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Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials

Building a Wardrobe
February 28, 2019

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! I’m so excited for spring’s arrival, I can hardly stand it! What about you? Are  you ready for lighter layers, fresh colors and just a different vibe?

Today, while I’m providing you with a wardrobe essentials list for spring, I’m also continuing our new style series, Building a Wardrobe that Works for You. In the first post of that series (this is just the second post, by the way) I provided 9 keys for building a wardrobe that fits your personal lifestyle and preferences. One key is having the wardrobe essentials you’ll need for each season.

Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials

But, because one woman may prefer a very casual, relaxed style of dressing and another woman may dress more elegantly, we don’t all need the exact same essentials. A working woman, for instance, will require different wardrobe essentials than a woman who has retired or who is an at-home caregiver.

So you’ll have to determine which essentials are actually, well, essential to you! I’ve divided the spring essentials into 6 categories. And I do believe we all need clothing and accessories in these 6 categories in order to have the necessary building blocks for a functional wardrobe. But you get to decide which specific items in those categories best fit your lifestyle, body type, personality and season of life.

That’s the beauty of building a wardrobe that works for you!

(By the way, if you need a refresher on dressing for you personal lifestyle or your personality, you might want to check out those posts from last year’s style series.)

Basic but “Lighter” Pants

Spring calls for us to lighten up. It’s a great time to try jeans and pants in trending colors, lighter denims, white and fresh prints. Depending on your style preference you might need to refresh your wardrobe with one of the following.

White Jeans

Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials White Jeans

I love wearing white jeans all year, but I especially enjoy pairing them with lighter weight fabrics and more cheerful colors during the spring. And white jeans look lovely worn with a denim jacket, blazer, utility jacket, trench coat or lightweight cardigan. They’re so versatile.

This past spring I bought the Loft curvy fit skinny jeans in white, and I’ve enjoyed wearing them. I’ll wear them this season, too.

I’m supplying shopping widgets with affiliate links for each essential.

Also, I’m trying to provide options in different styles and price points. Because, remember, this is all about building a wardrobe that works for you.

Lightweight Cotton Pants

Depending on your lifestyle and fashion aesthetic, you may also want to have a pair or two of lightweight cotton pants in your closet. These could be one of the traditional khaki shades, white or one of the trending colors for the spring. Think coral or mint green. Choose a color that will be versatile for you as you pair them with a jacket and several tops.

I own and love the rose quartz girlfriend chinos above (available in other shades, too).

Jackets for Spring

You’re bound to need a jacket now and again in the spring. But it’s time to put away the winter coats and cardigans and grab a jacket or cardi of a lighter weight fabric. Depending on your personal style you may choose one or more of the following to keep in your closet, ready to pair with so many things

Denim Jacket

Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials Denim Jacket

I love my Levi’s trucker jacket, but I’ve also recently purchased a pink denim jacket. So while I think blue denim is always a good choice, you can certainly think outside the box. If you don’t go with one of your chosen neutrals, then go with one of your signature colors.


Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials Blazer

A tailored blazer is a good idea anytime, especially if you prefer a classic or elegant style aesthetic. But spring is a good time to shift to either a pretty navy blazer or one in a new, springy shade.

Trench Coat

Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials Trench Coat

I admit, a trench coat is a new thing for me. But I’m loving mine (seen in this post). And you don’t have to be wearing dressy clothes to wear a trench coat. It looks darling with jeans, white jeans, a dress or slacks.

By the way, not all trench coats are rain coats. So be sure to read the product description carefully.

Lightweight Tops & Blouses

Yay! It’s finally time to lighten up. Even if you layer up, you can lighten up the fabric, the prints and the colors of your tops. Depending on your style aesthetic you may need one or more of the following to round out the essentials in your wardrobe.

