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How You Absolutely CAN Wear Capri Pants this Summer

May 17, 2021

Can I wear capri pants instead of shorts? Are capri pants in style? These are questions I receive frequently during the spring and summer. And I’ve read and heard so many bloggers, YouTubers and stylists forbid us to wear them that I’d decided capri length pants were absolutely taboo. But I’ve changed my mind. And today I’m going to share with you how {and why} you absolutely can wear capri pants this summer…if you want to.

You Can Wear Capri Pants

Hang with me here. Today’s post is a little different from most. I’m going to rant a bit, and then we’ll get on to some quick style tips and photos.

Just recently a reader emailed me wanting to know if she could wear the capri pants that fill her closet and that she enjoys wearing during the hotter months. She’s in her young 60s and no longer feels comfortable wearing shorts. Without thinking beyond the strict style rules I’ve heard and read so many times, I shot back my reply. “Well, they’re not really ‘in style,’ but of course you can wear anything you want to. Just be careful that they don’t end right at the thickest part of your calf.”

But shortly my reader replied back with additional information. She’d forgotten to tell me that she’s 5’8.5″ and just about 120 pounds. So she’s obviously on the thin side and probably has long legs to boot. Shoot! She can wear potato sacks on her long, slender legs and look gorgeous. That little interchange was a reminder to me that we’re all different and need to learn the style principles that work best for our unique bodies rather than just following the dictates of influencers like myself who have learned a thing or two and declared themselves experts.

And another thing. I’ve also realized that most of the women mandating that we never again wear capri length pants are in their 30s and 40s. I kinda think those are the years – when you’re raising kids and struggling a bit with your own identity and realizing that you’re no longer that thin teenager or 20-something you were just a few years ago – that you’re more prone to deem certain pieces of clothing as frumpy or “old” or outdated. Maybe those capri pants or Bermuda shorts or comfort sandals or button up cardigans (you get the idea) look like something their mothers would wear. And so they proclaim them accursed.

You Can Wear Capri Pants

I think when you’re in your 30s and 40s you’re a lot more concerned about not looking old than you are when you reach your 50s and beyond. I mean, I don’t want to look old either. But then again, I’m not young. And honestly, I’ve got bigger issues to worry about at this point. As I get older I realize there’s a reason a lot of women stop wearing shorts beyond their front yard. That’s not to say you have to stop wearing shorts, mind you. I’ll still be wearing mine some this summer.

But what those younger influencers and stylists don’t know yet – because they haven’t gotten here yet – is that most of us do reach an age where we no longer feel quite as comfortable in shorts for summer as we used to. And because they haven’t gotten here yet, they honestly don’t get that it’s not just one thing that makes us feel that way. It’s not just that our legs look older in general. Shoot, that wouldn’t be a big deal at all. But it’s the surprising details. Amiright?!? It’s the cumulative effect of the…

  • crepey skin
  • age spots
  • thicker ankles
  • varicose veins
  • diminishing muscle tone
  • and extra baggage around the knees
  • did I leave anything out???

And maybe you don’t have all of those conditions. I don’t. But I have enough to understand how you may feel. At 57 I still feel like a young woman in many ways. But when I put my reading glasses on (hahaha!) and take a good look at my legs, I’m a little aghast. When did all that happen?!?

I say all of this simply to say that if you want to wear capri length pants this summer because you feel more comfortable exposing a little less of your legs…I’m on your side. I get it. And I say wear the things.


I would like to offer a few tips to help you look your best in those capri length pants. So yes. You absolutely can wear capris this summer and here’s how.

You Can Wear Capri Pants

Style Tip #1 – Consider wearing more of a cropped length rather than a true capri length pant.

True capris hit somewhere just below the knee to mid calf, making them a poor choice if you’re trying to create the most pleasing proportions. Ideally we want our bottom half to look approximately one and a half times as long as our top portion. But when we wear capri length pants the bottom portion is chopped up into two shorter portions. See the problem?

