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September 17, 2020

Hi gals! Today I thought we’d take a brief break from our style series and simply have a little Q&A. I actually solicited and gathered most of these questions several weeks ago. So some of you may be wondering what happened to them. I’m not sure I’ll get around to answering all of them today. But I’ll try to answer as many reader questions as possible. And I’ll focus on those that have the broadest appeal. Let’s get started!

Early Fall Q & A WITH KAY

Q – Do you have any tips for being a pastor’s wife? My husband will graduate from Bible college in December (Lord willing) and he will pursue a job as a pastor. He loves to study and teach the Word of God, and I’m excited for him. He is 50, so he will be starting a new career later in life, but he’s a great leader, and he truly has a heart for people. I want to be prepared also, as I know being a pastor’s wife has responsibilities of its own. Any insight or recommendations you have would be helpful to me. ~ J.O.

Ah, I could write a book. Ha! And maybe I should. But I’ll try to give you a few top pointers instead. And for everyone else, you might want to think about your own pastor’s wife as you read my answer.

Being the wife of a pastor is a challenge. In some churches, people have very high and even unrealistic expectations of their pastors’ or staff’s wives. But I encourage you to do these few things first and foremost:

  • Support your husband. That’s your first and most important ministry in the church. You have a unique opportunity and responsibility to minister to the church’s under-shepherd in a way that no one else can. (And I’m not necessarily talking about sexual intimacy, although that’s certainly supportive!) Spend time with him, do things outside of church with him, provide a haven for him at home, pray for him, believe in him and let him know you do, and always support and speak well of him to others.
  • You do you at church. I believe ministers’ wives should be treated just like every other church member when it comes to expectations. A good minister’s wife will certainly volunteer and serve in her church, not because she’s the pastor’s wife, but because she’s a growing, thriving Christ-follower. And that ministry should reflect your personal spiritual gifts, callings, personality and interests. Don’t do anything under compulsion, but only because you feel led and joyful about doing it. (I always take at least 6 months to a year to just meet people and get to know the church before committing to do anything.)
  • Don’t get sucked into common pitfalls. You’ll soon see these for what they are. For instance, I’ve never had a key to any building or room in any of the churches we’ve served in, and I like it that way. My husband doesn’t want people to ask me to “let them in” to rooms or buildings. He doesn’t want them to call on me because they can’t reach him or another staff person. I encourage you to think wisely about other such pitfalls and steer clear of them.
  • Respect confidentialities. My husband keeps confidential the things that parishioners tell him, whether in counseling or a meeting or a personal conversation. He doesn’t divulge those to me and I don’t ask. Honestly, I don’t need to know or want to know everything that he knows about people in our church. Help your husband keep those confidentialities by not asking probing questions. Assure him that you understand that he needs to build trust with your church members and you don’t want to know the things that could shade your opinion of people.
  • Protect your children. If you have children at home, I suggest you never talk about the nitty gritty of church in their presence. But I also suggest you don’t place unrealistic expectations on them. Let them be children…or teenagers. Don’t expect them to perform or always be perfect. Help them to enjoy church. And let them see you and your husband enjoying ministry.
  • Make friends…slowly…wisely. Friendships in church can be a little tricky for pastors’ wives. I wish that weren’t true. But it is. I’ve always had at least a couple of friends in our churches that I could really be me with. But you do have to choose and build those relationships very wisely, very slowly, very prayerfully. I also think it’s a good idea to build relationships outside of your church.
  • Let God protect your heart. Church can hurt. I mean, it can hurt really, really badly. But don’t let your heart grow cold or hard in response to those wounds. Instead, choose to love the people of God the way God loves them. Jesus died for them. So you can serve them. Even when they do and say hurtful things. Let God protect your heart so that you can engage graciously and freely.

I hope those are helpful. May God bless you, protect your heart and lead you and your husband into beautiful, fruitful ministries.

Q -Your makeup in your videos is so natural and beautiful. You have lovely white teeth! How do you achieve such natural looking beauty? ~ J.T.

