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Spring Loft Fitting Room Session

April 26, 2022

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! Today I’m taking you into the fitting room with me to try some spring styles at Loft. They’re starting a Friends & Family Event tomorrow at Loft. But Loft All Rewards cardholders AND Loft Loyalty members have early access NOW. That means you can get 40% off your purchase (they do have some exclusions) by signing in and using code FRIENDS. Join me for my spring Loft fitting room session.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

As is often the case when I do these fitting room sessions at the stores, I tried on a few things that are either no longer available or they are available but they’re excluded from the Friends & Family 40% off. Unfortunately I have no way of knowing this intel when I’m in the store trying things on. So I apologize for any frustration that may cause. But I will do my best to suggest substitutes for sold out garments.

While I do enjoy the price point and the overall casual vibe of the clothing at Loft, I do sometimes find that some of their styles are a little too youthful for me. I think that is very much a personal call, so you may be able to wear things beautifully that look a little silly on me. Not only am I 58 years old, but I’m also 5’8″ and sometimes my height makes me look a little awkward in some clothing. You’ll see what I mean when we get there. Anyhow, let’s get on with the fitting room session.


I weigh about 155 on a good day and I’m holding steady so far at 5’8″ tall. I have a pear or hourglass shape and balanced proportions. That’s just to give you reference when you’re looking to see how these items fit on me.

I generally wear size 8 in tops, bottoms and dresses. But I sometimes wear the curvy fit size 8 if they are available. I generally wear a medium in all of those pieces, too. So unless I tell you otherwise, those are the sizes I’m wearing. I’ll also alert you if something runs small or large; otherwise, assume it runs true to size. That way I can focus on other factors.

ONE MORE THING…in all the photos I’m wearing my Naturalizer Kerry Sandals, my Kendra Scott Addie gold drop earrings, my Kendra Scott Elisa gold and silver pendant, and my Nordgreen Infinity watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off). My bracelets are all recent purchases from Talbots, but they are now sold out.

Monroe Chino Short 6″ Inseam // I tried on the Monroe Chino Short 6″ Inseam in my true size 8 and they work really nicely. I don’t wear shorts every day during the summer, but I definitely like to have a few pair in my drawer. The Monroe Chino Short 6″ Inseam are 97% cotton and 3% Spandex, so they feel really nice on. I definitely prefer this 6″ inseam, especially for my height. These shorts come in nine colors and a full range of sizes, including petite and curvy.

Loft Fitting Room Photo 3
Monroe Chino Short 6″ Inseam // Linen Split Neck Tank // Scalloped Pointelle V-Neck Cardigan

Linen Split Neck Tank // Honestly I’m not sure if this is the whisper white in this Linen Split Neck Tank or not. It looked more beige or ecru to me. But they don’t list such a color, so maybe this is the whisper white. It certainly isn’t the lemon rind. So either this color sold out, or this is the whisper white. But then again, Loft’s whisper white is usually a true white. Boy, I’m starting this fitting room post off with a bang. Ha! At any rate! It runs a little large. Above I’m wearing a medium, but below I have on a small and it fits better. I do like the linen fabric, but it is a bit sheer, too. It comes in other colors that look a little less sheer.

Linen Split Neck Tank // Scalloped Pointelle V-Neck Cardigan // Monroe Slim Chino Pants

Scalloped Pointelle V-Neck Cardigan //I love the dainty weave of this Scalloped Pointelle V-Neck Cardigan. I think it’s really nice for an office cardigan. It fits true to size and also is available in a soft lemon rind and navy. You’ll see it several more times.

Monroe Slim Chino Pants // As might be expected, the Monroe Slim Chino Pants fit very much like the Monroe Chino Shorts. I really wanted to get these relaxed fit slim cut Chino Pants, but they weren’t on sale the day I was in the store. Now I’m looking at the nine colors they come in to decide which ones to get. They come in a full range of sizes, including curvy, petite and tall. These are very comfortable ankle length chinos.

Monroe Slim Chino Pants // Marled Short Sleeve V-Neck Cardigan

Marled Short Sleeve V-Neck Cardigan // You could undoubtedly wear this Marled Short Sleeve V-Neck Cardigan open over a tank or button up like a pullover. It fits true to size and also comes in a sapphire blue. Unfortunately this Marled Short Sleeve V-Neck Cardigan is listed as a sneak preview and seems to be exempt from the Friends & Family deal. I do think it shows up a little brighter in my photo than it really is. But I also don’t think the Marled Short Sleeve V-Neck Cardigan is as pale as the one in the website photo either. I think this is a great top to have on hand if you enjoy wearing fuller leg trousers in the spring and summer.

