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Royal Robbins Hiking Clothes for Summer

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June 10, 2019

Happy Monday, gals! Today I have a treat for you. I’m teaming up with Susanne from Thompson Hill this week and together we’re “Styling Summer!” We’ll be collaborating today, Wednesday and Friday, styling summer fashions that are suitable for your lifestyle. Today I’m sharing Royal Robbins hiking clothes for summer because so many of my readers seem to enjoy hiking and just being outdoors during these warmer months.

Styling Summer with Susanne

If you don’t already follow Susanne, let me introduce you to her. We’ve become fast friends over the past year, chatting it up on the phone about once a month or so. Isn’t it crazy how we can make such good friends over the Internet these days?

Anyhow Susanne is una bella donna Italiana! She’s an empty nester living in West Virginia, and she features fashions, food and home living posts on her blog, Thompson Hill. I love and appreciate Susanne’s gracious sense of humor and her beautiful style. I know you’ll enjoy getting know her, too.

Now, let’s check out those hiking clothes so you can hit the trail in style!

Hiking Clothes for Summer

It’s no secret around here that I enjoy hiking. I really became an avid hiker and backpacker when we moved our family to Arizona about 14 years ago. You just can’t live in Arizona and not hike!

Royal Robbins Hiking Clothes for Summer
3/4 sleeve expedition shirt in aqua // Jammer II capris in light khaki // Ecco Yucatan sandals in atmosphere/ice white // palm necklace // gold hoop earrings (similar)

And just as I prefer to at least look like I know what I’m doing on the golf course, I like to dress the part on the trail. Plus, I’ve found that clothing made specifically for hiking and spending time outdoors actually keeps me much cooler and drier.

And some hiking clothing, such as this shirt and capris from Royal Robbins even have built in UV protection. This shirt has a UV protection of 40 and the pants feature UV protection 50+. I still recommend wearing sunscreen when on the trails, but you can consider this clothing to be an extra safeguard against the sun’s harmful rays.

Unfortunately, because of the sun protection as well as the moisture wicking and quick dry technology in this clothing, it’s not inexpensive. I’d consider this investment clothing because it stays current and wear-worthy for years. But you can occasionally find items on clearance at stores like REI, Title Nine and Backcountry.

Hiking pants

I’m wearing a medium in the shirt and a 10 in the capri pants. In fact, I almost always size up in hiking clothes, regardless of the brand. I think the manufacturers of these brands haven’t gotten the vanity sizing memo. Ha!

When selecting pants for hiking, you want fabric that is fast drying, moisture wicking, rip resistant and cool. That’s a lot to ask from a fabric, thus the price. But again, you’ll wear these pants over and over for years. And if you’re putting in a number of miles on the trail, you’ll find that good clothing and shoes are worth the price.

Unfortunately this pretty aqua shirt is only available at Moosejaw online. I picked mine up at my local Dillard’s, which carries hiking clothes only because we’re in hiking country. Most Dillard’s do not. And they don’t carry it online either.

But I did find this shirt in several other shades and even some pretty prints here and here on Amazon.

Ecco Sandals

I don’t actually hike in my Ecco sandals. I wear them to the parking lot at the trail head, change into my hiking boots for the trail and then change into my sandals again after hiking. About halfway through the hike I always start daydreaming about changing into these wonderfully cushioned sandals with arch support.

3/4 sleeve expedition shirt in aqua // Jammer II capris in light khaki // Ecco Yucatan sandals in atmosphere/ice white // palm necklace // gold hoop earrings (similar)

Let me know if you have questions about these hiking clothes or hiking apparel or equipment in general. I’ll do my best to answer or find the answers.

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Styling summer

Now, if you haven’t yet checked out how my friend Susanne has “styled summer” today, be sure to head over to Thompson Hill. Tell her I said hello!

But if you’ve landed in my little corner of the Internet through Susanne’s blog, welcome! I’m so very glad you’re here today. Before you rush off, you might want to:

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Thank you so much for dropping in today. Happy trails!

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Blessed for My Day

Are you facing a challenge that seems greater than you? Are you looking up the trail and worrying about how you’re going to scale the rocky terrain ahead? Indeed, life is somewhat like a mountain trail. It’s full of beautiful vistas and rewarding heights, but it also takes a toll on us at times.

Do not fear. You have a God who goes before you, walks with you and has your back. He does sometimes give you more than you can handle on your own. But then He equips you to somehow climb to new heights where you thought you could not possibly go. Lift your chin, dear gal. He will get you through this, too. And when He does, you’ll look back and be amazed.

The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights. ~ Habakkuk 3:19

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11 thoughts on “Royal Robbins Hiking Clothes for Summer

  1. Good morning Kay! Before I forget to ask again, do y’all live anywhere near where the fires are ravaging in AZ? I have been thinking about y’all. While I do not hike per say, we do get out scouting for pig and deer signs where we hunt. And since I am very prone to skin cancer, I should consider investing in at least one shirt and one pair of pants that have extra protection against the damaging sun rays. Thanks for putting today’s challenge in the email today! I will definitely check out Susanne’s blog. Have a blessed day!

  2. Hi-king!!!! Oh, Kay… bet you didn’t know it, but this is how we met… on Pinterest!! We were planning a Spring Break ‘19 hiking trip to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, with only carry-on luggage; and guidance was needed for a mix and match “Dressed for My Day” week of activities. Who better than the AZ maven looking fashionable and appropriately outfitted for the activity du jour that frequented my Pinterest search. Thank you for all the hard work you guys put into your Blog.

    Moosejaw… now that is headquartered “ in my neck of the woods”, literally — less than 15 miles away. Great customer service with a quirky twist.

    Have a Blessed day!

    1. Ha! Fun story! I love it. I’m so glad you’ve been an avid reader. It’s always good to have a fellow hiker around!

  3. Hi Kay! Your blogs are so inspiring! Late last year you did a post on your makeup and mentioned using a lipstick primer that helps keep your lipstick on longer. Do you still use it, has it worked well?

  4. I was really concerned that you hike in Sandals but I saw at the end you don’t. I own and love those sandals Ecco aren’t cheap but they are so worth it! I wear mine for city hikes but when you hit the trails sensible closed toe footwear is the way to go. Canadian readers can find great hiking clothes at MEC. )mountain equipment co-op). I am very pale and freckles so SPF clothing that wicks moisture away is a dream come true. Love your outfit.

    1. Hahaha! You know I actually do know people who hike in trail sandals, but that’s not for me. I wear very sturdy Vasque boots with Goretex. I’m so clutzy I couldn’t possibly hike in sandals, especially not in our rocky terrain. Thanks for reading, Catherine! ?

  5. Hi Kay. This weekend my husband and I “hiked” through the city of Minneapolis! So much fun. My last real hike was last September on Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale. That was a tough one but very rewarding. We didn’t make it to the top but went up about half way.

    1. Fun! I’ve never been to Minneapolis. And I’ve never hiked Camelback either. It’s so hot in Scottsdale usually. Thanks so much for sharing. ?

  6. Great post! I might need to invest in some great hiking clothes, so cute and practical! Thanks for the great inspiring message too! So true in life, trials sometimes seem like mountains in front of us, but God is with us…always going before us to make a way!! Blessings my friend!