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Mother of the Bride/Groom from Trunk Club

June 17, 2019

Happy Monday, gals! I’m so very excited to share with you my most recent Trunk Club trunk. I asked my stylist Shelly to put together a trunk of full-length dresses for me to select from for my son Daniel’s upcoming fall wedding. And she delivered big time!

Trunk Club Mother of the Bride or Groom Dresses

What is Trunk Club?

Trunk Club is a personal styling service for men and women. It’s easy to use and accessible to anyone. Upon signing up you get paired with a stylist (if you sign up through my links, you’ll get Shelly!) who will learn about your clothing needs, preferences and price points. Then she’ll hand-select pieces from Nordstrom to send to you in a Trunk.

Or, as in this case, you can request a special themed trunk. I’ve had trunks of athletic wear, J.Crew clothing and spring dresses. You could also receive sleepwear, jeans and tops or shorts and tees. And I think Trunk Club is a great option for someone transitioning into a new career or job that they need to dress differently for.

Before your trunk is shipped to you, you’ll receive a preview email of your items to approve. Once you sign off on your stylist’s selections, your Trunk will be shipped to your door and you’ll have five days to try everything on.

A $25 styling fee (waived for Nordstrom card members) will be credited toward whatever you choose to keep, and you can return the rest with Trunk Club’s free shipping service. You’ll only be charged for the items you kept. You can message your stylist when you’re ready for another trunk, or you can schedule them monthly or bi-monthly.

My Size Information

When I show a try-on session I think it’s helpful to post my usual size information. I’m 55 years old, 5’8″ and 150 pounds. I have pretty normal proportions and am an X or hourglass shape. My shoulders are a little broad and my arms a little long.

I normally wear a size 8 in just about everything except jeans. Like most gals, I go down a size in jeans to a 6. I’m a small B cup, by the way. I think that little bit of information is especially significant to remember in today’s try-on session with these gowns.

Let’s Look at the MOB/MOG Dresses!

Shelly sent me 9 beautiful Mother of the Bride or Groom dresses to consider for my son’s October wedding. I had requested gowns in navy or deep blue and green – something especially appropriate for a fall wedding in Ohio. Let me show you what she sent. First you’ll see each dress on me. Then you’ll see it on…a goddess. Ha!

gold sandals (TTS) // v-neck stretch charmeuse dress in midnight (wearing a Small)

This v-neck stretch charmeuse dress has a retro 1920s vibe to it. It’s very soft and comfortable. Unfortunately, the one I was sent is missing its sash. So Shelly will send me another if I decide on this dress. Charmeuse is a soft fabric with a satin weave, by the way. I’m wearing a small.

v-neck stretch charmeuse dress in midnight (wearing a Small)
gold sandals (TTS) // Ruffle Sleeve Chiffon Wrap Dress (wearing a size 8)

I love the ruffle sleeves on this navy dress. The neckline is a front and back V, and it plunges pretty deep. With alterations at Nordstrom I could have a small snap inserted to the front closure for privacy, I’m sure. This is a very comfortable and feminine dress.

Ruffle Sleeve Chiffon Wrap Dress
gold sandals (TTS) // one-shoulder a-line gown in navy

This one-shoulder a-line gown also comes in black and blush, and petite sizes are available. It features a luxurious satin bow at the shoulder. Pretty! I don’t think I did the best job of getting this dress all “situated” on me. Ha! It’s lined, so some of the lining appears to be bunched up a little. The dress zips up the side.

I do like this dress, but I’m not sure about a one-shoulder gown for me. It’s just not something I’ve worn in a while. But it is extremely sophisticated looking. I’m wearing an 8.

one-shoulder a-line gown
luxe v-neck chiffon gown in hunter (wearing an 8) // crystal mesh bar clutch

I’ll go ahead and let you know that this luxe v-neck chiffon gown is one of my favorites. I just love wearing hunter green, and that’s the color I really prefer to wear to this wedding. I’m wearing an 8 and it definitely fits true to size, but there is no room for me to gain in my midsection. Not that I need to do that anyhow. I’m just letting you know that it’s really TTS.

