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How I Really Dressed for My Day 05/07/21-05/13/21

May 14, 2021

Happy Friday! It’s time for me to share my daily outfits. While I only show clothing I love on the blog, my real lifestyle is more casual than a lot of the looks I share. But the looks I’m showing you today are how I really dressed for my day.

How I really Dressed for My Day 05/07/21 - 05/13/21

Sizing Information

Just for reference, I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 155. I generally wear a size 8 or medium in dresses, tops, jackets and pants (or 29 or 30 in jeans), so that’s what I’m wearing in these looks unless I tell you otherwise. That way you can assume everything I show you is true to size unless I alert you to sizing up or down. I wear a size 9.5 shoe and, again, I’ll just let you know if I sized up or down in a shoe, otherwise it’s true to size.

How This Works

I want to focus more on styling tips and less on the products. So please assume everything I’m wearing is true to size and fits and feels great unless I tell you otherwise. After all, these are the things I’m choosing to wear in real life.

I’m providing shopping widgets after each outfit, and a lot of what I’m showing you is still available. I’m also trying to include more economical options where that’s appropriate. But if I forget to do that, just ask.

How I Dressed for Friday

Fridays I often get out and make returns and run other errands. By the way, a reader recently emailed me mentioning that I have said I make returns and could I share what I’ve returned and why. Let me clarify. I purchase a lot of merchandise to potentially share here on the blog or on my YouTube channel, but I only share the things I really like and that fit well. So I return a lot of things that you never see here. If I were to return things that I share here, I’d definitely let you know.

What I wore Friday
Madewell Balloon Jeans TTS, wearing 29 // the modern loafer TTS // the cotton merino polo in indigo TTS // Italian flannel blazer // demi chain bracelet // pearl bracelet // demi chain necklace // earrings

Anyhow, I wore my Madewell Balloon Jeans with my classic navy cotton merino polo under my camel Italian flannel blazer. It was still chilly, so I wanted to wear layers that kept me warm but also looking pulled together. This outfit felt comfortable but also looked sharp.

What I wore Friday
Madewell Balloon Jeans TTS, wearing 29 // the modern loafer TTS // the cotton merino polo in indigo TTS // Italian flannel blazer // demi chain bracelet // pearl bracelet // demi chain necklace // earrings

This little cotton merino polo has turned out to be such a great purchase. I purchased it last spring and it’s still available in the indigo and other colors. It fits true to size.

Shop the Post:

You can shop the look through the links in the copy above or through the shopping widget below. Sale prices are not always reflected in the widget, so click through to get pricing info. Remember, if you purchase anything through these links I potentially earn a commission, but at no cost to you. Thank you for shopping through Dressed for My Day. I am grateful!

How I Really Dressed Saturday

Saturday I was preparing for our photo shoot for this week’s Women’s White T-Shirt Review. So I ended up actually wearing one of the outfits that I shared in the Styling White T-Shirts post. I think of all the outfits I shared in that post, this is my favorite. I just love how a white tee works with a white linen blazer. And I especially like how this cinched white tee works without having to tuck it in.

What I Wore Saturday
Madewell Balloon Jeans TTS, wearing 29 // cinched white tee // white linen blazer // demi chain bracelet // pearl bracelet // demi chain necklace // earrings // sandalsanother option

By the way, if you want to try the new fuller leg jeans silhouette, these Madewell Balloon Jeans are good ones to work with for the summer. And a great way to try them is with a fairly fitted blazer that adds a little definition.

What I Wore Mother’s Day

I had really hoped to wear this white dress that I shared in this week’s YouTube video on Mother’s Day, but it was just too rainy and cold. So I’ll hopefully wear it when I visit my parents in Georgia instead. Sunday I wore my fawn colored Hampshire Ankle pants with a sleeveless pink button up shirt (no longer available) and white linen blazer.