Flex-To-Go Cargo Capris
These Flex-To-Go Cargo Capris at Kohl’s are probably not the best look for any of us, but if they make you feel more comfortable than shorts…wear them!

The solution is simply to choose cropped or ankle length pants when possible instead. Longer pants = visually longer legs. Especially if you have a long torso and shorter legs, capri length pants will make you look even more disproportionate.

You Can Wear Capri Pants

Style Tip #2 – Make sure your legs look as long as possible by tucking your top or wearing a slightly cropped top.

I’m wearing what Chico’s calls high rise straight leg crops, but they’re definitely on the shorter side of a crop pant, at least on me. So when I first tried them on I though, “Uh oh. I can’t wear these. They’re really cropped…almost capris. That’s against ‘the rules.'”

But I like these pants. They feel great on, they hang nicely and they’re versatile. They’re cooler than long jeans, but they cover more than shorts. I want to wear them.

So I topped the high rise straight leg crops with a slightly cropped top. Now I could do that because these straight leg crops do have a somewhat high waistline. So choose your crops or capris accordingly. I’d definitely stay away from low rise cropped or capri length pants.

You Can Wear Capri Pants

Fortunately we can find lots of cropped tops these days. For real versatility, I suggest either the Loft cinched front tee I shared in my t-shirt review last week or this denim tie-hem top. The denim tie-hem top isn’t quite as cropped, but the fact that it’s tied means you don’t have to tuck it in to make it look complete. You could also check out this short sleeve tie-hem sweatshirt from Old Navy or the raw edge tie-dye sweatshirt I’m wearing (size down; wearing a small). I also have this raw edge v-neck sweatshirt in solid black. It’s so comfy and has a great drape. But admittedly these tops are quite pricey, so I’d check out the selection at Old Navy.

Style Tip #3 – Choose capris or crops that fit so that you have some space between your leg and the pant, especially at the hemline.

A slightly looser fit will help your legs look leaner and, thus, longer. So steer clear of crops or capris that fit snug or tight all the way to the hemline.

You Can Wear Capri Pants

Style Tip #4 – Do try to avoid cropped pants that end right at the thickest part of your calf.

Lines draw attention. So if you have a line straight across the thickest part of your calf it will only accentuate the fullness there.

Style Tip #5 – Wear nude colored sandals with your crops or capris to elongate the leg.

This one trick can help your overall look so much. Wearing nude colored sandals or even flesh toned sneakers, if you prefer, will help those proportions so much, elongating the leg and, in the process making you look leaner and taller.


Style Tip #6 – Make other more modern style choices in your outfit.

Because capri length pants are indeed seen as a bit old fashioned or dated, it is wise to make other style choices that are more modern. For instance, I wore a trending tie-dye top and added a modern necklace.

Modern Choices

Style Tip #7 – If your capris or crops have a slim fit, wear a top that is a little fuller, but still fits well.

Good fit is always important. So don’t compromise there. But if your capris or crops have a slender fit then you can balance the look, as I did here, with a more blousy top.

Style Tip #8 – Wear you look with confidence.

Let’s circle back around. I think we can all agree that high cropped or capri length pants are not necessarily the cat’s meow. But they are still a viable option for summer if you want to be cool and sporty but also cover more of your legs. And if you enjoy wearing them, then go for it.

Yes, recognize that when you really want to look your absolute best, you’ll wear something else instead. But when you do opt for those capri length pants, wear them with confidence. Stand up straight, put on some lipstick and rock those things. And if your daughter or younger sister tells you they look frumpy or old, you just wink at her and say, “Oh sweetie, you just wait and see. Your day’s coming.”

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In my husband’s sermon yesterday he reminded us that “reactions speak more loudly than actions.” By that he meant that how we respond to the hard things often says more about what’s truly inside of us than how we manage ourselves during the more “normal” times. Our responses indicate our character, but they also testify to what we believe to be true about God.

