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My Biggest Fashion Regrets this Summer

July 2, 2019

Hi dear gals, and welcome to Dressed for My Day. Today I thought I’d share with you some of my biggest fashion regrets of the season. But this post probably isn’t quite what you think. These aren’t the purchases I regret buying or the looks I regret styling. Fortunately I don’t have many of either. But I do regret returning some of the items I bought, showed you in a previous post and then took back to the store. Let me show you my biggest fashion regrets this summer.

About the Returns…

As you probably know by now, I don’t keep and wear all of the clothes I show you here at Dressed for My Day. First off, I couldn’t afford to do that. Second, it’s just not wise for me or anyone to have that many clothes. Third, my mama raised me better than that! And finally, I don’t actually need all of the pieces I show you since I feature, for instance, work wear, but then I don’t work at an office.

So yes, I either give away or return to the store (in pristine condition) many of the pieces of clothing I share here. But sometimes I later regret that.

And today I’m sharing with you some of my biggest regrets. These are the pieces that I returned or gave away but sure could have used! And why am I sharing these with you? Because you need to know that these were purchases worth keeping…if only…

Regret #1 – Royal Robbins Hiking Clothes

Why I Returned It: I have plenty of similar, durable hiking clothes.

Royal Robbins Hiking Clothes for Summer
3/4 sleeve expedition shirt in aqua or similar Royal Robbins Shirt // Jammer II capris in light khaki // Ecco Yucatan sandals in atmosphere/ice white // palm necklace // gold hoop earrings (similar)

You just can’t go wrong with Royal Robbins hiking apparel. And I am still crushing on these light khaki capri pants and pale aqua expedition shirt. You can see the whole post here.

I love the way these hiking clothes are so lightweight, soft on the skin and breathable, but I also just think they are both sporty and feminine. If I’d kept them I’d be wearing them for every day, too, not just hiking.

The problem is I have plenty of hiking clothes. And these are not cheap. But if you’re planning a vacation that includes hiking or even just extensive walking – think Europe, Hawaii, an Alaskan cruise, etc. – these or similar styles would be the ticket!

And by the way, I do wear the Ecco Yuccatan sandals several times a week. Well worth the investment! Any time my feet are a little tired, these are the shoes I put on. And they feel better in no time at all.

Regret #2 – White Button Fly Denim Shorts

Why I Returned It: I just have soooo many pairs of shorts. I love them all, but a girl needs to know her limits!

white denim shorts
chambray shirt (I’m wearing a medium but need a small) // white denim shorts (wearing 8 – TTS) // cut-out leather slides (TTS) // leopard print belt // leather tote // gold bangle

I’m really enjoying my white dressy shorts. In fact, I’m wearing them right now with a different chambray top. (I returned the one above because of the fit. Oh, and my new one is already sold out! ugh!) But I would love the versatility of these white denim shorts. Plus I think the button fly feature is so youthful and contemporary.

These shorts are comfortable and just the right length. They also are a nice thickness for white denim. The shorts also have the right amount of stretch for good, long-lasting comfort and fit. And they’re oh so versatile. Bummer!!

Regret #3 – Sweet Life Tee

Why I Returned It: I thought I had too many t-shirts.

Sweet Life T-Shirt
black nika stripe chino shorts // Sweet Life pink t-shirt // gold ankle sandals // wicker & leather shoulder bag // gold bangle (similar enamel bangle) // palm necklace // sunglasses // earring option

Sometimes it feels really silly to return items because they’re so inexpensive. That’s how it was with this tee. It’s a great deal! But if I kept all the “great deals” I’d still be keeping more clothes than I need. And at the time I felt like I already had too many t-shirts.

Now I’ve changed my mind. I have plenty of clothes, mind you. So I won’t be re-ordering. But I really don’t have very many cute, whimsical t-shirts at all. I got rid of so many when I was cleaning out things recently.

This t-shirt is soft, lightweight and just plum fun! It fits true to size. Oh, and it’s not quite as vibrant as pictured here. And of course it would pair perfectly with the white denim shorts I returned, too. Ha!

Regret #4 – Paisley Flutter Sleeve Tee

Why I Returned It: “No” is a complete sentence.

White Linen Blazer for Date Night
white linen blazer (TTS) // paisley flutter sleeve shirt // jeans (similar) // palm necklace // gold bangle // gold wristlet handbag (similar) // gold sandals (more economical alternative) // beaded cuff bracelet // beaded sphere earrings (white only) // moon & star earrings

Sometimes a girl just has to say, “No” …to herself! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this amazing little paisley top. It’s darling and silky and lightweight and beautiful colors. In fact, many of my readers evidently bought it.

I didn’t return this one. I gave it away. Because I just felt like I was accumulating too many similar tops. But ever since I let it go, I’ve had so many instances when I wished I had it to wear.

This pretty paisley flutter sleeve top is perfect to pair with white jeans, a denim skirt, blue jean shorts, my white dress shorts or those blasted white denim shorts!!! Hahaha!