What I wore Sunday 1
Talbots Hampshire Ankle pants in curvy fit (in regular fit) // shirt no longer available (similar) // white linen blazer // demi chain bracelet // pearl bracelet // demi pearl necklace // baroque pearl chain necklace // Veronica Hoop earrings // Bossy Beige Pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off first pair of heels) // similar handbag

I love the way these Hampshire Ankle pants in curvy fit work for me and look forward to styling them in additional ways. But I’ve always been a sucker for this soft beige with shades of pink. I finished the look off with my Bossy Beige Pumps from Ally. These pumps always feel just a touch snug on me when I first put them on, but within minutes they stretch so that they are absolutely the most comfortable heels I’ve ever worn. (If you’re interested, use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of heels with Ally or code KAYFLATS for 10% off your first pair of flats.)

What I wore Sunday 1
Talbots Hampshire Ankle pants in curvy fit (in regular fit) // shirt no longer available (similar) // white linen blazer // demi chain bracelet // pearl bracelet // demi pearl necklace // baroque pearl chain necklace // Veronica Hoop earrings // Bossy Beige Pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off first pair of heels) // similar handbag

Since it was Mother’s Day and I was feeling festive I added all the pearl jewelry. Ha! I’m really enjoying the fact that pearls are trending this spring.

What I wore Sunday afternoon

I had ducked into Talbots on Friday or Saturday, I forget which, and I’d picked up a couple more summer sweaters. I continue to be amazed at how long the cool temperatures last into the spring here in Ohio. And I just needed a couple more long sleeve options. But this open stitch cotton sweater and the next one I’m showing you will work great through the summer because they’re 100% cotton and quite versatile. I wore the open stitch cotton sweater over my white reversible tank and my denim shorts (mine are from last year).

What I wore Sunday
open stitch cotton sweater (TTS) // similar denim shorts TTS // reversible tank // Born Inlet sandals // demi chain bracelet // pearl bracelet // demi chain necklace // baroque pearl chain necklace // Veronica Hoop earrings // Unika watch by Nordgreen (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

I think this open stitch cotton sweater is such a sweet addition to a vacation wardrobe because it provides a little coverage on chilly mornings or evenings, especially at the coast or in the mountains. But it still looks like summer.

What I wore Sunday
open stitch cotton sweater (TTS) // similar denim shorts TTS // reversible tank // Born Inlet sandals // demi chain bracelet // pearl bracelet // demi chain necklace // baroque pearl chain necklace // Veronica Hoop earrings // Unika watch by Nordgreen (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

Talbots has a lot of their vacation ready items on sale right now. For instance, I love these floral crops. I won’t be buying them because I kept my similar floral crops from last year (featured in this post on how to wear floral pants without looking clownish), but somebody needs to get them. So fun for summer!

How I Really Dressed Monday

Ha! I wore Talbots on Monday, too. Of course, my closet is full of clothes from Talbots, honestly. So that’s no surprise. It started getting a little chilly again on Monday, so I wore my tie dye sweater (also in green) with my ankle jeans and classic field jacket in Tencel. I worked from home most of the day.

What I wore Monday
tie dye sweater (also in green) // ankle jeans // classic field jacket in Tencel // Sidewalk Sneakers (run large, size down .5) // customized Alex Pendant in bronze veined teal magnesite // gold hoop earrings

I like how my customized Alex Pendant in bronze veined teal magnesite adds a fun splash of color and light to this outfit. Kendra Scott has a wide variety of stones you can use to customize this pretty, adjustable pendant.

What I Wore Tuesday

Having worked on Wednesday’s video all day Monday, I got the but to wear white on Tuesday. So I topped my way high jeans with this lovely long eyelet tunic from J.Jill and a simple white tank. Right now at J.Jill you can get $50 off your purchase of $150 with code SEASIDE.

What I wore Tuesday (1)
similar tank // way high jeans // long eyelet tunic // Gia gold sandals // pearl bracelet // pearl ring // faux pearl chandelier earrings

This long eyelet tunic is another great vacation wardrobe option because you can wear it over jeans, shorts, a tank dress or even your swimsuit. It’s lightweight and so pretty. I’m wearing a size small as I often size down to smalls at J.Jill.