Amidst false accusations and an unjust imprisonment, Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises to God. Evidently the other prisoners listened intently to them. Then, when an earthquake shook the prison and freed them all from their chains, Paul and Silas honorably stayed put rather than running. That’s when the prison guard noticed their unusual behavior and asked about their God. Let’s ask God to help us react to today’s circumstances in ways that honor Him and lead others to Him.

About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them, and suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken. And immediately all the doors were opened, and everyone’s bonds were unfastened. When the jailer woke and saw that the prison doors were open, he drew his sword and was about to kill himself, supposing that the prisoners had escaped. But Paul cried with a loud voice, “Do not harm yourself, for we are all here.” ~ Acts 16:25-28

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83 thoughts on “How You Absolutely CAN Wear Capri Pants this Summer

  1. Just want to say that I will be thinking of you as you begin your move. I “feel you”. A week from today the movers come, and a week from tomorrow we will drive down to our new home state. Yikes!

    1. Kay,
      I really love those pants on you with that t-shirt. I am 70, 5’8″ and weigh 153 so I can wear crops with no problem and I love them. They are my go-to pant in the summer in Houston, where it is hot and humid. I do wear shorts but I wear longer shorts from Talbots, which covers up a lot of flaws. I don’t love the way they look on me but sometimes an occasion calls for that.

      Last night I flew into Houston and United had mislabeled my bag and it went to Newark. It was full of my summer clothes, gifts, shoes, makeup and other things. I had to remind myself over and over that it was just stuff, and yes, I could not really replace quite a bit of it, but then how many garments did Jesus own? Lots of praying and finally peace. Hopefully it will arrive to my doorstep this afternoon but if it doesn’t, I am okay with it. At the airport, I also had to remind myself that as a follower of Jesus I needed to act the part and not fall apart. Not easy, but I managed. Your verse and comments were just what I needed.

      Prayers for a smooth move and no complications!

      1. Ahh, great application of the blessing today. Thanks for sharing that. When we’re under pressure it’s too late to decide how to behave sometimes isn’t it. We have to nurture that gracious spirit daily. Sounds like you’ve been doing that. ?

  2. I too have passed the 60 mark and I am 5’3″ short legs and long waisted. Oh I wish I had long legs like yours. I have found the cropped flared jeans and pants fit me like just at my ankle or longer, so they don’t look too bad. I just have to remember to wear shorter tops or tuck them in and I like your tip of flesh colored sandals. It can be trickier, for someone that does not have the really long legs, even though they are short I was never ashamed of my legs. Good BFMD.

    1. Great adaptations Sherry. Yes, just work them. I honestly still think ankle length pants are probably the most flattering on most of us. Especially if worn with the right shoes.

    2. What a wonderful post, especially for those of us that are over 60! I turn 65 in October. I am blessed to have long, slender legs and I’m not long or short waisted. I have some capris that I enjoy wearing, but I know that I need to pay closer attention to the tops I wear with them. I am searching for a flesh colored pair of sandals or sneakers that has arch support and will fit my slender & paper thin feet. I really like the outfit you have on in this post! This week will be exciting and exhausting, and probably somewhat overwhelming for you & James, but as many times as you’ve moved, I know that you will handle it beautifully. I will say special prayers for y’all. What a great BFMD!

      1. Thanks so much Ginger. We’re actually stretching this move into two weeks. I don’t know if that a blessing or a curse, but we’ll find out! ?

  3. So enjoyed your thoughts about capri/ankle pants. I so agree.
    But what really spoke to me was your husbands sermon.
    Thanks for doing what you do.
    Blessings for your move.

  4. Thank you for stating that we sometimes feel we need to look like influencers who are typically much younger than ourselves. Bottom line, I did not look like that when I was their age so why do I think I would now? Ha?. Excited for your move and anxious to see how you make your new house your home. Take care sweet friend

  5. Praying now for your move. Glad your other subscriber said she will be thinking of you, in that. Thanks for sharing about reactions. Sounds like your husband listens to the Holy Spirit.

