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What I Wore to Saturday Brunch

May 4, 2019

Ahh, sweet Saturday! I really have no big plans for today, but I tend to take it a little easier on Saturdays…once I’ve gotten my leg workout in! Do you usually get out and about on these days or stick close to home? I guess I like a mixture. But last Saturday I had the opportunity to dress up a little and join some other 50+ bloggers and Instagrammers for a delicious brunch hosted by and at the historic Hermosa Inn in Arizona’s Paradise Valley. And today I thought I’d share what I wore to Saturday brunch and a little more about this beautiful boutique inn.

What I Wore…

What I Wore to Saturday Brunch

I had picked this sweet floral wrap dress up at Loft when it was marked down 50%, and I knew it would be the perfect thing for an alfresco brunch. Good news! Now this flowy rayon dress is marked down $10 AND you get another 50% off. And it seems to be fully stocked. Cha-ching!

What I Wore to Saturday Brunch

This dress, which is perfect for so many occasions or just any given Sunday, is a true wrap dress, but it features a tiny privacy snap at the neck, too. The lining in the back of the skirt and the layering in the front of the wrap dress prevent the need for a slip unless you just want to wear one. I’m wearing an 8 and it fits TTS.

What I Wore to Saturday Brunch

One more thing about this comfy, pretty dress: the colors in these photos are very true to life. The colors on the website do not portray the dress correctly. It’s an orangish red and the colors are soft and muted, as in these photos. (Our photographer for the day, Taylor Jade Photography, did an excellent job!)

What I Wore to Saturday Brunch

Aren’t the flowers at the Hermosa beautiful? In the photo above they made the perfect backdrop for my neutral colored wedge sandals. And, by the way, I barely knew I had these high heels on. That’s how comfortable they truly are! I paired the shoes with my large leather tote for a casual vibe…and for all the stuff I tend to carry!

What I Wore to Saturday Brunch

My other accessories included this dainty palm necklace, my drop earrings (pretty option), my gold bangle and these pretty pink sunglasses (25% off with code MOM). I’m loving the way the thin chain on this necklace kind of disappears against my skin and and the palm branch appears just to be floating there. It’s #thelittlethings that make me happy.

Brunch at LON’s at the Hermosa Inn…

What I Wore to Saturday Brunch
Left to right: Lisa from @TheFulfilledPharmacist, Molly from @MormonWineSnobs, Gala from @Galas_Everything, Diana from @Diana.U.Style, Patricia from @PatrishPages, Lisa from @MidlifeinBloom, Mary from @ShiftwithMaryV and myself. Be sure to check out these ladies’ Instagram accounts. They’re just such lovely women!

I felt perfectly dressed and pretty that morning. Of course, all of these amazing, smart women were so kind and gracious. They make you feel beautiful just by being in their presence!

What I Wore to Saturday Brunch
LON’s outdoor seating at the Hermosa Inn in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Now for just a few pictures of the venue. My photographs don’t really do the luxury resort justice, but if you’re planning a trip to Arizona, you definitely need to check out the website.

What I Wore to Saturday Brunch
What I Wore to Saturday Brunch

The flowers throughout the grounds were spectacular. The service at brunch was stellar. And the food that morning was extremely flavorful and well prepared. A couple of the women in our group who had stayed at the Hermosa Inn before said their experience was exquisite.

What I Wore to Saturday Brunch

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Let’s bring it home!!

Do you like to go to brunch? I LOVE it. But, being such a church-going gal and living where I do, I rarely get to do so. So the Saturday brunch option at LON’s is a good thing in my book.

If you were to go to brunch today, what would you order??? Yeah, let’s play that game! I had the eggs Benedict last Saturday, and that or avocado toast are pretty much my go-tos. Tell me what you like to order at brunch. The sky’s the limit!

Blessed for My Day

Max Lucado, in his book You’ll Get Through This, calls “the land betwixt prayer offered and prayer answered…the land of waiting.” And he reminds us that while we wait, God works. “Just because you are idle,” writes Lucado, “don’t assume God is.”

Do you wait well? What do I mean by that? Well, while we wait we can resist fear, stand firm in what we know to be true and hold our tongues (Exodus 14:13-14). We can also keep our eyes on God instead of the situation (2 Chronicles 20:22). And we can choose not to fret at what appears to be happening (Psalm 37:7). Finally, we can actively calm our souls with reading the Bible or listening to praise music (Psalm 131:1-2).

Wait well, sister.

I will stand on my guard post and station myself on the rampart; and I will keep watch to see what He will speak to me, and how I may reply when I am reproved. ~ Habakkuk 2:1

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13 thoughts on “What I Wore to Saturday Brunch

  1. I love this dress! I tried it on in store and didn’t buy it. After I got home I regretted not getting it. When I went online to reserve it, it was sold out in my size! After a few days it was restocked and I was able to snatch it up. After seeing you style it, I am so glad I did!

  2. Love Eggs Benedict! Never make at home so my go to order out! Brunch is such a treat, glad you enjoyed!

  3. Well, that was impulsive … I liked the dress so much that I just went ahead and ordered it for myself! I know I need some pretty outfits for church and upcoming events, so I guess there’s no time like the present (although it’s not like me to order clothes online … but hey, first time for everything).

    Thanks for sharing, Kay … I love your sense of style!!


    1. Fun! I love shopping online. So much easier to make decisions in my home instead of in a busy store with all the stimuli begging me to buy! I bet this dress will look just LOVELY on you! ?

  4. I am getting this out late and I apologize. But I have to tell you how much I “Adore” your dress and the Sannibel Wedges.You are turning out to be my true stylist. I have similar dress, same color with floral pattern from The Loft and the same Sannibel sandals! I have had my dress and sandals for 1 year. I wasn’t sure if the sandals would go with my dress.
    I didn’t even ask God for guidance on this outfit, but I guess he knows what I need better than I know myself. It is truely a miracle! I love this verse:
    ” I will stand on my guard post and station myself on the rampart; and I will keep watch to see what He will speak to me, and how I may reply when I am reproved. ~ Habakkuk 2:1″ Thank you Kay!

    1. Score!! Yay! So glad to be of some help. I questioned the shoe choice myself but when I tried it I loved it. I think the key is to carry a casual leather or wicker bag if you have one, even if it is a different style. And yes, the scripture is one of my favorites. ?

  5. You should wear this dress every day, it just seems to be so “you” (although I obviously don’t know you personally, just from your blog). Absolutely lovely!