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Coffee with Kay – April, 2022

Coffee Time with Kay
May 2, 2022

Welcome to our monthly coffee time here at Dressed for My Day. I try to host these chatty conversations on the final day of the month, but as April drew to a close I needed to get in a few time-sensitive posts. So we’re kicking off the first Monday of May with April’s Coffee with Kay. I’ll spill the beans about ten things going on in my life recently, and then I invite you to join the conversation in the comments section. I won’t reply to every comment (because it’s your turn to talk!) unless you ask me a direct question. But I absolutely read every remark you leave and enjoy them so very much. Get yourself something good to drink and let’s chat!

Coffee with Kay - April, 2022
my dress

By the way, the photo above was not taken at my home. We took that photo at a nearby historic site. No one was there at the time, so I took full advantage of the porch and pretended to be hosting. Ha!

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#1 – Well, obviously the wedding…

If I’m not thinking about work or church these days, I’m working on, planning, mulling over or adding to-do items to my daughter’s upcoming wedding. She and Andrew will tie the knot on Sunday, May 15th, less than two weeks away.

I’m a little nervous about a few details coming together. For instance, when Abby checked with the seamstress Friday she still had not begun her alterations. What?!?! So yeah, that’s a little disconcerting since she was supposed to have the dress to us two weeks before the wedding. Now she says it will be ready this Friday. But Abigail and I both are choosing to trust that it will be done. We’ll worry about it Friday if it’s not, but until then we’re chill.

And more importantly I’m just praying that everyone stays well between now and then, so that everyone who plans to be there can indeed show up for the big event. We would love beautiful spring weather, but we’re more concerned about travel safety and health. We have a lovely celebration planned, and I know it is going to be so very special.

#2 – And that’s why I bought a new MOB dress.

Yes, about 10 days ago I purchased a new dress (as in different from the dress I purchased two months ago). I just hadn’t been completely comfortable with the one I originally purchased. Unfortunately, as you may remember, I’d already had it altered. Plus it had expired its return date anyhow. So I have to eat that cost. But I just had to follow my gut on this one.

The first dress was off the shoulder, and I just never could get comfortable with that. It’s an absolutely lovely dress; but it wasn’t my dress. I actually dreaded wearing it. But now I have a dress that, while still sleeveless, is exactly what I set out to find to begin with. It looks festive and Spring-like and feminine, but also very afternoon appropriate. I’m so excited to wear it. And I’m excited to show it to you soon, too!

#3 – Here’s what I’ve been working on for the wedding.

Abigail and Andrew have really done most of the legwork on this wedding. But I did say that I would make the ribbon wands for the couple’s departure. It’s quite common these days for wedding guests to use these simple but pretty ribbon wands to wave at the happy couple as they head off for their honeymoon instead of throwing birdseed or lighting sparklers or blowing bubbles, all which incur cleanup fees.

A reader asked to see the wands, so here’s a photo of a finished one.

Stream 1

You can’t really see them all there, but each wand actually has 5 ribbons and a bell. I ordered all the supplies from The Brides Made Shop on Etsy and it was a worthy purchase. The ribbons were all precut and everything was organized like a kit with easy-to-follow directions. It took a little practice to learn how to put them together, and I’m not sure mine look as pretty as the sample. But I’m quite pleased with them, and I’d highly recommend purchasing a DIY Wedding Wand Kit as opposed to trying to buy all the supplies yourself. Here’s what they will look like when waved…

Stream 2

#4 – The other big thing on my mind this month…

has been this website. Oy! I’ve absolutely loved working with the folks at SmashCreative. They’ve been very professional, timely and gracious. I love what they designed for the refresh and I’m so very happy with all the new features here at Dressed for My Day. But those few days when everything was down and the blog was running painfully slow…wow…that about did me in. I was a wreck.

I likened it all to sending out invitations to all your friends to come to an open house, making scrumptious food and cleaning everything up to a tee…then getting locked out of your home just minutes before everyone is supposed to arrive. And you’re wearing your bathrobe! Ha!