Thanks. That’s kind. It’s funny because as I wrote another post just minutes ago I looked at my photos and felt so disappointed. I felt like I looked old and ragged and tired. And maybe I did! I’ve definitely needed a vacation.

But I think we’re all hardest on ourselves. So my first answer is simply give yourself a little grace. I’m sure you are a beautiful, lovely woman, and that others see you that way, too.

You can check out my most recent beauty routine in this previous post. Honestly, not much has changed since I wrote it. But I’m sure I’ll update it again soon. Maybe I’ll do a beauty video soon.

Fresh Face Makeup Routine for women 40+
Fresh Face Makeup Routine for Women 40+

While James never whitens my teeth in my photos and I don’t even know how to whiten them in my videos, I don’t think they’re really especially white. In fact, I think they somehow look whiter in the videos than they really are. Maybe it’s just good lighting! I had them professionally whitened years ago, but I don’t think that lasted long. Now I occasionally whiten them with these Crest Whitening Strips. I can definitely tell a difference right after using them, so I frequently do the treatments right before photo shoots or big events like my son’s wedding.

Q – Do you maintain a working inventory of your wardrobe, with pictures?  If so, how does it work, and would you recommend it? I’ve tried a list, with descriptions, but it’s cumbersome and not really a quick reference.  I’ve found apps, but not sure how to choose or if they’re a good idea. ~ J.F.

Hmm. I’m not really sure if this is what you’re talking about. But I think the collages that I recently put together of my fall wardrobe essentials and my early fall capsule wardrobe are the closest thing I’ve done to what you’re describing. And this is the first time I’ve really done something like this.

My favorite Fall Wardrobe Essentials
My Fall Wardrobe Essentials – See this post for details.

My Early Fall 10 Piece Capsule Wardrobe
My Early Fall 10 Piece Capsule Wardrobe – See this post for details.

I created these collages on Canva using a paid account. I was able to pull photos from websites where I’d bought the items (or similar items) and take the background out where needed. You can’t take the background out of your photos with the free accounts. But you might could still do something similar. And I do think creating this visual has helped me to organize and (hopefully) better utilize my wardrobe. So I’ll definitely continue doing this. You could create a similar collage on Canva using your own photos, too.

I also talked about creating a Wardrobe Wish List in this previous post. So you might find that helpful, too. Other than that I don’t really have anything else to recommend. But I do think that having some sort of photo collage of your clothing is helpful. You could even just catalog the pieces on your phone probably.

Q – Have you talked about your new hair style? I LOVE it and plan to take your picture when I finally get out to the salon. Styling tips would be wonderful! ~ M.B. (I received about 349 similar questions. Ha!)

Okay. I think it’s time to go ahead and talk about this. And you may not like why.

hair 1

My standard answer to this question thus far has been that I’m not ready to share because I’ve not really known what I’m doing. I’ve been trying to “restore my curls” (that seems to be the lingo!) by using some products gifted to me and some techniques I’ll cover briefly. But honestly, I’m not loving it. I don’t feel like myself and I don’t like that I have to fool with my hair every day. So, like it or not sweet gals, I’m returning to my straight hairstyle. Yep. I am.

Meanwhile, let me tell you what I used and refer you to some resources I used, if you’re interested.

I’ve been using Monat hair products ( here on Amazon) to try to “restore my curls.” And I did enjoy the products. In fact, I’m still using them. I’ve been using

The key to cultivating your curls, evidently, is to get any previously used products off or out of your hair, and to renourish your hair and restore its moisture. Some people even suggest clarifying your hair without shampoo, using only water and apple cider vinegar. Then you want to refrain from using much heat on your hair. So I used the diffuser on my hair dryer to dry my hair as I scrunched or curled it with my fingers.