What I Wore Wednesday

Here’s the other sweater I mentioned purchasing from Talbots recently. This open weave v-neck cotton sweater resonated with me because I still love wearing neutrals during the spring and summer. In fact, while I love wearing a burst of color occasionally, I still reach for neutrals most often. And this open weave v-neck cotton sweater can be so versatile, once again working great for that vacation wardrobe.

What I wore Wednesday (1)
layering camisole // open weave v-neck cotton sweater // straight leg high rise jeans (cut off) // Madewell Kiera mule sandal // chainlink necklace // earrings no longer available – substitute

This time I wore the open weave v-neck cotton sweater over a nude colored layering camisole. I wore my straight leg high rise jeans from Talbots. Remember, these jeans runs a little long. I cut mine off for the right length and left a trending raw hem.

For context, I just worked from home on Wednesday, but also got out for lunch (by myself) at Panera and ran over to our new home to check out the paint.

How I Really Dressed for My Day Thursday

On Thursdays I frequently meet three friends for lunch. We’re a casual lunch bunch really. It was starting to feel much more like spring on Thursday, but I was in more of a neutrals mood. So I wore my black jeans (similar more in stock) and raw edge v-neck sweatshirt from Evereve. I’d purchased it when I had a rewards bonus and they’d run a flash sale. Score! This sweatshirt has such a luxurious hand and nice drape.

What I wore Thursday
black jeans (similar more in stock) // raw edge v-neck sweatshirt // loafers // chainlink necklace // gold hoop earrings

I finished the look off with my black patent loafers and a chainlink necklace.

What I wore Thursday
black jeans (similar more in stock) // raw edge v-neck sweatshirt // loafers // chainlink necklace // gold hoop earrings

This simple all black outfit felt casual and comfortable but quite chic. Or at least that’s the way I looked in my mind. Ha!

So that’s a wrap. Thanks for joining me for today’s How I Really Dressed for My Day post. If you have questions about anything I shared, let me know. I always love hearing from you ladies. Some days I have more time to reply to comments than others. But I’ll always get around to answering your questions.

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Blessed for My Day

We have several options when life gets hard. And our responses both indicate our worldview and direct our path. We can respond out of fear. It’s natural to fear the unknown or the impending danger. But when we respond to life’s twists and turns out of fear we’re prone to make hasty decisions or to compromise our standards.

On the other hand, we can choose to respond to life’s hardships and surprises by trusting in God. We can see the fearful situation for what it is, but then turn to God for strength to face it. And that, dear friends, is a much wiser course of action. It both reflects our faith in God and charts a path of obedience, which always results in blessing.

And David was greatly distressed, for the people spoke of stoning him, because all the people were bitter in soul, each for his sons and daughters. But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God. ~ 1 Samuel 30:6

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48 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Day 05/07/21-05/13/21

  1. Your “How I really dressed for my day” posts are my absolute favorites. I learn a lot just from looking at your outfits for the week!

  2. Really like the blessed for the day. Nice reminder that we are not to live in fear but trust in the Lord.
    Cute sweaters for summer. Love cotton ones when it is a little chilly.

  3. Mornin’, Kay:

    As are you, I’m a Southern girl “up north” in Holland, Michigan, where I’ve lived since 1961. As a retired high school teacher, and at this time in my life, I dress in a style similar to yours. This past week, to meet a friend for dinner, I wore Talbot’s straight leg, high waist jeans, a black and white polka dot, silky blouse with beautiful ruffled cuffs, also from Talbot’s, and a lovely, well-tailored blazer that I found at — surprise– H and M for $34.99. For simple jewelry, I enjoy a simple “charm” from Pandora that I wear on a white gold or yellow gold chain. Here in Michigan, it’s been cool enough that I sometimes still wear ankle boots. I also have the eyelet tunic from J. Jill, in a size small. I plan to wear this as a beach cover-up, or I might very well cut it off and wear it as a shirt/blouse, which I will tie at the midriff. For reference, I wear your same sizes. You seem very friendly and down-to-earth, and I enjoy your use of the term “HA!” which I use myself. My great-grandparents were from Georgia. I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee and in NE Arkansas, and I graduated from Baylor University. Today, after I “do” my 3.25 mile walk, I’ll run errands in our beautiful downtown. My outfit: flare leg, high waist jeans, a striped, cotton, button front shirt, both from Talbot’s, and a red jacket/blazer. HA!

