu de France..J’y ai effectué de nombreux séjours .

  97. Definitely the DF chain link midi. Having been on lots of cruises it will be more in tune with today’s travel style to be a bit understated.
    Choose some killer shoes & jewelry. You will enjoy every wearing of this stylish classic.

  98. Kay, you look fantastic in all these dresses. But if I had to choose, I’d take the Midi chainlink. And if you consider a second dress, why not the Seralina? I just Love your silhouette in this one. Have a good time with your loved ones! I’m Sure your heart ist big enough to embrace them all at once.

  99. No question . . .The Very Berry, pink one looks gorgeous on you. For such a special occasion and how it makes you look so youthful, it’s a winner. Enjoy your cruise!

  100. Happy birthday!! I love that you are purchasing a dress for your birthday trip. While all of the dresses are lovely I think the black and white dresses feel very much like an elevated work dress. Something I would choose for a conference or to your comment a funeral. I am only 5’2″ and think you look amazing in the longer maxi dresses (rock it!), but my favorite is the Tinslee midi dress. It is flirty and feminine and I think you will want that when you are celebrating!!

  101. Hi Kay, I’d like to cast my vote for my favorite dress on you! You are a beautiful woman, so full of grace and class! My favorite dress for you is the midi-length Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. It fits you perfectly, is very slenderizing – in part because of the fitted sleeves. It fits your curves and the v-neck and shorter length show a little. I think by far it is the sexiest dress on you, which is always a good thing regardless of our age, right!? 🙂 You mentioned that it was expensive, however, I would think, as you mentioned, that you would be able to wear this dress for so many different occasions! Have fun making your final selection and a wonderful time with your husband on your Alaskan cruise! Thank you for all your informative posts. I appreciate you!

  102. Hi Kay, I’d like to cast my vote for my favorite dress on you! You are a beautiful woman, so full of grace and class! My favorite dress for you is the midi-length Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. It fits you perfectly, is very slenderizing – in part because of the fitted sleeves. It fits your curves and the v-neck and shorter length show a little. I think by far it is the sexiest dress on you, which is always a good thing regardless of our age, right!? 🙂 You mentioned that it was expensive, however, I would think, as you mentioned, that you would be able to wear this dress for so many different occasions! Have a wonderful time with your husband on your Alaskan cruise! Thank you for all your informative posts. I appreciate you!

  103. I liked the reversible dress best for you! Secondly, I liked the bright berry dress. The chain link dresses just hurt my eyes looking at them. I didn’t care for the oriental looking dress as well either. I love Lily P. Clothes but I reserve them for spring/ summer tropical areas!

  104. Happy Birthday!! I love celebrating birthdays – a way to honour us.
    You look terrific – and in so many different styles. My own choice would be the Pulitzer Tinslee long sleeve midi in red great length for many uses and you look lovely, dressy , feminine and yet a dress you can wear other places.I like the reversible one on you – and two dresses in one that are different gets lots of use. The Wexley is stunning but you might find such a distinctive drss doesn’t get as much use over time. The Diane Furstenberg midi wrap is the most classic and could be dressed up and down with accessories and I think woudl stand the test of time best. I also liked the Seralina ChillyLilly.The only one I didn’t really like was the Dorothea “asian” looking dress. You are an inspiration; joyful and helpful and kind – so many characteristics missing today and I appreciate you very much.

  105. It’s a difficult choice, I would go with the Wexlee Maxi Dress.

    Thanks for the advice about greeting your children first, then the grandchild. Seems we’re always so excited to see the grandchild that we scoop them up first!

  106. My two picks are the bright berry dress in the size you are already wearing or the Lilly Pulitzer Wexley maxi. You always look great in blue!
    Blessings on your 60th birthday!
    I turned 69 on Feb. 4.

  107. You look beautiful in all these dresses so you can’t go wrong, really. But, I’d have to say the second dress is what you should go with. It’s classic and looks so nice on you. Perfect really.
    Be sure to let us know what you decide on.

  108. Either the reversible maxi (which you would need a shawl with) or the Lily Pulitzer Wesley Maxi look the best on you, and are the most appropriate for a cruise. Enjoy!

  109. I would vote for the bright pink you look so lovely in it. What does your best friend think. He will be with you. Happy Birthday to both and Happy Sailing. By the way I am 86 and never miss a post. Joy

  110. I like the berry. I can see that going any number of places and can dress down or up. I think the size you have on is quite flattering. About the medium, you’d have to try it and take a picture and put the two side by side.

    I’m not a fan of any of the others. Sorry.

  111. The most classic dress is the Abigail in the midi length. Personally, I think it’s a little plain. I like it better in the maxi length dress. My favorite is the Dorothea dress. It looks fabulous on you and has a little more oomph. I would reach for this dress for years because it looks so good on you. The blue Wexley dress looks gorgeous with your coloring and is very becoming. Great for the cruise. Sadly, my least favorite on you is the berry Valarie dress. I love the solid color and the sleeve length, but it doesn’t do your lovely figure justice. The reversible dress and the red/cream Tinsley are strong runner ups. The Claudia and the Seralina don’t seem as versatile to me. You are a beautiful lady and all these dresses look lovely on you. You can’t go wrong.

