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How I Styled Chico’s Summer Travel Collection

July 26, 2019

Today I’m packing up to move, but I know many of you may be packing for a summer vacation. Lucky thing!! Recently the lovely folks at Chico’s reached out to me with the opportunity to style some pieces from their Summer Travel Collection. And they challenged me to mix and match those pieces to create my own beautiful styles to share with you. In fact, you may want to include some of these styles in your vacation wardrobe.

How I Styled Chico's Summer Travel Collection

I’ve enjoyed wearing Chico’s clothing for years. I appreciate that Chico’s aims to help women communicate their own unique style essence through their clothing. That’s why mixables like these summer travel pieces appeal to me. We can each wear them in a way that rings true to us.

So Slimming Brigitte Slim Crops

I started with Chico’s iconic So Slimming Brigitte Slim Crops to create a slenderizing, classic look that would be perfect for a day of travel or an afternoon of sightseeing. I’m wearing a size .5 (6-Small) in the aria aqua, but these slimming crops come in a variety of neutrals and seasonal colors for you to choose from. And right now these crops are significantly marked down.

How I Styled Chico's Summer Travel Collection

My cotton blend v-neck tank provides a light first layer that can stand alone or peek through a top piece. I especially like the v-neckline and the mid-hip length. I’m wearing a size 0 (4/6 S) and this wide shoulder strap tank comes in a variety of shades.

How I Styled Chico's Summer Travel Collection
so slimming Brigitte slim crop pants in aria aqua (size .5) // cotton-blend v-neck tank in alabaster (size 0) // embroidered linen utility jacket (size 0) // crossbody cell phone case // necklace // bracelet // earrings (similar)

I topped my simple pairing with this darling embroidered linen utility jacket, also part of Chico’s Summer Travel Collection. This lightweight jacket provides coverage, interest, protection from a draft and such pretty details. I love the way this feminine utility jacket elevates a simple summer vacation look, but it would be beautiful with jeans, too. It features a drawstring waistband so you can cinch it to flatter.

The embroidered jacket is marked down significantly and seems to be available in most sizes right now.

How I Styled Chico's Summer Travel Collection

I have a thing for Chico’s accessories. They consistently feature unique, colorful and bold pieces. But really they have something for everyone. For instance, in this outfit I steered clear of all the colorful choices and selected white and gold for my earrings (similar) , bracelet and necklace.

I capped off the vacation-ready look with this chic crossbody cell phone case. It has pockets for your necessary cards, space for your glasses and phone and a wide adjustable strap.

Shorts & Sleeveless Denim Shirt

Next, from Chico’s Summer Travel Collection, I created another soft and casual look with these Bermuda length Secret Stretch Shorts and a sleeveless denim button-back shirt.

I’m wearing the 10″ inseam shorts in alabaster, size .5 (6-S). Featuring a similar blend of cotton, rayon, and spandex that’s in the Brigitte slim crops, these shorts skim your body and create an attractive silhouette. But I especially love that they bend and move with you so beautifully. And they have pockets. Oh, and these shorts are marked waaay down!

sleeveless denim shirt

This denim shirt is not only a beautiful subtle, pale blue, but it’s lightweight and amazingly soft, too. I’m wearing a 0 (4/6-S), and it fits just right. The back of the shirt features a flattering pleat and button detailing.

How I Styled Chico's Summer Travel Collection

Don’t you just love the combination of blues and natural wood tones in my stretch bracelet set and the coordinating multi-strand necklace? This chunky necklace is adjustable, too, so it works beautifully with a variety of necklines.

Crossbody Cell Phone Case

When I’m on vacation I like to carry one large tote and several small crossbody bags like this versatile blue crossbody cell phone case. That combination makes for easy packing, but you still have a variety of bags to choose from when you head out for sightseeing or dinner. By the way, this bag is also available in black or a striking animal print, too.

How I Styled Chico's Summer Travel Collection
Secret Stretch Shorts (size .5) // sleeveless denim button-back shirt (size 0) // blue crossbody cell phone case // stretch bracelet set // multi-strand necklace // fringe-detail straw hat

Oh, and let’s not forget to talk about this stylish and functional sun hat. Not only does this fringe-detail straw hat protect you from the sun’s rays, but it elevates your look substantially.

Well, now that you’ve seen all the pieces I selected from Chico’s Summer Travel Collection, let me show you how I mixed things up a bit for an even more elevated look.

All White Summer Vacation Look

For a champagne brunch or a seaside dinner, this all white combination would make you feel as fresh and vibrant as you look. One of the keys to creating an all white look is to add texture, so the embroidered utility jacket pulls this stunning combination together beautifully.

How I Styled Chico's Summer Travel Collection
embroidered utility jacket // Secret Stretch Shorts (size .5) // cotton-blend v-neck tank in alabaster (size 0) // crossbody cell phone case // necklace // bracelet // earrings (similar) // fringe-detail straw hat // sunnies (similar option – very good price!!)

