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Comfortable Walking Shoes with Summer Dress

July 31, 2018

Hi gals! I’m back in summer clothes today. Sorry if yesterday’s post made you hot! Ha! Today I’m sharing a cute summer dress with a great pair of comfortable walking shoes. I know a lot of my readers have foot issues and need to wear comfortable shoes as much as possible. So I thought of you gals (I really did!) when I tried out these shoes. I hope you enjoy the post.

Comfortable Shoes and Summer Dress

I’d never tried Ecco shoes before, but these Yucatan sandals feel amazing. I mean, as soon as you put them on your feet and stand up, you notice the perfect fit and soft cushioning. None of the straps felt binding or itchy or otherwise uncomfortable either. These are comfort shoes at their best.

Comfortable Shoes and Summer Dress

The Ecco sandals come in several nice color patterns, but these are a soft grayish tan with a thin pink stripe here and there. Not only does this type of sporty sandal work perfectly with my Royal Robbins All-Around dress, but the colors even look nice with it. These are truly stylish comfortable walking shoes.

Comfortable Shoes and Summer Dress

This sporty, comfy dress is made of a cotton/polyester/spandex blend that also wicks away moisture and blocks against harmful UV rays with UPF 50+ sun protection. Who knew a cute dress could do all that!? You simply slip it on and off over your head with no zipper or other fastener openings, and I had no problem getting it on or off. It’s very stretchy and feels good on.

Comfortable Shoes and Summer Dress

I thought this black Vera Bradley mini-hipster would look chic and contemporary with the outfit. It’s just right for carrying a card or two, your phone, keys, lipstick and glasses. The black is very versatile, but it also comes in a pretty blue.

Comfortable Shoes and Summer Dress


Comfortable Shoes and Summer Dress

I kept my jewelry simple and wore my classic silver pieces: flower cuff by James Avery (no longer available), James Avery sterling silver adorned hearts ring, Brighton French twist earrings (no longer available; similar), James Avery butterfly necklace (similar).

Comfortable Walking Shoes and Summer Dress

I have to tell you, I wore my similar Royal Robbins dress, which is several years old now, during both my trip to Texas last month and my vacation to Portland. In fact, that’s what I wore for two of the long car trip days when we drove to Texas. It’s just such a comfortable alternative to shorts or pants, less binding and easier to deal with really. And even after it had been folded up in my suitcase it looked perfectly wrinkle free and fresh when I chose to put it on. I love dresses like these. Add some comfortable walking shoes and you have the perfect travel outfit!

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Blessed for My Day

Dear reader, I hope you know that as I write these blessings, I truly do pray for you. In fact, I think of you often. I hope that doesn’t sound silly or gushy to you. But it’s hard to write about things as personal as clothing and cosmetics and fitness to a group of gals each day and not begin to think about who is on the other side of the screen – whether you’re reading from your phone, computer or other handheld device. You’re truly on my mind. I think about what kinds of obstacles you may be facing, what joys you may be experiencing, what blessings you may be counting and what struggles may occupy your thoughts. I think about you.

But more importantly, you are ever on the heart and mind of God. He thinks of you constantly and never takes His eyes off of you. Today I simply pray that you would be even more aware of His presence, His love and His constant attention. Bless you, dear one!

How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! ~ Psalm 39:17

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xoxo, Kay
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10 thoughts on “Comfortable Walking Shoes with Summer Dress

  1. Sure enjoy reading your blog every time, Kay! Great items and descriptions, wonderful pics. I may need some of those shoes now! 😀

  2. The older I’ve gotten the more I need comfortable shoes! I found a nice pair of Earth sandals very similar to your Eccos only mine are in Navy. I’ve worn them more than any other shoe this summer…cute with skirts, slacks, capris, jeans, etc. Thanks for helping us gals look stylish!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoy the posts, Anita. It’s so nice to have you here! And thanks for sharing with Candy!

  3. I actually bought a black pair of these sandals but returned them because I didn’t like the looks of them but you make them look cuter!! Now, I want to buy again?

    1. Oh, but they’re so comfortable! Isn’t that how it goes? Well, maybe not the black then? Thanks for sharing. 🙂