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How to Wear a White Blazer

July 31, 2019

It’s no secret that I have become a fan of blazers. Even though the only office I report to is in my own home, I still appreciate the classic lines and fitted silhouette of these trending jackets. And with a lightweight white blazer in my closet, I’ve been able to wear one spring through summer.

Today I’m sharing all the ways to wear a white blazer during spring and summer. Plus, I’ve handpicked some beautiful selections of these classic toppers for you to shop. And most of them are marked down, waaaay down!

with Dark Wash Denim + Dark Print Shirt

First up, one of my favorite ways to wear a white blazer is simply to pair it with dark wash denim jeans and a colorful print shirt. The white frame of the blazer accentuates the dark, colorful print in this lightweight button up shirt.

How to Wear a White Blazer this Spring + Summer
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Summer Style Tip – Stay cool as a cucumber by selecting a lightweight breathable fabric for both the shirt and your jacket. This shirt is a very thin cotton and the blazer is linen.

white blazer with colorful print shirt and rolled cuffs
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Summer Style Tip – For an added “cool factor,” cuff both the shirt and the blazer sleeves, exposing more of the color of the shirt.

Flip the collar of the shirt up in the back and let the wing tips of the shirt collar frame your face. You can tuck or not tuck the shirt, but the untucked look is a little more edgy and casual.

with lighter wash distressed denim + floral silk blouse

Is there really any better way to wear a white blazer than with jeans? I think it’s my favorite! So I’ve done it again with lighter wash jeans. And this time I chose distressed denim.

white blazer with distressed jeans and floral silk top
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Summer Style Tip – You don’t have to put your arms in the sleeves to get the added benefit of a blazer. Wear it over your shoulders for a cooler fit and an upscaled look.

white blazer worn on the shoulders
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with a fun t-shirt, distressed jeans + sneakers

You can go even more casual with your white jacket by layering it over a fun t-shirt.

white blazer with distressed jeans and tee
Life is Good t-shirt here.

Summer Style Tip – Keep the look intentionally casual by wearing white fashion sneakers. Yes! You are cool enough for this!

with white jeans + pastel top

Next, I topped white jeans with my white linen blazer. I kept the look soft and chic with a pale pink linen tee, coordinating pink shoes and shoulder bag and chunky gold jewelry.

white blazer with white jeans and soft pink tee
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Summer Style Tip – You’ll look cooler in your white blazer if you keep the overall look soft and light. Consider putting your white blazer over white jeans and any pastel tee or top. Finish with neutral or coordinating accessories.

with white slacks + single color shirt

It may feel risky, but you absolutely can wear your white blazer over white dress slacks. And, no! They do not have to be the exact same shade of white. In fact, a touch of difference in shade adds texture and interest to your look.

white blazer with white slacks and fun shirt
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Summer Style Tip – Shoe choices with your white blazer are varied, but you can bet that nude heels, sandals or flats will generally complete the look well.

with a standout sheath dress

When it comes to pairing a blazer with a dress, it’s probably easiest to wear it with a simple sheath dress. The no fuss, no muss silhouette of this classic dress presents an easy bottom layer for a structure or looser fit jacket.

white blazer with a colorful sheath dress
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Summer Style Tip – Whenever possible choose a sleeveless top or dress to go under your blazer. Think cool!!

with a Fit & Flare Cotton Dress

But you absolutely can wear your white blazer with dresses that have other silhouettes. I wore my white blazer over this navy polka dot poplin shirt dress with a fit and flare silhouette when my husband preached in view of a call at our new church.

white blazer with poplin shirt dress

Summer Style Tip – Try your white blazer on with everything!! You never know. More than likely, your white blazer will work with most everything in your closet.

with Bermuda length seersucker shorts

“But I mostly wear shorts in the summer,” you say. “Can you even wear your white blazer with shorts?” You betcha!

white blazer with seersucker Bermuda length shorts

I paired my white linen blazer with my Bermuda length seersucker shorts for church one Sunday. (We’ve been at a very casual church!) I kept the look oh so cool by simply wearing a v-neck white t-shirt underneath.

Summer Style Tip – Don’t be afraid to pair your solid white blazer with a solid white tee. Perfection! Or you could wear a white tee with a fun graphic on it, too.

with white shorts + animal print

I love, love, love the endless possibilities of pairing your white blazer with animal prints. Whether you choose zebra, giraffe, leopard or snake print to peek through your white jacket, you’ll look oh so chic!

white blazer with animal print blouse
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Your animal print will shine even more if you wear it over white bottoms, like these simple, dressy white shorts (now less than $20!).

Summer Style Tip – Use gold and neutral accessories to pull together your white and animal print combination, elevating the look even more but also letting the animal print steal the show.

Do you have a white blazer? What’s your favorite way to wear it? I’d love to hear from you.

And if you didn’t get a white blazer for this spring and summer, it’s not too late. In fact, many of the prettiest selections are marked down considerably now. Check out the white blazers I found for you in the shopping widget below. Not all final sale prices are indicated in the widget, so click through if you’re at all interested.

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4 thoughts on “How to Wear a White Blazer

  1. Hope your moving week is going well. I love all the ways you have styled this white blazer. My favorite is with the animals print. I don’t own one but I may consider getting one. Happy trails!

  2. Welcome to Texas!!! Stay cool! Thanks for sharing so many darling ways to wear a white blazer! They all look so fresh and stylish and easy!! Safe travels to you on your journey to your new home!

  3. Kay, You really gave us so many great ideas of how to wear a white blazer. And you look so nice in your outfits. I hope y’all have another smooth travel day!