  112. The Diane Fürstenberg Abigail silk wrap midi dress – there’s no alternative! It looks so nice and chic on you and the length is phantastic.

  113. Happy Birthday Kay! I love the Wexley dress. I think its beautiful on you. I also love the Abigail silk wrap maxi or midi dress also very flattering. Any of those I think were best. But if you are like me, my husband’s opinion always really counts:) Have a wonderful, blessed birthday.

    Your sister in Christ,


  114. Love love the long Lilly maxi that is your favorite too and my 2nd choice would be your other 1st choice the bright pink one. Lovely!

  115. DVF Midi Length wrap dress – is my favorite of the dresses shown. It is very becoming on you and the shoes you chose look nice with this dress. It is versatile for use after the cruise. I don’t know how “festive” your dress needs to feel for your cruise.

  116. The Valerie is my favorite. I love the color, fit, versatility and festive appearance. You could try a size smaller.
    The DVF chain link dress is very nice and, as you said, something you could wear to a conference.
    That’s not what you want to wear on such a celebratory occasion!
    My second choice would be the blue Wexley – the colors remind me of Alaskan glacial ice!
    Enjoy the trip – I’ve been to Alaska twice – it’s wonderful.

  117. I would go with the Lily Pulitzer Wexly maxi dress. I like the blue print and it does indeed look like an Alaskan Cruise dress!

  118. I love the first dress in the berry color the most. Then I like the midi Lily Pulitzer dress that is on sale. They both look great on you. Actually they all looked good, but I liked those 2 the best. Get them both.

  119. I would not buy the Claudia & the Asian inspired dresses as I don’t feel they flatter your figure. My favorite is the Tinslee as I feel it brings out all the right features on you. However any of the remaining dresses have really good points about them. I do love it when you ask for our input.

  120. Kay, Happy Birthday❣️ Thank you for sharing so many good ideas for fashion and right living! Also, I agree with you on your first choice of evening dress. God bless you, and enjoy your trip!

  121. All the dresses were lovely, each in its own way. But there was only one, in my opinion anyway, where I saw your face first and the dress was a beautiful complement. That dress was the dark side of the reversible dress. Perhaps it is because the colors were toned down a bit and did not overpower you. No matter which dress you choose, you will be very well dressed. Hope the weather is good and you get to truly appreciate the beauty God created up there. Enjoy and Happy Birthday.

  122. My fav is the poinsettia red one! It’s fun and the shape is super flattering on you. I also like the bright berry one. I think the B&W chain print ones look too much like something you’d wear to a formal office event. But, of course, you could pull off any of them!

  123. I very much enjoyed your post regarding a cruise dress. I’d first like to say I’ve gone on many cruises both casual and very upscale cruise lines. I believe the theme here is Alaska and this destination although beautiful is not the least bit formal on most any cruise line. There is no doubt the berry dress is very elegant and a superb fit but based on your destination I would pick the long sleeve rose color Lilly dress for several reasons. Her clothing never goes out of style, the fabrics always remarkable and the happiness wearing Lilly can’t be beat!!! Enjoy your trip and many more!

  124. Hi Kay and happy birthday tomorrow! May your 7th decade be the best one yet!! (Remember, years 1 – 10 is a decade. I know you aren’t turning 70!)

    I think the Abigail midi wrapped dress by DVF will be the most versatile. You’ll get more use out of it and always have pleasant memories of why you bought it, which will make you feel special every time you wear it. My second choice would be the bright berry dress. It’s just pure fun and looks very slimming. I see it as more of a special occasion/dressy dress — weddings, showers, parties and dress up cruise dinner. I like two of the Lilly dresses, but not for an Alaskan cruise. If you come visit me in Florida, that’s another story. That’s probably why I like them (the Seralina and Tinslee dresses)!

    I’m looking forward to hearing your decision. Enjoy you special time with your family!!

  125. I have three favorites in this order…1. Lilly Pulitzer Wexley Maxi Dress. Very pretty and you won’t see your self coming or going. 2. Lilly Pulitzer Tinsel Long sleeve midi dress. I think you will get the most milage from this dress and oh so pretty on you. 3. Diane von Furstenberg Maxi length wrap dress. Very flattering to your figure.

  126. Happy Birthday! So happy to hear about your Alaskan Cruise-something my husband and I have talked of doing. Hope you have a wonderful time! (And isn’t it fun picking out what to wear?)
    Anyway, you asked for our 2 cents and here is mine:
    I would eliminate the berry dress. I really don’t like the way it hangs.
    I would eliminate the reversible dress–I really didn’t like the material.
    I would eliminate the dress with the sweet-heart neckline, it just doesn’t seem, maybe the term is modest enough, so that as a special occasion dress for a single wearing it would be fine, but I don’t think it has the wearability of the others.
    The Wexley dress garnered the question from my husband, “Is that a nightgown.”
    The Dorothea dress was wearing you, you weren’t wearing it. It was detracting away from you.
    I really liked the chain link dress, especially in the midi length, but it just didn’t seem like a dress you would enjoy because of the business of the pattern.
    So…(drum roll here), I think the Tinslee dress says all the right things and it certainly looks very wearable for many different occasion types. And I really liked the flirty-ness of it.
    But my absolute first choice would be the Seralina dress. It looks elegant and it looks appropriate for a cruise. It also seems that it could be be styled in many different ways and would look appropriate with a warmer covering–a jacket, shrug, pashmina, etc. Great versatility! However, I might get tired of the length and at a later time it could be shortened.