I chose textured whites and soft blues for my summer vacation look, but Chico’s Summer Travel Collection is also stocked with allusions to the tropics, travel-worthy denims, trending corals and versatile black. Take a look at the mix-and-match collection to plan your vacation wardrobe.

I’m so grateful to Chico’s for sponsoring this post and for giving me the opportunity to share these beautiful fashions with you. While they were gracious enough to reach out to me for this style challenge, everything I’ve shared with you about the products is my personal opinion. Thank you, dear reader, for supporting the brands that support this site!

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Blessed for My Day

As James and I prepare to leave behind one family of faith and embrace another, I feel the usual push and pull in my heart that I’ve felt each time we’ve transitioned from one calling to another. It’s a unique and somewhat uncomfortable feeling to leave one church calling to move on to another, especially when you continue to feel such love for those you leave.

But even as we say good-byes, we don’t exit from one another’s lives completely. The tie that binds is strong. And we can continue to pray for each other diligently. I hope you, too, continue to pray – as God brings to mind – for those you have served alongside and called family. If it’s been a while, maybe pause today to do just that.

We give thanks to God always for all of you, constantly mentioning you in our prayers, remembering before our God and Father your work of faith and labor of love and steadfastness of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. ~ 1 Thessalonians 1:2-3

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209 thoughts on “How I Styled Chico’s Summer Travel Collection

  1. Beautiful outfits and nice mixable pieces. Do the shorts come at different lengths? I adore the linen on top so summery. I really like the sleeve length. These clothes work for my relaxed style with a touch of classic, I can be comfortable but still look put together. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Catherine. Yes, Chico’s has shorts in several different lengths, but the are all pretty long. Thanks so much for reading!

  2. You look great in anything you wear, Kate! But I really liked some of the pieces, I’ll be taking another look at Chico’s!

  3. Great looks, Kay! I really like that linen jacket, and the blues all look so pretty on you. Have a great weekend!

  4. Everything looks beautiful on you. I’m especially liking the sun hat! I’ve always admired their bolder looking jewelry, as it really makes a statement on a plain top!

    1. Yes, this is my favorite hat of all the ones I’ve shown this summer. I love the fringe detailing on it. Thanks for reading, Gina.

      1. Kay, thank you for the great styles that you show us. I recently discovered a Chico’s 40 minutes from where we live and decided to check it out. I loved everything online but felt that I needed to try some things on. We are going to Europe in August so I needed to find travel clothes. I really lucked out. Chico’s clothes are so comfortable and stylish. Lots of prayers and best wishes with your move, new home, and new church family.

        1. Oh I’m so glad you enjoyed shopping at Chico’s and that you found some things that work for your upcoming trip. How wonderful! Now, if you want to – since it is 40 minutes away – you can do like I often do and shop online but make any returns to the brick and mortar store. I hope you signed up for their passport membership too for additional savings! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love that utility jacket! ? It’s not as bulky looking as most. Will definitely check it out. Lots of great items.

  6. Chico’s has cute but classic clothes. I haven’t looked lately but will have to check it out soon.
    I do dislike their new way of reaching out with a person from the store communicating while I am shopping. The person who reaches out to me frequently can’t spell and has doesn’t know basic grammar rules. I know this may be weird but it doesn’t inspire me to have confidence in her ability to help me style an outfit when she can’t spell “outfit”.
    I have special occasions coming up soon and will have to look at Chico’s, especially that denim shirt. Too cute! And love their sales.

    1. Yes, the denim shirt is so very lightweight and comfortable. And you’re right, Chico’s has really good sales…and frequently. So much of what I’ve shown here today is marked down. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love the white shorts and pale blue sleeveless top…. Especially with the gorgeous jewelery!! It so casual yet really perfect for so many outings. I really like the longer length shorts because I am 60 and still love to wear shorts but don’t like my legs as much as I used to so that added length makes me feel for confident. Thanks for great inspiration!

    1. I’m glad you liked the post, Leslie. Yes, these shorts are a super length for those who don’t want to show so much leg. And Chico’s has even longer lengths in shorts, too. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love the looks today. Especially the jewelry! It really pops on the outfits you shared today.

    1. Hi Beverly. Yes, Chico’s consistently has beautiful jewelry. Often I drop in there to complete outfits I purchased other places even. And their jewelry looks fashionable for several seasons! Thanks for reading.

  9. Wow Kay, these are beautiful pieces you’ve styled for us, from Chico’s!! I’ve always loved Chico’s and especially the fact that they offer petite clothes. You look ready to set sail on a cruise to the tropics instead of packing up to move. That’s what I love about Chico’s…..they’re clothing is always appropriate and reasonably priced. Btw….love that necklace too. Really makes the outfit complete! Good job!!