The problem for me was that I think it would take months to get my hair nourished to the point where it doesn’t feel dry and crunchy when curly. I don’t want crunchy curls. And I know my curls looked pretty to you gals, but they felt crunchy to me. On the other hand, when I dry my hair with a round brush and use a flat iron to straighten it, my hair feels very healthy and silky.

So that’s that. I’m sorry if you’re disappointed in my hairstyle choice. But a gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do. I may let it curl occasionally still. But for the most part I’m returning to my straight locks.

If you’re interested in more information about restoring or styling your curly or wavy hair, I suggest you check out Loreen May at on Instagram. She has beautiful curls and is a Monat rep.

Q – What shoes look best with athleisure outfits like jogger pants and the Talbots athletic pants you (and I now) have? ~ K.P.

Day Trip to See the Kids
Shop this look here.

I generally like what I call fashion sneakers with my athleisure outfits. I wore these Tory Burch sneakers (mine are titanium white with Tory navy) or my parchment white Madewell Sidewalk Sneakers most often with mine in the summer (and now). But you could also wear a colored sneaker or one with a fun print like these leopard print sneakers from Madewell(that I just ordered while answering your question!!!).

how to Travel in Style
See this post for details.

But I did also wear my black Sperry flip flops with my athleisure pants quite a bit this summer. In fact, I specifically purchased those flip flops to wear with athleisure pants. I wanted something very understated and a little sporty, not your common flip flop that you wear to the beach or in a bath house. Know what I mean?

Shop this look here.

But as we transition into fall I think solid colored loafers or mules can work well with athleisure looks, too. You just want to make sure your loafers are modern looking. I can’t say enough about the Everlane Day Loafers and Day Mules. They’re both extremely comfortably and just so classy and modern. Do check the sizing information. They run small or large, depending on your size.

They’re also BOTH marked down significantly right now.

Travel Look # 5
See this post for details.

But probably my favorite shoes to wear with athleisure looks in the late fall and winter are my wedge sneakers. They are so stinking fun!!! I have these in black perf Nappa leather. Oh my! Here they are at Nordstrom Rack knocked down 58%! You’ll find so many from my favorite brand, Linea Paolo, here, and many are marked down. I purchased these in black and in snake print in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and love, love, love them. But I returned both because I couldn’t justify keeping them since I already had some so similar.

Favorite Travel Outfit Two Ways
See this post for more details.

Along the same lines, I think you could wear these feminine wedges with athleisure looks, too, in the fall through spring. Depending on the situation, and especially if you need something waterproof, these shoes by Jambu would work with athleisure looks, too.

Ultimately, when pairing shoes with athleisure looks, you want something

  • a little sporty
  • comfortable
  • that works with your personal style aesthetic
  • seasonally appropriate

The following shopping widget contains affiliate links. If you shop through these or any other affiliate links in my post, I will earn a commission, but at no cost to you. Thank you for shopping my links. That’s how I help support our family and pay for the costs associated with this website.

Q – What made you/helped you decide to be a blogger? Where did you learn about it? I’m sure it helps that you were already a writer but you are very good at all of it. Same for YouTube ~ M.Z.

Thank you. I do enjoy what I do. I started my first blog (no longer online) way back in 2005. As time went on and my kids grew up, I began to invest more and more time into it. I phased out two blogs, but eventually began blogging regularly at my inspirational blog around 2008, as I also started working more at my speaking and writing ministry. It was a natural way to connect with my audience and promote my books and speaking.

KayHarms dot com
I’d love for you to explore my inspirational blog, but I’ve not been posting there for a while. I hope to start up again one day soon. But no promises right now.

I started this fashion blog in 2018 after losing about 20 pounds. My husband had just purchased a camera and taken up photography. My kids were grown and gone and I wanted to start contributing more toward our family income. I prayed about it and was willing to go to work somewhere, but my options were limited in the military town we lived in at the time. Plus, I’d grown to love working for myself and calling all the shots. Ha!