Basic Short Sleeve Tees

Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials short sleeve tees

I would say you have to have white tees, but I’m not sure about that anymore. But I do think you’ll have a more versatile wardrobe if you do at least own several solid colored short sleeve tees – to wear under jackets and cardigans with both pants and skirts.

They won’t show up in the shopping widget, but I actually like Target’s Universal Threads tees. I also like Loft’s v-neck tee and Madewell’s v-neck t-shirt.

3/4 Sleeve Tees

Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials three-quarter sleeve tees

Because 3/4 sleeve tees are generally universally more flattering on women, I thought I’d include them in the essentials list, too. Depending on your body, you may prefer these. And they do add a bit of sophistication to a look as well.

Spring is a great time to invest in solid and print 3/4 sleeve tees. I love navy stripes or really any color of stripes during the spring.


While you can certainly add other lightweight blouses to your wardrobe during the spring, I think a chambray shirt is an essential. It pairs so nicely with dark jeans, white jeans or pants, chinos and even dressier slacks. A basic chambray also works well with a white skirt or later white shorts.

Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials chambray shirt

I’ve enjoyed this classic chambray shirt and you can see how I styled it for spring recently here.

Another great button up shirt for spring is a classic white no-iron shirt, like this one. Or if you prefer, this shirt also comes in a couple of colors.

Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials classic white shirt

Finally, in the shirt category, you might prefer to include a silky blouse or two among your staples. You could choose a pretty spring solid and a fresh print as well.

Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials silky blouse

This shopping widget includes all three types of blouses. The idea is simply to have a blouse or two that’s versatile enough to pair with jeans, casual pants and dressy slacks, depending on the occasion.


You’ll want to have a few bags…in the bag!

Neutral Handbag

Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials neutral handbag

I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed my Michael Kors truffle colored handbag. It just goes with everything! Spring especially calls for a handbag in a lighter neutral shade. Think blush, beige, off white, taupe or soft grey. But this spring navy is having a moment, so if navy is one of your chosen neutrals you might want to go that direction.

Keep in mind that the color of the bag in the shopping widget is not necessarily the one I’d recommend. You’ll need to click through to see additional spring-like colors.

Classic Tote

I love a classic tote any time of year. In fact, I’m working on a future post featuring a round-up of great totes. But spring is definitely a time to carry a tote in either a softer shade or a cheerier one. Then again, classic leather shades are trending right now. I love this one by Madewell.

Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials tote


Depending on your style, you may want to add one or more of the following types of shoes to your spring wardrobe.

Transition Sandals

It’s not quite time for full-on sandals in most places, but soon you’ll be able to let your toes peep out at least. (Note to self: Schedule that pedicure.) I bought these cutout slingback pumps at Target last spring, and I’ve really enjoyed them.  I’ve included several types of sandals in the widget below.


Honestly, regardless of what your style aesthetic is, you probably need a pair of sneakers. And the variety is endless these days. The price points are, too. I’ve really enjoyed my white canvas Supergas.

Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials sneaker


Most of us will want some kind of “cute” flat to wear with jeans, chinos and even dressier pants. You can certainly still wear your animal print flats, but you may want to get some loafer, ballet flats or pointy toe flats in a pretty spring shade or new neutral, too.

Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials flats

I’m loving my navy penny keeper loafers from Talbots. They’re comfortable and run true to size. They come in several pretty shades and feature an ultra soft Vachetta leather.

Nude Pumps

Well I need my nude pumps year round. But during the spring I especially enjoy wearing these versatile heels. Remember, nothing elongates the leg like a nude pump.

Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials Nude Pumps



Depending on your personal style, one or both of the following may be areas you need to update.


This spring I’m looking for some pretty layering necklaces. These dainty necklaces of varying lengths are really having a moment, and they work well with most every neckline. Plus, the light and dainty facet works well with spring clothing.

Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials layering necklaces

I recently ordered the set shown above plus another one. I can’t wait to try them. Gorjana has many other beautiful pieces you might be interested in.