As it turned out they tell me the website was under some kind of massive cyber attack just as we were trying to go live with the new site. Hmm. Well, either way it’s over. We’re back in business and things are getting ironed out. I still have a few details to talk with my project manager about today, but for the most part I feel good about things.

I do hope you’re enjoying the new site and learning your way around. We do have new features here, so be sure take some time to start at the home page and scroll down and click on things. I know change is hard for some, but I believe in keeping up with the times, especially when it comes to things like technology. So the more you learn your way around here, the more I believe you’ll like it.

#5 – So God has been reminding me of this truth.

James reminded us in his sermon yesterday that it’s often in our hardest times that we turn back to God and begin to focus on truth with more concentration. That was definitely true for me during that difficult week as my new website went live. God reminded me…

“My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”

2 Corinthians 12:9

That scripture has helped me to stay grounded this past month. I’ve tried to begin each day acknowledging that God would supply everything I needed for it…whatever it held. And indeed, His grace has been sufficient for me.

#6 – What I’ve been reading…

In an additional attempt to curb my stress level, I’ve been trying to read a little before falling asleep at night. I’m enjoying reading Francine River’s The Masterpiece. I don’t think I’m even halfway through it quite yet. I read pretty slowly…on purpose. And I only read maybe a chapter each night. But I’m enjoying it, so I thought I’d share.

#7 – Speaking of bedtime…

I don’t have a photo to share, but I did want to tell you about the new pajamas I’ve been anxiously changing into each evening. They’re a little pricey, but this organic cotton jersey sleep top and matching floral sleep pants wear like a dream. I also got the coordinating sleep shorts and robe. These are the softest, sweetest pajamas I’ve ever had. Love! And they are included in Talbots’ Friends & Family Event, which ends today. So they are 30% off.

#8 – What we’ve been eating…

Kind of circling back around to getting ready for the wedding…James and I have really been watching what we eating lately. He’s lost a good bit of weight and I’ve begun to feel much better, less achy. When I eat a lot of sugar or refined carbs I hurt all over. So I’ve felt really good as we’ve practiced healthier eating.

That said, the stinker (James, that is!) did order us a pizza delivery bag earlier this month. We love our pizza! And we both like our pizza hot. So James found us this delivery bag on Amazon.

Pizza Caddy
Pizza Caddy Delivery Bag

James picked this bag because you can fit two pizzas in it (no, we don’t buy two!), plus it has another compartment for a dessert or your plates and napkins. He also likes the handles on this one. I think this Pizza Caddy Delivery Bag makes a great high school graduation gift, Father’s Day gift or Christmas gift for a family or couple. Anyhow, we broke down and had a pizza Saturday night, and indeed, when James got home with our order we had warm pizza!

#9 – I’ll forgive James for wrecking my healthy eating streak because…

He has worked really hard to assemble us a great photography/videography studio in our basement. I thought I’d share a behind the scenes look with you.


He’s been using that dress form as a stand-in for me as he’s been getting the lighting just right. That’s not even a fraction of the equipment we have by the way. It takes a lot of lighting to make this old lady look pretty good. Ha! We’ll be working in the studio this afternoon taping this week’s video and getting some photos. But don’t worry. We’ll be recording in other places, too. We just needed this so we can make videos and take photographs on the fly.

#10 – Totally unrelated, but let me update you on my hair.

‘Cause that’s what girlfriends do, right? Anyhow you may know that I’ve stopped coloring my hair a little over a year ago. The intent is to go grey. But my hair is not really completely grey yet, as in I still have blond hair growing in. So it was just looking dull. And I wanted it shiny and pretty for the wedding.

So my hairdresser suggested we just add some highlights to the top. I think it made a big difference, and she says these highlights should be sufficient through the summer. See if you can tell the difference. Here’s my “how I really dressed for my day” photo from yesterday.