I had followed a couple of fashion bloggers for a while and felt like I could do what they were doing, but with my own voice and style. I have a degree in public relations, and what I do here is really a modern version of what I learned to do in Journalism School at the University of Georgia back in the 80s. So, while I had to teach myself a lot of the technical stuff, I already had the writing chops and the PR smarts to do this.

I had no misgivings about how much work would be required or how time consuming it would be to begin my own business. And that’s what this is. It’s a business. I work about 50-60 hours a week. I love it and I enjoy it and I try to think of it as a service and a community. But I also have to treat it like a business. Otherwise, it would never be as successful as it is becoming.

But I’ll be honest. You gals are what keep me focused, pressing forward and enthusiastic about this venture. You make it a joy.

After watching lots of YouTube videos, pretty much the same thing happened. I just thought, “I can do that.” James and I talked about it and decided that if we jumped into YouTube we wanted to do it right. It’s always been important to me that everything I produce be good quality, whether that’s my books (that I self-published), this blog or my other one, or YouTube videos. So we counted the costs, planned ahead, did the research and set a target date.

This past week my YouTube channel gained a lot of traction through my collaboration with Robin at Faith & Flour. I’m very grateful to her. We have well over 2,000 subscribers now and my videos have been watched over 4,000 hours. Yippee!

Q – Kay, I hope I’m not too late but I wonder if you could recommend a daily devotional book for young men. My sons are in their twenties and I’d like to get them each a devotional for their birthdays or Christmas. ~ B.C.

Hahaha! I hope I’m not too late! I think they might like The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge by Super Bowl–winning former head coach Tony Dungy and co-author Nathan Whitaker. I like that this is a one-year devotional guide instead of just a short one. Plus, who doesn’t love Tony Dungy??? This book will definitely be on my Christmas Gift Guide for Men. (Watch for those in early November!)

Now I Have a Question for You!

I have been considering for some time now hosting a sort of women’s retreat/conference that would focus on fashion, beauty, fitness and inner beauty. The bulk of the conference would be fashion and beauty. But we might offer an optional morning workout, a session on aging with grace and strength or a FASTer Way to Fat Loss Q&A. And we’d also have one to two optional inner beauty sessions with an emphasis on Scripture. But, again, the conference would mainly be fashion and beauty. The other things would be optional.

As I imagine the conference/retreat right now, it would also possibly include:

  • fashion shows (from some of your favorite brands)
  • shopping parties at some of my readers’ favorite stores
  • style seminars
  • make-over demonstrations
  • panel discussions of some sort
  • optional sight-seeing excursions
  • and lots of good food!

There would be lots of opportunity for meeting women from all over the country, talking about aging with grace and getting tips from the experts (think Nordstrom stylist, Talbots trunk show, Kendra Scott shopping party, Mary Kay makeover, etc.)

What do you think? Would you attend something like that? I’d love for you to help me dream a little about this. I’ll have to make final decisions based on logistics, costs and other constraints. But I’d love for us to start brainstorming together. Mainly I want to know what you would potentially participate in.

  • Would you attend a two-night, two & a half day conference/retreat?
  • Would you like to come to Cincinnati, where I know the ins and outs?
  • Would you bring other women with you? or come by yourself or with a friend?
  • Would you be down for all the things I mentioned???

If you’re not interested or this just isn’t your jam, there’s no need to comment to that effect in the comments below. I get it. I know this is not for everyone. And you are still my valued reader even if you aren’t interested.

But if you are interested in something like this, would you please let me know in the comments below?

Obviously I’m not planning this for anytime too soon. Right now, I’m thinking maybe next fall, 2021. Or we could shoot for the spring… And you also need to remember that there would be costs involved. I have no idea how much right now. I really need to know if anyone is faintly interested before I start putting too much effort into researching it.

Thanks for reading…

Thanks so much for reading this rambling post! And thanks for your questions, ladies. If I didn’t get to your question, it’s because I’m considering it for a full post.