    1. Hi, I would love to see T albot’s Summer style video showing how to put together cute outfits with shoes and accessories as well I love T albot’s clothes and would enjoy your fashion ideas!!

  4. Hi Kay, I love reading this themed post every Friday! It’s so helpful to see what you wear each day when you are out and about! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I really like the looser jeans trend but cannot figure out how long they should be? Any thoughts on how far above the ankle a loose cropped jean should hit?

    1. Hi Thanna. Really anywhere from above the ankle bone to just skimming the top of your shoes. Showing the ankle is very in trend and flattering.

  6. Kay, another great Blessed For My Day! Comforting. All your outfits looked elevated but I guess I liked the duster and all black outfits best. I think that’s because the duster reminded me of being on vacation and I wear a lot of black!

  7. Hi Kay, loved both your colourful open weaved sweaters, they’re something I myself would wear if the weather was warmer.
    I particularly liked your BFMD which is crucial for these times we’re living in. It really resonated with me.
    Love your videos and gracious advice. God bless ?

  8. You look phenomenal in everything you wear, however, in my opinion black is your least good color. White is dynamite on you, as is the pink. But I noticed that black doesn’t show off how pretty you are! Just my opinion.

  9. I simply love your blog! As for post ideas…I would love to see more posts about modest length shorts (thinking in the 8-10 inch range) that are more budget friendly. Also ideas for those of us living in the deep south. Hard to make “outfits” when you can’t layer on a 3rd piece b/c of the temperature. 🙂

  10. Hi Kay, As usual I loved your How I Really Dressed for My Day post. And, as a fairly new subscriber, I wanted to say thank you for your posts and your videos which I find so helpful and informative, especially with the links. I had a thought for a summer post and that is how to cover our less than ideal upper arms during the summer months. For me, as I age and lose muscle tone, wearing sleeveless things is not so flattering. I’d love to see a video or post about your recommendations for how to cover that spot without resorting to long sleeves, which I find too hot. Thanks and enjoy your day with your son!

  11. Kay, I learn so much from your blog and am grateful that you share your ideas and tips so generously with your readers! I believe some of your readers (myself included) would be interested in an occasional post where you create an outfit (including accessories) from less expensive retailers like TJMAXX, Marshalls, Target, etc. I think it’s possible to create a high-end look at these discount retailers for those with more modest budgets. It will be a challenge but it will illustrate that style and fashion are not defined by income.
    Thank you for asking for our ideas! Your blog is my favorite!
    PS I would love to know what you think of Boom! cosmetics. I recently started wearing the Boom Trio and Bright mascara and will never go back to traditional make-up.

  12. Something I would like to see in a summer blog post or video:
    -How to style a jumpsuit for summer. I know not everyone is a fan and I didn’t think I was either but recently found a cute sleeveless one at Walmart. It was so affordable and comfortable, I didn’t mind giving this trend a try. Wondering what would be some lightweight, flattering ways to cover my arms. A denim jacket looks great but a bit heavy for summer.

  13. Kay, if you feel comfortable doing it, I would like to see for summer a review of bathing suits and some styling hacks regarding keeping sling back straps in place and avoiding wardrobe malfunctions! You do a wonderful job! Have a great visit with your son!

  14. Hi Kay,

    As a blog or video idea, I’d like to see you style a summer basic three ways (or more). Something like linen pants would be interesting—maybe dressed up and dressed down. I actually enjoy seeing almost anything styled different ways. It inspires wardrobe ideas.

  15. Ditto what Holly said. At 73 no one wants to see these upper legs but it gets so hot I’d like to have some shorts to wear at home and at our ranch. Love Talbots but don’t want to pay that much for shorts no one’s going to see. Thanks.

  16. Hello,

    I enjoy your blog posts and find them inspirational. For Summer, I would love to learn more about Summer make-up. I perspire a lot in the heat and the make-up I normally use does not always hold up. I would also love to see Summer dupes from Walmart, Target, and JC Penney.

