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The Girlfriend {Jean} that Never Lets Me Down

September 24, 2020

Hello, and welcome to Dressed for My Day. I’m so glad you’ve stopped in for a little style inspiration. Today I’m gushing over one of my favorite girlfriends. My girlfriend jeans, that is! Whether I’m having a fat day, feeling a little frumpy, staring at my closet and seeing nothing to wear or feeling my absolute best, my girlfriend jean never lets me down!

Girlfriend Jeans
sweater (available in other colors, wearing a small) // similar jeans here and here and here // shoes and similar shoes // earrings // bracelets and similar bracelets // similar shoulder bag (price matched) and more economical option // similar necklace and economical option

The best girlfriends are those with whom you can be yourself. They laugh when you’re witty, celebrate your wins and enjoy your good company. But they also giggle when you’re goofy, lift you up when you lose and stick with you when you’re at your worst.

Girlfriend Jeans

I have girlfriends that fit that description who I’ve counted as sweet friends for over 40 years. I spent time with two of the best in just the past couple of weeks in Georgia. But I also have girlfriends like that scattered across the country, and recently I’ve been building new friendships with women that I hope will be as enduring and enriching. Girlfriends are such a blessing. Wouldn’t you agree?

Girlfriend Jeans

Not to diminish the women in my life to the value of a pair of jeans, but I have to say, my girlfriend jeans do play a similar role. These are the jeans I gravitate to when I need the day to feel easy, less complicated, effortless. When I slip into my girlfriend jeans I feel both comfortable and cute. Now that’s a winning combination!

Girlfriend Jeans

Girlfriend jeans are traditionally loose-fitting, body-skimming (rather than body-hugging) and often ankle length. But they’re usually worn loosely cuffed at the hem for a cropped length. What’s the difference between boyfriend jeans and girlfriend jeans? Girlfriend jeans are simply less baggy, a better fit. Your boyfriend jeans should look like you borrowed them from the man in your life (theoretically), while your girlfriend jeans are meant to look like you pulled them from your gal pal’s closet.

Pretty Sweater

I love pairing my girlfriend jeans with a favorite, relaxed fit sweater like the one I’m sharing here. While my particular jeans are no longer available (They’re several years old from Talbots. You don’t let go of good girlfriends, y’all.) my cotton blend sweater is. Because it’s really a summer sweater, it’s marked down and on final sale. But it’s available in most sizes and several pretty colors. I wore the same sweater in natural/navy in this video. I have on a small here, a medium in that video.


Often I wear sneakers with my girlfriend jeans, but you can actually pair most any shoe with this go-to denim. For this “lunch with girlfriends” look I chose to wear my suede mules. This sandy suede is no longer available at Nordstrom, but you’ll find a similar shoe by the same brand at a fraction of the price here. Or check out these ultra-similar shoes here! I sized up 1/2 size in mine, and they stay on my feet beautifully.

Girlfriend Jeans

I wore a necklace that belongs to my mom. She’s had it for years, but I’ve linked to a similar one here. And if I’d had it with me, I’d probably have worn this pretty but more economical necklace that I own. I wore my gold brushed teardrop earrings and a collection of bracelets, two of which are here (at a good price). I love this similar trio of beaded bracelets.

Girlfriend Jeans
sweater (available in other colors, wearing a small) // similar jeans here and here and here // shoes and similar shoes // earrings // bracelets and similar bracelets // similar shoulder bag (price matched) and more economical option // similar necklace and economical option

What about you? What are your favorite go-to jeans? The ones you’re always comfortable in and that make you feel like yourself? Do you love a good pair of girlfriend jeans, too? I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you have questions about anything I’ve shown, be sure to ask in the comments below. Have a lovely day, sweet girlfriend!

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Blessed for My Day

Sometimes we try to fill the voids in our lives with things that ultimately do not satisfy. But, while we will continue to have some unmet longings until we are in God’s presence in heaven, He has actually provided everything we need for a rich and meaningful life. One of the most satisfying things we can enjoy this side of heaven is simply doing His will.

What does “doing God’s will” look like? Well, it could be simple (but not so easy sometimes) obedience to His Word. But doing God’s will is also prioritizing the same things He values, specifically, sharing the gospel with those who do not know Him. When we share with others about the God we know and love, we will experience unspeakable joy and fullness of heart.