As with most of the dresses in my trunk, I’d need a privacy snap at the base of the v-neck. And I’d probably have this one hemmed a little, too, because I don’t want to wear any higher shoes (more on those in a bit).

luxe v-neck chiffon gown in hunter

Even though the waistband is comfortably snug, this dress feels great on. And the chiffon truly is luxurious. It also comes in blush, black, cameo, midnight blue, mist blue, oyster and several prints. And here it’s available in burgundy in just a few sizes, and at a reduced price.

gold sandals (TTS) // embroidered lace a-line gown (wearing an 8)

This a-line embroidered lace gown is navy and features a nude underlay. The hem is higher in the front and longer in the back. To me it looks sort of Downton Abby-ish. And as far as I’m concerned that’s a good thing.

My only problem with the dress is that it feels and looks a little stiff in the skirt. But I’m assuming I could steam it a little and all would be well. Also, it’s not the most comfortable of the group. It’s not uncomfortable, mind you. It’s just not as easy to wear as some of the others.

Also, I do like the dress with the navy shoes shown below better than with the gold sandals that came in my trunk.

embroidered lace a-line gown
jersey tie waist gown in platinum (wearing a Medium)

The only problem with this jersey tie waist gown is that it’s too large. Way too large. It’s a medium, and I’m not sure why I got that size. The dress has a lot of stretch in it, so I’m pretty sure a small would fit nicely.

This dress is extremely lightweight and is unlined. It’s not a wrap dress, by the way, even though is sort of looks like one. The sash is removable. The dress has a plunging v-neck in the back as well, and it comes in midnight.

jersey tie waist gown in platinum
short sleeve wrap dress in navy (wearing a Small)

This short sleeve wrap dress also comes in sage, ocean mist and marigold. Also very comfortable, it’s a true wrap dress. I like that the short sleeves are really elbow length and that they are very roomy.

short sleeve wrap dress in navy
sequin crepe trumpet dress in navy (TTS, wearing an 8) // crystal mesh bar clutch in gold

This navy sequin crepe trumpet dress is definitely a thick, winter or fall dress. I do think it’s a very flattering silhouette and it fits nicely. I love that the dress is classic navy crepe with just a touch of glitter and glam on the sleeves and shoulders. The sequins do carry on to the back and it features a v-neck in the back.

I’m very impressed with the crystal mesh bar clutch Shelly sent me. It does have a chain, so it could be worn on the shoulder, too. But I think it would be a very versatile evening bag. I’m definitely considering keeping it for the big day, too.

sequin crepe trumpet dress in navy

Next up, another beautiful hunter green dress. This one is a double v-neck stretch crepe gown with 3/4 length sleeves.

Mia open teardrop earrings // gold sandals (TTS) // surplice stretch crepe gown in hunter green (wearing a Small)

I think this stretch crepe dress creates a stunning silhouette, and of course I love the color. The slit is a little more “come hither” than I prefer. And I’d definitely need a snap at the plunging v-neck.

Also, you’d only want to wear this dress for a cool weather wedding or event. It does feel very heavy, but it’s quite comfortable, too. This dress was my initial favorite, but I have a couple others in the mix now, too.

surplice stretch crepe gown in hunter green

The stretch crepe gown is also available in burgundy, black, midnight and silverstone.

So let’s talk about these beautiful earrings. I think they’re so feminine and tastefully elegant. They come in gold or silver and would hold their own with any of these dresses. I probably would not even wear a necklace if I wore these.

These Vince Camuto Payto Sandals feature an Art Deco-inspired silhouette. They’re available in But with any of these dresses they’re only going to peek out from under the skirts, so I’m not nearly as concerned about how they look as I am about how they feel. And these 3″ heels are extremely comfortable. Every time I tried them on with the dresses, I forgot to take them off before attempting to get dressed again. Seriously! I forgot I had them on. Now, that’s what I’m looking for in heels that I’ll be wearing for about 8 hours.

The shoes I’m showing here are in Egyptian gold, but they’re also available in several other metallics and nude and black.

