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Our April 2022 Favorites

May 5, 2022

I like to look back through my photos and think through my purchases at the end of each month and consider what I really enjoyed and used or wore the most. Not only is it fun to share this information with you, but this analysis helps me refine my personal style and build a better wardrobe and makeup drawer. I also like to share the top purchases by my blog readers and YouTube viewers. This helps me see what really resonates with you. So today I’m sharing our April 2022 favorites.

Our April 2022 Favorites Cover

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

My April 2022 Favorites

The graphic below is actually shoppable. That means if you click on the photos below you will be directed to the store website where you can immediately learn more and purchase the item. (Only the City Beauty City Lips is not shoppable in the image.) So if you see things you’re interested in right away, don’t hesitate to click through and shop away! But I’ll also share a little about each item below.

We’ll start in the top left hand corner of the graphic below and work our way through my April 2022 favorites.

V-Neck Soft Crinkle Gauze Popover // I’ve enjoyed wearing the tea rose Soft Crinkle Gauze Popover frequently this spring. It works nicely with jeans or chinos. It’s truly comfortable and so easy to wear. It’s quite roomy, but I’d say it runs true to size.

How I Dressed Tuesday
V-Neck Soft Crinkle Gauze Popover // For more shopping details see the original post.

J.Crew Collared Silk Blend Sweater // Well this is no surprise to anyone who has been around Dressed for My Day much this spring. I have three of these polo style knit tops – wild hibiscus, dusty shell and black – and I love them all. They’re perfect with the fuller leg pants we are wearing these days, but they also work very nicely with dresses. I find them to run true to size. Right now they are 50% off with code SHOPNOW. Sizes come and go in the three different colors, so check back if they don’t have your size in a color you’d like.

Versatile Spring Style Formula
J.Crew Collared Silk Blend Sweater // For more shopping details see the original post.

Georgia Peaches graphic t-shirt // You know I’m a Georgia peach through and through, so I hopped at it when I saw this darling Georgia Peaches graphic t-shirt at J.Crew Factory. It’s marked down and still available. Perfect with jeans or denim shorts. They have other graphics in these shirts, too.

Georgia Peaches graphic t-shirt // For more shopping details see the original post.

Billie Women’s Razor Kit // It’s the little things, y’all! It’s crazy, but I feel so good knowing that I have finally settled on a shaver. And especially one for which the replacement razors don’t cost an arm and a leg. Ha! This Razor gives such a smooth shave, and I love the magnetic holder that it comes with. It’s easy to attach to your wall or shower stall. All of the Billie Razor essentials cost less than $10 each.

Shaver and Whip
Billie Women’s Razor Kit // Shave Cream sold separately // Learn more in this video.

Tory Burch Eau de Parfum Spray // I picked up this fresh scent when I was in Nordstrom earlier in the month, and I’ve been wearing it ever since. I don’t change scents very often, so this was a big thing for me. I think it’s perfect for spring and summer, very light “peony and tuberose blend with crisp citrus notes of grapefruit and neroli, anchored by earthy vetiver.” It’s pricey, but a bottle of perfume usually lasts me close to a year or more.

Tory Burch Eau de Parfum Spray

City Beauty City Lips // City Beauty recently sent me several products to try and their noteworthy City Lips is one of them. I’ve been applying this lip-plumping gloss each day as I begin applying my makeup. Then by the time I apply my lipstick my lips truly are plumped. Amazing! Not only that, it’s making my lips softer and my lipstick goes on beautifully over it. You can also reapply over lipstick, too. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my lipcolor lately, but I know it’s not really the color of my lipstick that is looking good. It’s my fuller lips. You can use code KAY15 to get 15% off your order at City Beauty. They have lots of other great products, too, and I’ll be sharing more in an upcoming video.

Carson VP Series Compact Binoculars // I mentioned these high definition Compact Binoculars in a recent Coffee with Kay post. Oh, and I also shared them in this Let’s Go Outside post. I mostly use them here at home so I can watch the birds in my own backyard. But I also enjoyed using them recently at our nearby nature center. They’re lightweight, easy to adjust and have a wide field of vision, 8x power (for less shakiness) and a lens size that allows more light for early morning and evening viewing.

Let's Go Outside
Carson VP Series Compact Binoculars // See the original post for more details.

Let’s Go Outside Graphic Cotton Tee // I actually purchased this Let’s Go Outside Graphic Cotton Tee last summer or fall, but Madewell has restocked it this spring. I wore it recently when we visited the nature center. But I’ve enjoyed wearing this positive-vibes t-shirt for months. It’s great with jeans, but you can also pair it with black denim shorts or black chinos.

Let's Go Outside!
Let’s Go Outside Graphic Cotton Tee // See the original post for details.

Naturalizer Gen N Stroll Slide Sandals // I actually have these Naturalizer Gen N Stroll Slide Sandals in the birchwood and the black. They are amazingly comfortable and easy to walk in. They are turning out to be my favorite at-home shoes for sure. But I’ve enjoyed wearing these neutral slides out and about, too. They run true to size and also come in a pretty pale honey. Naturalizers are always a good idea! Below I’m wearing them with a pretty dress in this recent post. You can see me wearing the black ones in the photo above with the pink popover.

Pink Dress
Naturalizer Gen N Stroll Slide Sandals // See the original post for more details.

Kate Spade woven canvas satchel // Since I had added a good bit of navy to my wardrobe for spring, I thought it would be smart to have a navy handbag. Sure enough I’ve probably used this Kate Spade woven canvas satchel more than any of my other spring purses. It’s a nice size for carrying all of my essentials without getting loaded down. And it is a little dressier, so I tend to use it mostly with nicer outfits. It does have a crossbody strap, too. I just never use it. And right now the Kate Spade woven canvas satchel is 40% off.