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Blessed for My Day

When I teach my Satisfied…at Last! Bible study, I usually begin by asking women what they long for, what they’re hungry for deep in their souls. Many can answer me easily. Women are hungry for unconditional love, a sense of significance, a feeling of purpose and direction, as well as security.

But occasionally there are some women who can’t think of a thing they long for. That would be great except the reason is not always a good one. If you don’t have occasional hunger pangs for “something more” it may be because you’re running to all the wrong things for a little satisfaction. It’s kind of like filling up on snacks and then not being hungry for a good dinner. Today let’s consider whether or not we’re allowing the things of this world to fill us, even temporarily, to the point that we no longer desire the things of God which truly satisfy.

Jesus said to her, “Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” The woman said to him, “Sir, give me this water, so that I will not be thirsty or have to come here to draw water.” ~ John 4:13-15

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52 thoughts on “Q&A with Kay

  1. First of all, I’d love the retreat and could easily drive to Cincinnati. Also would be happy to do two nights. Sounds like great fun and helpful information. Keep us posted please!! I’m so glad you wrote about your hair. Two days ago I had my long hair (that I wore in a shattered bob) cut about 5 inches. It’s still the shattered look that I was going for, and the hardest thing I’ve had to come to terms with is that it’s supposed to look messy! My first day with it, I was fooling around with it for WAY too long and starting to think I made a huge mistake! But today I woke up and it’s choppy (sort of) and messy (a little) and I really like it. So I think what happened was I went from too much time spent on it to almost none and I like the “almost none” version a lot better! So I really get it when you say you are going back to straight hair. My flat iron makes mine look more silky also, and I can “lift” the choppy ends better that way. I was going more for “fuss free” too. So while your curls look wonderful on you, so does your straight hair and I’m glad you posted your reasons for changing back because it helps those of us who are also in transition with hairstyles! GREAT tips for pastors’ wives too!

  2. I really appreciate the vulnerability it takes for you to be out there and under scrutiny as a pastor’s wife, blogger and speaker. Everyone has an opinion and expectation of how you should look and act. I always find something useful and encouraging in your posts. For example, although I am not a pastor’s wife, I realized I need to be more supportive of my husband. He wants to retire at age 61 after being laid off from his job in May. I have not been cool with it as I continue to work and no longer have alone time in the house when I am off.
    I liked your hair straight- it looked natural and hip with swing. Based on your old photos I decided to schedule an appointment with your hairstylist. I haven’t gone yet.
    I would be interested in attending a retreat in Cincinnati. I would like to learn more about dressing your shape and proportions. When I look at your photos I see how great you look when you we wear a dress that highlights your waist. I am significantly shorter at 5 ft so I know fit is important. Unfortunately most petite bloggers I have seen dress in a way that would look childish on me.

    1. I recently found and started following your blog and I love your emphasis on fashion and faith. I live near Indianapolis and would be extremely interested in attending your conference in Cincinnati. I have several friends that would also be interested. If you should need any additional help with the conference, I am more than willing to assist!

  3. Kay, I think you are lovely either way but I personally liked your hair straight better. I think the straight style is more youthful. I love that you are making a style choice based on what YOU like!

  4. Kay, I think your idea of a retreat would be wonderful! As I am retired and on a fixed income, price would be important to me. I have a couple friends who also might be interested. Cincinnati is a couple hours of mostly interstate from Circleville, which is about 25 miles south of Columbus. I think i like your hair straight better. I tried to do something similar to your curly look, but I was not comfortable with the messy look and did not like the feel of crunchy either!

  5. I would be very interested in your retreat! Also, thank you for your open and sincere answers to the questions in today’s blog.

  6. Kay, while you are beautiful in all the photos, I am not a fan of the curly hair. I was delighted to read you are going back to your straight hair. I love the sleek hairdo you had in the past! The new shapes come and go, but the straighter, slightly turned under hair really becomes you! I love what you are doing on your blog and who you are!