Shop the Trunk

Every dress Shelly sent me is available at Nordstrom in their Mother of the Bride selection. You can either order these same dresses and try them yourself or you could easily join Trunk Club and receive a similar trunk based on your style, color and seasonal preferences.†

I sent my trunk back today and I did keep one of the dresses. But I think I’m going to keep my choice to myself for now. I’ve asked Shelly about the return policy and, sure enough, I can return the dress with the tags still on it if I come across something I like better between now and then. And my shipping will still be free. Now that’s service.

Thank so much for reading and sharing my Trunk Club experience with me. If you have a special event this fall or winter, I can highly recommend every single dress in this post. I would gladly wear any of them.

Blessed for My Day

Today I pray that you nor I would forget for even one moment how blessed we are. May we walk in the full knowledge of how great and wondrous God’s grace toward us is. May we live like victors and not like the defeated. May we tap into the resurrection power abiding within us so that we overcome the struggles and temptations that lure us into combat today.

I pray that you and I walk in freedom because we have been set free. And I hope for each of us to face the enemy of our souls with new resolve and confidence because he has been defeated while we have been delivered.

Bless the Lord, O my soul,
    and all that is within me,
    bless his holy name!
Bless the Lord, O my soul,
    and forget not all his benefits,
who forgives all your iniquity,
    who heals all your diseases,
who redeems your life from the pit,
    who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy,
who satisfies you with good
    so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s. ~ Psalm 103:1-5

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xoxo, Kay
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44 thoughts on “Mother of the Bride/Groom from Trunk Club

  1. You look beautiful! And congratulations to your family! My favorites are the one shoulder gown and the trumpet gown! But you look lovely in all!!

    1. You look beautiful in all of the dresses, and I’m eager to learn which one you picked! I look forward to reading every word of your blog and especially appreciate Blessed for My Day. Thank you for your inspiring and uplifting words!

  2. Oh my!! Decisions, decisions. You look fantastic in any of those dresses!! The Psalm you posted is one of my very favorites. Not to sound morbid, but I would like it read at my funeral Mass.

  3. Good morning Kay. I vote for the one shoulder dress. It looked so pretty on you. I wore one for my daughters wedding and felt so glamorous all day! My second choice would be the green “after six” dress. It was very flattering as well.

    1. Thanks for sharing Deb. I do think its wise to choose a dress that makes you feel beautiful and glamorous. We don’t have many of those opportunities so we definitely need to take advantage of them when we can. ?

  4. They are all beautiful. Whatever you do make sure the length is perfect. I thought mine was until my daughter’s wedding day. I look back at the pics and realize I was holding it up the entire time because it was a tad too long. ARGH!!! LOL

  5. Beautiful dresses! My favorites are the 2 green and the trumpet style dresses. You certainly can’t go wrong with any of them though. You are beautiful in all of them!

  6. Hi Kay,
    I loved seeing the dresses from the Trunk Club and they all looked beautiful. Your comment about comfort is very important, I’ve been a Mother of the Bride twice and Mother of the Groom once, it’s a long day and a comfortable dress is a plus. I live in Pennsylvania (next door to Ohio) and October can be very warm, I wouldn’t recommend a “heavy” dress. You can always add a beautiful shaw or sweater. I’m looking forward to seeing which one you picked.

  7. I can’t wait to see the picture of the dress you choose. The one shoulder is my favorite but I know you will look beautiful in anything! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Kathy. I’ll definitely give my subscribers a behind the scenes glimpse of the dress I chose. Thanks so much for reading. ?

  8. My vote goes to the Vince Camuto or After Six dress…I love everything about the trumpet dress. You wear the one-shouldered dress beautifully, but would have to consider what the MOG & bridesmaids are wearing…cuz you sure don’t want to ‘out-dress’ them!

    1. Hahaha! Yes, it’s definitely wise to consider others on this special day. But they’re actually not having any attendants. Thanks for reading and sharing. ?

  9. Fabulous BFMD! I really like four of the dresses and I think you look lovely in all of them. I’m glad that you get to spend some one on one time with your daughter today. Enjoy!

  10. Good morning. I loved all the dresses. My favorite one on you is the embroidered lace a line. It looks elegant. Looking at these dresses reminds me of a few years ago when my daughter got married. My daughter now lives 30 hours away and we FaceTime so I can see my two grandsons, and do talk on phone every day. Thank you for your inspirational message. Blessings.

