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My June Favorites

July 3, 2019

Happy Hump Day! I tell you what…June just flew right by me! So I’m just now getting around to posting my June favorites. I enjoy putting these “favorites” posts together because the products I feature here truly are…my favorites!

My June 2019 Favorites

After I looked through my “stuff” and determined the purchases and items I’ve been using or wearing consistently and joyfully this past month, I was surprised to discover they totaled an outfit! Ha! Yeah, you can wear everything in the above collage together. You might not necessarily want to, but you could!

#1 – Ecco Yucatan Sandals

June Favorites - Ecco Yucatan Sandals

I actually bought these uber comfortable sandals last year, but returned them. They’re definitely a little pricey. But I bought them back this year because I just couldn’t forget them. (For more insight into my “returning regrets,” read yesterday’s post!) They rarely go on sale, but I managed to get a small store gift card reward when I purchased mine.

STOP THE PRESSES!!! I just found these SANDALS for 25% off here with code JULY4TH.

Kay's Casual Summer Look
clothing from J.Jill // Ecco Sandals (ON SALE here with code JULY4TH for limited time)

I’ve worn these Ecco sandals with everything from dresses (in this post) to cropped jeans (in this post). And I always wear them when I get off the hiking trail (as in this post) or the golf course (as in this post). Really, you’ll probably never catch them on sale. But if you have a walking vacation coming up, I strongly suggest these sandals. And if you have foot problems, certainly give these deeply cushioned and form fitting shoes a try.

#2 – White Framed Sunglasses

June Favorites - white sunglasses

I’ve always been pretty hard on sunglasses. I rarely lose them. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever lost a pair. But I tend to perch them on top of my head where they fall to the ground and break or just weaken at the joints. Or I cram them into my purse and they get scratched and scuffed.

But I’ve realized that when I actually invest a little more in fashionable and quality sunglasses, I take better care of them. I put them in their case every time before putting them in my purse. And I never put them on top of my head.

Mother_Daughter Summer Fashions (2)
See this post here.

So these white framed sunglasses have remained unscratched all month and I have every confidence they’ll stay that way. They come with a hard case to keep them protected. But most importantly, I love the chic, neutral look of these glasses for all my summer outfits. My bet is I’ll put them up at the end of the summer and pull them out again next spring. (Psst! I have a feeling these may go on sale on July 4th, so “favorite them” in the shopping widget below if you’re interested.)

#3 – Pink Leather Alice Sandals

Well it is summer. So I think it’s perfectly fine to have two pairs of sandals on my favorites list!

June Favorites - Michael Kors Alice Sandals

I purchased these darling pale pink leather sandals several months ago. And I’ve been wearing them a lot! But I’ve been holding off until they went on sale to really brag on them. Unfortunately, that means the size selection has diminished, of course.

White Jeans for Date Night
See this post here.

Not only are these Alice sandals darling and chic, but they’re amazingly comfortable. They feature a very cushioned insole. They run just a tad small in length, but I’m still comfortably wearing my normal size.

Denim Shorts for Spring and Summer

But the most amazing thing about these soft pink sandals is the price. They’re more than 50% off now. They also come in black and white.

#4 – Sleeveless Magenta & White Print Shirt

June Favorites - sleeveless perfect shirt
This favorite shirt is now marked down over 50%

I catch myself reaching for this pretty pink sleeveless shirt over and over. It’s comfortable, lightweight, cool and oh so pretty. The crazy thing is I’ve never shown it in a blog post. What?!?! I think I pulled this shirt out several times to pair with these pants for an office appropriate look, but it would end up at the end of my photo shoot queue, and we rarely get to the last outfit. So…

How I really Dressed for My Day at Church

But in real life I’ve worn this cool shirt with these polished denim pants as well as my white ankle pants (above). And more often I’ve worn it with my white shorts or my black ones.

I will tell you that I do iron this shirt. It is supposed to be iron-free and you could probably get by without ironing it if you pulled it straight from the dryer. But with no sleeves, it doesn’t even take a minute to iron it. PLUS this shirt is more than 50% off now.