Bangs and Highlights

Ooh! Did you see what else I did? I had her cut my bangs back in. I just like bangs. They hide my scar, make my eyebrows look a little better and frame my eyes. So yeah, I’m all ready for the wedding. Bring it on! My dress is ready to be picked up from alterations today, by the way. Bless Abby’s heart. Y’all pray that her dress gets altered this week and she’s able to pick it up without incident by this weekend. That wedding day will be here before we know it!

Pink Dress
my dress // my sandals // my necklace

Thank you so much for joining me for coffee today. I do hate that so far this conversation has been one-sided. But I’d love to hear from you, too. You don’t have to share ten things. But if you’d like to respond to something I shared or even tell me some thing or two that you’ve been doing this month, I’d truly love to read your comments. And unless you ask me a question I probably won’t reply today. I’ve talked enough! You are a blessing to me. I hope you enjoyed this little visit.

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Blessed for My Day

Are you going through a hard thing? Or maybe your day has just gotten off to a rocky start. It can be a struggle to keep our composure when we begin to feel like we’re experiencing one hard thing after another. But as James preached through the fourth and final chapter of Jonah yesterday, he reminded us that when we become self-focused we soon can become frustrated and then eventually angry. Hard things sometimes cause me to turn my focus inward. And that self-absorption causes me to feel entitled. When things then don’t go my way I grow frustrated and angry. It’s a terrible cycle that only spirals downward.

But this week I want to try to turn my focus outward instead. When we focus on God and others instead of self our joy can return. We stop feeling entitled and begin to feel grateful instead. This week let’s resist the downward cycle of self focus and turn our attention outward. We can begin by serving someone and making things better for them. Who could you serve in some way this very day?

xoxo, Kay
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65 thoughts on “Coffee with Kay – April, 2022

  1. My husband and I got married on Sunday, May 15..,,45 years ago! Congratulations to your daughter and her fiancé and I wish them many years of wedded bliss! Your blog is wonderful and I’m so glad I found it. Thank you!!

    1. Oh, how wonderful! And Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on an enduring marriage. I think May is quite the popular wedding month. Thanks so much for sharing, Marla. And I’m so glad you’re enjoying my website. 💕

  2. I have tried to find a new hairstylist. The last 2 were in their 20’s. I was willing to give them a try since youth can have talent even though they may lack experience.

    Both times they did not cut my bangs and left them long flopping in my face. I have always had bangs and felt they were flattering. I told the stylist I wanted bangs and she looked at me as if she didn’t know what I was talking about. If you look on line and in catalogues most of the younger women don’t have bangs. Maybe because I am an old lady (60) I want to see. She laughed, made a few snips, but I still have hair falling in my face.

    1. I hear ya! I kinda had that problem, too. The longer curtain bangs are definitely in, but I feel like they pulled my face down and made me look tired. I think these brighten my face more. Best wishes with finding someone who will get those bangs right. Maybe take her a photo? But you probably did that. Thanks so much for sharing, Jen. 🥰

      1. “Pulled my face down” is exactly how I feel when I let my bangs grow long, so I always trim them up again! Some faces just look better with soft bangs, like mine!! But I have not gone “natural” with my haircolor yet, not ready for grey hair. Your color is beautiful, and not that much different than your former blonde. Enjoy getting ready for the wedding, can’t wait to see the dress you finally decided on! I’m sure you’ll look stunning!!

    2. It’s taken me decades to get the bangs I want. I needed a new stylist, chose one from Google. Not only can she get my bangs right (not in my eyes) she can cut a pixie so well.

  3. Thank you for being open about your life. The devotional is great and so on target! The bangs, and you, look great! Sounds like you needed the rest and the refocus this weekend, like we all do at times.

    I’m praying with you that the wedding dress will be ready by Friday, if not before. May God be honored at the wedding and may you rest in Him through it all. Enjoy it. These are precious memories your family is making.