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Sondra. Yes, I tend to pack a lot of Chico’s pieces when I travel to the beach or other warm weather venue. They just seem to fit the occasion!

  10. I love Chico’s quality fabric and construction. Their pieces last and are classic. You make these styles look summery and fun. I love the v-neck top, utility jacket, and capris in the colors you have shown. Thanks for sharing your ideas and great sense of style.

    1. Thanks for reading, Susan. Yes, I love their fabric and construction, too. I’ve never had problems with anything I’ve purchased from Chico’s.

  11. Love the jacket and the jewelry. I am actually wearing a Chico’s outfit today and really love most of their clothing. My biggest concern is that I have long legs and most of their pants (full length) are not available in tall, so I’m not able to find pants that work for me. Their tops are great and the clothing is very well made. I’m so glad to see Chico’s sponsor women of faith as well. Reinforces my commitment to shop with them!

    Hope the move goes well. I also appreciate how you have helped me identify my style so I know more of what to look for that will be timeless looks for me.

    1. So good to hear from you today, Denise. Thanks for sharing your experience with Chico’s! Have a blessed and happy weekend!

  12. I shop Chico’s a lot and love that you’re partnering with them. Especially like that light weight jacket and the crossbody bag. Will definitely be checking those out. Prayers for you and James as you prepare to leave your church family. Know it’s hard but looking forward to how God can use you wherever you’re planted.

    1. Thank you so much, Wanda. We appreciate all the prayers we can get. We are so happy and excited about the move, but it’s all quite stressful, too.

      The crossbody bags are two of my favorite pieces for sure. I’ve already been using them!

      1. Me too!! I try to wait for good sales, especially for “wants” instead of”needs.” Haha. 40% off is terrific!

  13. Good morning Kay. Oh boy that blue top is gorgeous! It looks so elegant. I love it pared with the white shorts. The accessories are perfect too, love the hat!

    1. Thanks so much Deb. You know, I keep looking for the perfect sleeveless denim or chambray or tencel top, and I think I’ve found it here! It’s a winner for sure.

  14. Hi Kay! I love the pieces and outfits you featured from Chicos! I rediscovered them about a year ago, and every time I go in the store I want almost everything! Ha! Their jewelry is always on point- some of my most loved and most worn pieces are from Chicos- and some are many years old. I hope you feature some more things from them in the future. Thanks for another great post!

    1. Thanks so much Julie. Yes, I really enjoy Chico’s, too. I wish I had shown more from them this summer, but our Chico’s has been so far away and it’s not located in the same area as the other stores I normally shop. But that’s all about to change with my move to Cincinnati! So I’ll be sure to feature more from there in the future. Thanks so much for sharing!

  15. Congratulations on your first sponsored post! I continue to look forward to reading your posts every morning! The clothes are beautiful, but my favorite item is the blue cross body phone case!

  16. I liked all three outfits. I really liked seeing the all white as it showed me how to wear one color, but not be boring. Loved loved the necklace you wore with all white outfit. In my opinion this has been some of the best outfits I have seen you wear.

  17. Love Chico’s and glad you are partnering with them. I live in SW Florida (near where they started) and their clothes are perfect for our warm climate. It’s great they can dress you from head to toe and their accessories pop. The outfits look great on you and will look forward to more posts from them.

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Kandy. Chico’s definitely reflects their Florida roots! I’m so glad to hear you enjoy their style. 🙂

  18. Hi Kay, I’ve never shopped at Chico’s before but now I will! Do you think the denim shirt could be layered under a cardi in the winter?

    1. Hi Judy. I’m glad to hear you will give Chico’s a try. That’s wonderful! I do think the denim shirt could be layered under cardis this fall and winter. And it would also work well under a kimono right now!

  19. I like all 3 outfits and appreciate the fact that Chicos pieces are so easy to mix and match for packing ease and for home. I want pieces in my wardrobe that fit into more than one part of my lifestyle. They’re reasonably priced and a little more classic in style, they’ll last more than one season. Thanks for sharing!

  20. That white linen jacket is absolutely beautiful!! I love being able to just toss on something light and soft on. Will have to check it out on the Chico’s website. Great post today. You look beautiful in white and blue. Also you are rocking that hat.

    Thanks for all your great suggestions.

    1. Thanks for reading, Abigail. Yes, the jacket is wonderfully lightweight and comfortable. It would also work somewhat as a swimsuit cover-up.

  21. What cute, versatile outfits! I used to shop at Chico’s regularly and especially love the jewelry they offer. You’ve inspired me to shop there again.

    Thanks for all of your hard work. I don’t comment much but your blog has become my favorite!

    1. Thanks so much for being a dedicated reader, Elizabeth. That means the world to me. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and that I’ve sparked your interest in returning to Chico’s! Have a lovely weekend!