Silk Scarves

Silk neck scarves promise to be in vogue again this spring and summer. And a scarf is such a smart way to add a little color around the face. Select a scarf that makes you happy and one that features colors that are prevalent in your wardrobe.

I recently added this one to my wardrobe because navy is one of my wardrobe neutrals and green is one of my signature colors.

Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials silk neck scarves

Here are some more to choose from.

Simple Dress

Finally, most all of us need a pretty dress in our wardrobe for spring. What will make it a wardrobe essential? We need a dress that is functional, versatile and easy to wear. One that looks good with a jacket or trench coat over it, too, since the weather fluctuates. That’s why I say this needs to be a simple dress, one that is not fussy or restricted to certain types of events.

Recently I purchased this one and I’ll style it for a future post.

Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials simple dress

Here are some other dresses to consider.

Wow! That list was longer than I had anticipated. Keep in mind, I’m not saying you need all of these things. But this list of essentials was simply meant to help you decide what might be essential for your personal spring wardrobe.

Which of these pieces do you already own? Which will you need to refresh (maybe your white t-shirt)? And which can you pass on because it just doesn’t really fit into your personal wardrobe? I’d love to hear from you today.

Blessed for My Day

Today may your eyes be open to creative ways in which you could express love to those around you. May you notice the one standing on the fringes who needs to be included. May you raise your eyes to the one who feels unseen, unworthy even. May you compassionately touch the one who hasn’t been held for too long now. May you listen patiently to the one who simply needs a sounding board. And may you give grace and forgiveness to the one who slights you, leaves you out or speaks over you. Today, let’s love big, in deed and in truth.

Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth. ~ 1 John 3:18

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xoxo, Kay
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14 thoughts on “Spring 2019 Wardrobe Essentials

  1. I got my spring pedicure this week, but it looks like our Austrian weather is not going to cooperate for very long in allowing me to wear anything peep-toe, sadly. And today I felt inspired to order a silk scarf in beautiful navy and pink tones, so at least I’m making small steps in the direction of spring! Loved your post today and also your beautifully classy outfit from yesterday.

    1. Ha ha! Yes, I know. As I was typing this post I was cuddled up in a sweater…here in Arizona! It’s been a cold winter! But spring is on the way. I bet that scarf is lovely ?

  2. Awesome list Kay, thanks. I agree we probably need something in each category and not everything! Looking at my closet I probably have almost everything!

  3. Great list for spring! I am currently going through my spring wardrobe and am looking to update it. This list is so helpful.

  4. Hard to think about spring when we had snow last night! Come on Spring!
    Great list, thanks for putting it together, very thorough!
    BFMD blessed me, thanks for the reminder ?

    1. Hi Ashleigh. Great question. Actually you can wear nude pumps with any color of pant. The create a long leg when worn with a dress or skirt of course, but you can also wear them with any pants or even jeans and look beautiful and classy.

  5. Love all the things you shared, I got some light khakis in light gray last summer that I loved wearing last summer in a tapered style. That color seemed to go with blush, white, just about any color since so neutral. I still have white jeans and wondered if frayed hems will be in still this year. I love striped 3/4 tees in the Spring……younger vibe to them I think. My daughter got me stuck on them. I love those layered necklaces & am terrible at trying to layer them myself. Better to buy them layered, ha! My nude pumps are my go to lifesaving pump in the summer for church .That dress is so cute and will look great on you! Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Hi Bonnie. Thanks for sharing! I love it. It makes me feel like we’re sitting down to coffee together after shopping ?. Yes, I’ve noticed a lot of frayed hens are still in the offerings so far, so it looks like they’re still in. ?

  6. Hi Kay,
    Love your list and especially your beautiful outfit yesterday on you. Have fun modeling. I just modeled for Talbots this Tuesday for their spring trunk show and it was so much fun! I bought the hot pink pants and the black and white gingham raincoat. Had to have it! They gave us a nice giftcard for modeling. ❤