  4. Hi Kay! I’m enjoying reading about your wedding plans, can’t wait to see the new dress. I like you with bangs, your hair looks great. I had mine cut two weeks ago and I was :::thisclose::: to getting my just-past shoulder length silver hair cut like yours, But at the last minute I had longish pieces angled around my face and I had my first ever professional Olaplex treatment. Oh my GOODNESS what a difference! I am loving it and that will be my regular thing now. Other than that, I’m getting ready for my only child’s HS graduation and his Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Your advice helped me pick a beautiful dress that I will wear for all my spring events.

    1. Wow! Congratulations on that Eagle Scout. That’s tremendous. And that Olaplex treatment sounds great. What we’re the results? Shine, softness, fullness, what? I’d love to know more. 🤗

      1. Thank you! We’re happy for him. As far as Olaplex, it is supposed to repair the bonds in your hair. I was skeptical because I had heard such rave reviews about it but I was at my wits end. My hair was very dry and frizzy no matter what I used on it. I always said it had just enough wave to be annoying! I thought that was just what I was stuck with. I went gray in my early 20’s and stopped coloring it around 40, I’m 55 now. I’m not ready to look tired and old but that was the effect – unkempt. 🙁 After the Olaplex treatment I find that if I blow it out it is incredibly soft and silky and a blowout lasts 3-4 days with no touchups. But the amazing thing is that if I let it air dry it ends up with fluffy soft waves and a TON of volume. Very soft and touchable and a lot more wave than I ever knew I had and this is without any additional product. I don’t mean to gush but I really cannot believe the difference. I did get an inch cut off the ends to get rid of splits but what remains is so healthy! I am now thinking that maybe I can grow it super long again like I had it when I was very young. I know long gray hair is supposed to be a no-no but my hubby likes it and so do I.

  5. Thank you for showing us a picture of the wedding wand! That is new to me. The studio James has set up in your basement looks fabulous! Yes, I can see the brightness in your hair and I agree on the benefits of you having bangs again. Oh, I do pray that Abby is able to pick up her wedding gown this week. She and Andrew are a very nice looking couple, and I know that the wedding is going to be beautiful. I am so glad that you found a dress that you will be more comfortable in. Maybe you can donate the other dress to a worthy organization. I want to find an organization in my area that I can donate my wedding dress too, so that I bride that can’t afford to buy a new gown can still feel special. Can you share where Andrew and Abby are going on their honeymoon?

    I love all things chocolate and found myself eating it too often, including the Atkins items. I knew that I needed to get control of those cravings, so a little over one week ago, I taped a note to the bag of Dove bite size in the fridge and to the pantry cabinet where the majority of the chocolate is kept, telling me No Chocolate. Thus far, I’ve stayed away from it and I feel like that craving is vanishing. It isn’t easy, but I’m determined so that the intermittent fasting will pay off even more.

    I wish you a fantastic day!

    1. Isn’t it amazing how well a little note to self like that can make a difference? Way to go! Keep it up! Abigail and Andrew are going to Charleston and Savannah on their honeymoon. James and I went to Charleston for ours. Neither of them have been to either city, so they are really looking forward to their road-trip. 🚙

  6. Awesome, awesome, awesome! If not too personal will you share a wedding party pic later in the month?? Sure hope so! God bless! Have a safe week!

    1. Thanks, Susan. I’ll absolutely share some photos later. If not on the blog, at least in my emails.

  7. I can so relate to praying for what I need to get through each day. My life has been very challenging lately caring for my 94 year old mother. Her congestive heart failure has gotten much worse in the last week.

    I have the latest Francine Rivers book “The Lady’s Mine” waiting for me to start it. I LOVED “The Masterpiece “ and couldn’t put it down. Enjoy!

    I do feel such encouragement from your blog. Thank you. You bless me in more ways than one.

    1. Ooh! I think I need that book next. Thanks for sharing! I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. I know that is so hard to watch her go through this and to care for her needs. Bless you!