    Well, there’s my opinion for what it’s worth. Whichever you choose, I’m sure it will be lovely!

  127. My choice would be the reversible dress, then the wrap dress midi length or the ruched dress (down a size). You look great in all of them truly. I know you did not like the neckline on the Dorothea wrap but you look stunning in that as well! Ultimately pick the one that makes you feel specia. Happy Birthday beautiful lady! Enjoy your day and family!

  128. I think the most flattering and striking dress is the Lily Pulitzer Wexlee Maxi dress in blue. You look stunning in it!. A close second in terms of flattering is the DvF Abigail silk wrap, midi length. I would give the Abigail silk wrap dress highest marks for versatility. If you can only bring one, I would pick the Wexlee, It’s a knock-out!!

  129. My favourite is the LP blue/green maxi dress. Style & shape really suit you. The crossover dresses do too. Would be nice if they did one in the berry colour. A reversible one is a great idea as you’d get two or maybe four nights from it.
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow and a fabulous time on the cruise x

  130. These are difficult choices, they are all good. But I like the first dress a lot – maybe you can rouche it a little more? Don’t know, but the color is outstanding. Then I liked the DVF Maxi Dress in the small chain pattern. I like the reversible dress too – it might be nice on a cruise. I like the LP Claudia twist front dress (even though you didn’t like it) but I think it looked nice. And finally I love the LP Maxi dress with the SPF. You have a lot of great choices. Good luck and enjoy!

  131. I like the bright berry and the asian influenced one. They are great for an Alaskan cruise and can be worn to future events at home.

  132. My top two choices are the first berry colored dress and the Lily Pulitzer Wexley. They look really lovely on you.

  133. Wow! You look great in all of them but the 1st one you look fabulous!!! Beautiful color and you could wear it for years and years! Can’t wait to see what one you pick. I know you have to be soooo excited for all your kids to come this week and that sweet granddaughter! 🥰 Happy Birthday too you! 🥳

  134. Hi Kay! So many lovely choices! My favs are the first pink/berry one, and the Lilly maxi (the blue), and the Lilly one with UPF, and the reversable dress! Don’t know if that helps very much!!! I love the pretty colors on you… I feel like I see your beautiful face first versus the black and white one I see the dress first. But you can’t go wrong, you look completely lovely in all of them!!!

  135. How exciting that you are preparing for your cruise. I’m so excited for you. My husband and I are going on our first Regent Seven Seas Mediterranean cruise on May 1. I’m starting to prepare myself. I’m excited as you are to celebrate on our beautiful cruise. Your dresses are all beautiful. I want to share another amazing brand to consider. My style is similar to yours….Classic, Timeless, Refined. The brand is J McLaughlin. Check them out on line. I’ve purchased dresses with the side wrap for my cruise. I’m so excited to learn what you are packing for your special cruise. 💖

  136. The Wesley maxi dress is stunning on you. Hands down my favorite!!! Second choice with be the reversible dress. The darker side is so nice on you.

  137. I like the berry ruched dress the best, by far. I don’t know about sizing, but it never hurts to order the other size for comparison and return one later. The printed links dress, in either length, buries you in too much pattern. Maybe the bigger links would be less busy? Not sure about that. Honestly, I’m not sure you’ll need a dress for this cruise. I went on an Alaskan cruise in July once and mostly wore anything that fit over my long underwear! 😂. It was cold and rainy, but a ton of fun. I hope you have a blast!

  138. I like the blue maxi Wexley. It looks great on you and long sleeved will be very welcome on your cruise. Don’t go for anything remotely traditional cruise wear. Asian look goes nicely with Alaska since there are so many Asians there as well as native Alaskans with Asian roots. I used to teach English to Asian students in Anchorage.
    Happy Birthday!!

  139. My vote goes to the midi chain link dress! You look beautiful in all but I think this was the most versatile and can be worn for many occasions!

  140. Happy Birthday Kay! Welcome to the 60’s Club!! You will make it shine bright. I just wanted to vote for the 2 berry dresses, the solid and the last dress which is a print That color on you is gorgeous and your beautiful face, eyes and hair shine when you wear it
    I have been on an Alaskan cruise and you will love it and marvel at God’s creation there Whatever you choose you will be spectacular so please enjoy every minute!

  141. DVF in berry, no contest!! For this special birthday the color makes you look radiant. It is elegant and appropriate. You could try the smaller size BUT consider if (1) you want to have to pack shapewear if it’s snug on the bottom and (2) as an investment, it is possible you may go up a quarter or half size in the next year, based on nothing more than a bit of lovely aging. And sometimes when sitting down for dinner the forgiveness in the waist makes for a better look.

