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How to Try the Fall Fashion Trends

August 4, 2022

Welcome to our first official “transition to fall” blog post of 2022. I remember anticipating the arrival of the August edition of Seventeen magazine as a teenager because I knew it would be filled with fall fashions. Soon after devouring the magazine, I’d convince my mom to take me to the mall so we could hunt for all the chunky sweaters, menswear inspired trousers and fall eye shadow shades I’d seen on the pages. Undoubtedly I was back at the pool the next day, eating an ice cream and working on my sun tan. But the highlight of August was always thumbing through that fall edition of Seventeen, over and over and over.

Well, we’re not teenagers anymore. Not by a long shot. And most of us won’t be returning to school later this month or next either. But we can still enjoy the buildup to fall fashion. So that’s what we’ll be doing here at Dressed for My Day during the month of August. Of course you’ll still get to see how I styled my summer outfits in my bi-weekly real-life outfit posts, but otherwise we’ll be talking all things fall. And today we’re squaring our shoulders and talking frankly about how to try the fall fashion trends…with more success and fewer regrets. Because fashion, dear friend, should be fun.

Personally, I consider my style aesthetic to be classic with a modern vibe. So, while I prefer rather classic outfit combinations such as jeans and sweaters or blazers, I do like to incorporate some modern trends into those looks to keep them fresh and contemporary. Plus, I find that experimenting with some of the trends is a great way to keep my overall appearance more youthful.

While I introduce a lot of trends here at Dressed for My Day, I don’t really encourage you to wear all of them. I’m just doing my job and sharing them with you so that you can be aware of them and perhaps learn a bit about styling them.

Throughout this month I’ll be sharing several trends that I think are the easiest and most natural for women over 50 to incorporate into their outfits. And I’ll try to make you aware of others, too. In fact, next week I’m sharing a post with 10 of the most wearable fall fashion trends for women over 50. If you’d like to participate in some of the trends, here’s what I recommend so that you can have fun and fewer regrets.

My Tips for Trying Fall Fashion Trends

Lugsole boots
Lug Sole boots continue to trend this fall, as does patent leather. (Paul Green New York Lug Sole Boots purchased at a huge discount in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)

Tip #1 – Remember this is supposed to be fun!

There may be some trends that really don’t resonate with us at all. That’s okay. Ignore those. But enjoy the opportunity to try something new with the trends that do strike you. And don’t let it frustrate you if something doesn’t work at first. Keep fashion fun!

Tip #2 – As you learn about the trends, make a mental or physical list of those that interest you somewhat, even if they seem a little extreme at first. I’m not suggesting you overthink this, but there’s a method to my madness!

Zella Premier Performance Blazer
Blazers continue to trend in 2022, but we’re seeing more athleisure blazers like the one above and lots of boxier styles. ( Zella Premier Performance Blazer purchased in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)

Tip #3 – Distinguish between trends and fads. A trend is a movement; it’s a direction in which things are moving. So trends last long enough for you to invest in and wear several seasons usually. Fads are a flash in the pan, here today and gone before you know it. So I prefer not to invest too much in fads generally, even though they can be fun to participate in, too, occasionally.

By the way, a fad is not bad. It simply doesn’t stick around as long. Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t participate in any fads. Remember tip #1!

I’d say, for instance, that wearing blazers with jeans is a trend. We’ve been seeing and doing that for several years now. But the more oversized or relaxed fit blazers may be more of a fad. In the same way, I’d classify straight leg jeans as a trend. But some of the gnarled or step or chewed hems are probably more of a fad.

Trends and Fads
similar NYDJ Straight Leg Jeans // sold out – similar jeans

Sometimes the difference between a trend and a fad is subtle. And sometimes what starts out feeling like a fad turns out to be a trend. For instance, the chewed or raw hems have been around for a few years now and don’t seem to be going anywhere. I think everyone is loving the convenience! But I do think it’s smart to think through the difference between a trend and a fad so you can strategize your participation.

One more distinction: Trends are usually new silhouettes or renditions of classic pieces. Think jean silhouettes, ways to wear animal print, iterations of classic pearls and blazer silhouettes. So if you invest in these classics worn in the trending way, you’ll get more bang for your buck. Whereas a fad is often something completely new…or new again.

Flare jeans are definitely trending and the raw or chewed hem may be a fad, but it’s going strong. (Paige Laurel Canyon flare chewed hem jeans purchased in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)

The bottom line is to remember that a true trend is a direction, a movement. Sometimes if we don’t participate in any trends our wardrobe can begin to look outdated and old-fashioned. Know what I mean?

Tip #4 – Keep your personal style goals in mind. While fashion should indeed be fun, many of us want our clothing choices to accomplish something for us. We expect our way of dressing to set us apart in some way.

Perhaps you want your work outfits to make you look trustworthy, capable, approachable, intelligent or in control, depending on your job. Or maybe you want your day-to-day outfits to be very comfortable. And, if you travel a lot, you may need to create a wardrobe that is travel-friendly and very versatile.

Don’t sabotage those goals by adding trends that don’t work in the right direction.

Faux Leather Jacket
Leather and faux leather are definitely trending. It’s a class really, of course. But we’re seeing leather everywhere! (Faux Leather tie belt jacket purchased in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)

Tip #5 – Establish or remember your own personal style essence. Have you defined your personal style aesthetic? I suggest you do that before you dip your toes in the water with any trends. Otherwise, your style will soon be all over the place.