    1. Thanks so much Cathy. I’m not nearly as prepared for this move as I’d hoped to be by this time. And it’s a busy work week. But we’re moving over two weeks. So hopefully all will get done! ?

  6. One advantage of being short…capris/crops naturally fall below the widest part of your calf! Thanks for sharing these fashion tips, Kay!

  7. Thanks for this post! I have some in my closet and still like them and this outfit looks great on you!! Love your tips to make them more current. Can’t wait to see your new house decorated!

  8. Oh, Kay! Your encouragement in this post to embrace our age is SO encouraging! It’s unfortunate that our culture idolizes youth, especially when God says the gray head is a crown to the aged. I often see older women trying so hard to look young, that they don’t realize they almost look ridiculous. Thank you for the encouragement and ‘permission’ to ‘act our age’ even in our older years!! Blessings to you!!!

  9. I think your thoughts on this topic are spot on and I am so happy that you covered this topic. Living in the hot, humid south this is an issue for me every summer. Most of those flaws you mention seem to have taken up residence on my legs and it can be very challenging to stay cool and somewhat stylish in the summer while trying to cover the worst of the issues. I’m not sure I have paid enough attention to the different lengths of capris and shall now look at the collection in my closet with new eyes. I must admit to staying away from crop tops as I feel like they either ride up and/or highlight my less than flat abs. I think your outfit today looks very pretty and stylish.
    Along these lines, when you asked for summer video ideas I was wondering if you might consider a comprehensive guide to improving the looks of our aging bodies in relation to what is now on display in the summer months (ie: cracked heels, camouflaging some of the leg flaws and even avoiding or camouflaging perspiration marks from the humidity and shiny faces from the humidity ). It seems like I dread summer more every year as it is so much easier to keep these problem areas hidden under pants and sweaters. It would be so nice to face the summer as an older lady with a sense of style and a measure of confidence.
    Best of luck with your upcoming move.

  10. I think one of the reasons your capri pants work so well is that the light color does not show as much of a line and call attention to the length. I have black ones and khaki ones, and I’ve been reluctant to wear them the last few years, though I always end up busting them out as temperatures rise. Unlike a pair of black full length vs khaki pants, I’ve noticed the khaki pair of capris are more flattering on me than the black ones. I agree with everything you said. I think a lot of younger bloggers feel we choose these styles in a kind of vacuum, as though we are clueless regarding trends, rather than the truth: to deal with aging skin, foot problems, and even medical problems.

    1. Well stated Linda. And yes, I do think color choices is part of the equation. I was thinking the same thing but haven’t tested it out enough to know for sure. But the darker color would definitely make your leg more chopped up, so that makes sense.

  11. I enjoyed this article. I don’t wear shorts either and I use to wear a lot of capris. I don’t really care for the old style but this article gives great alternatives. I’ve learned when asking my 30 year old daughter’s opinion about an outfit her response is usually determined by whether or not she would wear it. But our style choices are not the same so I wear what I like.

  12. Thanks so much for this post. It made me smile. I’m 5’3”,145#, and 73. I just bought a pair of “skimmers”, so the catalog said, from Talbots. They’re a striped seersucker and so cool. Even though I bought the petite size they still hit me at the dreaded widest part of my calf. Not my best look. And I won’t be wearing them to lunch with friends but I will wear them grocery shopping and for errands and feel good about it thanks to you. This was a much needed post. Thank you for being so bold. ?

    1. Perfect. That was exactly the point of this post. I want is to feel comfortable wearing what we want and need to wear, especially at home or for errands and then know how to sharpen up a bit for other occasions. Perfect! ?

