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Talbots May 2024 Collection Try-On Session

April 23, 2024

I know so many of my readers enjoy shopping Talbots as much as I do. They have lots of great summer NEW ARRIVALS. Saturday I stopped in with my mom to try on a few of the newest arrivals, but nothing was on sale. Today and Wednesday Talbots is having their Friends & Family Preview with 30% off for Talbots cardholders. You’ll also receive 3x Style Rewards points. I believe the discount will open to everyone on Thursday. So today I’m sharing my Talbots May 2024 collection try-on session.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Sizing and Fit Information

Just so you’ll know how to gauge the sizing of items I’m trying on, I’m 5’8″, weigh about 160 pounds, have even proportions and an hourglass shape. I pretty much consistently wear a size 10 in pants, 8 in jeans and size mediums in everything else at Talbots, and that’s all I tried on for this fitting room session. But I’ll let you know how things fit as we go.

In all photos I’m wearing my super soft crossover slides from Everlane. They run true to size and I LOVE these sandals. I’m also wearing this cross necklace (c/o), this fern necklace, these earrings and this bangle, all from Julie Vos.

Talbots May 2024 Collection Try-On Session

First up, I tried on a linen sleeveless shirt with some cropped wide leg jeans in a nice lighter wash. I guess the shirt is supposed to be oversized because it is called a boyfriend shirt. Otherwise, it fits true to size.

sleeveless linen shirt (Medium; runs a little large) // crop wide leg jeans (8; TTS)

Maybe it’s also really meant to be worn out instead of tucked. But I did tuck it so you could see the waistband of the crop wide leg jeans, which also fit true to my Talbots size in denim. I’m wearing an 8, which I normally do in jean at Talbots. These are a very soft, fairly lightweight denim – great for summer. I think they look better with other things than the shirt I showed here, but I was just trying to move through things, so I didn’t pause to style everything just so.

The red embroidered split neck shell below is one of my favorite things I tried on. I’m pretty sure I’m ordering this sweet top.

sleeveless top (medium; TTS) // 5″ inseam denim shorts (8; TTS)

And I’m so pleased that Talbots has finally introduced some 5″ inseam denim shorts with a raw edge. I may be mistaken, but it seems like all they’ve had for years are the longer denim shorts. I’m not one to wear shorts a whole lot these days, but I think I may get the ones above for wearing around the house especially. Very comfortable with a nice amount of stretch. And I like that the denim is not really heavy either, more lightweight.

Next I have on the longer girlfriend denim shorts Talbots has carried for a while. I used to wear these, but I just don’t think the fit is good for my thick thighs. That said, these are a really nice option if you have thinner legs because they’re also in a lighter weight denim and feature that trend raw edge that can be cuffed of course.

t-shirt (Medium; TTS) // denim shorts (8; TTS)

The flag t-shirt is a sweet one. I really like the feel and fit of this patriotic tee.

Next I tried Talbots’ new summer weight straight ankle jeans. Love! Ignore the sloppy tuck job. I just wanted you to be able to see the top of the jeans well. These fit so nicely and feel great on.

t-shirt (Medium; TTS) // ankle jeans (8; TTS)

Like so many of Talbots’ fashions, these ankle jeans come in misses, petites, plus and plus petites. They’re very on trend in length and silhouette.

I’m pleased to see Talbots carrying several pieces in the trending gauze fabric. I would have loved to have tried these airy gauze pull-on shorts, but they didn’t have them in the store. But this gauze tie waist shirt is really nice and so cool.

gauze tie waist shirt (medium; TTS) // sailor shorts (10; TTS)

The gauze tie waist shirt also comes in white and aurora pink. I have a feeling I’ll order this one, too. You’ll see a striped version further down. The sailor shorts above fit really nicely true to size. They’re lightweight, but a nice thickness. I’m sorry I didn’t get you a look at the top of the shorts, but you can see them on their website. They’re available in misses and petite sizes.

I had high hopes for the pull-on linen pants below, but I’m not impressed…at least for me. They have a lower rise than I prefer. But if you like your pants to sit a little lower on your waist, these may be a nice option. They come in additional neutrals, too.

striped ribbed top (medium; TTS) // pull-on linen pants (medium; TTS)

Also I guess those pull-on linen pants just felt a little snug in the hips to me. They weren’t exactly snug, but just not as loose there as I’d want this style pants to be. If you’re not as ample in the hips or rear as I am, they’d probably work great.

Above and below I’m wearing a ribbed t-shirt in white with navy stripes. It’s a nice basic tee with a lot of give. I’m wearing my usual medium and it feels good.

ribbed t-shirt (medium; TTS) // perfect skimmers (10; TTS)

Pedal pushers are actually back in this year. People tend to have strong opinions about them. But the main thing you need to know if you would like to wear them is that you don’t want them to fit snug at the leg opening and it’s best if they don’t end at the thickest part of your calf. These perfect skimmers work for me here because they check those boxes. I personally think they’re a nice option for casual settings and vacations.