  142. Kay, how fun! The Wexley by Lily Pulitzer is stunning and seems perfect for the occasion. I also love the berry Diane von Furstenberg dress-also perfect for the occasion!! You can’t go wrong!

  143. Hi, Kay! You have some lovely choices, and they all look pretty on you. My pick is that first Diane von Furstenburg with the center ruching! The color and the style are both so flattering on you! I’ll be interested to hear what you decide! 🙂

  144. I have 2 favorites! The chain length midi is so flattering on you, add some special jewelry and a warm black wrap, and maybe short black booties– think warm! Next favorite is the Wexley maxi! That color is stunning on you! This is your special time and I think you should go all out and dress up for it! Ultimately wear what you feel special in and you will be radiant with a glow from within! Can’t wait to see pictures!

  145. The berry Diane Von Furstenberg is my favorite on you. The color is beautiful and it is very slimming. I also like the Dorothea wrap dress. It’s a classic wrap modern wrap with interesting details. And I agree on the Lily maxi. The cooler temps seem to sway us to cooler colors sometimes and that blue is just perfect. The print is beautiful and another great color for you.

  146. Try the effortless Bella dress at Talbots and look at their “how to wear it” suggestions. It’s very chic. And packable! I think it would be very versatile and it a style that makes a woman look so polished. I like your blue dress choices too, such as the Lilli Pulitzer Maxi. And the silk wrap midi dress …. You definitely need to wear smaller sized dresses too, you are really lovely. Happy Birthday 60 ….🎉
    Sandra Winfield

  147. Hi Kay, I love the Diane von Furstenburg chain dress in the midi length—it’s perfect for you. Not just for the cruise, but it’s elegant, classic and you will be able to wear it so many places! I also like the poinsettia red Lilly Pulitzer Tinsley long sleeve midi dress. It looks fantastic on you and is a gorgeous dress. Some of the other large patterns are a bit much for me and more restrictive to my mind. However, I do think the Wesley Maxi is very stylish and the best of the Maxi looks. Personally, I’m a fan of midi length dresses, rather than the longer maxi style. I think they’re more versatile, but that’s just my opinion. I honestly don’t care for the berry red Diane von Furstenburg dress. It looks too big on you and is rather boring to me; not as elegant a look compared to say, the Wexley maxi dress. You’ve got some great choices here so I’m sure whichever one you choose will look fantastic!

  148. Definitely the chain link in the midi length. Looks like it was made for you and I agree you could wear it for multiple occasions.

  149. I like the first one in the berry color best and the Lilly Pulitzer hot pink midi dress. The reversible dress is okay. I don’t like the chain print in the wraparound midi. If it was in a solid color I would like it. I used to like chain prints when they are trending. I don’t know why I don’t like it right now. The fitted arms would bother me too.

  150. I liked the Lilly Wexley blue maxi dress the best. The reversible one was nice too. The berry one didn’t fit exactly right. My husband and I went on an Alaskan cruise last fall and very few people dressed up that much, but some people did. Happy Birthday!!

  151. I love the ChillyLily tropical dress. The fit is great and shows off your figure. You go girl!! Also. that front Ruched dress in the bright Berry is so elegant. It would be a toss-up. I would have to have both. But I would size down one size. I know you’re excited about your trip. Happy Birthday!!🎂❤️

  152. I vote for the bright berry ruched dress in the smaller size. The color is stunning and I think you can wear it for many years. I also like the Lilly Pulitzer Wexley long dress. The color again is beautiful and it looks very nice on you. I’m not sure you would get as much wear out of it as you would the bright berry. But if you can go for two, I would get these two.

  153. The colours in the Wexley are lovely on you but it’s too
    long for ease of walking on the cruise. The Tinslee looks fabulous on you. The chilly Lilly ( the last dress ) is lovely too & although it’s a maxi, is not quite as long as the Wexley.
    Re the dresses with black – is there anything in your colouring that’s dark ? No, and although some of the dresses with black are lovely, they don’t do YOU any favours ( in my opinion ). Enjoy the choosing process.

  154. Of the three dresses you mentioned I loved everything except the chain link print on you.
    I also find the Tinslee long sleeve so very flattering on you as well. Hope this helps! Happy birthday and have a safe and lovely cruise!

  155. My vote is the Lilly Pulitzer Wexley dress. I can see this dress worn in many different social settings. It looks beautiful on you, and now I may have to splurge and check it out for myself.

  156. Hi Kay
    The DVF midi chain link is a classic and looks great on you.You will get a lot of wear out of it. It’s-cold in Alaska! When we cruised there in June, We didn’t see a lot of spring or summer type wear

  157. First of all, Happy 60th Birthday! I am also 60 and I’m also going on an Alaskan cruise in September with my adult daughter! My husband won’t do cruises : (
    I love your blog, your fashion tips, and your faith & positive attitude! I’m so glad I found you!
    My choice for your dress is the Abigail silk chain print dress! Either length is very pretty on you!

  158. Thank you for sharing this try-on session with us! You look fabulous in the Valerie Center Ruched Bodice Dress; it’s so “you” because it is a cheerful color. That one’s my favorite. I do like the Abigail Chain Print Silk Wrap Maxi Dress on you; this is good if you want to be more understated and blend into the background. As for the Wexlee Maxi Dress – it is really beautiful – but that pattern yells “watch me! I am entering the room”. I can see wearing it to an outside dinner party event, but in my opinion it is too loud for indoors (I’m 63 btw). My eyes are drawn to that loud center column instead of being drawn to YOU.