      1. I was looking at the hat you featured on Chico’s website. I’m not familiar with Shoprunner. Do you recommend it?

        1. Jo-Lynne Shane recommended ShopStyle and I signed up. It gives you free 2-day shipping and free returns. I have used it at Ann Taylor and Bloomingdales and it was free to sign up and use. I recommend it.

        2. Yes, it’s a great way to get free shipping from many stores. However, it looks like for you to be able to take advantage of it with your Chico’s purchase you’d have to either sign up with an American Express card or spend $150 at Chico’s. But Chico’s is already offering free shipping with an order of $125 or more. So I guess, just weigh it out. I do know that once you have the service, it works well for a lot of people. And it does offer free returns, too.

  22. You look beautiful in all the outfits! Not sure I have a favorite but I love the aqua pants, the blue top and the jewelry!!
    I also like the length of the shorts too! I love how you mixed and matched the pieces to show us how it looks in a different way. Thanks for this fun post!

  23. I had no idea Chico’s has such cute jewelry since we don’t have a store nearby. Now that you shared this stylish post, I am exploring their whole site. So much for cutting back on my online shopping! 8-}

    1. Great to hear, Katie. And Chico’s does such a good job on their website of helping you to put together whole looks. Be sure to scroll down on the items you’re looking at for styling tips!

  24. Hi Kate, Impressive post. You did Chico’s proud. I’ve never really shopped Chico’s because I am a plus size lady. However, after clicking on some of your items I see they do offer larger sizes. I will certainly be looking at their website now. I loved the hat – may have to invest in it. Glad you were given this opportunity and I am sure Chico’s is well pleased with the job you did for them. Good luck on your move and new home. I will keep y’all in my prayers. BTW, in my house we yell ‘GO JACKETS’ and ‘THWg.’ We can still be friends, right! LOL. God bless you.

    1. Hi Peggy! Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment. I love hearing from my readers…even Jackets! I’m glad you like what you saw in the post. Let me know if you find something you like. I’d love to hear what you think about it!

  25. I loved this post ! It really tempts me to run to Chico’s today! The necklace and hat are just my style and the shorts are the perfect flattering length on you. Love every piece! Thank you for always sharing a Bible verse with us.

    1. Thanks so much Donna. Yes, the capris are a little more vibrant than they are on the Chico’s website. And they are lovely. Thanks so much for reading!

    1. Yes, I love the all white, too. That outfit was kinda an accidental find! I happened upon it as I was changing clothes and loved it!

  26. Super great outfits!! Summery, chic, and pulled together! I really like how all of the pieces can be mixed and matched to create so many different looks! I like love the little cell phone case and I’m going to get one for my upcoming trip! You always look so lovely in everything you wear! Thanks fir sharing Chico’s with us! I’ve always loved Chico’s and now we have a few more reasons to visit them again!! Blessings for a good day and a smooth transition to your new home!

    1. Thanks so much, Danelle. Those cell phone cases are among my favorite pieces, too. I especially like the gold one. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!

  27. Dear Kay……I Love, love, love Chicos clothing and have been wearing them for years……knowing when I make a purchase it will last me a lifetime and timeless!! I’m interested in the white shirt/jacket and can be very versatile, over pants a dress etc.

    I know you and your husband will make a lot of new friends in OH and you will love the changes in “seasons”. Like we don’t get to see the fall leaves in AZ……I’m envious of you getting to see them this fall season, just beautiful (send us a pic on the blog for us to see). May God bless you as you start a new chapter in your lives.

    1. Hi Holly! Thanks so much for sharing your love for Chico’s. I love sharing fashions that already resonate with my readers as well as those that are new to you. So good to hear! Thanks so much for the well wishes. We are looking forward to all the “new!” I’m just ready to get through the move. So stressful!! But we’ll be there soon!

  28. Wow Kay today’s post is terrific. I’ve liked chicos a lot but have to get back there. Thx for all you do. I trust you n love your blessed day post thx again

  29. I’m excited to see you styling Chico’s, and I love both outfits you’ve chosen! The light blue tencel top has been one of my favorite summer outfits with white shorts or capris. Would love to see you style more Chico’s!

    1. Great to hear, Karen. I’ll certainly try to share more styles from Chico’s in the future. I think I’ll have one much closer to me when I move to Cincinnati. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Thank you for this post from Chico’s. I love the linen jacket. As I reviewed the website, I just love many of their classic and stylish pieces. Hope to see you styling more outfits from Chico’s soon.

    1. Hi Kay
      I especially liked the v neck cotton blend
      tank. I always need cotton blend tops for
      summer. I didn’t see petite sizing, so I hope to
      get a Chico’s store very soon to try it on.
      As mentioned above, the instant Chat pop up
      is unnerving. Ugh.
      I always appreciate the background of your

  31. Love it all, but especially the shorts (great, flattering length) and that gorgeous blue shirt. I’ve always thought of Chico’s as quality but these are some amazing prices, too! Thanks for once again bringing all of this to us in one post. You are the best and I never miss a post or email from you!