    2. Meg…I can definitely relate to the difficult season you are in with your mom. You will be in my prayers.

  8. I had never heard of ribbon wands for weddings but I think it’s a lovely idea. They will look so pretty when e eryone is waving them. I’m glad you found a dress that you really like for the wedding. Maybe later on you will be able to find a way to wear the first one that you bought for another occasion, perhaps with a bolero or jacket. Abby is going to be a beautiful bride and I hope that everything goes smoothly on her special day.

  9. Nice post. I do enjoy coffee with Kay once and awhile. Gives a chance to catch up. I am praying that Abagail’s dress is ready Friday, So many things to get ready for a wedding
    and can be quite stressful. I know you all are trusting in the Lord that all goes well. Love the wands. So cute. Will look even more amazing if her dress is a little vintage. Anxious
    to see her dress and yours. It will a beautiful wedding no matter what. Really like your hair. Good BFMD. Maybe your week go smoothly. God bless.

  10. Your hair looks great! I have similar coloring and 5 years ago when I decided to stop coloring my hair the grow out was interesting. Mostly blond at first but now I’m a mix of white, grey and blond. I find the purple shampoo and conditioner critical when washing. Never use a yellow tinted one or else my hair absorbs the strangest tint.
    Thanks for the Christian based novels! Love your inspirational quotes and ideas.

  11. Your hair looks great! It always looks nice to me, but I do love the bangs and highlights 😍

  12. For some time, your BFMD has seemed written with me in mind. Our family was hit hard by Satan over two years ago, and is still not resolved. We have had to practice patience and endurance and sometimes it seems God has forgotten us. But I know he is using the time for his purposes, and I also know that if he never resolves this, He will walk with us through it, as He always has.
    On a lighter note, I have been the mother of the bride, and know the stress involved. The bridesmaids had ordered their dresses and it seemed like it was taking a lot longer than they were told that they would receive them. Come to find out, the dresses were never ordered 🤭. My daughter and her bridesmaids went to the mall and found the perfect dress that they had in their various sizes, and were cheaper and they liked them better. Also, my husband spent many hours on the best PowerPoint picture presentation of the couple. Halfway through, the computer froze. The audience couldn’t tell it, but all of the wedding party and family were so disappointed! Things happen, but the point is, the couple got married.

    1. Oh Patt, I am sorry . Spiritual warfare is so important ! Keep up what you’re doing. When I have been assaulted by the evil one, I spend much more time in scripture and prayer. And because I’m Catholic we have an entire arsenal of weapons to fight him. I will pray for you all!

      1. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement, Anne. This is a battle we cannot control and we need God to deal with it. Waiting on Him is so hard sometimes, but it is definitely spiritual warfare.

  13. I can see that your hair is lighter and it looks great! You look beautiful with or without bangs! Your positive attitude shines through and your beautiful smile lights up the page!
    I really enjoy these coffee with Kay posts – thank you

  14. Perfect BFMD for me. I have been through many hard things in my life-right now I’m dealing with a rare tumor in my eye. The Lord has always drawn nearer in those times whispering His Love for me.

  15. Hi Kay! I love this post every month. I have a question for you, because you and James have crisscrossed the country several times. How did you know it was God’s plan/will to leave one location for another? We bought our “forever home” 11 years ago, but after retiring recently, realized we could be anywhere. We came up with another town in another state where 2 wonderful dear friends live, half the distance to family from our current location. We’re researching, praying,….

    1. Hi Nancy. Our moves have all been due to a sense of calling James had to the various churches he has pastored. And not all of those moves have been easy. However, I can add that at this point we feel very joyful about living in Ohio. We actually don’t have to stay here right now. James resigned from his last church in the late summer and we are on the process of starting a new church. We could have done that anywhere really. But we’ve chosen to stay here because it bring us joy. So I think I’d suggest you pray about it and ask God to give you the desires of your heart. And by that I mean expect Him to give you a joy for where you call home. Maybe that joy could guide you.

  16. During stressful times when my emotions are all over the map, I remind myself of this Elisabeth Elliot quote, “Don’t ask yourself, ‘How do I feel?’ But rather, ask yourself, ‘What is true?'” That simple exercise puts things back in perspective for me.