Marled Short Sleeve V-Neck Cardigan // High Rise Straight Crop Jeans in Light Authentic Indigo Wash // Seersucker blazer is sold out 🙁

High Rise Straight Crop Jeans in Light Authentic Indigo Wash // I’m wearing my true size 8/29 in these High Rise Straight Crop Jeans and they fit and feel great. I love the raw hem and the mid wash. (I know they call them a light wash, but I’d say they’re more mid wash.) And I appreciate that these don’t have any significant distressing. I’m okay with a little distressing or even holes, but I do love it when I can find a good pair of jeans without. Unfortunately these are about sold out. I’ve noticed Loft jeans go fast. Maybe they don’t produce a lot of any one style? But they do have the similar High Rise Straight Crop Jeans In Rich Mid Indigo Wash in a few additional sizes (as I write this post).

I’m sorry to report that the seersucker blazer I’m wearing above is sold out. When I realized this I did grab another blazer to try on with a few things. You’ll see it a little further down. But I also recommend checking out their Chambray Long Modern Blazer. It’s versatile, well-stocked and included in the sale.

Polo Sweater Tank in Bright Goldfinch // High Rise Straight Crop Jeans in Light Authentic Indigo Wash // Seersucker blazer is sold out 🙁

I’m going to continue to show items with that seersucker blazer because I want you to see how I would style them. For instance I actually purchased the Polo Sweater Tank and High Rise Straight Crop Jeans above, and I wore them yesterday with my white linen blazer (that I shared in yesterday’s blog post).

Polo Sweater Tank in Bright Goldfinch // I was surprised at how much I liked this sleeveless top. It isn’t quite as soft and luxurious as the J.Crew silk blend polo I’ve been raving about, but it does fit like that top – close to the body but not tight at all. This one is 79% Cotton 18% Nylon 3% Spandex and machine washable. They also have two similar striped polo sweater tanks. I’m wearing my usual medium.

High Rise Straight Crop Jeans in Light Authentic Indigo Wash // Meet Me In Capri Everyday Crew Tee

Meet Me In Capri Everyday Crew Tee // If you want to incorporate a little trending yellow into your wardrobe without overdoing it, you might enjoy this embroidered tee. It fits true to size and works great with jeans or shorts. And I especially like how it works under a jacket.

High Rise Straight Crop Jeans in Light Authentic Indigo Wash // Meet Me In Capri Everyday Crew Tee // Blazer sold out

Striped Modern Blazer // Here’s where I shifted to another blazer, having realized that the seersucker one was sold out online. Unfortunately the Striped Modern Blazer I chose is not included in the Friends & Family deal. Wa domp womp. But it does fit true to size, although very relaxed fit. And it is a nice blazer for spring and summer. It would certainly be versatile.

High Rise Straight Crop Jeans in Light Authentic Indigo Wash // Everyday V-Neck Tee in Peach Parfait // Striped Modern Blazer

Everyday V-Neck Tee in Peach Parfait // I’ve long appreciated Loft’s tees, and this Everyday V-Neck Tee in Peach Parfait is a sweet one. I like the wide rim around the v-neck and the 100% cotton fabric and the shirttail hemline. This tee runs true to size; I’m wearing a medium. It comes in ten colors at varying prices.

High Rise Straight Crop Jeans in Light Authentic Indigo Wash // Everyday Crew Tee in lemon rind // Striped Modern Blazer

Everyday Crew Tee in lemon rind // Again, I really like Loft tees. They are a little on the sheer side, but not terribly so. I feel comfortable in them. This Everyday Crew Tee in lemon rind is a nice nod to the yellow trend without going so bright. The Everyday Crew Tee runs true to size and comes in a wide variety of colors.

Speaking of yellow, let’s return momentarily to the Polo Sweater Tank in Bright Goldfinch so I can show you some other pants I tried with it. Remember, these close fitting tops are best for wide leg trousers in order to keep proportions pleasing to the eye. If you wear something loose and flowy below it’s smart to wear something trim and fitted above…and vice versa.

Polo Sweater Tank in Bright Goldfinch // Paperbag Taper Pants // Scalloped Pointelle V-Neck Cardigan

Paperbag Taper Pants // If you enjoy wearing paperbag silhouette pants – and I know that not everyone does – these are good ones. They run true to size and feel good on. They have an elasticized waistband in the back, sit high at a 12 7/8″ rise and feature a 27″ inseam for a true ankle length on me. These are in seaside sand, so I think they’d be very versatile. I know that these pants are not for everyone, but if you have a defined waist or if you have an inverted triangle shape, these pants could be a great purchase for you. Of course if you have a short torso you’ll want to steer clear of anything this high.

These next pants, however, are a definite “no” in my book.

Pull On Wide Leg Pants // Polo Sweater Tank in Bright Goldfinch

Pull On Wide Leg Pants // These Pull On Wide Leg Pants have that same 12 3/8″ rise, so maybe I’m not wearing them high enough. I have a defined waist, but these certainly don’t accentuate it…at least not where I’m wearing them. And I just don’t recall them wanting to sit much higher. I love having a pair of fuller leg linen pants in my closet for summer. But I just don’t think these are the ones to fit that bill. I feel like they are poorly designed.

