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Styling a White Linen Blazer with Indigo Blue

May 14, 2019

Hello, and welcome to Dressed for My Day. I’m so glad you dropped in for your fashion fix! Today I’m linking up with a new friend and fellow midlife style blogger, Lisa at Midlife in Bloom, to style white linen blazers for you. When I visited her in Scottsdale, Arizona, recently to attend the Saturday brunch she so graciously invited me to, we discovered we had both just bought a white linen blazer. So of course we had to team up to style them for our readers!

Lisa is a wife, mom of grown kids, grandmother of one with a second on the way and an avid traveler. She enjoyed raising her children and then, like many of my readers and myself, ventured into the career world. Now retired from that career, she has begun sharing style, travel and wellness tips with women like you and me through her blog and social media.

James and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Lisa and her husband a few weeks ago. They are both extremely gracious, easy to talk with and oh so generous. And before we left our visit with them, Lisa’s husband offered to pray for us. That’s the quick and meaningful bond of Christian fellowship at its finest!

I definitely want you to go visit Lisa at Midlife in Bloom, but first let me show you how I styled my white linen blazer for spring and summer. You are going to love this new spring and summer wardrobe essential!

Styling a White Linen Blazer with Indigo Blue

While this white linen blazer is extremely versatile and can definitely be dressed up, I decided to style it with indigo blue jeans and an indigo print cotton shirt for a casual but fresh summer look.

Styling a White Linen Blazer with Indigo Blue

This lined linen blazer is amazingly lightweight, but still has enough heft to make it feel rich and luxurious. And I love that it’s tailored and fitted. The jacket features one front closure button with several functional buttons on the cuffs, too. I’m wearing the 8 so it’s true to size.

Styling a White Linen Blazer with Indigo Blue

I’ve already worn this jacket so many ways. In fact, I wore it with this dress. But I think my favorite pairing so far is with jeans. Here I’ve styled it with my premium denim medium wash skinny jeans, but later you’ll see me wear it with distressed light rinse jeans. Like I said, so versatile.

Styling a White Linen Blazer with Indigo Blue

Because I was wearing the white blazer with indigo blue jeans, I wore a darker shirt, too. That way I create a unified column of color underneath the jacket for a slimming effect.

Styling a White Linen Blazer with Indigo Blue

This hip length 100% cotton shirt is also extremely lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about getting overheated in this outfit. I left the shirt untucked here for an extra casual vibe, but I’ve also worn it with the front shirt tail flaps tied just below the waist. Cute!!!

Styling a White Linen Blazer with Indigo Blue

I tried to keep my jewelry casual and fun. Don’t you love the way this palm leaf necklace ties into the paisley theme of the shirt? These fuchsia beaded sphere earrings sold out, but they’re still available in white (which I also own). And it looks like my gold bangle has also just sold out, but I recently ordered this gold bangle (also available in silver) and this pink enamel one (also available in 5 other colors) to wear with this shirt and other favorites.

Styling a White Linen Blazer with Indigo Blue

Continuing with the casual vibe, I wore my leather platform wedge sandals and carried my favorite leather tote. Comfort was the name of the game here! And these wedge heels surprisingly fit the bill. But if you need lower heeled sandals, you could certainly wear something like these.

Styling a White Linen Blazer with Indigo Blue

Even without the white blazer, these jeans and colorful shirt create a chic and casual summer look. You can bet this duo will run on repeat all summer long! Did I mention how lightweight and soft this sweet button up shirt is?

Styling a White Linen Blazer with Indigo Blue
jeans // blazer (TTS) // shirt (TTS) // necklace // earrings (only in white) // bangle (similar) // platform wedge sandals // leather tote

But….I’m going to be topping this duo and so many other things with this white blazer all spring and summer. In fact, my mom just ordered this blazer recently, too. And I know she’s going to love wearing it. Can you think of things in your closet you’d wear with this summer wardrobe essential?

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Now don’t forget to head over to Midlife in Bloom to meet Lisa and see how she’s styled her white linen blazer. I can’t wait to see how she’s styled hers myself! And I know you’re going to love this gal.