Kate Spade Satchel
Kate Spade woven canvas satchel // See the original post for details.

Naturalizer Kerry Sandals // I’ve always had a thing for Naturalizer sandals, honestly. So I couldn’t resist these classic age bourbon colored Naturalizer Kerry Sandals. True to their reputation, these Naturalizer Sandals are also very comfortable. I think they look so classic with jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses. They’re also available in a couple of snake print textures. They also come in medium and wide sizes.

How I Dressed Thursday
Naturalizer Kerry Sandals // Learn more details in this Snapshot.

I think all that’s left is three pairs of pants!

Natural Modern Ankle Jeans // Natural color jeans are really trending this year. In fact, I’d go out on a limb and say they look more modern and current than white jeans this year. And I really like the straight but slim silhouette of these Natural Modern Ankle Jeans from Talbots. I do find that Talbots’ modern ankle jeans fit a little trimmer than some of their other lines, so take that into consideration. And they don’t have a curvy fit in them either. But I do wear my TTS 8 in these Natural Modern Ankle Jeans and they work well for me. Through Sunday, May 8, you can get one full price item at Talbots for 40% off with code MOM. Everything else will be 30% off.

Tonal Outfit
Natural Modern Ankle Jeans // Learn more details in the original post.

Stovepipe Pants // I was admittedly skeptical about these Stovepipe Pants when I saw them in the catalog. They looked like they might be stiff and hard to enjoy wearing. But I was wrong. These high waisted pants have just enough Spandex to make them very comfortable, but not so much as to stretch out with wear. I think they have a trim silhouette, despite the fashionably fuller leg. They come in a few other colors and are 30% off right now (or 40% off with code MOM if they’re you’re highest priced item in your cart).

Stovepipe Pants // See the Snapshot for more shopping details.

Loft High Rise Straight Crop Jeans in Light Authentic Indigo Wash // I came home from the Loft Fitting Room session with these straight crop jeans. They are soft and have a nice amount of stretch. But, I suppose more importantly, they have a modern slim but straight silhouette. They’re just a nice jean at a very good price. They had basically sold out when I posted the Loft try-on session, but they have evidently restocked. Yay! These jeans come in regular and curvy fit, and they have petite sizes, too.

What I wore Monday
Loft High Rise Straight Crop Jeans in Light Authentic Indigo Wash // See the original post for details.

So those are my favorite items for April 2022. Let me know if you have any questions about them.

Your April 2022 Favorites

Next up I like to share the items that have been the most frequently purchased here and at my YouTube channel. Honestly, I can’t know for sure that these items were purchased. But I do know how many times people clicked through them and then subsequently made purchases. And these are in such high numbers that I think it’s pretty safe to say that many of those purchases were indeed these exact items.

The graphic below is shoppable.

Well, no surprises here! Your favorites are often my favorites, too. You ladies purchased so many of the J.Crew Collared Silk Blend Sweaters that I’m truly surprised they have any left. But they do! And they’re 50% off with code SHOPNOW (or at least they were when I wrote this on Wednesday). I hope you are enjoying yours as much as I am mine.

You also love the casual linen blazer from Talbots as much as I do. I didn’t list it as one of my favorites only because it is so low in stock and my favorite color, the beige shown above, is basically sold out. Well, of course it is. You bought them! There are still some casual linen blazers left in other pretty colors, by the way. And you purchased the newer white linen blazer, too. Right now is the time to purchase these spendier items since you can now get one full price item for 40% off at Talbots with code MOM.

And finally readers and viewers purchased a lot of the demi boot pants. These come in three colors; I have the black. But I’ve been eyeing those ivory demi boot pants, too!

I’d love to hear from you if you purchased anything at all through Dressed for My Day. Let me know if it worked for you…or not. And thank you so much for shopping through my links and supporting my work in that way.

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Blessed for My Day

Some days I make the mistake of getting on my computer or phone first thing. That’s just not a wise idea for me. I’ve found I operate a lot better if the first voice I hear in the morning is the Lord’s and the first one I speak to is the same. If I read an email or comment or text first thing in the morning I’m likely to let it penetrate too deep and set the tone for my day. It’s better for me to allow my conversation with God to set the tone.

Do you have a quiet time with your Maker first thing? You might want to give that a try, if not. It certainly helps me to process the rest of my day better. Spending time in the Bible and prayer first thing in the morning helps me to respond more kindly to difficult conversations, give grace more freely to others and see the situations that arise through God’s eyes.

In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before You and wait in expectation. ~ Psalm 5:3

xoxo, Kay
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  1. Thank you for your BFMDs. I also need to start my day with scripture reading. It helps me to draw my focus to the Lord and gives me time to start my day being thankful to him and more likely to hear his voice during the day–quiets my spirit, I think. God bless you. –Janie

    1. I have the clear right now. They’ve sent me other colors but I haven’t received them yet.

  2. Loving your posts and suggestions! Right now awaiting arrival of those Loft jeans— they look perfect on you 😊.
    Have a blessed day!

  3. I tried the SHOPNOW code for the polo and it was declined, said that was only for sale items.

    1. Yeah, I guess it was included yesterday but not today. Sorry about that. It seems to change daily.

  4. Good morning Kay,,,,I trust you have had the most fabulous weekend.
    How do you know what is a good graphic t shirt? I see masses and masses of tshirts in the shops,but I never know which would be a good buy!
    Thanks x