Linen Split Neck Tank // Emory Wide Leg Pants in soft moss

Emory Wide Leg Pants in soft moss // While I might could pull off wearing the paperbag pants two above, I also don’t think these Emory Wide Leg Pants are for me. However, I see other women wearing similar pants and looking great. So if these flowy wide leg pants are your bag, these are some good ones. I love the soft 100% Lyocell fabric. They also have a very high waist and a 27″ inseam. But these Emory Wide Leg Pants also come in petite and tall sizes. And they’re available in two other colors, too.

Now let’s shift to dresses. Here’s where I generally run into trouble with Loft because their dresses run short. I chose the longer ones that I could find to try on, so just keep in mind that I left a lot of shorter dresses hanging on the racks.

Striped Sweatshirt Pocket Tee Dress

Striped Sweatshirt Pocket Tee Dress // I really like the functionality and ease of this sweatshirt dress. By the way, don’t be fooled by the name. It doesn’t fee heavy like a sweatshirt to me. It feels like a t-shirt dress. It’s black and white, so you could pair it with a colored jacket or sweater. But I’d probably wear it with a denim jacket. It runs true to size.

Scalloped Stripe Double V Flounce Dress

Scalloped Stripe Double V Flounce Dress // I also like the ease of this Scalloped Stripe Double V Flounce Dress. It also fits true to size. It has a v-neckline in the front and back. I don’t think it looks great on me alone, but I would undoubtedly wear it most with my denim jacket, as shown above. I think a pairing like this is great for a casual date night. Add some metallic sandals, white sneakers or espadrilles.

Shimmer Clip Ruffle Tie Neck Dress // While I think this Shimmer Clip Ruffle Tie Neck Dress is a darling dress, it’s just not for me. This is the kind of dress that I think is just to young for me. It doesn’t feel authentic on me. But I know for a fact that some of my readers would look lovely and feel beautiful in this simple Shimmer Clip Ruffle Tie Neck Dress. It does run true to size and is very comfortable.

Shimmer Clip Ruffle Tie Neck Dress // Chambray Ruffle Sleeve Crossover Dress

Chambray Ruffle Sleeve Crossover Dress // On the other hand, I don’t think anyone needs to buy this Chambray Ruffle Sleeve Crossover Dress. In my opinion it’s a fail, not because the idea doesn’t have potential. But because the dress is just designed wrong. It gapes open and doesn’t lay right at all. I tried two sizes and one fit no better than the other. It just doesn’t work.

But denim dresses are really trending this year, and Loft has several. I wanted to try this Chambray Midi Pocket Shirtdress, but they didn’t have it in my size. In fact, it’s almost sold out. And I can see why.

Chambray Button Flare Dress

Chambray Button Flare Dress // So my only other option was this Chambray Button Flare Dress. It’s a little short for my taste, especially in this particular silhouette. I don’t mind an above the knee dress if it fits close to my body. But a fuller dress that is this short makes me feel a little exposed. Know what I mean? But if you’re shorter than my 5’8″ this dress might be a great option. It feel comfortable TTS and the waistline is quite slenderizing.

So that’s a wrap! Loft always has so much more to choose from online than they do in the stores. So definitely head over and peruse the offerings. I’ve added a few of my favorites to the shopping widget below, which contains all the items I’ve shared here today.

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9 thoughts on “Spring Loft Fitting Room Session

  1. I liked the olive slim chino pants on you and the bright pink sweater top. I like pinks, blues and creams, beiges on you. Do not care for the bright yellow at all, I did like the soft yellow and white
    stripped tee though. Really nice. The wide leg and paper bag pants I did not care for, not a good fit or maybe it was the way they were tailored like you said. Most of the dresses because of the
    fit or length, style. I do think their dresses are for the real young girls. The button up denim dress looked really good on you though. Very nice. Their parent company Ann Taylor, is more for over
    50, I think. Again just my opinion. Have a blessed day.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Sherry. Honestly, when I do these in store try on sessions I’m really thinking more of my readers than myself. I try to try on things that I wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself but that my readers might be interested in. And then I try to give helpful assessments that will help them shop. So yeah, o definitely tried on a few things that don’t really work for me or my wardrobe. Thanks so much for reading. 🥰

  2. Love the Capri tee! I returned last week from a cruise and our visit to Naples was so busy we didn’t get to take the boat to Capri. I just ordered this tee as a promise to myself to go back. The lemon color is so perfect as they are crazy about lemons in Naples. I had little time for shopping but I did grab a bag of their famous sour lemon drops and hubby and I downed the whole bag on the long flight home.

  3. I so appreciate the try on haul! And just in time for the sale. That is great. I also appreciate you sharing your height. All those things help me make decisions for ordering online. I am always reading your descriptions on items as that helps me. I enjoy getting a few new things each season and I try to pick wisely that it will be something I would wear a lot because I enjoy it and it fits my body and the clothes already in my wardrobe.

  4. Thanks for sharing so many nice pieces with us! I hope that your day has been a good one. Oh, I’d love to see pink dogwoods.

  5. Kay, you look gorgeous in shorts, and the orange cardigan is very flattering.
    I really relate to your message in BFMD. Thank you.