  7. I love your new hairstyle; I think you look even younger. I even showed my stylist. I decided to grow my hair a little so I can put it back in the hot summer weather (we are planning a move to North Carolina next summer, so I will want to put my hair up and back in the heat!) I have wavy hair (I love humidity for my hair haha!). I am not one to fuss with my hair (or make-up), but I want to try the waves. I did purchase the wand you recommended, and when my hair is a bit longer, I can try it out. Going for a more natural look.
    I would love a video tutorial for make-up. I don’t like to spend a lot of time (or money) on products, but as I age (I am 66), I find that I look better with some make-up. This is definitely true as I teach on zoom on line.
    Hope you are enjoying your break.

    1. Oh Kay, this is the absolute best post ever! You helped me in numerous ways. Mostly making me aware of the challenges a pastor’s wife faces, especially the hurts. Parishioners face hurts within the church but I’ve never thought about the pastor’s wife.
      I completely understand your hair dilemma. I go through the very same thing. I love your hair when it is a smooth bob. To me, you glow the most, as your eyes sparkle and your lovely smile stands out.
      I’d love to attend a conference fashion or spiritual. I was disappointed that I was away when you had the last one in the Portage Lakes area.
      I’d prefer somewhere in Ohio, Cincinnati is fine. One overnight would be preferable and I’d be with one friend and possibly two or three. My dearest friend was as disappointed as I was that we missed your last conference. We had decided we would be at the next one.

  8. I look forward to reading your posts everyday. Thanks, Kay! I’d love to attend a conference and could envision attending with my 80 year old mom and my 2 sisters (ages 52 and 44.) A “girls getaway!” While we’re all trying to look “nice” in our different stages of life, we all love Christ and know that it’s our inner beauty that’s most important! I’d love to hear you speak on growing “older” gracefully in addition to your beauty/fashion tips.

  9. I would definitely be interested. I live in Northern Kentucky so it would be close for me. I’m just getting back to dressing better after being at home for 6 months during the pandemic. So any inspiration would be fantastic.

    Also, I would love to see a blog post or video on caring for clothing. I’m trying to get out of the “fast fashion” trap and buying higher quality clothes (mostly J. Jill and Talbots) and would love some tips and tricks for laundry, stain removal and taking care of my new clothes.

  10. I’d be interested in a conference/retreat in Cinti 🙂 I am in N KY so it’s just a quick drive for me ♥ Love reading your blog and I love your hair both ways, wavy or straight. I too have wavy hair but have been growing mine out which pulls the waves out also. Trying to maintain wavy takes way too much time IMO … at least for me, wearing it longer I can blow and go! My ideal 🙂

  11. Yes yes yes, that would be a wonderful idea and I have friends from church who would love to go after the pandemic!

  12. i loved your honesty with your answers. And yes, I love the idea of a retreat! I live in the Detroit suburbs so for me all I have to do is hop on I-75. And I have some friends that may be interested!

  13. I am so glad you are returning to your straight hair…it so pretty and healthy looking. I think it makes you look younger but you look great either way.

  14. Hi Kay,
    My attendance at a conference would involve a few hops on a plane! It’s crazy to think of all the travel we USED to do. . . and now wonder if we’ll ever return to that kind of life. I’d sure love to attend, and can picture bringing a friend or two to share hotel expenses. All of the ideas sound engaging! It might even be fun for the local or driving distance gals to put together a pop-up consignment shop with items from their closets; those are always fun to dig through and would extend the range of pricing of all the shopping we would do!

    Keep dreaming big, keep praying deep, keep making lists! Would love to meet you!

  15. A retreat sounds amazing! I’m in a group of retired teacher friends from Alabama who like to take a trip together once a year. Can’t wait until this is planned so we can book!

  16. WOW, WOW, WOW KAY!!!

    First off thank you for this Q&A today…..very informative and we get to meet you even more?

    I AM VERY INTERESTED in a woman’s retreat/conference… would be great to be in Cincy (where I was raised) and still have family who live there. It could be an over night 2 day stay or come and go……I would try and bring my sister. I would be down for all things mentioned! Sounds fun!