  159. Hi! I must say that you look most comfortable and relaxed in the Wexley dress, and it’s a lovely color. I don’t care for the ruched front berry. It does not look flattering on you, in my opinion. I also like the DVF chain link midi, but I would have it hemmed to just below the knee — more tea length than midi. It seems to hit at an awkward spot on your calves. The Tinslee dress at that length is more flattering with the fuller skirt. As someone else said, the black/white does not look quite as nice as the blue and red colors. The shorter dresses may be more useful down the line. I rarely find the right time to wear a maxi!
    Happy birthday!

  160. I like the reversible dress the best! You have so many options with that dress. You can dress it up or down with a shawl, poncho, kimono, cardigan, sweater or duster. It can be dressy or casual depending on the accessories you chose.

  161. I love the Abigail chain prints silk midi dress on you!! You are right it could be used for so many other occassions! I gravitate towards black and white, but it looks fab on you!

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your trip!!

  162. Dear Kay,
    Happy 60th Birthday to you! I will be celebrating 63 this weekend on 2/25. Happy Birthday to both of us!

    Like you and James, my husband and I are going on an Alaskan cruise this year too. For us, it is partly to celebrate my husband’s retirement. We are sailing on Holland America’s Koningsdam in July and very much looking forward to it. With that said, I absolutely love most of the dresses you selected to choose from. It’s too difficult to choose a favorite, so I’ll just comment on the one that stood out that was NOT a favorite….the black and white dress that came in two lengths — I did not care for it in the full length version; I think was best suited in the shorter length. But I did love them all and you’ve inspired me to choose a few to try on and consider bringing on our cruise. Good luck with your decision!

    1. Happy Birthday Kay! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family and your new grandbaby. I am expecting my first grandchild the end of March. I appreciate your advice on greeting your children first, then your grandchild. I will remember that. It sounds like your heart is set on a maxi dress for the cruise. If that is the case, I love the Blue LP dress. If you are able to swing 2 dresses, the shorter DVF chain
      is beautiful and looks gorgeous on you. How fun to ask for our opinion. Thank you.

  163. I love the medium chainlink midi dress the most! It is so flattering on you and would be the most versatile for any occasion afterwards. I also agree with the comment about cruise dining rooms being chilly! So true! Having been on an Alaskan cruise myself, you may also appreciate the longer sleeve length if you are out on the deck at all.
    Happy Birthday Kay! Keep up the great work you do and have fun planning for your Alaska trip!

  164. Happy birthday Kay!!!!! I hope you have. a wonderful and blessed celebration! As for the dress I would choose the Abigail midi wrap dress. Looking forward to seeing what you choose ❤️

  165. Happy Birthday! Re: your cruise dresses, my favorite is the bright berry — it is the most flattering and slimming. My second favorite is the chain link midi — I would probably choose that one as I think you would get tons more wear out of it. I attended a function/luncheon in honor of DVF several years ago. One of my companions to this meet and greet DVF function was wearing a DVF dress that had been her mother’s perhaps 30 or more years ago. It still looked lovely and perfectly appropriate for almost any function today — or probably anytime. That’s a classic!

  166. You look terrific in all of them, but the DV chain link midi #2 is my fave! The Berry #1 might be awesome in a smaller size! You have a great figure, they are all really nice!🤗

  167. I love the bright berry dress. It looks very festive. My second favorite is the chain dress. Both of these I can see you getting a lot of mileage out of both of them. Have a wonderful time on your trip.

  168. You have really been conducting extensive research! Thank you. You look great in all the styles. My number one vote goes to the DvF Abigail midi. It fits your style adjectives with an exclamation point: classic, effortless, and elevated. This seems to be such a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, that you would remember the momentous occasion with a smile each additional time you wear it, which I think would be often. Reminds me of your Veronica B. jackets in timelessness. (In fact, a camel VB might be a nice layer with this dress for other occasions.) You do wear blacks often (pants and stripes) and black works well for you. The Tinslee and Wexley are gorgeous if you decide to go with color – they add life and personality. The Valerie ranks down in the middle for me; despite the gorgeous color, the style does not draw attention to your face and the sleeves seem like a cover-up. Despite all our opinions, please choose the one that makes you feel a “sparkle” and wear it happily and confidently. Happy birthday, happy sailing, and happy year to you and your husband!

  169. Happy birthday Kay! The 60s are great – especially as a Grandma!
    You’re gorgeous in all your choices!
    My favorite on you is the blue maxi Lilly Pulitzer Wexley. I agree with you, somehow it does seem very suited for Alaska.
    It also strikes me as having a bit of a Coastal Grandma vibe, not in a frumpy way, but as a dress that will be timeless for you.
    Enjoy your special day! How wonderful to have your kids and grand daughter come to celebrate with you!!

  170. Happy Birthday Kay! You have helped me so much to sort out and elevate my wardrobe now that I have retired. Thank you!

