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September Trunk Club Try-On Session

September 9, 2019

Happy Monday, gals! I hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was too quick! We are still struggling to get all the boxes unpacked. I guess that’s because we keep doing things like going to the Cincinnati Reds’ game instead of staying home and working at it. Ha! And this weekend one more box showed up on my doorstep. My Trunk Club box!

So today I’m sharing the contents of that trunk with you. Shelly sent me lots of great fall pieces that I’m anxious to share with you. I won’t be keeping all of them, of course. But I really like almost everything in my trunk.

What is Trunk Club?

Because I put my trunks on hold while I was packing and moving, it’s been a while since I’ve shared a Trunk Club trunk. So let me share the basics with those of you who may be unfamiliar with the styling club.

Trunk Club is a personal styling service for both men and women. It is a subsidiary of Nordstrom, so the clothing all comes from there. In fact, if you have a Nordstrom credit card, the $25 styling fee is waived. However, if you do have to pay the styling fee, it is applied toward your purchases.

You simply fill out a profile, including size information, style preferences, budget and lifestyle. Then you select how often you would like to receive trunks filled with items for you to shop from.

You get to communicate with your personal stylist as much as you’d like, so I suggest you take advantage of that. In fact, create a Pinterest board with your fashion preferences and make that available to her. You can ask for particular types of items or themed trunks. For instance, I bought my dress for my son’s upcoming wedding through this Trunk Club trunk filled with evening gowns to my specifications.

I highly recommend shopping through Trunk Club because it’s a great way to try new styles that you might not would pick for yourself…in the privacy of your home. And you, like me, can refer friends to Trunk Club and receive a $50 credit when they purchase something through Trunk Club.

Let’s check out my most recent trunk!

Crewneck Sweater and Jeans
Crewneck Sweater // Rag & Bone high waist ankle skinny jeans // black skimmer flats // large brushed teardrop earrings // olive adjustable necklace

J.Crew Crewneck Sweater in Super Soft Yarn // I’m wearing a small in the heather vintage burgundy. This sweater truly is super soft and luxurious feeling. It fits true to size and has just a bit of puff in the sleeves.

Rag & Bone high waist ankle skinny jeans // These lux denim jeans are actually marked down (as of Sunday night), so this is a great time to buy them. They fit true to size; I’m wearing the 29 and they fit great. I just don’t need them. But if I did, I’d be snatching these high end denim jeans up!

Cole Haan Brie Skimmer Flat // These sleek black flats weren’t actually part of my Trunk Club trunk. I picked them up last week at Nordstrom because I really need some black shoes to wear with my wardrobe since black is one of my neutrals. They’re pricey, but they’re extremely comfortable and versatile. The website says they run small, but I completely disagree. I’m wearing my usually 9.5 and they’re even a tad roomy.

Crewneck Sweater and bandana
rewneck Sweater // Rag & Bone high waist ankle skinny jeans // black skimmer flats // large brushed teardrop earrings // olive adjustable necklace // floral cotton square scarf

My brushed gold teardrop earrings and adjustable olive necklace are actually from previous trunks, but I put them on to style the outfits. These are both such versatile pieces and go easily with so many things. I’m wearing both of them frequently.

BP. Floral Cotton Square Scarf // This simple cotton floral scarf would be a great way to participate in the dark floral trend that is so hot this fall and winter without going overboard. It’s a tad pricey for such a simple scarf, so I’m hesitant. But then again, it may be all I would need to add some beautiful dark florals to many of my solid sweaters.

Crepe V-Neck Top
J.Crew crepe v-neck top // Rag & Bone high waist ankle skinny jeans // black skimmer flats

J.Crew crepe v-neck top // I’m wearing a small in this bright rose crepe open v-neck top. But I’m just not loving this top. It feels stiff and not at all luxurious. It just doesn’t make me happy. Nope. Not one bit.

Oversized blazer
J.Crew crepe v-neck top // Rag & Bone high waist ankle skinny jeans // black skimmer flats // Nordstrom Lexa Pebbled Leather Tote // Madewell Caldwell Plaid Double Breasted Blazer

Madewell Caldwell Plaid Double Breasted Blazer // I like the idea of this oversized plaid double breasted blazer, but it just kinda overwhelms me. And I’m a medium build tall gal. Maybe if my style aesthetic lined up with it a little more… And it is a nice blazer. Feels like quality and fits true to size for the style. The plaid is made up of blacks and greys.