  17. Sending good vibes your way for the wedding. As the mother of four married daughters, I know how stressful they can be. I’m sure everything will turn out beautifully.

  18. Kay, I am praying that you feel the Lord’s peace about all the details of the wedding so you can fully enjoy this beautiful moment. You look lovely in the picture dress.

    Since you are a woman of faith I am asking prayers for my son . He is far away in South Korea where he’s been teaching for year and half. I just got a message he has been hospitalized with enlarged spleen from mono. I feel like a helpless mama. I’d appreciate any prayers from you and your readers for his healing and my peace of mind in surrendering this to the Lord . That is really all I can do all these miles away. Thank you.

    1. Oh my yes. I absolutely will be praying for your son. Bless you. I know this is hard. 💕

  19. Kay, Praying for Abigail’s wedding dress to be altered by this Friday!! I cling to this verse about ‘…strength made perfect in weakness’ because I’m on dialysis and this verse gets me through so very much!!! My life hasn’t been easy buy=t I’ve had procedure after procedure working on my pain. Which is severe!!! But, I’m starting to see some hope!!! Praise the LORD Jesus!!!! I had joy but I must admit it was being darkened by such severe pain day in and day out!!! But now I have hope!!!!

  20. April is always a busy month for me. My favorite (only!) grandson has a birthday, and a week later my husband would have been 78. My older son always spends his dad’s birthday with me. We stopped by the cemetery on our way to an interesting hike. Last week was spent on the California coast with my best friend. Yesterday I sold my hubby’s truck to my next-door neighbor’s 20-year-old grandson. I cried when his mother mentioned how excited he is to get it and how she wished Ted was still here to see what an amazing young man her son is. Yes, I could have sold it earlier (it’s been almost 7 years), but sometimes you just know the timing isn’t “right.” Now I can finally park my car in my driveway!

  21. Kay,
    There’s no harm in having a pizza once in a while! I order lots of veggies to feel better about it. My downfall is chocolate anything!

    Your hair is always nice and the highlights with bangs add a really fresh summer look. Maybe you can use your first dress for a nice dinner with your hubby at an upscale restaurant. Sweetest Day or anniversary of your marriage? I would get some use out of it if I liked it enough to buy it.

  22. Be really listened to you during todays blog (drinking ny afternoon tea). Your daughters wedding sounds like it’s going to be just wonderful- the send-off wand idea is terrific! Your dress change is your prerogative as MOB. It has to be YOU! Can’t wait to see it,Kay!
    Abd I love your hair!

  23. Hi Kay .. I love the bangs & the highlights are just perfect. And that pic of your dear Abby is lovely; she’ll be a beautiful bride. Enjoy this special time.

  24. I love your hair and I think you’ll be more comfortable in your new dress. I used to work at a bridal store- the seamstress has a work line and the dresses always get done and are always and always is perfect. Blessings!

  25. I love your bangs! I have had bangs my entire life, believe it or not! I think they look great on a lot of people, but many don’t want to fuss with them. Anyway, I think your hair is looking pretty!

  26. Thanks for sharing. The behind the scenes photo made me realize there is way more then I know about going into this blog! Makes me want to say thank you again. I have felt so helped by your blog. And realize you and James put a lot into it. Thank you. I am visiting my folks and my sister flew in too. And to tie it into your blog, I picked out outfits based on your advice! Iris nice to feel put together as we are at the stage where we are talking about health issues, end of life wishes, money all of which need lots of sensitivity and thinking before speaking. So it it so nice to have my clothes for the day confidently picked out already.

  27. Thanks for sharing that you changed your mind about the initial mother of the bride dress — it makes me realize everyone struggles with finding the right combination of stylish but comfortable! I just tried on some dresses for a niece’s wedding and sent pictures of them to a sister in law and her daughter (who adores fashion). They both liked one of the dresses, but it was the one I felt the least comfortable in (way too form fitting). I realized if I want to have fun at the wedding (and eat at the reception!), I need to feel cute and comfortable. So I’m still looking. Glad you found something you like better and hope everything else goes smoothly for the upcoming wedding.