Below I tried the gauze skirt, but I wasn’t impressed. At least for me, it’s just too puffy under the waistband. And I’d definitely pair it with something besides the red top, something a little more subtle and light-colored.

embroidered sleeves tee (medium; TTS) // gauze skirt (medium; TTS)

If I remember correctly, this white gauze skirt is lined. But I’m not sure. I noticed that someone asked on the website and the question has not been answered yet. I’m pretty sure it was. The gauze skirt also comes in navy, and that might be a better choice for me. The gauze skirt does have pockets.

travel dress (medium; TTS)

Above I’m showing Talbots’ new travel dress. It fits and feels great, maybe a little roomy, in fact. The travel dress features front zip pockets, which is nice of course. My only beef with this dress is that it has little bungee cords to adjust the waist, which is nice for fit, but the cords just stick out then at the sides. I haven’t really decided if that’s a deal breaker or not. Otherwise, this is a great dress for travel. Feels so good!

eyelet trim dress (medium; TTS)

Above I’m wearing the Nantucket side-tie midi dress in bright apple red. It also comes in a pretty Nantucket blue. Talbots has had a similar dress every year recently, but I think this is the first one to feature that pretty eyelet hemline. It’s a nice TTS fit, but I’d definitely wear my Jockey Skimmies slip shorts with all of these dresses.

I think the dress below, however, is my favorite.

effortless jersey polo dress (medium; TTS)

This effortless jersey polo dress also needs those skimmies, of course. But it feels so good and has a really easy body-skimming fit. This dress also features little snap enclosures for your bra straps, which I always think is a nice thing.

The voile popover swing dress below is another favorite. I don’t normally go for shorter, fuller dresses like this one. But I think this voile popover swing dress fits so pretty, close to the body and just the right length for my frame.

voile popover swing dress (medium; TTS) // linen hooded jacket (medium; runs just slightly large)

Unlike the gauze skirt above, the voile popover swing dress has a beautiful drape, fitting close to the body but still relaxed and flirty. I’m ordering this dress for sure. I probably won’t wear it with the blue linen hooded jacket above, but I wanted to show you the jacket and I had run out of things to pair it with at this point in my try-on session. I do love the linen hooded jacket. It comes in white, too.

All of the above were from a try-on session Saturday morning, but I stopped back into Talbots briefly Monday before heading to the airport and ended up trying on a few more things from the Talbots May 2024 collection for you.

embroidered sleeves tee (medium; TTS) // crop wide-leg jeans (TTS; wearing 8)

The embroidered sleeves tee above is the same as the red one I showed. Love it! And I’m having to remind myself that my narrowed down color palette doesn’t include yellow because I love these banana colored crop wide-leg jeans above. The fit is great. And the silhouette is quite flattering.

I really just tried the white Johnny collar tee below for size because they didn’t have a medium in the pink I liked better. But I do think these sweet tees are such a nice, trending alternative to the basic tee.

Johnny collar tee // pull-on wide-leg crops

The pull-on wide-leg crops fit about as expected. They’re true to size, but not the most flattering option. Still if this is a pant you like for easy, casual settings, it’s extremely comfortable and the quality is good.

The halter shell top below is not really my personal style, but it is a sweet choice if you do enjoy wearing some ruffles around the neck. The colors are very on trend – turquoise and yellow and green continue to be very popular this summer.

halter shell top (medium; TTS) // white sailor jeans (10; true to size??)

I’m wearing the halter shell top with white sailor jeans. I do love these. I’m wearing a 10 here because they didn’t have an 8. And honestly, I frequently size up in white denim anyhow, so this is probably what I would order.

Below I’m wearing the Johnny collar striped tee in a size small because they didn’t have a medium in the store. So I think it’s a little snug for me; I’d definitely say this tee runs true to size. But I do love these striped Johnny collar tees especially.

Johnny collar striped tee // white sailor jeans

Well, that’s a wrap! I do love so many things in this Talbots May 2024 collection. Of course they have SO MUCH more available online than they do in the stores. So I’ve included more of my favorites in the shopping widget below.

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8 thoughts on “Talbots May 2024 Collection Try-On Session

  1. Hi Kay,

    I also tried Talbot’s linen pull on pants and had no success with them. I’m petite and even with the petite size, I was swimming in them. They just didn’t fit well.

    I love the side-tie midi dress. I bought one years ago in a color they called “patio red”. I still have it in my closet and love it! The eyelet hemline this year is a nice addition.

    The voile popover swing dress would look adorable with a jean jacket!

    Thanks for highlighting the new arrivals at Talbots.

  2. I like the wide leg pants and jeans. Also the stripe T-shirt and the blue dress. I hope tops with the ties in front don’t start trending. I like them if they are short enough to end at the waist. Some are too long and the ties just flop between the legs. I’m also not a fan of capris. For years I wore them not realizing how short my legs look in them. I don’t think they look bad on tall women like you but crop pants look so much better on everyone. I now associate them as matronly. I’m near 70 but not ready to be matronly yet. 😊

  3. I think I love everything you tried on! During the summer months, I enjoy a color palette of red, white and various blues. I see a stop at Talbots in my future!

    Thanks for today’s BFMD – spot on, as usual.

  4. Hey Kay, I really love the red dress on you! Not so much the green and blue one. I’m not really a fan of the yellow pants and white top but the rest looks good. To be clear I don’t mean that it doesn’t look on you I just I struggle with Talbots. I want to like it but the color schemes and some of the prints just throw me off. I love when you do try one at Nordstrom loft and Ann Taylor.

    1. Hahaha! No problem. I didn’t make the clothes; I’m just trying to show a wide variety of what they had in the store. I get it. I’m not a huge fan of some of their color options either. But most of their items do come in a pretty wide range of colors. And they rarely show their neutrals in catalogs or feature them on the front page of the website. But you can get many of the more colorful items in white, black, navy, etc. Just something to keep in mind.

  5. Thank you for showing blue denim tops-anything on top-and skirts—-I especially am interested in those looks. Thanks for sharing about your faith.

  6. Hi Kay,
    Thanks for previewing all the darling outfits. I think the yellow pants and white tope were very cute on you – and very fun and summery!