Leather Tote
J.Crew crepe v-neck top // Rag & Bone high waist ankle skinny jeans // black skimmer flats // Nordstrom Lexa Pebbled Leather Tote // Madewell Caldwell Plaid Double Breasted Blazer

Nordstrom Lexa Pebbled Leather Tote // This tote is luxurious and solid. If you need a black tote, this is a gorgeous choice. Especially if you really want real leather.

Pipa bl;ouse by Boden
Boden Pippa Ruffle v-neck blouse in navy polka dot // Paige high waist ultra skinny jeans // olive adjustable necklace // open toe bootie in saddle leather

Boden Pippa Ruffle v-neck blouse in navy polka dot // I’m wearing a small, and I usually wear a medium in blouses like this, so maybe it runs a bit large? I mean this fits me wonderfully, and I’m just surprised. I didn’t even want to try this cotton blouse on, to tell you the truth. But once I did, I fell in love. This simple blouse looks so feminine and fresh, especially tucked in and paired with a topper. It’s also available in ivory and red.

Paige high waist ultra skinny jeans // Well of course, I like these Paige jeans even more than the Rag & Bone…and they’re not marked down. But I may put them on my Nordstrom wish list and check in on them occasionally. These fit soooo well. They’re a true high waist jean with lots of stretch. And I love the dark wash for a dressier more sophisticated look.

Longline Cardigan
Boden Pippa Ruffle v-neck blouse in navy polka dot // Paige high waist ultra skinny jeans // olive adjustable necklace // open toe bootie in saddle leather // large brushed teardrop earrings // Longline cardigan in grey quiet heather // reversible faux leather tote & wristlet

Sarto by Franco Sarto Open toe bootie in saddle leather // These also were not part of my Trunk Club trunk, but I ordered them last week from Nordstrom. I won’t be able to keep them for the same reason most open toe booties don’t work for me. They just hit my toe at a weird place and don’t feel good when I walk in them. But they are beautiful shoes. I wish they did work. Otherwise, they fit true to size and I like that they feature velcro fasteners. They’re also available in black.

x Claudia Sulewski Longline Cardigan // I’m wearing a small in this grey quiet heather cardigan. I love it! It’s so amazingly soft, feels yummy on and looks like such a classic fall topper, perfect to complete so many pieces.

Reversible Faux Leather Tote
Boden Pippa Ruffle v-neck blouse in navy polka dot // Paige high waist ultra skinny jeans // olive adjustable necklace // open toe bootie in saddle leather // large brushed teardrop earrings // Longline cardigan in grey quiet heather // reversible faux leather tote & wristlet

Street Level Reversible faux leather tote & wristlet // If you’ve been looking for a large tote but holding out for a better price, this is your tote. I mean, I am excited about this, gals! This is a tote I can highly recommend. Soooo much cheaper than my Madewell tote, but even more lovely…and reversible. And yes, it’s truly reversible. The inside is black. And the bag includes a detachable wristlet, too. Win, win! This faux leather bag even comes with a dust cover. I’m just impressed.

Cashmere Crewneck Sweater
Paige high waist ultra skinny jeans // crewneck cashmere sweater in teal // olive adjustable necklace // open toe bootie in saddle leather // large brushed teardrop earrings // reversible faux leather tote & wristlet

Halogen crewneck cashmere sweater in teal // This soft, luxurious cashmere sweater runs true to size (I’m wearing a small) and comes in several beautiful shades. And, at less than $100, it’s not a bad price for cashmere. I’m thinking about this one.

Well, that’s it. Actually there were a few other pieces in my trunk, but they weren’t pieces I loved and could really get behind, so I didn’t even take photos of them. Oh, but Shelly did also send me this lovely little necklace that I’m considering keeping to wear to my son’s wedding. It’s the last piece I need for my wedding ensemble.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything in my trunk. And if you’ve never tried Trunk Club, why not give it a try? It’s really risk free. And they make it so easy. The shipping – both ways – is free and they pick up your return trunk at your house, if you wish. I love Trunk Club and highly recommend it.

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Blessed for My Day

I’d simply like to pray for you today, dear gal.

“Lord, you know the yearnings of this woman’s heart. You know her hopes and dreams, and you know where she has lost hope and stopped dreaming. You know the struggles she faces daily that sometimes make her feel defeated. And you know the areas of life where she has grown weary with waiting.