    1. Ahh, thanks so much! I really appreciate you being a loyal reader. Means the world to me. And I’m glad you liked what you saw on the Chico’s website. They do have great markdowns and often run tremendous sales. Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment. Have a blessed weekend!

  32. I’m glad you featured the tank with wider straps. I have been looking for a tank with good coverage. I love the combination of the light blue shirt with white shorts. I like the length of the shorts and plan to go to a local store to try them on. I thought the necklace you chose was a perfect accent too.

    1. Thanks, Anna. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, I do love the tank, too. Not only does it have wider shoulder straps, but it’s a really nice cotton for cool comfort.

  33. Such gorgeous pieces you’re modeling and you look totally chic in all of them! I occasionally shop at Chico’s but haven’t in awhile. I’m going to have to check them out again. I do like the quality of chicos clothing and the attention to detail they put into their garments. Their sizing always confuses me though and I wish they’d use the standard US sizing charts, that’s a small thing though! God’s best on your movers arriving today! ❤️

    1. Thanks for reading and sharing, Nancy. Yes, it took me a while to get used to their sizing, too. I’m not sure what the thinking is behind it, but once I found my right sizes I discovered that they fit wonderfully. And I appreciated it when they added the .5 sizes, too. Plus, I do find their sizing to be pretty consistent once you find what works for you. Thanks so much for reading Dressed for My Day!

  34. You look beautiful in those colors! I especially love the look with the denim shirt. The chunky jewelry and the hat are fantastic and really make the look!

    1. Thanks, Julie. Yes the denim shirt and hat are among my favorite pieces, too. And I can think of all sorts of outfits I’ll be wearing that jewelry with. Blessings!

  35. Great choices! I like the cut of that tank top. Is it thin or thick enough that you can’t see through it? I love to look at how Chico’s puts together outfits with matching jewelry and it’s all affordable!

    1. Hi Kara. I really like the tank. I think it’s a nice thickness. I didn’t feel like you can see through it, especially with a flesh colored bra beneath. And it’s a pleasant, breathable cotton for coolness.

  36. Kay, I have never shopped Chico’s, but I will be later today via the links you provided! Thank you so much for sharing with us some of the wonderful pieces they have. You look great in the various ways that you styled the pieces you chose. And what perfect timing, because we are actually going to the beach for one week at the end of August, so I need to pick up a few things to take. I plan on buying the capris since I cannot live in a swimsuit due to skin issues. Who knows what other items I will select. Love the BFMD! Have a great day!

    1. Hi Ginger. Thanks for sharing. Yes, these are perfect pieces for the coast. You might want to check out the hat, too, although I’m sure you already own several. And Chico’s has so many great long sleeve, but lightweight options for gals like you who really want coverage from the sun.

  37. Another great post today, Kay! I love the way you styled the pieces from Chico’s. One of the things I appreciate about Chico’s website is their “How to wear it” feature. I found their clothes to be flattering and comfortable.

    1. Hi Kathleen. Yes, that is a feature of their website that I really appreciate, too. I probably should have mentioned that in the post, so thanks so much for sharing!

  38. I love the all white look for summer. Chico’s has some very nice jewelry options I’ll have to check out. Good luck with your upcoming move to Ohio.

  39. Kay, you made Chico’s proud! You look amazing, especially in the hat! I have never shopped at Chico’s. You have inspired me. Thanks

    1. Oh, I’m so thrilled. I think you’ll like what you find at Chico’s. Their sizing is different and takes some getting used to, but I do find that it is consistent and runs true to their sizing charts. Enjoy!

  40. Thank you for bringing this store to my attention. I looked at the link to the summer sale items and found some nice cropped pants I am going to buy! The outfits all look really cute on you.

  41. It’s all so pretty on you! I haven’t been in Chico’s in a while but maybe I should try again! I especially like the linen jacket and the sleeveless denim shirt. I like the chunky blue and wood bead jewelry, too. Thanks so much!!! ❤️

    1. Thanks Michelle. Yes, those are some of my favorite pieces, too. The jacket is really perfect for catching a movie or wearing to a conference or church where the air conditioning is so cool. Thanks for reading and sharing!

  42. I really like the blue necklace and stretch bracelet. I can never remember in Chico’s what size I wear. 🙂

    1. Hi Brenda. Be sure to check out the sizing chart. I am usually an 8 or 6 in pants, and I wear a .5 in their pants but could probably go with a 1 for a looser fit. Hope that helps. ?

  43. Love me some Chico’s! Lovely outfits here, pairing the classic whites with the pretty pastels! Very elegant looking travel apparel! Enjoyed your post today, Kay!