  17. I’d be interested in a retreat. I think it sounds like a lot of fun. Of course, cost and timing would weigh into it. I’m not interested in travelling via airplane anytime soon, but would consider driving a bit. Not sure I’d be up for a drive from VA to Cincinnati, but stranger things have happened! Great idea!

  18. I’d be interested in the conference. It’s funny to me how people are so opinionated about other people’s hair. I like it both ways but I can totally relate to what you describe in how it FEELS. I like the curly/wavy look and mine will do that but it feels kind of icky, coarse and frizzy to me. I think I look younger with some curls but I agree it’s easier when I blow it out straight.

  19. I would definitely be interested in a retreat like this. It would definitely be a road trip for me as I live near Memphis, but it sounds like a lot of fun!

  20. A conference/retreat sounds awesome!!! Your Fall Favorites and Early Fall collages reminded me that I’m hopeful you might post what you took with you on your vacation and what outfits you made from those pieces. Also, what would you include again and what would you leave at home next time. With the current outlook that vaccine solutions might be widely available next spring or summer, I’m ready to start planning travel for next fall. Thanks!

  21. I really appreciate your openness and honesty in all of your answers!! As women, we tend to want to be ‘pleasers’ and sometimes that leads us to be less than honest! You are delightful and I look forward to your blog each morning! I like the idea of a conference and I would love to bring my sister with me! Sounds fun!

  22. Hello 🙂
    I am new to your blog and I’m enjoying it very much. I’d be very interested in coming to a retreat but I’m a 11 hour drive from you 🙁
    I have a friend I’d like to come with me and if we could make it work I’d sure give it a try.

  23. Makeovers sounds like so much fun. Fashion shows, good food, visiting with like minded women, what’s not to like? Prizes of clothing. I know, I threw that last one in there. Clean run. No chip & Dale dancers for entertainment. ?
    I like your hair but I agree with Jennifer on another blog, you wear what makes you comfortable. I think that includes your hair style.

  24. I’d be interested in a retreat, but I’d have to fly from Denver, CO. I’d bring my BFF….we are retired so cost would be an issue. It sounds like so much fun! I loved your hair straight! The new do is very flattering too, but I agree the straight hair is more you!

  25. Love all the good information you share and especially your authenticity. I have learned a lot from following you. Have you watched the first episode of The Home Edit on Netflix? Reese Witherspoon is featured in that episode and her hair style is very similar to yours only a little longer. Maybe a little less curly but very soft. I love your hair both ways but feel it could be a little longer. Also might be your hair product that is making it crunchy. I have found that hair products vary so much. At any rate, enjoy some time off and know that you are beautiful both inside and out. Sending a virtual hug from TX!

  26. Kay,

    You look beautiful with straight and curly hair. Like many others, I prefer it straight. You are to be admired for trying a new style. When you didn’t like the upkeep as well, you have a positive attitude to decide you will return to the straight version, rather than complain about a mistake.

    There are many factors to consider in a retreat that I find confirming or not difficult. If you do plan one, however, I would be interested in proportion and body type. With your instructions, I analyzed myself. I would certainly like verification that my measurements and ideas were accurate.

    Thank you for your posts.

  27. Would love to attend a conference. Have a friend whose daughter lives in Ohio so could be possible we could attend and stay with her. Think your wavy hair was cute for a change but like your straight hair better. I have wavy hair and struggle to straighten it but you do an amazing job; so becoming on you.

  28. Ahh, this post was awesome! Thank you for your honesty, your humor and your wisdom! I was a PK and I appreciate what you shared about pastor’s wives and their children! I think it’s so neat you have the option of wearing your hair straight or wavy. I especially like your hair straight but the wavy version brings a happy and free vibe too. I would love to attend a retreat but I live in CO so the expense might be something I’d need to plan for. Would an on-line retreat be a possibility? I love your ideas!

