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Golf Clothes for Spring & Summer

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May 16, 2019

Hello sweet gals! I’m so glad you dropped in today. I’m sharing a great golf outfit today, but even if you don’t play golf you can wear this sweet combo this spring and summer. They’re not just golf clothes; they’re great summer casual wear.

Golf Clothes for Spring & Summer
everyday yoga skort in medallion print (wearing small) // cinched hem henley tee in bougainvillea pink (wearing small) // palm necklace // baseball cap in navy // ECCO leather sandals // nylon tote bag // sunglasses // star & moon earrings // small gold hoops

There was a time when I used to play golf a couple of times a week, once with a friend and then each Friday with James. Then I moved away from the friend. And after five back surgeries, my husband isn’t playing golf these days. So now my golf game is pretty much limited to when I visit my parents. Yep, my parents are in their mid 80s and still swinging their clubs!

Golf Clothes for Spring & Summer

I wish I could play more, and maybe one day I will again. But right now I’m content to pull out my clubs occasionally for a fun day of it here and there. What do you do for recreation? Do you play golf, tennis or another sport? Or maybe, like me, you enjoy hiking.

nylon bag for carrying equipment

When my friend Kim and I used to play golf weekly, we insisted on dressing the part. Neither of us were great golfers, but we looked cute on the course! That’s kind of my philosophy for anything active I do. Whether I’m hiking the trails, swinging a club, going for a run or lifting weights, I prefer to wear clothing that makes me feel like “I’ve got game!” Whether I really do or not!

adjustable hem shirt

Talbots actually calls this skort an everyday yoga skort, but it’s perfectly suitable for the golf course. Know why? Because it has pockets! You’ve got to have pockets to carry your tees and maybe an extra ball.

This suitably thick but lightweight skort has very comfortable knit shorts built in. I’m wearing a small, but a medium would probably work fine for a more relaxed fit, too. And I like the adjustable cinched hem on the oh-so-soft henley tee. Both the skort and the tee also come in petite and plus sizes.

Golf Clothes for Spring & Summer

I used to wear sun visors when I played golf, but now I’m more prone to wear a baseball cap. I’m more sensitive to my scalp burning these days and want the extra sun protection. This sweet and simple cap is from Target and is available in several colors.

After golf sandals

Of course, when I play golf I wear golf shoes. But before hitting the course and afterwards I like to wear something more breathable like my Ecco sandals. These fun sandals are so amazingly comfortable and refreshing after walking 18 holes! Eccos rarely go on sale, but occasionally you can get an incentive deal with a purchase. And I’ve found them to be worth the investment. I wear them so often during the summer.

Golf Clothes for Spring & Summer

Of course you also need a great pair of sunglasses and a tote bag when you’re heading out for a day of golf. My sunglasses are on the spendy side, but of course I bought them during the Michael Kors VIP sale. And my nylon double zipper bag is a save from Target.

Golf Clothes for Spring & Summer
everyday yoga skort in medallion print (wearing small) // cinched hem henley tee in bougainvillea pink (wearing small) // palm necklace // baseball cap in navy // ECCO leather sandals // nylon tote bag // sunglasses // star & moon earrings // small gold hoops

No, you absolutely do not have to play golf to wear this colorful, fun combo. In fact, I’ll be wearing this skort and tee to run errands, hike and take evening walks. And I could even wear it to lunch or breakfast with a friend.

But then again, doesn’t this sweet outfit and that gorgeous view just make you want to pick up a club?

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Blessed for My Day

I went through a season in my life when I clung so tightly to what I wanted that I forfeited what was really valuable. Can you relate? We think we know best for ourselves. We think we understand the value of things, opportunities, experiences and relationships. And because we assign too much value at times, we cling tightly to the gifts and turn our backs on the Giver.

Today if you realize that you are clinging tightly to some thing, someone or some experience or opportunity, open your grip a little. You’ll find that you can trust God to give you what is best and remove from you what is hindering you. And in the end, you’ll be happier and more satisfied.

Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs. ~ Jonah 2:8

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14 thoughts on “Golf Clothes for Spring & Summer

  1. Oh I love all the colors of the skort that you posted…wish we had a Talbots so I could try some on. I don’t like ordering where I have to pay postage both to receive and if it doesn’t fit, have to pay postage to return. I guess I just need to look around for some skorts in other stores as these are really cute. I love baseball caps and they look so cute on you gals that can pull your hair out the little hole in back. I don’t have enough hair to pull back so then I have hair just “sticking” out of that hole…LOL This is an outfit I would definitely wear even though I don’t golf! Cute!

    1. Hi Sandy. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, shipping can be a bummer. I get free shipping with my Talbots credit card but then return things to the brick and mortar store. But I too have places I don’t order from for that same reason. Thanks for sharing! ?

  2. Good morning Kay,
    I opened your email and got a chuckle. I have that same Talbots outfit. I plan to wear mine to play pickle ball. I am new at the sport, but I agree with you, I like to dress the part. Your blog just speaks to me. I am sure if we lived closer, we would be fast friends.. Thank you for posting such inspiring thoughts. You do an amazing job .

    1. Fun!! I see people playing pickle ball in the park where I run but have never played. Looks fun!! And you’ll definitely look cute playing!! ?

  3. Adorable look, Kay! I’m a fan of skorts, though you rocked those shorts yesterday too. And your BFMD always hits home! Thank you.

  4. Good morning Kay. I’m glad to see you wearing shorts. Since I’ve gotten into my 50ish era of life, I’ve been self conscious to where shorts. I’m not sure about skorts. I’m might try it. I like to jog and walk and I think the only golfing I attempt is putt putt every once in awhile. Thanks for the messages. Blessings

    1. Yeah, I’m going to keep wearing shorts as long as I can I guess. But I find myself looking for a little classier look with them. I have another GREAT shorts look coming up tomorrow. ❤️

  5. Adorable outfit Kay! I don’t play golf but I do love to wear skorts. They re cool and so comfortable plus they elevate a summer shorts outfit to another level. I’ve had my eye on a couple of skorts from Talbots.

  6. This is such a pretty outfit on you Kay! The colors are some of my favorites. It is wonderful that your parents are still able to golf. And I really like the BFMD. I hope that you had a great day!