    1. Thanks so much for reading and sharing. Yes, time marches on, doesn’t it? And sometimes it can be a little unnerving! Both of my kids live far away too. And having my daughter home this weekend has made me long for former seasons of life. Bittersweet. ?

  11. Thank you for your words on GRACE! You look beautiful in all the dresses, but the green ones are my favorite. Also a color you don’t typically see for the mother of the groom!

  12. Beautiful dresses! We have an October wedding too, and my MOB dress is hunter green, tea length. I love the color. Excited to see which dress you choose!

    1. Oh I bet that’s beautiful! I really wanted a shorter dress too, but the mother of the bride wanted to wear long dresses so I gladly obliged. Enjoy! ?

  13. First, Congratulations! My son got married 3 years ago so I know what you are going through. I love all of the dresses shown but especially the Trumpet gown. You looked beautiful in all so whichever you choose it will be perfect for “the day”. Enjoy this time. October is a beautiful month to get married. My son’s wedding was also in October. I wore a teal blue, just above the knee dress with a little bling. Can’t wait to see which one you choose. 🙂

  14. What a wonderful reason to go shopping! For a wedding!! One thought I had was you said October wedding in Ohio. I was thinking it would colder there then AZ. I kept thinking I would not like to cover up such a beautiful dress so I kept looking at the sleeved dresses as I get cold! But everyone runs at different internal temperature. It is great that there are so many options in dresses so everyone can get one that is just great for them. Wishing your son and skin to be wife congratulations!

  15. October, in Ohio, should have a beautiful array of fall foliage for you son’s wedding. My favorite time of year around here. How exciting! Each of those lovely dresses flattered you. I’m excited to see which one you ultimately wear on that Blessed day. Embrace every moment.

    1. Yes, we are certainly hoping for a beautiful fall day. It’s an indoor/outdoor venue, so we’d love to be outside some I’m sure. Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. You look beautiful in all of them! Congratulations to your son and your entire family on this joyous occasion! Anxious to see the dress you choose!! Have a blessed week!

  17. Eliza J dress is my favorite dress on you. It screams “you” for this once in your lifetime event and day. You would show your woman/mother personality without speaking a word! I have heard that mothers of the groom should “show up, shut up and wear beige” ! But You are actually the most important person in long run!

    1. Hahaha! Well, I don’t know about most important. But I am very grateful that they want us there and looking our best. I’m really looking forward to the big day!

  18. My favorites are the two green ones, the sequin trumpet dress, and the lace one. You look absolutely gorgeous in all of them. Can’t wait to hear what your choice is. Thank you for your lovely blog. I am so glad to you get to wear floor length. At my sons’s wedding the mothers wore knee length and I felt slightly uncomfortable with the mother-son dance, etc., because I don’t have the greatest legs in the whole world! I would have preferred a long dress.

    1. Ahh yes, that dance! That’s a good point. I’m sure I’ll enjoy wearing the long gown. I just haven’t had one in…forever! So looking for one was a little daunting. But this Trunk Club experience really helped. This is definitely the way to do it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  19. I know we don’t get to vote because you already decided and you look amazing in all of them. My favourite on you is the blue trumpet dress followed by the one shoulder. I know you love green and if you chose one of those you will be lovely.

    1. Thanks Catherine. A lot of you gals seem to like the trumpet gown. And it is truly gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. I really can’t go wrong with any of them. They’re just beautiful dresses.

  20. Having been a mother of the bride, I recommend that Comfort is key. That includes slits and cleavage bearing dresses being altered if that’s not your thing–although to each their own. If you’re constantly wrapping your skirt or touching your chest to make sure nothing’s too revealing, then it’s not the dress. Also comfy shoes! Oh my gosh, I had broken in my heels, worn them to work and for some reason, they started killing my feet during the reception and I literally could not wear them and had to go barefoot!
    BTW, all these color look great on you!

    1. Thanks for all the tips, Pam. I hear you. I think I’ve chosen a dress that will be comfortable and suitable. But I’m keeping the tags on for now until I visit alterations. I really do want to be comfortable in whatever I wear. ?