    You always look so nice in your clothes and because you are a black and white fan I think you would really enjoy having the medium chain wrap dress. The berry dress was beautiful and flattering too.

    I am from Florida and love Lily dresses. The long blue print looked lovely on you as did the red, shorter dress.

  171. Kay,
    Most of your choices were very lovely and quite flattering on you my favorite was the chain print in the shorter length. We will be doing an Alaskan cruise in September so i am excited to follow your packing.
    I do greet my grand littles before my children. My kids know i love them and we are still tezching the littles about family and love, they zre 2 and 4.

  172. The bright pink solid color. I think it will be the most versatile for other occasions and looks the most elegant for your special day.

  173. The Diane Von Furstenburg bright berry dress looks amazing on you! It is so pretty! The reversible maxi dress also looks great!

  174. I like the blue Lilly something you said isn’t really you. I think it is very flattering on you, and blue is a great color for you. The berry color one is good on you too and I like the dress except for the sleeves. Maybe a smaller size would help, but the sleeves make the shoulders look like they are melting down the arms. The pink floral with full skirt is lovely. That one is fun and flattering. It’s my favorite of them all.

  175. Hi there. Comments from an almost 70 Oma of 11…
    Thinking jewel tones for your dress; also, a set sleeve as opposed to a drop sleeve.
    Happy Birthday, Kay, and may God shower you with blessings of many more!–P.

  176. Love the chain link midi on you and I think it’s the best dress for long term wear. My second favorite is the pink DF.

  177. In my opinion, a three-quarter or long sleeve is much more elegant than short. I like the DvF Valerie dress. I also like the DvF chain link midi and I think it would be great for all kinds of occasions. I also like the LP Wexley, Tinslee, and UPF Seralina. I like the neckline of the LP Claudia, but the hemline hits your calf at the wrong spot. I like your metallic shoes, but I think a nude shoe that matched your skin tone would be better. The ones you are wearing look too dark on my screen. Have fun!!

  178. Re: Alaska dresses: Unequivocally, the DVF medium chain wrap dress (midi not maxi) AND the LP Wesley maxi. You look stunning in both and they instantly popped as my favorits!

    Happy Birthday! 💐

  179. I love the chain print silk for its classic beauty. It’s very flattering to you. My second choice is the Lily Pulitzer Wexley for beautiful color and fun.It also looks good on you, especially with your coloring. So either works—classic and elegant or lush and fun? Up to you.
    And happy 60th! It’s the age where you don’t have to carry your own suitcases if you don’t want to.

  180. Hi Kay,

    Happy 60th Birthday! We are the same age, and we seem to have same love for classic elevated clothes. An Alaskan cruise sounds exciting. The Wexley dress was my favorite. It looked very elegant, and the color and pattern is gorgeous. Have fun on your cruise.


  181. My favourite for you is the midi chainlink dress. It looks beautiful on you, is classic which fits with your style and it’s timeless. I think you will get plenty of wear from it. Whichever dress you choose will be perfect for your cruise because it’s a special occasion for you both. Congratulations and enjoy your time away together.

  182. Hands down the DVF berry dress! The berry color is gorgeous on you, as is the style. I don’t think it looks too large on you, plus you can still wear it if you over-indulge on great cruise food. My 2nd choice is the DVF medium chain midi dress. I think all the other dresses’ prints overwhelm you. I see the print first and you second.

  183. Kay-You look lovely in all the dresses. I understand, when you are paying a lot of money, you might want to choose something practical, but since this dress is for a very special occasion, I think you should choose what you love the most. For myself, my favorites are the berry red Valerie dress and the Asian inspired Dorothea dress. They are each unique, and maybe a bit out of the norm for you-pushing those boundaries. But that’s just my opinion. I think you should choose the dress that is your favorite.

  184. Happy Birthday, Kay!

    My favorites are the Diane von Furstenberg bright berry. The color and style look great on you. You will also get a lot of wear from this style. Get one size down. Next is the Lily Pulitzer Tinslee Long Sleeve midi dress in poinsettia. Very elegant and hangs perfect. Will flow very nicely when dancing. My last choice is the Wexley Maxi Dress. Beautiful color and perfect length. Looks beautiful on you. Perfect to wear on the cruise or any occasion. Hard decision! I say get all three!!

  185. Love the wrap dresses but the bright fuschia pink is definitely the most elegant of all your choices.
    We just returned from a cruise last month and dressing up for dinner was really fun.

  186. Diane von Furstenberg Valerie center ruched dress in bright berry – you look loveliest in this one – gorgeous colour and I think perfect sizing, very flattering!

  187. My favorites on you were the DFV Dorothea Midi Wrap but I’d wear it with a strappy black sandal on that cruise. My next favorite was the LP Tinslee Long Sleeve Midi. I thought it looked very youthful and modern and timeless. Honestly, I thought some of those other selections were bordering on the frumpy side. I wouldn’t normally make a comment like that but you did ask for opinions. (Don’t hate me!) I thought you looked fantastic in the two I mentioned. Honarable mention would go to the Abigail maxi. I haven’t read the other comments because I wanted to remain unbiased so I’m curious to see what others thought.