  13. Thank you for some common sense from the blogging world. I have never understood why longer to midi skirts are deemed just fine while capris at the same lengths are horrible. As you pointed out, it all depends on balancing proportions. Shoes are important too. Good tips!

    1. Thanks Suzi. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. But I would add that skirts kinda work the same way. We’re better off to find those in lengths that don’t hit at the widest part of the calf too. But a longer ankle length or full length is great. ?

  14. Kay – I really appreciate these tips on wearing capris and cropped pants, and what to look for in the proportions. I am very self-conscious about visible veins on my legs. I will wear longer shorts within my home , but never out in public. Cropped pants in lighter weight cotton fabric have been a lifesaver. After reading several of your posts, I now pay more attention to the length of my tops and have started front tuck or half-tucking them. Thanks again!

  15. I love this post. Since unexpectedly moving way south to FL 10 years ago, capris and crops are a mainstay for me, despite what fashion says. It is to not wear them. I don’t wear skirts or dresses unless a funeral or special occasion. Haven’t worn shorts since pre-teen. I discovered Talbot’s Curvy collection a couple of years ago, and that has reduced trips to the tailor.
    Good luck with your move. It’s always exciting to set up new places.

  16. Thanks for talking about this subject! I never used to think about some of these points. And I am 5’2″ with a long torso, short legs, and alot of problem areas with my legs. You look great in that outfit, as usual! Thanks for all of your tips and Good luck with your move!! How exciting! God bless you!

  17. Great post! While I enjoy reading the opinions of bloggers the decision is ultimately whether “we” like the item (in this case capris). I love what you said about younger women saying absolutely not but they haven’t been our age. I’d be willing to bet many of them will do a 180 when they get our age and capris will suddenly be in style. Lol.

    Good luck on your move. I hope all goes well.

  18. Thank you so much! You look great here in your capris! I had no plans of discarding mine, but I was definitely hearing that I should. Thank you for your courage and your wisdom and the knowledge that you seek and share.

  19. Let’s just add knee surgery scars to that list of “What happened to my legs!” I am 68 and I don’t bare my arms or legs; so, I will rock a sweet pair of capris uptown, downtown, ALL around the town and not give one whit to those young whippersnappers! I look great and receive compliments on my style from young and old alike! As long as I don’t look like Ma Joad I am fine!


  20. Great tips on wearing capris/crop pants! I’m only 5’1”, so I don’t usually reach for these choices! But I’m glad to read that they might be an option!! Good luck on your upcoming move! Praying d truth I g goes as smoothly as possible!! Not sure if you are still taking suggestions for blog ideas, but I’d like some advice/suggestions on how to purge our closets! It’s hard to really sort through things and get rid of them! Thanks,

  21. So Kay, I have a question. I wear my skirts at the bottom of my knee for modesty’s sake and because I’m 68. What is the difference of your capris ending there and your skirt ending there, and if there is none, are you saying that skirts shouldn’t end there either? Just curious!

    1. Hi Bobbie. No, just below the knees is great. That’s a nice length of skirt. Better yet would be mid knee. But the place you do NOT want (ideally) for you skirt or pants to end is mid calf.

  22. Enjoyed the post very much as I am one that no longer wears shorts due to leg “issues”.

    I wish you could do a post on a transitional
    wardrobe as one is losing weight. One that won’t break the bank, though! Ha!

  23. I did not know the capris were out of fashion! I must be WAY out of the loop! I have several pair but have realized that on me they need to fall below my calf with more of a slim fit around my hips and thighs, if it’s a baggy fit I just look heavy and sloppy. I’m 5’6” and 150lb and age 62.

    1. Hahaha! Well it’s really the ones that hit mid calf or above that are out of style. But the point remains that some women really can wear even those. But yes I prefer to keep mine under the calf and closer to ankle length myself. Thanks for sharing Jen.