  44. I love how you styled today’s looks. I’ve never shopped at Chico’s but now I’m going to have to take a look! I especially loved the jacket and the crossbody purses. As always, I enjoy seeing how you have created cute classic outfits.

  45. I have shopped at Chicos for years. I love that they finally are doing blogger sponsorships. The outfits you chose are great for summer. I especially like their pants and jeans. Good luck with your move and travel across country.

  46. Thank you for posting Chicos clothing! I’ve been wearing this brand for so long, and I’ve been waiting for one of my go-to fashion bloggers to feature their line. Love their clothes, and they fit me so well.

    1. I’m glad to hear you are a Chico’s fan, Judy. I enjoy showing clothing and accessories from brands my readers already love and shop as well as those that are new to you gals. I’ll be sure to share more from Chico’s in the future!

  47. Love, love, love each of these outfits! So classy looking, yet they look so comfortable. Thanks Kay, for another great post! Praying for your move.

    1. Thank you so much, Debbie. We are just ready to get on the road! So much stress with a move. Thanks for reading and sharing today!

  48. Love, love, love the way you styled all the pieces from Chico’s. I especially like the shorts with the light blue top and the combination of blues and natural tone on the necklace. It’s very helpful to know the size that worked for you. I’ll check out Chico’s sale now. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Great! I’m glad the sizing info helped. I probably should have noted that I’m perfectly good with the close fitting crops, but for a looser fit you could certainly size up one and probably still be happy. But the shorts definitely fit just right. Thanks for reading and commenting today.

  49. I am a big fan of Chico’s, especially their travel selection. I’m always looking for pieces that not only look pretty but travel well. I bought two pieces from them earlier this summer and they quickly became a favorite in my closet. I think the light blue and white shorts are so pretty on you and I’ll definitely check out the white utility jacket! I hope everything goes well with your move and thank you again for managing a great post in the middle of your busy schedule.

    1. Thanks Ellie. It’s good hearing that so many of my loyal readers already love and shop Chico’s. I’ll be sure to post more looks from them in the future. Thanks for reading and sharing!

  50. Hi Kay, Love all of the outfits. I have never shopped Chico’s before, but I will definitely be checking out their website after seeing your post. I did notice you are wearing the smaller of your sizes in everything you styled here, do their sizes tend to run a little large? I am like you, sometimes size S/6, and sometimes size M/8. I love all of the accessories you wore also, so am excited to check it out! I hope your move goes smoothly, I am excited for you, and anxious to hear all about it. I live in Minnesota and vacation in Sedona, Arizona. I have a nephew that lives in Gilbert, AZ, so he has been telling me about the heat there. I am hoping you love Ohio, and the little bit cooler 🙂 weather!! Have a wonderful day!!!! Blessings, Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy. Thanks for sharing. Yes, I find that Chico’s clothing runs just a tad large, and I often wear the .5 in pants and the 0 in tops and dresses. The white shorts fit me perfectly. The crops fit well, but I’m fine with the snugger fit. If you wanted a looser fit you could go up 1/2 size and still have them fit, I’m sure. We are looking forward to the move. While it’s not nearly as hot here in Sierra Vista as your nephew experiences in Gilbert (about 20 degrees difference!), we are very much looking forward to the four seasons and cool falls, especially. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

  51. Beautiful clothes. I love your blog and appreciate your sense of style. Chico’s is one of my favorite stores. Their clothes are always stylish and classic

    1. Thanks so much, Marla. And I’m glad to hear you already love and shop Chico’s. It’s so helpful to know which brands my readers gravitate toward. Thanks for reading and sharing!

        1. Thanks so very much, Helen. I really appreciate that. We are excited and anticipating good things. I’m just ready to get through the stressful part! But the packers got a lot done today, so I’m feeling a little better. I can breathe a little more freely! Ha!

  52. Thank you Kay for showing us how to travel in style! I love the denim shirt outfit with the fun accessories, you can’t go wrong with the blue and white combination.

  53. Already a Chico’s fan but wasn’t planning on buying anything more this summer. But those shorts look so great on you!!! Am probably about your size but 4 inches shorter–do you find that size fairly easy to pull on? I have muscular dystrophy and am wondering if I should size up for ease of dressing, yet I don’t want to look sloppy. Those shorts look perfect! Also, is the hat squishable/packable? Love it on you!

    1. Hi Jena. The shorts do actually have a zipper and fasten so they are pretty easy to get on and off. And yes on the hat. They shipped me mine and it was in good shape. And I do think you could stuff it with something (like undies or socks!) and easily pack it for travel. Thanks for reading! ?

      1. Thanks so much, Kay! Especially glad to hear the shorts zip up–somehow I missed that. Praying for you with the big move! Hugs!