    I also wanted to thank you for your posts about what you wore in London. We’re going for a month to England and Scotland in April and your blog on that is very helpful. Happy belated birthday!

  188. I love when we are asked to “vote” for fashion. Because even though most bloggers know what they like best and what they look best wearing, sometimes, something might surprise you that an “outsider” sees. So, with that: You like:
    #1 Diane Von Furstenberg in berry. YES, definite yes, as #1 dress that must travel with you. BUT in this size, don’t go down a size. The draping, even at the ruching that is concerning you, is lovely and elegant and the way it fits your hips and legs is perfection.
    #2 Abigail chain prints maxi/midi: The midi has re-wear potential, so if you’re thinking about something you can wear again, sure, this is nice (not the maxi, though). If you’re shooting for the stars, though, and not concerned with practicality of re-wearing any of these dresses, or how often you can use them again, I would say “No” to both of these because you look better in several others of your options. (see #1, #2, #3 “I like” below your #3 choice).
    #3 Lilly Pulitzer Wexley Maxi. It’s lovely but ditto what I said above. It’s lovely, but I think you actually look more lovely in some of the other options.
    I like:
    #1 Diane Von Furstenberg berry in Large!!! Yes, 1000x yes.
    #2 Diane Von Furstenberg Dorothea midi wrap. You look really great in this, really great. It’s a stunner of a dress and you look stunning in it.
    #3 Diane Von Furstenberg SPF 50 OR Lilly Pulitzer Tinslee Midi: Depends on whether you want another maxi or midi. The red pattern on you is beautiful. The form fitting SPF dress is elegant and comfy looking. Can’t go wrong with either of these depending upon your itinerary, where you will wear these. Can’t go wrong!

  189. It was a hard decision as you look amazing in all of them! But my favorite was theDvF berry in a smaller size! BTW Happy Birthday!

  190. The Lily Pulitzer Wexley maxi dress is stunning on you! However, for a dress you would wear post cruise, I vote for the Diane von Furstengerg midi wrap dress. So pretty!

  191. Happy happy birthday! How fun that you get to spend it with your family. My favorite hands down is the berry solid one. You look gorgeous and I hope have lots of fun. (And Regent is the best cruise line though I imagine you’ll be a bit surprised/disappointed at how casual they have become. I wonder how many people will recognize you. 🤔😄)

  192. I love the medium chain link midi length on you.
    Also the pink Lily Pulitzer is very pretty snd festive on you too!!!!
    You should buy 2 for your birthday and trip.

  193. #1 DVF medium chain mini – classic, practical, and versatile. You look fabulous in it! The maxi also looks good but not as useful. The berry one looks a bit baggy, otherwise pretty. The blue Wexley is nice for a second choice or another dress to own. The fit of the ChillyLilly is very flattering. Thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday!

  194. Happy Birthday Blessings, Kay! Hope your special day is wonderful! I absolutely love the Lily Wexley dress! It fits you perfectly and it looks like you’re enjoying wearing it!

  195. I like the blue Wexley dress for the Alaskan cruise and the black and white wrap dress for everyday practicality…I like the longer version for special occasions but the shorter for church and such.
    The one with the leaves reminds me more of Hawaii. I’ll be turning 63 soon.

  196. I really like the all pink one shown first and then the Diane Von Furstenberg reversible dress. Both of these look fabulous on you. Definitely not the Lily Pulitzer, any of them except maybe the maxi blue one. The others really don’t suit you in my opinion.

  197. How fun for you to include “all of us” vicariously in your planning. You mentioned dancing in connection with one of the dresses; my husband and I just love to dance and get up at every opportunity, around the world. That is no time for anything tight, particularly in the shoulders or arms. Just a thought. You will so enjoy your Alaskan cruise, and as you no doubt know, it will be low-key and quite casual; the entire West Coast is, and darker colors predominate. Happy birthday!

  198. Lilly – Wexley Maxi – Perfect color & silhouette for you.
    Lilly Chilly Lilly Maxi also great dress… beautifiul color and looks great on you,
    Also thought the DVF Abigail Silk Wrap Midi Classic in the Medium Chain Link you could wear again and again, with jacket, or a sweater or a wrap Very Versatile

  199. Long sleeve midi is very flattering and looks like fun at same time / swish that skirt around
    VF small chain midi (not maxi) looks terrific on you!! I can see many occasions for this dress in you
    reversible dress is 2 in 2 great looking and great value

  200. Wexley or Tinsley look the most elegant.. Love the colors. When I went on an Alaskan cruise, i was boring in black!

  201. Hi and happy birthday! Re: Alaska cruise dress — I vote for the first DVM dress in bright berry. Smashing! Exudes confidence and polish. After that I liked the DVM chain link dress in midi. The maxi seemed overwhelming with pattern, and perhaps too casual. Of the maxi options I vote the LP Wexley. Very fun. And I love the irony of wearing LP in Alaska. Haha!

  202. The deciding factor for me was the fabric! It has to be the DVF chain link midi which is made of beautiful silk. Not only do you look lovely in this wrap dress, but the silk fabric will be ideal for travelling. It is lightweight, will take up no space in your suitcase and will be less likely to wrinkle than other materials. You will find the dress breathable and comfortable to wear no matter what the temperature is, and the bottom line is – silk always looks classy and polished!