  24. Kay Your tips and advice are appreciated and I look forward to your posts. Today’s topic is very helpful regarding the capri style pants and where they end on the leg (hopefully not the fullest part) is something I noticed while out and about on women.
    My legs are very white and blotchy. I use lotion that will give a gradual tan. Just a few applications from the knee down will give a little gradual coverage. Jergens makes one. I aim for slight color since the rest of me is pale and I don’t want to look like I have hose on. Just make sure to blend the lotion in well or it will streak.
    Thanks for the inspirational passages too.

  25. What a great topic – you made so many good points. And some of the other posters made excellent points as well. I love seeing all the different heights and body shapes – so here goes one from a TRULY curvy gal. I am 56, stand 5’5″ (after a good yoga session!), wear a size 20-22, have a long torso, and shorter, very muscular legs. Clothing is definitely a challenge, but I wanted to share a hack for all you longer legged ladies who look good in or like to wear bermudas. Turn your too short capris into bermuda shorts by either rolling them up to just above the knee. or cutting them off RIGHT in the middle of your kneecap, and then rolling the edge or leaving it fringe-y. My 19 year old fashionista daughter (who is as curvy as her mom but 3 inches taller, with long, showgirl legs) took a bunch of my old capris and did just that for herself. Her thighs are long enough that bermudas work on her, while I prefer a 7 inch short or an ankle pant so I don’t look dumpy. Just thought I’d share that with you all – it may be a way to save the capris that DON’t hit at the right spot. And it shows that the REALLY young ones can often be a better help than those in their 30s/40s who are afraid of looking like their mom.

  26. Thanks for your helpful post Kay. I’m in my early-60’s and I love my capris. I didn’t realize they were that much out of vogue! ? At this stage of my life, shorts aren’t an optional anymore so capris are great for our hot summers. Thanks for all your fashion inspiration and godly posts.

  27. What a wonderful post, Kay- great tips! Wear with confidence- I think that is key! I don’t often comment but I LOVE your posts and look forward to them every day! I especially love your BFMD! Prayers for you and James as you make this move! A blessing to be in your new home!

  28. We are totally on the same wavelength Kay. In fact, we just took photos of the three of us wearing capris and will have them on the blog next week. I’m all about how you wear them, and having fun with our style!!!

  29. Glad to see this post about capris. Have seen other bloggers stating they were out of style. Of course, they were the same bloggers saying last year nothing but skinny jeans should be worn and are now stying straight fuller styles! I do not wear shorts at my age and have loved capris as an alternate to jeans. I may need to evaluate the ones I have as to length however.

    Enjoy Blessed for my Day every day! You are an inspiration!

  30. I love my Capri’s and wear them when I do yard and house work because they are comfortable in the warmer weather . Sometimes it is hard to ignore what others say about what is stylish and what is not…but it boils down to your finances and what type of work you do on a daily bases. In the real world, you must do what works for you and your family. With the information that is now available on the internet a person can dress rather fashionably without spending little or no money on a wardrobe. Thanks to you, Kay and many others who share ideas about working a wardrobe, a woman can hold her head high with confidence in what she wears. Keep up the good work, Kay!

  31. I’m not a fashionista 24/7. Haha. I know the rules but don’t always follow them. Comfortable is a little more important these days than chic.
    When we were working on our house flipping we would go into Home Depot looking dirty and in slouchy clothes. A friend saw us later in the day and said “Boy, y’all clean up well.” So there you go. Dress for the occasion. Caprices are perfect for wading.

  32. First, women should wear what they want, agreed. I don’t see my husband stressing out about theses things. Secondly, I’m not fan of capri pants. Not because someone told me I shouldn’t wear them, there just not my thing. Ankle pants work best on me. The same goes for sleeveless things. We’re not supposed to wear that either, but I have two linen dresses I love and I’ll continue to wear them. It’s so frustrating that clothes marketed to the over 50 market look like your either ready for a walker or something my daughter wanted to wear when she was seven.

