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Quality, Affordable Linen from Quince

April 25, 2024

Linen has definitely become the “it fabric” of spring and summer in recent years. And because I’ve purchased a LOT of it, I can attest that not all linen is the same. I prefer linen that has a soft, lived-in hand. And I want my linen garments to have beautiful construction, too. That’s why I’m thrilled to share with you high quality, affordable linen from Quince today.

Quality, Affordable Linen from Quince

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Today’s blog post is not sponsored, but the two pairs of 100% European linen pants I’m modeling were gifted from Quince. All of the other items are from different retailers, and I’ll link to everything in the captions below the photos. I also have a shopping boutique at the bottom of the post full of beautiful linen selections from Quince.

100% European Linen Pants from Quince
100% European Linen Pants from Quince in navy (wearing size medium; TTS) // crossover sandals (TTS) // VB Goody bag (more economical option)

First I’m wearing the 100% European Linen Pants from Quince in navy. These straight but full leg pants have pockets and an elasticized waistband for all day comfort. They fit true to size, but they are not as roomy as, say, my Eileen Fisher linen pants. I know some readers will prefer a trimmer fit, and these 100% European Linen Pants will give you that. I’m wearing a medium comfortably.

Linen Pants from Quince
100% slub cotton Leo Palm Tank (TTS) // utility jacket (more economical option from Quince) // 100% European Linen Pants from Quince in navy (wearing size medium; TTS) // crossover sandals (TTS) // VB Goody bag (more economical option) // rattan earrings

To style the navy Linen Pants from Quince I created a column effect with a navy 100% slub cotton Leo Palm Tank (TTS). Then I topped the duo with a slightly oversized olive green utility jacket (more economical option from Quince).

Leo Palm Tank
100% slub cotton Leo Palm Tank (TTS) // rattan earrings // bangle

I love the subtlety of the artwork on this 100% slub cotton Leo Palm Tank, as well as the ribbed side panel that adds interest as well as a beautiful fit. Those sweet rattan earrings are some I got from J.Crew Factory and forgot to style in this recent blog post.

Utility Jacket

I do sometimes like to wear head to toe linen in the summer. But it’s also smart to mix the textures in your outfit. So I think I’ve done that nicely in this first combination.

Linen Pants from Quince
100% slub cotton Leo Palm Tank (TTS) // utility jacket (more economical option from Quince) // 100% European Linen Pants from Quince in navy (wearing size medium; TTS) // crossover sandals (TTS) // VB Goody bag (more economical option) // rattan earrings

I wish I had thought to request two different types of linen pants from Quince. They do also have these longer linen pants that feature a drawstring. But alas my second outfit is with these same 100% European linen pants in white. They also come in sand, driftwood, black and martini olive, as well as a couple of really cute striped options.

100% European Linen Pants from Quince
100% European linen pants in white (TTS) // day twist sandals (TTS)

For this outfit I went almost monochromatic with a subtle combination of white, flax and soft mauve.

100% European Linen Pants from Quince
smocked tank (runs a little large; wearing medium) // 100% European linen pants in white (TTS) // day twist sandals (TTS) // willow linen jacket (TTS; wearing Medium) (more affordable option from Quince)

I topped a mauve smocked tank (runs a little large; wearing medium) and the white 100% European linen pants with a really cool flax colored willow linen jacket from J.McLaughlin. It fits so nicely true to size, and I love the patterned lining. But Quince has a really nice looking more affordable option, so you could easily replicate this look for less.

Linen Jacket from J.McLaughlin

My honest assessment is that the Quince linen pants are not as luxe feeling as my Eileen Fisher linen pants…by a long shot. They don’t fit quite as well and they are not as soft. But I do prefer them over the linen pants from J.Crew Factory that I shared in this blog post. And for less than $50, I think these 100% European linen pants are a really nice buy. The pants I’ve shown are $39.90 and Quince estimates their traditional retail value at $148. The plus size pants are $49.90 with a $79 traditional retail value.

100% European Linen Pants from Quince
smocked tank (runs a little large; wearing medium) // 100% European linen pants in white (TTS) // day twist sandals (TTS) // willow linen jacket (TTS; wearing Medium) (more affordable option from Quince)

I’ve gathered so many great linen pieces from Quince in the shopping boutique below. I’ve also included a few other items that I think pair nicely with linen from their collection.

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9 thoughts on “Quality, Affordable Linen from Quince

  1. Can you tell me the brand and style of your sunglasses? They are so flattering on you.
    I also love your linen styles. I’m 5 feet and mostly a petite petite size. I’ve tried Quince for several items but their smallest styles do not fit me🥲

  2. I had not been familiar with J.McLaughlin until you showed us a dress from there (a couple of years ago probably). Anyway, I LOVE their clothes and have gotten several pieces from them. Their fabrics feel SO amazing…. and I love how that fabric causes their blouses and dresses to somewhat stand away from my body…. never clinging. I had a question about the J.McLaughlin jacket you are wearing….. can you button that medium? I had gotten a blue jean jacket from them and wound up getting a large just because I like to be able to button it, if the weather gets too chilly. So just wondered if you could button up…. or does it make it too tight? Also, I’d love to see J.McLaughlin wind up in your rotation a little more….. but perhaps you aren’t as much a fan. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Kathy. I always love hearing about the brands you love. I tend to show more J.McLaughlin stuff in the spring and summer. Although I did wear a lot of it to LTKcon in fall of 2022. I kind of go in and out with it. I tried on the jacket for you and, yes, I can button it comfortably. I think it just runs a little large because I often size up in their clothing, too. But no need on that jacket. It’s so soft and lovely, too!

  3. I have quite a few pieces from Quince. The linen tank is something that I absolutely must get altered. But the structured blazer is my new favorite. I have the cropped pants and the lung pants and I like the way they fit. I want to mention that the button-down linen dress is adorable, but it is cut so low you can see my bra clearly and I don’t appreciate having to put snaps and stuff. It definitely requires some sort of modesty adjustment. Also, that dress is cut very slim through the hips with no room for error! I am sure after I sit in it for a while it will loosen up. I really like the dress, but I just wanted to share that. I’m 5’6 and I weigh 145 lb and I carry my weight through my hips. Size 10/medium

  4. Cute casual outfits. Like the linen longer pants in the Quince brand. I am always going to try their brand of clothes but haven’t yet. I always find something elese I want to get instead. lol Oh, well someday I will try them. Loved the BFMD. All I can say is Amen.

  5. Kay, thank you for your thoughts on the Quince linen pants. They looked nice on you, especially the navy. Two questions: Do the pants have a low, mid or high-rise fit? Do they feel comfortable when sitting down? Those are two of the things I like to consider when pants shopping.

    1. I’d say they have somewhere between a mid and high rise. They do feel comfortable when I sit. But looking back at the site now I really think I would have felt even more comfortable but still looked nice if I’d sized up to a large. I often use the True Fit feature to get my best size, and now when I go to the website it says my best size in these pants would be a large. Do you ever use True Fit? I highly recommend it as it almost always works for me.

  6. I am searching for flat-front linen pants with some elastic at the back so they can be pulled on, or a linen pant with a zipper front but no pleats because I am trying to avoid adding volume where I already have plenty of volume, if you know what I mean! I tried on a pair at Chico’s with a flat front and some elastic but the legs were way too wide and surprisingly long in a regular length so I’d have to take them up, which I can do, but the wideness of the legs was a no-go – I want them wider but not hugely wide! The hunt continues… And yes, I am saddened while also being amazed by what Jesus went through for me and us all.