    Thank you,


  17. Love your blog Kay! I have an idea for your summer blogging : How about a what to wear for a destination weekend get away? Examples: a mountain weekend getaway, lake weekend. Look forward to your posts each day! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us! Jo

  18. Hi Kay!
    I am fairly new at your blog and I’m really enjoying it!
    I would love to see more ideas on CASUAL dinner evenings outfits
    We seldom go to fancy restaurants but do like to go to casual eating places with friends
    Also, although I am retired, on occasion I do have to attend some business/corporate type events.
    I did not have this type of wardrobe when I was working. Could you suggest having a few items in my closet that could put together a couple of outfits for when one of these occasions arise
    Thanks for all the work that you do putting these blogs and videos together! Most appreciated!

  19. Happy Saturday Kay!!! First of all, I hope you have a really good time with your son. I also enjoyed your white blazer outfit ideas. It adds so much class….even dressed down. I would like to see you post summer outfits that are thin, cool and covers must of your skin. Even tough I wear sunscreen, I still want to cover up. I also want to cover lumps, bumps and cellulite. I gave up wearing shorts three years ago because I am not comfortable showing my legs and now I want to cover my upper arms too. I am 5’1 and would like to wear a maxi dress, however, I cannot seem to find one that isn’t so long. Thank you for all your research and time you put into your blog and videos…greatly appreciated. Also, my favorite of all each day is BFMD. Have a fabulous weekend.

  20. An idea for a post: Casual summer dressing (like going to a baby shower, winery, dining out (at some point I hope to feel comfortable going to a restaurant haha!) I usually opt for white jeans (full length or a bit cropped) and a shell type top, but looking for new ideas. Also, what to wear if: I am very high waisted, carry a menopouch (I think that is the term some are using), busty, long legs (my best feature). I am 67 if that matters.
    Thank you!

  21. Hi Kay!
    I would love to see a future post about how to pack for a vacation. How to use a few basic pieces to mix and match for different looks without over packing. Love reading your blog! Keep up the great work!

  22. Hi, Kay. Enjoy your helpful and uplifting posts and appreciate the discounts. I’m responding to your request for summer topic ideas. Here are a few:
    * some fashion advice for petite women and their special needs
    * undergarments
    * dressing for hiking and outdoor adventure
    * belts and hats
    Thank you,
    Loretta S

  23. My suggestion for a summer post is this. I’d love to get your ideas for a summer travel capsule wardrobe including outfits for most any occasion. I am traveling in a couple of weeks and have spent hours trying to decide how to pack for casual excursions as well as a wedding or funeral and in one suitcase. Please include shoes jewelry and accessories.
    Thank you for all the inspiration you give us Kay. I look forward to your posts every morning while I drink my coffee and have purchased many of your recommendations.

  24. You asked for summer posts or video ideas. We have no vacations planned so any outings or social engagements will be with family and friends as schedules allow this summer. We are fans of dining el fresco so I would love ideas on outfits, meals, appetizers, etc for patio dining or enjoying time around a fire pit. Another outdoor activity we enjoy is visiting wineries and listening to the live music many offer during the summer. So again, outfits for an evening at the winery and/or an outdoor concert.

  25. Hi Kay, here is an idea for a VIDEO…how about taking us all on a shopping trip to your favorite mall/store where “we” go into the store with you and shop at your elbow? We can watch you pursuing the clothing racks pulling out items that interest you and call talk to us and tell us why you like the item as well as why you take a pass on other items. Teach us how you shop, in other words.

  26. Hi Kay,
    Love all your posts it is a great read at the start of my day. How about a post called Dressed for my night
    Meaning comfortable nite wear for those of us dealing with menopause and wanting to be comfortable but still look nice.

  27. I am a new subscriber to your blog and YouTube channel. You do a great job of explaining everything and providing multiple options. I really like the look of the front tuck (I gave up tucking in my shirt years ago?). My idea for a video or post would be if there is a secret to doing this right (certain style or length of shirts, where to tuck, etc.) It just does not seem to look right when I do it or maybe I need a little style confidence to pull it off). Thank you for all the helpful information you provide!