  203. The best dresses are the fuschia ruched dress and the DVF midi chain wrap dress. The chain wrap is truly a classic and you look gorgeous in it. The others are good, but don’t seem like “investment” dresses. Thanks for letting us help pick, that was fun!

  204. I would encourage you to try the ruched dress in a smaller size as it sounds like you love the dress but have second thoughts. The chain link dress is also a wonderful choice. You’ll know when you have picked the right dress! Thank you for sharing this experience with your readers. I’m excited for you as you prepare for your cruise.

  205. My favorite dresses for you are: tinslee long sleeve midi dress, love the dress and the poinsettia red! And Dorothea midi wrap dress, looks so classy and flattering on you!

  206. My favorite on you is the Abigail Silk Wrapped Maxi. Hands down.
    Next for fun with color I love the Tinsley Long Sleeve Midi. Great color.
    I love the Wexley Maxi dress on you as well!
    That was fun!

  207. I think the Chain prints dress is perfect, but I’d go with the midi if you want to get the most long-term mileage out of it. Maxi dresses come and go in and out of style; and how often do you reach for a maxi dress in your every-day life in Ohio? You look beautiful in the midi length, and I can see adding your black VB blazer over it for a funeral or another event that may involve being outdoors in chillier weather. I’ve also seen these style dresses changed up with belts. It’s just very flexible. I can’t afford a real DVF but I have a knock-off from Talbots several seasons ago, and it’s still one of my favorite dresses I’ve ever owned. It’s also very forgiving as my weight fluctuates.

    I know this post is about an Alaskan cruise, but if you did frequently do tropical vacations or cruises, that reversible dress is amazing! It looks great on you, tropical-festive, and who wouldn’t want to have one dress in the suitcase and two to wear?! Love it!

  208. dear Kay,
    A most happy birthday week to you! I discovered Dressed for my day about a year ago and I recommend it to my late Boomer friends. I appreciate your joy, attention to art principles and focus on God. May He bless you!
    Regarding the cruise dresses, if you haven’t decided yet- I concur on the berry colored DVF dress as first choice. You look smashing in it. My second choice is the darker version of the reversible maxi dress, because it seems to follow the lower contrast principle that you have taught! (It’s a principle that I hadn’t considered before and it is so useful.)
    Blessings, Cathy

  209. I just read the post about you picking a dress for your Alaskan cruise-because I was away for the weekend and just got home yesterday. I only liked one of the dresses. It was the Diane Von Furstenburg dress in bright berry.I thought it would look great on you because of the coloring of your hair, eyes, and the makeup shades in your foundation, blush, and lipstick. It also seemed to be a style that would be a good one for your body shape and height. The only thing I was a little bit hesitant on was is that I wasn’t sure how low cut it was in the front-if it was modest enough. Those are my thoughts. I understand you had a birthday. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! God bless you in your coming year and on your upcoming cruise. We went to Alaska several years ago on a cruise. I feel the biggest secret to packing is taking a lot of layers. Have a great cruise!

  210. Hi, I vote for the DVF reversible dress. We’re planning an AK cruise as well. Living in Seattle, it’s a bit easier to do. Which cruise line are you going on? Happy BD and happy cruising!

  211. #1 Lilly Wexley—it is very flattering on you!
    #2 Abigail Chain Maxi— it looks very flattering on you as well, but you really look radiant in the Lilly Wexley
    #3 Pink one just doesn’t do for you what the Lilly
    Wexley does or the Abigail Chain

  212. I’m not sure if my comments were forwarded from the other day or not-I was having problems with my computer. So I’ll send them again-just in case you didn’t receive them. First of all I wanted to wish you a very Happy belated 60th Birthday which I saw was on February 23, 2024. I just turned 70 last July so it was goodbye 60’s for me last July. What I say is this at the beginning of each new day-today-(and on our birthday) we’re only one day older. We were in the Pocono Mountains for a long weekend away celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary which is on the same day-February 23.. I didn’t have access to a computer at that time or this would have been sooner. My husband John and I went on an Alaskan cruise several years ago. I remember that they had cocoa on deck of the ship-so you could stand out and see the beautiful landscape and bears, etc. With this in mind it is a good idea to take lots of layers to bundle up in. As far as an elegant dress-elegant is defined as tastefully fine or luxurious in dress, style, and design ,etc. So with this definition in mind I would have to choose the Diane Von Furstenburg Valerie ruched dress in bright berry. With an all one colored dress you have a canvas that you can dress up with pearls or other beautiful jewelry. I believe this dress is the best looking on you because it brings out your beauty in your eyes, skintone, and hair. It also gives you that great look as it gently hugs your body. The only hesitation of mine would be-I’m not sure how modestly low the neckline is cut. I would use this on one night and take a little black dress for another night. I hope you and your husband have a great time on your cruise!

  213. I like the first two dresses of this post and all of the Lilly dresses except for the Claudia one. I’d pass on the reversible one and the other DVF dresses. You look sensational, Kay!