  33. I am late in commenting, but I had an extremely busy day yesterday and didn’t get to read this until last night.
    The outfit you wore is exactly my summer uniform in my life as a homemaker and I am 62. My favorite bloggers have said no capris, EVER. I think it does depend on body type and length of capris, plus whether they are baggy or streamlined. My husband loves me in capris, and I do too. I have continued to wear them regardless. I guess what I am saying is, there are “dumpy, frumpy” capris and I stay away from those. Every one has to make their own choices, and I am cheering for you and your post! Thank you, thank you.

  34. Thanks for expressing this. I’m 62 and am absolutely flummoxed by what to wear in the summer. Winter is fine. Summer is a different animal. I liked your t shirt post, too – and I’m bewildered by the large amount of tissue thin t-shirts that I would need to wear a camisole under in order to feel covered – I would be so hot! (but not in a good way!) I wear Bermuda shorts and I wear cropped/ankle pants, and I have a few capri pants I feel I could wear after reading this post. I think skirts and dresses can be a great choice if you are going out – but for everyday life – I’ll wear capris and crops. Thanks!

  35. I’m 60 and wear shorts often as I live in a hot climate. I recently asked my teenage son for his opinion on my just below the knee capris (I have no daughters). He helps me stay modern as I’m prone to looking outdated. He doesn’t care for them. Though they fit me well, I have switched them out for a more cropped ankle length jean simply because they seem to be more in style now so I got a pair of cropped white ankle jeans for the summer that I feel good in. I enjoyed watching your Christmas outfits and gift giving blogs today even though it is May. Liked the modern idea of velvet leggings for the holidays. Loved the look of your red/white nordic sweater and blue jeans, everything your wore in red, and the green cashmere turtleneck outfit. The orchid colored coat is beautiful on you.

  36. Thanks for giving us permission to wear our capris. I have a drawer full of them, and don’t intend to give them up because they are so comfortable. Thanks for the tips on how to keep them modern.

    I do have a suggestion for a blogpost. I have recently purchased a few tops and shoes from Amazon, taking advantage of their “try before you buy” program. Some of the tops are really cute. And the prices have been great. You might do a blogpost on navigating their clothing options. Thanks!

    1. Hi Marcia. Thanks for the suggestion. I actually tried the Amazon Prime wardrobe feature a while back and had such a bad experience I put it aside. But I’m definitely willing to give it another shot. I’ll look into it. ?

  37. Hi Kay,
    One thing I have asked God is to keep me “teachable”, willing to learn. Not to close my mind to new ideas. I have learned SO much from watching your videos! I feel more confident than I have in a long time with my over 50 body and a lot more pulled together. To know you are a sister in Christ makes it all the sweeter! Thanking God for you!

  38. Thank you Kay, I love your videos and blogs. I have another reason for wearing capris instead of shorts. I was in an accident at 18, and had several knee surgeries throughout the years and a knee replacement in my 40s. I have several very ugly scars on my one leg, and one knee is noticeable larger than the other. Even if I feel confident about my looks, I feel that no one needs to see these scars. I have actually received comments from strangers! I can’t stand to have anything tight around my knee either. I have used the Sally Hanson leg spray when wearing dresses but still the scars shine through! What do you suggest? I don’t want to look like a frump.

    1. You know I really don’t have any other options as far as casual wear. But when you’re wearing dressier dresses it is perfectly acceptable to wear sheer hose. But honestly I suggest you not worry about it. None of us are perfect. I had a huge adipose tumor on my shoulder for years and usually didn’t wear sleeveless tops or dresses because of it. But when I just really wanted to or needed to I did go sleeveless. And yeah, almost every time I did I got a question or two. But I just shrugged it off. I think our bodies are beautifully unique “flaws” and all. The most beautiful women are those who just live graciously in the bodies they have, anticipating that one of these days we will have new, perfect bodies. But meanwhile we can testify to God’s sufficiency and grace by living with what we have. ?