Regret #5 – Floral Print Midi Dress

Why I Returned It: I didn’t think I’d have any place or occasion to wear it.

floral print charmeuse midi dress
Floral print charmeuse midi dress // 
Brielle block heel sandals // wicker & leather shoulder bag // 
rose gold filigree bracelet

And honestly, maybe I don’t. But I think this floral print midi dress is one of the prettiest and most feminine dresses I’ve seen around this season.

This dress came in my Trunk Club Trunk. It’s not inexpensive, but then again it’s not a terrible price to pay for a special occasion dress. If you have a summer wedding for which you’re still looking for a feminine, contemporary and suitable dress, this is a sweet one.

Regret #6 – Double Frayed Girlfriend Chinos

Why I Returned It: I just have a lot of chinos already.

Shades of Blue in a Modern Classic Look
Get all the outfit details here.

I’ve featured so many great pants and jeans on the blog this spring and summer, and I couldn’t keep them all. But of course, ever since I let these teal sky girlfriend double-frayed chinos go, I’ve wanted them back!

As I remember them, they fit true to size and oh so comfy. But mostly I love the length and the double fray feature at the hemline. Plus these contemporary chinos are just a dreamy color and I liked the combo with chambray.

Regret #7 – Green Short Sleeve Wrap Top

Why I Returned It: It was the beginning of spring and I was keeping room in my wardrobe for other purchases.

Green, Navy and White Spring Trio
Read the post here.

Since I determined that green is one of my signature colors, I don’t know why in the world I didn’t keep this beautiful kelly green top. Just as importantly, I absolutely love wrap tops. I think they create such a pretty silhouette. Plus they feel casual, but look dressy.

I think of everything on my Regrets List, this is the item I would go back and buy…except they’re sold out… This navy or white ribbed wrap top would create the same pleasing silhouette, but it’s not as “pretty.” On the other hand, this one at Loft is quite similar, but the sizes are very limited. This capped sleeve wrap top is a different silhouette altogether, but I may order it just for the lovely green. It’s available in other colors, too.

Do you have “fashion regrets”? Hahaha! Fortunately, it’s not the end of the world. These are not big regrets. In fact, I have a policy against big regrets! But I thought these were worth sharing with you. Especially the ones that are still available.

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Blessed for My Day

While I thought today’s post would be a good way to share with you some of the great fashion items that “got away” from me, I hope you also recognized the tongue-in-cheek nature of it. For me, self-discipline is important, so I really can’t and don’t need to keep every item I show on this blog. (I keep plenty of them!) So I’m not stewing in regret here.

But what do you do when you truly have regrets? I suggest that when regrets creep up on you, you choose to cultivate contentment instead. If you’re regretting a season of your life or a choice made in the past, trust that God was with you through it all and that He is still working all things together for your good. If you regret a path you traveled down, know that God worked purposefully even in your poor choices. Because we have a great Redeemer, we don’t have to live with regret.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,
    for his steadfast love endures forever. ~ Psalm 136:1

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xoxo, Kay
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12 thoughts on “My Biggest Fashion Regrets this Summer

  1. Hi! You should have kept the dress and the flutter top! They really are pretty on you. Also, WELCOME to OHIO. I live on the north coast of OHIO in Kirtland. You will enjoy the change of seasons in southern OHIO and the winters aren’t really that bad. Now where I live the winters can be bad with ice and lots of snow. Best wishes to you.

  2. You are such a breathe of fresh air each day in my inbox! Thank for your sharing your spirit with me.
    Have a blessed day!

    1. Ahhh. Thanks so much, Rhonda. It is such a pleasure and a blessing to do this, especially as I get to hear from you ladies more and more. At this point it feels more like I’m talking to friends. And that really makes a difference in my writing I think. Have a wonderful day! ?

  3. Your BfmD was wonderful today. It really spoke to me because I do have regrets that I need to let go. Thanks, Kay!

    1. I’m so thankful my words resonated with you. May God use them as a springboard to do a bigger work in your heart. ?

  4. Kay, I am so happy that @Jo-Lynne Shane introduced me to you and your blog. What a blessing you are! I watched your FB live video this morning and had the coziest feeling come over me listening to your voice and how you want to continue with the ‘challenge ‘ group. I am going to push myself a little bit today by reading the first weekly challenge and at least doing the writing portion. This is day 5 post-op so I know I can safely do a little more. While I do t recall regretting not keeping an item in my closet, I have some regrets from keeping a few things. I am working on that though! I ordered several tops from Kohl’s, quickly made my decision on 2 of them; decided to keep another one that is one of my better colors, different from my other tops, and very dainty; I have been vacillating back & forth on the 4th too, but this morning realized that it needs to be returned since I don’t love it. I hope you have a blessed day!

    1. Ahh, thanks so much for your kind words Ginger. It’s such a pleasure to serve you gals. I’m glad you will be working through the challenges. We’re always growing and learning, me included. I was thinking just this morning about how I really want to streamline my wardrobe. I want it to be more versatile so I can think less about what I’m going to wear each day but still look fashionable and appropriate for every day. Thanks so much for sharing. ?