  29. A conference would be AMAZING!! It would be so fabulous to participate with ladies from our VIP group!! The prospect is so very exciting!

  30. Hi Kay. I’m a new follower/subscriber and I’m enjoying getting to know you, your blog, your work. I would love to attend a retreat and have attended other influencers fashion/friendship/shopping retreats. I helped coordinate a couple of them. They are a lot of work, but so much fun. I also enjoyed reading about your experience as a pastor’s wife. I’m a pastor’s wife and can relate. Anyway, keep doing what you are doing and keep us posted on what you decide to do with the retreat.

  31. I would be interested in a retreat. I can easily travel to Cincinnati. My husband and I travel that way at least once a year to visit friends. He could visit his old friends while I’m at the retreat. One of his friends has a young lady that is already in this group…I would be sure to see if she and I could attend together.

  32. What a great post! And thank you for the recommendation for the daily devotional!
    A retreat would be so fun! Not sure if it would be an option for me, being from Canada. But nice to think about!
    Hope you are having a wonderful vacation!

  33. Kay, I really like the idea of a retreat because of your combined experience and focus on spirituality and fashion. It sounds like the kind of event that would allow me to make new friends, recharge and have fun.

  34. Hi Kay,

    Great post, and thank you for the information regarding pastor’s wives; I will keep that in mind as I interact with my pastor’s wife!

    I would be interested in a retreat. I’m in Michigan and I have a good friend in Cincinnati so I would bring her too!

    God bless you and I hope you’re enjoying your rest.

  35. The retreat you described sounds fabulous. It would be fun and interesting and informative to me and just the kind of thing I would really enjoy. I am guessing the cost would be prohibitive for me, I live in Arizona so travel might be an issue, have to wait and see. Other than the cost, I think I would definitely be in. I am sure, however, that lots of women in your area would love to participate and I hope you do it!

  36. Hi Kay, I was happy to read you are going back to your straight hair style. It actually makes you look younger! The curly hair was OK, but straighter hair looks better on you. Everyone has their own opinion, but I’m glad you’re changing back. I love all the tips you give us girls, plus all the great outfits you style. Thanks for helping older ladies dress more stylish :-).

  37. I recently found and started following your blog and I love your emphasis on fashion and faith. I live near Indianapolis and would be extremely interested in attending your conference in Cincinnati. I have several friends that would also be interested. If you should need any additional help with the conference, I am more than willing to assist!

  38. Holly and I were just messaging this morning how fun your retreat idea would be. We would love meeting our compadres on the FB group. I attend an authors’ retreat where we love to encourage one another, talk shop, be equipped and pray for one another. We also have seminars, sometimes on image and styling. In line with that, one fun activity we’ve done is an accessory swap, even an accessory “auction” with Monopoly money. Just a thought. Btw…Congratulations on the 1000 benchmark for your FB group!

    I’m glad you are going back to straight hair. Looks great on you. I usually wear mine curly, but I enjoy going back and forth. I do think straighter, simpler is more chic, kind of like wearing neutrals. I do it for business meetings or speaking. But your curls were a fun change for summer. For me, curlier is easier than straight.

    I hope your sojourn in Georgia has renewed and refreshed you somewhat. The Lord bless and keep you.

  39. Since I live in Cincinnati, I’d love to come for a retreat! I would probably bring a friend or two.

    I think with hair, you have todo what works for you And what you like! I loved it both ways,

  40. I’d love to come to a retreat, but the fact that I’d have to fly in from Europe, especially with the uncertainty of Covid in the upcoming months, would probably prevent my being able to attend. Still, if you do decide to go ahead with it, I’d like to know about it. Never say never! Thank you for your blog, your YouTube videos, your positivity and all the hard work you put into this for us.

  41. Kay,
    I love your idea for a mini-retreat! Before I would commit to anything right now, COVID has to be over and done with.
    However, if you decide to go ahead with it, keep the rest of your viewers in touch with everything. I love your blog and videos!
    Thank you!