  28. Well Hello Kay…..I Love coffee with Kay! Keep us posted on Abby getting her dress. Love the highlights and especially your bangs which always makes us look youthful.

    I wanted you to know I have been a little absent from sharing my photos on DFMD (but still have been liking and commenting on others) as we have had some sadness in our family this past month of March. First our dog a Shi-Tzu, CJ who just turned 16 on March 1 was getting old and then not wanting to eat and other things but we had to put him to sleep on March 11……it broke our hearts Kay and we cried together, Mike and I for 2 weeks. The hardest thing I have ever done. The other thing is my brother in law (my youngest sisters husband) passed away March 30. I flew to Cincy March 24 to be with her and stayed almost 3 weeks. He was diagnosed 7 years ago with prostate cancer and he just turned 64, March 4. My sister is 60 Today. Please keep her in your prayers…..God will take care of her and she is a Christian also.


    1. I’m so sorry for your two very difficult things Holly. I know from experience how hard it is to lose a dear pet. It’s very painful. But I have no grasp on losing a husband or family member so young. Bless you all. Thank you for sharing. You are dear to this community. 💕

  29. Praying for the dress to be ready on Friday. You read books like I do before bed. A few pages every night. That’s ok, it helps me get to sleep and I look forward to those few pages every night. Have a blessed day,

  30. My oldest daughter is getting married this Saturday, May 7. I’m encouraged by you to pray for health and safe travels for all, as that has been on my mind this week, a little spring weather would be great too! I do catch myself at times feeling a bit nervous about all the details coming together, but I’m choosing to trust God with the day and all the details! Praying for Abby’s dress and her wedding as well!

    1. Congratulations, Karen. I hope you and your family have just the most wonderful day ever! 💐

  31. Hi, Kay,
    Thank you so much for sharing. Our oldest “child” of 12 (and daughter) is getting married May 14. She is 38 and has never been married before. We live in California, and she lives in Virginia. I also bought a second MOB dress after getting the first one altered, etc! But, the first dress is working out after all—whew! Finally, I praise God for your posts, videos, etc. We seem to be in the same season of life, and I really appreciate your sharing.

  32. Hello Kay

    We have also a wedding of one of our children
    and it is nice to see us both in the same situation.
    Thanks for your good advice and spiritual encouragements!
    Hope it all will go well on the weddingfront for
    both families even when we live in another part of the world! (Belgium)
    With love, Ingrid

  33. My son is getting married in August and it took 17 dresses to find the one, so I completely understand changing your mind. I was trying to please everyone else, and it was my husband who put me back on track. Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple!

  34. Many blessings to the soon to be new couple. Cherish every moment leading up to and the day of this momentous occasion. Don’t worry about us. We will be here when you get back waiting for pictures and details about this, oh so special, day.

  35. Hi Kay,
    I really loved your ideas about being self focused leading to a feeling of entitlementThat’s something I’ve never put together.
    I definatly don’t want to be a part of that.
    many blessings to you and your family and friends for good health, safe travels and a lovely day for the wedding!

  36. Hi Kay,

    May I ask where you purchased your bracelet which is shown with the wedding wand? Thank you!


  37. Hey Kay, I could really relate to your difficulties settling on a mother of the bride dress. My son is getting married June 4, and I have had quite a time finding a dress. I’m 66 (also 5’8” like you and weigh 153) and my requirements are: not too tight, too short, or too low! Also, not frumpy! I found one— pale pink, lower calf length but sleeveless. Brand is Eliza J. I found a matching sheer material and plan to add short sleeves. We’ll see how it goes. I know you will look beautiful in your dress and I can’t wait until you post pics!

  38. Thank you so much for inspiring us. You are so kind and such a Godly example of what the Lord wants us to be.
    Love the pictures of your family and the wedding dress.
    I plan to get started back on eating more healthy. You look really nice!
    I enjoy you so much!