  54. Kay, I love the all white pieces that you paired together.. it looks great on you! Chicos has great, classic pieces and good quality that lasts for years. I’d like to see them expand their sizing to smaller, slim frames also. I love their quality but sometimes struggle finding pants in my size 4. Keep up the good work Kay.. you always go above and beyond with your posts to help us all feel our best!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Lori. I’m glad to hear you already love and shop Chico’s. It’s so good to hear what brands my readers enjoy. Thanks for reading!

  55. Kay, I think you do such a GREAT job at this. It amazes me how you bloggers start out with little to no compensation. What commitment! Your faith and the way you express it and share tasteful clothing keeps me coming back daily. You share wisdom and words that reflect a lovely walk with our Savior. Thank you so very much!

    1. Ahh, thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words, Debbie. You’re right. We start out with nothing!! Hahaha! But, like any business, it takes dedication and time. I had heard that if you can just be consistent and always give more than you ask, you’ll do well. So I’ve tried to focus on building community rather than making a buck. And in the process the business has grown! So it’s really such a blessing to see God take my small, humble beginnings and do something wonderful with them. Thanks again for your affirmation!

  56. Hi Kay, I love how you styled these pieces from Chicos! I have often shopped their amazing jewelry collection, but sometimes I am overwhelmed with all the clothing choices and I’m not sure how to put them together. I wish I could take you shopping with me ? I especially like the jacket, seems like a great lightweight choice for travel. I pray that the Lord will give you peace and that everything will go smoothly with your move. ?? I look forward to your posts every morning! Blessings!

    1. Hahaha! Yes, I’d love to go shopping with you! If only! Make sure you sign up to receive their emails and catalogs. I find that the catalogs really help me to see how to style things. And I’ll try to show more pieces from Chico’s here in the future. have a blessed and happy weekend!

  57. Yay for Chico’s! They’re my go to shop for jeans and jewelry. Quality is great and between the Passport rewards and emails, I’ve scored some great deals! Sizing is consistent which makes online shopping so easy. And you can always count on Chico’s for bold colors and patterns to perk up your wardrobe. So glad to see you paired with them!
    Praying for you and James as you move…and after reading your comments, I’m singing “Blessed Be The Ties That Bind” in my head. ??

    1. Thanks for sharing that you already love and shop Chico’s, Tammy. That’s so helpful to know what you gals like. And yes, they do have great rewards. And since being a Passport member is free and always provides a discount, it’s so worth it to sign up! Thanks for sharing!!

  58. Hi Kay! I love the way you have styled all these mix and match pieces. Chicos is not a store I usually shop. After seeing some of these great pieces I may have to give Chicos try>

    1. Great! I hope you like what you see. They are good quality pieces and often have tremendous sales. Have a lovely weekend!

  59. Love the outfits! Chico’s always has good quality clothes that flatter everyone. Also, there fit is consistent!

    1. Hi Carolyn! yes, I find that their fit is consistent, too. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s good to know you already love and shop Chico’s.

  60. I love Chico’s – great quality and good fit (once you figure out your size). You look great in those longer shorts although I know you prefer shorter lengths. It definitely elevates the look on you in that all white outfit. Classy. Chico’s accessories are beautiful but I only purchase them on sale. I’m heading over to your link now to see if I can find those shorts on sale ! Thanks for the show!

    1. Great to hear that you already love and shop Chico’s Nancy. And today their jewelry IS on sale! It’s buy one/ get one 50% off full price pieces. So that’s a win/win!

  61. Hi Kay!
    I just started shopping at Chico’s this year – because of something I saw on a blogger. It’s great to have another source for petite clothing! The shorts look great on you / it’s my preferred length. I’m on a three week road trip so I plan to check them out when I get home. The crossbody bag is so cute, too. Thanks 🙂

    1. Great to hear, Kay. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and that you already enjoy shopping at Chico’s. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

  62. Will have to take another look at Chico’s as I haven’t in a while. Love all of these outfit but especially the hat and the little cross body that holds your phone and cards..that looks perfect for travel. All the best in your move. Praying for all to go smoothly and as stress free as possible.

    1. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes, Donna. Yes the crossbody bag is great for travel. I just add it to my larger tote bag and when I get to the hotel, I switch to it! Plus it looks stylish and lets me window shop or tour hands free!

  63. Hi Kay, You look amazing as always. I love all the pieces on you, Thank you for inspiring me every day with your classy, elegant look.
    Blessings, Dawn

  64. My favorite outfit is the blue top with white shorts. A cute outfit that becomes elegantly casual with the hat and jewelry. Love it!

    1. Hahaha! They’re definitely not for everyone. But they do feel very comfortable on. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts!

  65. Chico’s outfits are so stylish and I especially love their accessories! They take all the guesswork out of “what am I going to wear today”. At 7:00 A.M. I really appreciate that.