#5 – White Shorts

When my mother was raising me, we would make sure that I had a pair of semi-dressy white shorts every summer. It was just a thing. So maybe that’s why I love my white shorts so much. But they truly are extremely versatile, chic and fun to wear.

June Favorites - white metro shorts
Metro shorts with 6″ inseam

Okay, but I goofed. The shorts I own and love wearing are not the ones pictured above. But they’re very similar. Mine however, have a 4 1/2″ inseam whereas the shorts above (which are the same cut as my black shorts and gingham shorts) have a 6″ inseam. Confused yet!?!?

How to Style Summer Chic
City Shorts with 4 1/2″ inseam

But when I goofed up on the photo I decided to go with it because so many of my readers prefer a longer inseam. And the bigger point is that all of these shorts are 50% off right now with code JULY. That includes the gingham shorts that are already marked down!

I love, love, love the way these shorts – both the City Shorts and the Metro Shorts – fit. And the fabric is polished for a dressier look, but they still work with casual pairings, too. For instance, Monday I wore these white shorts with a chambray top.

#6 – Leopard Print Ruffle Tie Neck Top

You know how much I love leopard print. I just can’t get enough of it. In fact, just this week I got these darling leopard print sandals. Love! But I digress.

This lightweight, silky leopard print ruffle neck top has become a fast favorite. In fact, I wore it the weekend we met our new church family with my white pants and white blazer. But I also like it with shorts or jeans. This shirt is 40% off with the code HBDUSA.

#7 – OPI Infinite Shine Polish in Passion

My final June favorite is the nail polish I’m wearing constantly these days. You haven’t seen it on me on the blog because I took my recent photos quite a ways out. But I’ve been wearing it for the past two weeks and it’s on repeat rest of the summer.

June Favorites - OPI Infinite Shine Passion

Of course, I love the OPI Infinite Shine system (Half price right now!). You can read my blog post about how to apply it here. But this sheer pink lacquer has caught my fancy because it is so neutral and very summery.

I’m wearing two coats of OPI Infinite Shine Passion in the photo above. Forgive the manicure. I just rushed outside and took the photo with my week old manicure. Notice it looks a little like a French manicure, but I don’t have a white polish on my tips. This Passion is just very natural looking. So fresh. Both the OPI duo set and the Passion lacquer are 50% off right now. That’s a great buy.

And Those are My Favorites!

You never know what’s going to make my favorites list really. Sometimes it’s more beauty products. Sometimes there are more fashions. But these are truly the products I’m wearing and loving. Let me know if you have any questions.

The shopping widget below contains all of my favorites plus a few of the other items I mentioned here. Of course these are affiliate links, so I potentially earn a small commission if you purchase something through them. But the price is the same for you regardless. Thank so much for shopping through my links!

NOTE: The sale prices are generally NOT reflected in the widget below. Click through and use the coupon codes suggested for more savings. And, last I checked the nail polish is NOT sold out.

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By the waters of Babylon,
    there we sat down and wept,
    when we remembered Zion.

… How shall we sing the Lord’s song
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4 thoughts on “My June Favorites

  1. If I had to select a couple of favorites from your June favorites, I would pick the Ecco sandals and the Michael Kors sandals. I have thin & narrow feet with high arches, so I definitely need support. Since I am recovering from the sinus surgery and our core group of friends are all away, we will be staying in tomorrow. However, next weekend we will have our weekly bonfire and shoot our fireworks down at our lake. Have a blessed day!

  2. Thank you, Kay! I’m sorely tempted by that leopard top. What size did you go with? Also, did you find that the zinnia cropped jeans stretched out on you? Finally, congrats on the new calling–both congregations sound so loving! Yes, God IS good!!! “And so we know and rely on the love God has for us”!!!

    1. Hi Jena. I’m so sorry for missing details like that!! The leopard print top is a small, tts. And the jeans kept their fit pretty well really. Maybe stretched out a little with wear but not enough to feel baggy or saggy.