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Video: Fall & Winter Denim Guide for Women Over 50

September 16, 2020

Greetings! Is it beginning to feel like fall in your neck of the woods? I’m still visiting in Georgia, but both here and at home in Cincinnati, the temperatures are beginning to fall. So today’s a great day to share my Fall & Winter Denim Guide for Women Over 50.

Fall & Winter Denim Guide

Because I’m {supposed to be} on vacation right now, I’ll keep this short and sweet today. But I do want to provide you with lots of goodies. So after you watch today’s video (which is a little lengthy, I must confess!), be sure to scroll down to grab your goodies. While I usually reserve such details charts as these for my subscribers, I’m giving them to everyone today. But be sure to subscribe to my weekly or daily emails in order to keep getting these and more valuable freebies.

Watch the Video

The video player may not load here today because this video is a little long (Sorry about that. I’m trying to get them shorter in the future. Hang with me! I’m still learning.). So you may need to click on either the image or the link to watch today’s video on YouTube.

Watch the video here.

Watch today’s video HERE. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel while you’re there.

Check out the Freebies!

A denim guide for women over 50 wouldn’t be complete without some helpful take-aways. You can pin the following graphics to Pinterest or Facebook. You can also take a screenshot of them or save them as images on your phone or other device.

Things to Consider When Choosing Denim

First up, here’s my chart that provides suggested inseams for various heights. However, your preferred inseam could vary depending on your body proportions. So it’s still wise to measure for yourself.

Denim inseams by height and style
Turn your phone sideways to save this image with a screenshot or image save.

Here’s another image to keep handy. This one explains the difference between the most popular rises.

Denim Rise

What Shoes to Wear with Various Styles of Denim

These are the shoe styles I suggest wearing with the various styles of denim. The shoes pictured are simply the ones I own and are only examples of the types of shoes. You choose shoes within those categories that work best for you…for your personal style and your preferences.

I’m also providing shopping widgets for each type of jean below the corresponding graphic.

With skinny jeans wear…

Shoes to Wear with Skinny Jeans
Cate skinny jeans (more economical option) // mules (no longer in sand suede) similar mules // nude pumps // sneakers (similar and more economical) // nude flats // suede booties // suede sandal heels // knee high boots // python print pointed toe loafers

With straight leg jeans wear…

Pinterest Straight Leg Jeans
Marilyn Straight Leg Jeans (darker wash) // mules (no longer in sand suede) similar mules // nude pumps // nude flats // suede booties // suede sandal heels // sneakers (similar and more economical) // suede wedge sneakers // python print pointed toe loafers

With bootcut or flare leg jeans wear…

Shoes to Wear with Bootcut Jeans
bootcut jeans // mules (no longer in sand suede) similar mules // nude flats // nude pumps // sock bootie // suede sandal heels // python print pointed toe loafers

With wide leg jeans wear…

Shoes to Wear with Wide Leg Jeans
wide leg crop jeans // nude pumps // mules (no longer in sand suede) similar mules // nude flats // suede sandal heels // sneakers (similar and more economical) // python print pointed toe loafers // sock bootie

With boyfriend and girlfriend jeans wear…

Shoes to Wear with Girlfriend or Boyfriend Jeans
Wit & Wisdom Girlfriend Jeans (similar option) // nude pumps // mules (no longer in sand suede) similar mules // nude flats // python print pointed toe loafers // sneakers (similar and more economical)

With straight leg crop jeans wear…

Shoes to Wear with Straight Leg Crop Jeans
straight crop jeans // nude pumps // mules (no longer in sand suede) similar mules // nude flats // python print pointed toe loafers // sneakers (similar and more economical) // sock bootie

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Did you benefit from today’s denim guide for women over 50? I hope you’ll share it, too. Thanks so much for dropping in!

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Fall & Winter Denim Guide

Blessed for My Day

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14 thoughts on “Video: Fall & Winter Denim Guide for Women Over 50

  1. Great information! Thank you for taking the time to collect and post all of this. I am new to your blog and you tube (I have subscribed!), and I have enjoyed all that I have read or watched.

  2. Wonderful information. Have a great weekend. Have you ever posted what you wore on a girls trip. We are planning a Michigan fall color tour and wine tasting in October. It will be chilly and would love your thoughts on a few different mix and match items for a trip like this. We are renting a house because so much is still closed in Michigan.

  3. Wow Kay!!! What a comprehensive and much appreciated post— and I haven’t even popped onto YouTube yet. Thank you so much. That relaxing vacation time is so well deserved. Enjoy your family and friends.

  4. Such a wealth of information! Thanks for showing us the ins and outs of jeans. I am a blue jean lady for sure.
    Thanks for BFMD. Also, I have to tell you that I am enjoying your bible study of Joseph. I started at Week O as a refresher of sorts and am just about through Week One. Numberless blessings so far. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Enjoy this special time with family and friends!

  5. Hi Kay! There is so much great information packed in your video & post! I’m sure I will refer back to it! And I am always blessed by what you share in “Blessed for My Day”! I love that part too!
    Whenever I buy jeans I always take note of the rear pocket placement. In fact I just returned an otherwise super cute girlfriend jean from the Nordstrom sale because I felt the pockets were too low & made my bum look wider! Yikes!
    I really appreciate your posts & videos!
    Thank you!

  6. Kay, hope you are enjoying your GA family time, which you definitely deserve. Wish you could have totally vacationed with no blog responsibilities, This blog is a tremendous amount of work, especially for one person. (I know because a team and I produced two online publications weekly when I worked.) You do provide a wealth of information, I am learning and simultaneously inspired. Thank you for all the effort, time, research that you give to us, your readers daily.

  7. Thanks so much for the info. I have a pair of the full leg jeans and now I and more confident with shoe choice. I love the blue sweater you had on in the video. Please share the brand with me. Thank you.

  8. This is really helpful info, thank you for putting it all in one place. Also, as a petite girl I really appreciate that you address all shapes and sizes in your posts. Question: what is the prevailing thought on cuffing jeans to get the correct length? Thanks!

  9. Enjoyed all the insight. Thank you.
    I am a 5’1” pear shaped and struggle with the pocket placement on the bum making the back view not so attractive. ?. Do you have suggestions on how to judge that or brands that do it well?

    1. Look for smaller but not tiny pockets and generally you want them higher rather than low. Unfortunately I haven’t found a brand that ALWAYS gets it right. But I’ve usually had good luck with Talbots jeans.

  10. Great info! Thank you so much I love your blog and you’ve been helping me navigate my way through fashion for the mature woman. I adore the light pink or lilac colored v neck sweater with a slight puff to the sleeves. Will you please tell me the brand or where I can order one? Thank you.

    1. Hi Jessica. I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog and videos. Thanks for letting me know. I love that sweater too. I bought it during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale when it was 40% off. So here’s the link, but be prepared… it’s quite pricey! But it is lovely and soft and one I will definitely wear frequently and for years. ?