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Style Formula: Bottoms Up!

September 15, 2020

The temperatures are set to cool a little today here in Georgia, where I’m visiting friends and family. And I’m ready! Are you? In the spirit of all things fall, I’m sharing a simple one, two punch sort of early fall outfit today. And I’ve followed our next style formula to create this simple look. Bottoms up!

Style Formula 5 Bottoms Up

Seven Simple Style Formulas

We’re in the middle of a style series I’ve titled Oh So Pulled Together. More than any other question, I’m frequently asked to share tips for creating stylish outfits. So I created this little style series to really hone in on how to put together outfits that make you feel and look Oh So Pulled Together. You can check out all the post in this series here.

Within the series I’m sharing 7 simple style formulas. So far we’ve looked at:

Style Formula #5: Bottoms Up!

This fifth style formula is simply the opposite of the first, Top This! That style formula features a stellar top that is worthy of the spotlight. But in Bottoms Up! we switch in either pants, shorts or a skirt that takes the show.

Bottoms Up!
kick flare ponte knit crop pants (TTS) // cotton bateau neck tee (TTS) // Stella suede buckle mules (TTS) // Taupe leather tote // similar bangle // classic hoop earrings (also in silver) // similar necklace

Once again, in order to demonstrate our style formula in the simplest equation possible, I chose very basic pieces to demonstrate the results. While your bottoms need to be attention grabbers, they don’t necessarily need to be a print. These red pomegranate kick flare ponte knit crop pants are definitely worthy of taking the leading role in this pared down cast of players.

red pomegranate kick flare ponte knit crop pants

My red pomegranate kick flare ponte knit crop pants are the perfect length for early fall especially. They fit true to size and come in four other shades, including black and a pretty blue sailor. The crop pants feature a side zip and hook closure for a flattering flat front panel. They have a nice amount of stretch for comfortable wear.

Bottoms Up

Because these are crop pants, you’ll keep your proportions more pleasing if you’ll gently tuck your top in, even if just with a front tuck. Or you can wear them like I did in my recent video with a more cropped top (shown below).

Capsule Outfit 3
Here I wore the crop pants with a more cropped top, so I didn’t have to tuck it in. It’s important to accentuate your waistline when wearing cropped pants to keep the proportions balanced. Shop this look here.

In today’s look, I simply topped my Bottoms Up! pants with a basic navy bateau neck tee. This 3/4 length sleeve 100% Pima cotton tee is available in seven other colors. It fits true to size.

suede mules

I chose to tie this look together with suede buckle mules that coordinate with my t-shirt. That’s a great little style trick to tuck in your hat, by the way. Wearing the same color at the top and bottom of your outfit really ties it up in a neat package.

My suede buckle mules are also available in Parisian Clay, which appears to be a pale pinkish flesh color (for a white gal like me, anyhow). I think those would work beautifully with this pairing as well. The mules fit true to size and stay on my feet nicely when walking.

bottoms up!

I didn’t add a third piece to this outfit because, well, that’s not the formula I was following here. I wanted you to see how the pretty color of these pants coordinated with a basic navy top creates a total look in and of itself. But if I were to need a jacket I’d probably wear my khaki trench. My trench jacket is sold out, but this one is very similar.

Keys to the Bottoms Up! Style Formula

Key #1 – Your pants simply need to be noteworthy. They can be a pretty color or a print or plaid. Or they could even just be standouts because of their detailing or silhouette.

Pomegranate Red Pants

Key #2 – Because you’re wearing such attention grabbing pants, keep your top, shoes and accessories a little more toned down. They don’t need to be boring, mind you. But simply choose “supporting actors” rather than competing leads.

Relaxed Linen Outfit
See this previous post for details.
floral blouse
In this previous post I shared How to Style Floral Pants so you look chic, not childish. All of those principles apply to today’s style formula.

Key #3 – Keep in mind that these pants will be more memorable than your blue jeans or khakis. So you’ll want to have a variety of ways to style them and you may be limited in how often you’ll want to wear them to the same place or around the same people. Make sense? Bottom line, just be aware that they are memorable.

In the look below, the Bottoms Up pants are noteworthy not because of their color or print, but because of their more unique silhouette. So for this outfit I again kept everything else pretty toned down. You don’t have to wear these paper bag waist jeans using this style formula, by the way. But using the Bottoms Up formula is a no-fail, easy way to style these unique jeans.

These Heels
See this post for details.

Key #4 – You can also use the Bottoms Up formula with pants that have a unique silhouette. Just keep everything else pared down and let them shine. (I know the jeans above are not everyone’s cup of tea. We already discussed that in the post. No need to go into that here. I simply included them because I wanted you to see that the Bottoms Up formula can apply to more than bright colored or patterned pants.)

I don’t feel like I’ve successfully worked this style formula too frequently with skirts. But I searched through the archives to find at least one example of the Bottoms Up formula with a skirt. I think the cheetah print skirt outfit below is a good example.

Cheetah Print Skirt and Cardigan

Key #5 – Let your beautiful pants or skirt steal the show by keeping everything else in pretty neutrals. Consider pairing your notable bottoms with camel, black, white, grey or navy.

Remember, as with all the formulas I’ve shown you, these are not rules for how you have to wear your colored or patterned pants or skirts. This is just one fairly fail-proof formula that consistently works. So if you’re trying to throw a pretty outfit together quickly without having to put in too much thought, Bottoms Up! is a good formula to have in your arsenal.

Back to Today’s Outfit

What I love about today’s outfit is that it is classic and simple. It doesn’t look fussy or overdone. But at the same time the distinct color of the pants makes it memorable and noteworthy. It’s a great nod to the Bottoms Up! style formula.

kick flare ponte knit crop pants (TTS) // cotton bateau neck tee (TTS) // Stella suede buckle mules (TTS) // Taupe leather tote // similar bangle // classic hoop earrings (also in silver) // similar necklace

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7 thoughts on “Style Formula: Bottoms Up!

  1. More great tips, Kay! I am so glad that you are able to take time off to enjoy your family and some friends. Unfortunately, Sally is playing games with our weather here in GA, but you can still have fun!

  2. Enjoy your time away, if anyone ever deserved it, you do. You are the only blogger I know who replies to her posters all the time. We love the attention but don’t worry. We will hold down the fort while you get a break.

  3. Wishing you a great time with friends and family. I am in the area of Oregon that is having all the Smoke from fires( I am in a area that hasn’t been in fires just close to many, so no evacuation for me just smoke!). So I am not leaving my house much due to smoke all over, hazardous air quality. It seems like such a long time sense I have visited with friends in my own town! It is such a weird time right now.
    I love these pants on you! The color and fit is so pretty. I probably would have put a fancy top with it. This style tip is good for me to hear and see all your example pictures. It lets me see that it works with lots of outfits.

  4. Hello Kay. I have discovered your blog very recently and I am loving it! I noticed in the email that went with this post that you explained why you haven’t been responding to comments and that you are trying to prevent burnout. It is very important that you take as much time as you need to relax and spend time with your loved ones and not worry about responding to comments on your blog! I feel that there is far too much pressure on bloggers to be “available” 24/7 and some readers have ridiculous expectations and are way too demanding of the bloggers’ time. You are human after all and have lives of your own outside of the blogs. I understand that it is your job and that there are financial rewards but that doesn’t mean it must have an impact on your health and happiness. I will get off my soap box now and wish you all the best and hope that you will return from your trip feeling relaxed and well. I look forward to your future posts when you are ready and able to post them! Take care.