Meanwhile the disciples were urging him, saying, “Rabbi, eat.” But he said to them, “I have food to eat that you do not know about.” So the disciples said to one another, “Has anyone brought him something to eat?” Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to accomplish his work.  ~ John 4:31-34

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13 thoughts on “The Girlfriend {Jean} that Never Lets Me Down

  1. Beautiful sweater – I love the color! I like the simplicity of this look; to me it says effortless, and that’s something I am usually trying to go for. Effortless in a good way I mean, like you just know how to put things together and not look like you spent hours trying to hard. You know! These are great jeans, and I can relate to those days when you just need a look you trust to get you through the times you just aren’t all that inspired! I have some Lucky Brand jeans with frayed hems and straight legs that do that for me. They can be dressed up, like you’ve done here, or down, depending on the day. I always get so much inspiration from your day-to-day looks that you feature! And yes, girlfriends like you describe are true blessings in life. I’m currently praying for a couple more….other than my sister, who I’m beyond grateful for, my closest girlfriends live states away from me, but they are still always there!

  2. Dear Kay….,I never say “hate” but I hate going to the dentist (a cleaning is ok but any work that has to be done, another story)!

    And if I can tell you…..I think your photos are so original in this posts….it’s who you are, genuine❤️. And I was one that way wanted you to keep your hair curly, Which looks so pretty in these photos but a woman has to do, what a woman has to do, Lol. I actually want my hair a little longer (I’m sorry I just got it all cut off) but my girls, 39 & 37 like it short. So there ya have it. ?


  3. What a beautiful color sweater on you! I do not own a pair of girlfriend jeans, but I want to give them a try. I have a full bum, so when pants/jeans are baggy in the legs, I have a hard time liking the look. But, just maybe, I will like the overall look of the girlfriend jeans. I’m sorry that you don’t feel well after dental appointments. I’m like that after an eye exam, and it can last well into the next day. Take care of yourself!

  4. These pictures are so gorgeous. I love this look and you must too because you look so happy and vibrant. The color of this sweater is just amazing on you and looks soooo pretty with your natural curls. I have naturally curly hair as well much curlier than yours and the nice thing about we lucky girls with a curly advantage is that one day we can have straight hair the next day curly hair. Whatever mood I am in that day is how my hair will be ?

  5. Hi Kay! You answered a burning question for me here by spelling out the difference between girlfriend jeans and boyfriend jeans. I have a pair of boyfriend jeans, but I like the look and the concept behind the girlfriend ones better, so I think that’s going to be my next pair of jeans to invest in. As one of the other commenters noted, you always manage to make your looks appear so effortless and natural in a really good way … I’m taking notes!

  6. You look wonderful, Kay! The girlfriend jeans look comfy but not sloppy and that sweater is stunning. The color just brightens you up.(Not that you weren’t radiant before, but the bright shades of pink look beautiful on you.) Girlfriends are essential for sure. I have the privilege of having several. My two best friends and I share a long history of over 40 years. Friends are a gift from God.
    Thanks for the great post.
    God bless you always,

  7. Dear Kay. I love your outfit and the color of that sweater is so pretty. I had a question about your shoes. Do you have trouble with them slipping when you walk I have a stress fracture on my metatarsal bottom foot so I m limited to my shoes right now. But they are so cute. I enjoy your posts You keep it so real for me. Have a blessed day. Bev Brown

  8. Beautiful look on you and just might be the best lesson I learned today. Keep it simple. Fussing too much always shows on me.
    I try to keep a pair of quality, black, straight leg knit pants and a pair of black loafers. That is what I put on when I need a tried and true, quick and easy outfit.
    My Best friends are my sister in laws. I’m blessed.

  9. Love the outfit! Love your hair! Have you ever done a tutorial on wearing your hair curly and what products you use? I would love to see that.

  10. I just tried girlfriend jeans this year and I do love them. They quickly became favorites! Your pictures look especially beautiful today. That shade of pink looks great on you and the setting of the pictures is just gorgeous. Kudos to “your photographer “.

  11. Kay, you look gorgeous in that color and those very cute jeans! And the shoes make it so dressy! Those kind of girlfriends are rare and precious!