  28. Hey Kay!
    You have been a real God-send to me. Thank you. Your bright radiant femininity speaks to our age that it is a true gift to be a woman – gracious, lovely and all that is good.
    An idea might be how to continue this as we navigate confusing messages in our day in culture, our day, our families. How can we witness to what we believe by not even saying a word!
    Another idea is summer bathing suit apparel.

  29. I would like to see a post on how to fake a tan so it looks natural. I burn too easily as I get older so no way I’ll get a natural tan. But we do look healthier with a tan look in the summer with all our light and white clothes. Any ideas? Orange is just not my color.?

    1. Hi Eve, I use HEMP Bronzing Moisturizer (for a hint of tan all year long with moisturizer). You can use it daily to develop a little deeper color, but I just use it twice a week to get that hint of color. I’m very fair, so I mix the bronzer with facial lotion to use on my face & neck for a lighter tone. Be sure to allow it to dry before dressing, or wear older clothes/dark colors if hanging out at home. I like this product better than other products I’ve tried. You can purchase it at Sally’s Beauty Supply. Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks, Gloria. That’s sounds like exactly what I’m looking for. I have a Sally’s close by too. A natural and subtle look.

  30. Hi Kay, I’ve been enjoying your posts for a few months now. You have really helped me modernize my closet and I appreciate that! My suggestion for a future post is about cardigans sweaters. So many indoor venues crank up the AC in the summer that I always want to have another lightweight layer with me. What are your recommendations for stylish cardigans that complement summer clothing? I don’t want anything big and bulky. Thank you!

  31. Happy Saturday Kay,

    I really enjoy all of your videos and posts. I am 65 and retired. I would like to see more outfits for my age and lifestyle. I dress very casual on the days I am home because I am working in the yard, cleaning or cooking.

    Thanks again,

  32. Kay, Thank you for another week of style inspiration and encouragement from The Word.
    Possible material for this summer:
    *It may be a little late in the year, but I’d like to see college wear styling tips. We are big LSU sports fans and watch games in all types of weather (mostly hot and humid). I think you’re a GA Dawg fan, right, so you get the idea.
    We have a large collection of fan wear, but recently my upper arms have become crepe (or is it crepy?). Sleeveless shirts and short sleeve tees are not as flattering as they use to be. Do you have any suggestions?
    *I like lower rise sneakers except in the winter. They seem to help elongate my legs. Any thoughts?
    *Do you like Mary Kay lash primer? If not, what do you prefer and why?

    I realize the last two questions are just that, but maybe they will spark more ideas.

  33. Great posts this week! Thank you! Our church is pretty casual so I’d love to see a video or post on multiple ways to style a T-shirt dress (mine is black), or a tank dress (mine is red). Or just other fashion-forward church outfits that don’t look like I’m ‘showing off.’

  34. Hi! I love the summer and the sun but can not take the rays on my skin . Would like to see ideas on how one can stay covered up, yet still look and feel cool and stylish. Thank you!

  35. Summer post idea: Kay, I have two runa’s that I really like, but I struggle with what to pair them with, other than skinny legged pants. I would love to see the various pieces that you wear yours with. Thank you!
    I always enjoy seeing how you really dress for your days. You always look so nice and put together. I know that y’all enjoyed seeing your son and granddog, but missed seeing your DIL yesterday.

  36. Hi Kay, here’s a suggestion for a post or video. Now that Covid restrictions have been lessened and wedding gatherings will be happening again, a video or post on what’s trending to wear to a summer wedding (day, evening, formal, beach…) would be helpful. Another idea, not necessarily summer themed, but something I struggle with is how to layer necklaces and how to coordinate necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

    Love your posts. I hope you had a good visit with your Columbus son. I lived my first 50+ years in Columbus, Ohio (suburb, Upper Arlington). Now, I’m a transplant to north Georgia.

  37. Hi Kay, a summer blog on swimsuits, which styles look best for the different body types, might be a topic we would benefit from. Thanks for your wonderful, encouraging articles.