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Do you know a woman who has aged well? You know, a woman who may be advanced in years, but she still looks beautiful in your eyes? What is it that makes her so alluring, so lovely?

My bet is that it’s not her skin, eyes or hair, though she may still have vibrance and beauty in those areas. When a woman truly draws me in with her beauty it’s because she radiates with wisdom and grace that come only from knowing God. Today let’s make sure we spend more time in the presence of our Lord than we spend in the front of our mirrors. That’s where true beauty begins and grows.

Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. ~ Proverbs 31:30

I’ve linked today’s post to Jo-Lynne Shane’s Fashion Friday Link-Up, so be sure to check out some of the other great fashions there.

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31 thoughts on “Styling a White Linen Blazer with Indigo Blue

  1. Beautiful blouse and blazer. Like the jeans and earrings! Look forward to your posts and words of wisdom. THANK YOU, KAY.

  2. Love this classy style and you look beautiful, as always! You just ‘ooze’ graciousness, love and The Lord! Your beauty is enhanced through all of that! Love your blog and thank you for going to all of the trouble you do to bring us a fresh new look and blog everyday! I get SO many ideas and valuable tips from you….unlike any other bloggers. Have a blessed day, Kay!

    1. Thanks Alison. Yes, this is a great shirt. I was definitely first drawn to the colorful print, but now what I’m loving is the light weight of the shirt. I’ll be able to wear it all summer. ?

  3. This is a beautiful casual outfit Kay, that you look great in! I know that Arizona gets really hot, but it’s a dry heat. With you having longer hair, do you not get really hot on your neck when wearing long sleeves of any kind and your hair down? I steer clear of long sleeves during the warm months because I am so hot natured and the back of my neck sweats very easily. Today’s BFMD is spot on! My mom used to say, “beauty is skin deep” and “beauty is as beauty does.” Larry survived the very painful bone marrow biopsy last Friday and I survived the gel injection in my knee for osteoarthritis yesterday, so we plan on completing numerous different chores today. It was 49 when I got up, will go up in the 70’s, and we are being blessed with lower humidity today. Have a blessed day!

    1. Hahaha! Yes I can get hot. But honestly the dry heat does make a difference. Because this shirt is sooo lightweight and I can turn the sleeves up, I’ll definitely be able to wear it all summer. And we tend to get cool here most every evening so the blazer will work all summer too. Great accessory for indoor conferences, meetings or church too.

      I’m so glad you and your husband made it through your procedures. I know none of that was enjoyable. But I hope the results are good. Blessings to you!! ?

  4. I just love a white blazer. Funny you are talking about it because I’m wearing one in my blog post today and am showcasing white jackets next week!! They are so perfect!!

  5. Kay, thank you for the personal message on your blog. I enjoy your messages and style of clothing. Blessings

  6. I found your site this week and am so glad I did. Love your outfit today and words of encouragement.

  7. I love the outfit you are styling today, however, I think I need to get to my fighting weight before I’ll spend that much money on jeans. Please let us know when Talbots has a sale and I will pick up that shirt and Blazer I think it’s darling. Enjoy this beautiful day God bless you for all you do for us .

    1. Hahaha! I get it. These jeans were a bit of a splurge that I picked up when they were reduced and I had some Nordy notes. And I will definitely let you know when Talbots has another sale. In fact they were 40% yesterday. ?

  8. So timely! I just ordered a white blazer from a catalog and when it came and I saw All.That.White I worried I made a mistake buying it. But you’ve given me some good ideas here!

    1. Great!! I hope you checked out Lisa’s styled too. AND I’m showing several more posts with this jacket soon plus a recap post. ?

  9. I love this look but anything white that is dry clean only makes me NERVOUS!! Maybe it’s just because I’m a little messy and accident prone! LOL!

    1. Ahh, I hear ya! I took this jacket off the other night as I was eating at the Italian restaurant James and I went to…for that very reason!

  10. Great look and lovely BFMD, Kay. Thanks so much! And how did you manage to personalize your email message?!!! So sweet! (No, don’t explain it. It’s likely too complicated for me! ; )

    1. Hahaha! No, not difficult. Something I could have done before, but I’ve just been to lazy! Glad you enjoyed the post, Jena. 🙂