    1. yes, I do like that Chico’s provides several different completers and accessories for all of their pieces. That makes mixing and matching easy, but it also helps us individualize our outfits. Thanks for sharing, Cynthia!

  66. Hi Kay,
    Great post! Love the denim shirt and the blue crossbody cell phone case.
    Hope everything goes well with your move!

    1. Thanks so much, Barb. The packers are here today and making great headway. And that’s allowing James to continue with the details of the move and me to work on upcoming blog posts. Thanks for stopping in today!

  67. Nice looking outfits and they look nice on you too! I like shopping at Chico’s as well, especially their jewelry, but also their sweaters and jeans.

  68. You’ve picked such great pieces! I especially love the turquoise pants paired with the white shirt and jacket. Such a fresh and fun look! I’m not a fan of Bermuda shorts on me (I’m short) but always like how they look on others! Cute hat too! A perfect summer accessory!

    1. Yes, I agree that Bermudas are not always the best option for all heights or proportions. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I love the hat, too!

  69. Kay, I thought you looked particularly nice in this post. You almost seemed to glow, and looked so confident. I have gotten a few things from Chico’s, and they were all high quality. We actually have a store on our downtown square, but I rarely go there. I will have to try them again. Praying for a safe, smooth move for you both. You will only be a few hours away from me in Indiana!

  70. Wonderful post! I love the jewelry! I have never shopped at Chico’s but will definitely be checking it out! All the outfits you put together looked lovely. Prayers for your move this weekend.

  71. Hi Kay, I am happy to see you styling Chico’s clothing. I too have shopped Chico’s for years and was sorry to see our local brick and mortar store move. I look forward to seeing a live person styling and commenting on this great brand. I am obsessed with their linen tops and love love love the slub tees. BTW, I love the hat, do you think it will fit a smallish head? Best of luck with your coming move to my home state… ;~)

  72. Kay, I love all of the outfits you are styling in the post; you look beautiful and confident in each one! I have a few Chico items in my wardrobe and this post inspires me to add some more! Chico has quality clothing that lasts longer than most brands. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us with this post! Blessings!

  73. Love the denim shirt! I’ve been looking for one like this. I have one from another store, but it’s white thread bare! The current price point of the Chico’s shirt is too high right now so I’ll be keeping an eye on it to go on sale.
    Thanks for your styling tips.

  74. Kay, all the clothes are great! I hav never shopped Chico’s. I personally love the aqua crops!
    Enjoy this last weekend with your church family, safe travels this week, and best wishes in your new church and state!
    You will love fall and pumpkin picking! I’m just north in MICHIGAN. Welcome ?

    1. Thanks so much, Kimberly. We are really looking forward to experiencing a real fall! Winter may be a different story! Ha! No, I think we can handle that, too. We actually enjoy adjusting to new cultures and climates. So I think we’ll be fine. Thanks so much for reading a sharing!

  75. Dear Kay! Your post for Chicos was beautiful! I loved the white shorts/chambray shirt combo the best! And I always LOVE hats! Good luck with your move coming up. Can’t wait to see you in your cold-weather clothes coming up in OHIO!!

    1. Thanks Sue. Yes, the clothes from Chico’s are beautiful and easy to work with. It was a joy partnering with them. I’m looking forward to being able to show more cold weather clothes, too. Thanks so much for reading!

  76. I like a lot of the clothing that you can get at Chico’s. My only pair of white pants is from them – the So Slimming line. I’ve had the pants a couple of years and they get heavy rotation in the summer! Having moved three times over a period of four years (US to Austria, Austria to Switzerland, then Switzerland back to Austria), I know how stressful it can be. But with every change in life come new adventures. Hoping your move goes smoothly and that you have a wonderful adventure awaiting you on the other end!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with Chico’s, Alison. It’s good to know you’ve found their clothing to be durable and classic.

      Yes, we’re looking forward to the adventure of it all. We enjoy trying new things, meeting new people and exploring new places. I’m just ready to get through the packing and moving and unpacking part. Ha! All in good time. Thanks again for reading and sharing!

  77. Hi Kay,
    Loved all the Chico’s clothes and jewelry! You look great in everything. I have been shopping Chico’s for many years and everything I buy I wear for years.
    I really enjoy your posts because I’m a classic girl too!
    Best of luck with your move!

  78. Just back in town and catching up on emails. Sure love these outfit options by Chicos! It’s time to go shopping there!! BEST OF LUCK WITH YOUR MOVE!

  79. Kay, you look lovely in your choices. I heartily approve of the blues and whites. I think they look so fresh and cool for summer. I don’t think I’ve ever done a white on white outfit, but you make me want to give it a try.

  80. Kay, great job with this sponsorship! I haven’t shopped Chico’s in a while but I know that they have quality clothing that lasts more than one season. My favourite of all that you have shown is the V-neck tee. Safe travels on your move to Ohio.