“Today I pray that You would grant her renewed hope. Not because ‘it’s all going to be okay,’ but because You, great and mighty God, are involved. Press in and reveal to her a glimpse of Your glory. Remind her of the truth and uproot any lies she has believed. Whisper to her heart assurances of Your love for her. And remind her that You’re not finished yet.

“In Jesus’ name and by His grace I pray these things for my sister. Amen.”

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26 thoughts on “September Trunk Club Try-On Session

  1. Great pieces! I think I have most in my closet already. I love the sweaters but I would rarely wear them here. I love how the pieces are styled. I love fall but I need to wait another 2 months before wearing anything long sleeved. I’ve been playing in my closet in the AC for weeks dreaming of cool weather. LOL

  2. I have been going back and forth about a tote and when I saw the reversible black and brown tote I knew that it would be perfect. Also, I appreciate the prayer you had at the end. Needed to read that today. Be blessed.

    1. Yay! Yes, this is a great tote. I really wish I had come across it before buying my Madewell tote. I do love mine, but this one is so much more reasonable and every bit as luxurious and pretty.

  3. Thank you for the prayer! The navy blouse and the teal sweater are very pretty on you. And that is a very nice cardigan! I hope you enjoy shopping with your girlfriend today. I know that you will be a great help to her in finding the right pieces of clothing that make her feel confident and beautiful. God bless!

    1. Hi Ginger. We actually had a great time. And so I’m writing tomorrow’s post about what we learned. I have some great style tips and suggestions for apples or 0 shapes tomorrow!

    1. You are so welcome. I just know that many of us struggle with perspective and losing hope when things seem to go on and on or we feel like our prayers are going no where. And sometimes we just need someone else to pray for us. Blessings!

  4. Hard to pick a favorite but I think the two sweaters look fantastic on you! Beautiful colors. Reading your posts is such a breath of fresh air to my work day. I love seeing how you style things. Have a great week! Rhonda

  5. Thank you for the beautiful prayer, Kay! I tried commenting earlier, but it didn’t seem to be working, so I’m trying again. Love the tote, teal sweater, and earrings especially. : )

    1. Ah, you’re so welcome. I just felt led to pray that for you gals today. I know that on any given day any of us can be struggling. And especially, it seems, on Mondays. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Kay
    Thank you for this prayer. I don’t need it so much today,
    I just need it for most of my life! I’ll write it in the
    Biblical meditation book , which I started when you
    wrote about it.
    I like your new selfie corner!

    1. Great, Elianne. I’m glad you liked it. And thanks for your comment on my selfie corner! Ha! Yes, I’ve intentionally kept that area of my office bare for selfies. Hopefully it works well. I am adding one picture on the wall soon, but I don’t think it will distract much.

  7. As a recent mother of the groom myself, I would love to know which dress from your Trunk Club (or maybe another dress??) you chose for your son’s wedding! The MOB delayed getting her dress until a couple of months before the wedding, and as a 6’ tall woman, I had to start shopping for mine before she did (because it’s very hard to find tall, floor length evening dresses long enough for me!). I found a gorgeous dress on Poshmark that another 6’ tall woman had custom-made as her MOG dress the year before. It was perfect for me! You spoke of comfortable heels and I couldn’t agree more! I wore metallic 2” block heels with my dress and my feet were still not tired at the end of a very long afternoon and evening all dressed up! Comfort is number one!!! I’m new to your blog and I am loving everything you style on it!

    1. Hi Shirley. I chose this one in hunter green:
      I’m getting so excited about the wedding. I just recently picked up my dress from Nordstrom after having it altered a little. Now to stay away from the Oreos so it still fits! Ha! Thanks so much for reading and sharing. I’m very pleased that you’re enjoying the blog! 🙂

  8. The prayer was just what I needed! I had a stroke last Wednesday and feel very defeated, but so thanksful it was light. God is so good to me and I want to be thankful for all the belssings he has given me. Hope you are liking the cooler air in Ohio. I am going with a friend tomorrow to Jefferfsonville Outlets, so bring on the fall clothes! Pretty clothes try=on. Do they dress differently in Phoenix? We plan to travel there the first of next month. I plan to take colored jeans , knit tops and blazers. Do you reccomend anything differently?

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your stroke and I’m glad you seem to be doing well. Praise the Lord! Yes, it will be hot in Phoenix. Very hot. But of course it will be cool indoors. People wear a lot of color and lightweight fabrics there. I hope you enjoy your time there. Take care!! ❤️