If you need help identifying your own personal style, you might want to read this post or take this quiz.

Tip #6 – Think about how the trend will work with your body shape and proportions. Now don’t start ruling things out just yet. But do at least consider how a trend will work on your body…from the best you can tell without actually trying it.

Consider things like:

  • what it will accentuate or draw attention to
  • how much space it will take up on your frame
  • how it will play in proportion to your size
  • where it will hit on your body
  • where the lines will cross your body
  • how it may divide your proportions
  • how it may define your shape
Joe's Jeans
Joe’s the Mia high waist raw hem flare jeans // Open Edit fitted cotton poplin button-up shirt // Madewell desert dune leather belt // Paul Green New York lug sole boots // Kendra Scott drop earrings // Argento Vivo Herringbone chain necklace // Coach polished pebble leather shoulder bag // Vince Camuto Glen plaid blazer (all purchased in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but still available)

Tip #7 – But don’t rule something out that really intrigues you without trying it…several times. Even if you think it may not work on your frame, if you like something, you should try it.

When new silhouettes especially are introduced, it’s hard to know exactly what they will look like on us until we try them. Just because someone somewhere told you that petite women can’t wear kimonos, don’t let that keep you from trying one. Or just because you think a pair of cropped pants might make your legs look short, don’t hesitate to try them on.

Often these preconceptions can be changed simply with the right styling tips. Or maybe you just need to look for that trend in a different length or cut.

White Shirt
Button up Shirts are a classic wardrobe staple, but they’re having a moment this year. Oversized shirts are trending, but you can participate in this moment with a more tailored fit if you prefer. (poplin button up shirt purchased in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)

Tip #8 – Watch to see how your favorite brands interpret the trends. If you already shop a few brands that you enjoy and that generally fit you well, lean into those brands when you decide to try some of the trends. For instance, I know many of my readers love to wear clothing from Talbots. So check out their iterations of trends such as fuller leg jeans, clogs, oversized poplin shirts, shirt jackets and, bomber jackets.

Transition Into Fall with a Sweatshirt
See original post from last year. Talbots everyday relaxed jeans (similar)

Tip #9 – Choose one, two or three trends to try this fall. You can choose more if you’d like, but beware of incorporating too many trends into a single outfit. The point is “don’t bite off more than you can chew,” at least at a time.

Tip #10 – Consider how you can incorporate your chosen trends into your wardrobe and personal style essence. Once you’ve selected a trending garment or accessory to bring into your wardrobe, play around with how you can wear it so that your outfits still reflect your personal style. In other words, keep your outfits truly representative of you while including something new. That means you’ll probably want to just incorporate one trend at a time in some cases.

Tip #11 – Investigate how you’ll need to style the new trends. For instance, you may need to wear certain types of footwear with those new jeans. Or you may need some no-show socks with those fashion sneakers. And you may want a specific kind of bra with that top that has the cutouts. Next Wednesday I’m sharing a video with 9 Tips for How to Wear Wide Leg Trousers and Jeans. It’s a must-see if you want to wear this trending silhouette.

Joe's Jeans
Joe’s the Mia high waist raw hem flare jeans // Open Edit fitted cotton poplin button-up shirt // Madewell desert dune leather belt // Paul Green New York lug sole boots // Kendra Scott drop earrings // Argento Vivo Herringbone chain necklace – all from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Tip #12 – Try on several different variations of the new trend, if needed. You may not have this luxury if you’re shopping from home. But keep in mind that some stores, such as Nordstrom, do make this easier because they provide free shipping and free and easy returns.

The more you try something on, the more your eye will adjust to seeing it on you. And the more likely you are to find the right fit, proportions, color combination for your wardrobe and style.

Tip #13 – Invest in closet classics and wardrobe workhorses; spend less on trends you’re not sure about and even less on fads.

Tip #14 – Consider trying trends first in accessories, shoes or inexpensive tops, if applicable.

Tip #15 – Try on and style your chosen trends in multiple ways in the comfort of your home. Take photos on your phone so you can check out the looks with more objectivity. You might even send the photos to a forward thinking daughter or daughter-in-law or friend to help you assess the look. (Beware of sending these photos to the wrong people. Select people who are open, fashion forward and kind!)

Eileen Fisher
Brown is definitely the “it” color this year! Eileen Fisher crop lantern pants // Nordstrom V-neck sweater // Kendra Scott drop earrings // Argento Vivo Herringbone chain necklace // Blondo Tasel waterproof block heel booties

Tip #16 – Be courageous and wear your trend with confidence and joy. Remember, this is meant to be fun. And you’ll never pull off a new trend without at least a modicum of confidence. Smile. Carry yourself with good posture. If someone says something unkind or questionable, toss it off and carry on!

You might want to check out my post, The One Characteristic Every Stylish Woman Has in Common.

Tip #17 – And then if you feel like you didn’t quite get it right the first time, try again. That was one day, one outing. Learn from it. None of us get it right every time.

Utility Jacket and Jeans
button up shirt // gold brushed teardrop earrings // sterling silver herringbone chain necklace // platform sneakers //  jeans // Caslon utility jacket 

What trends are you thinking about trying this fall? We’ll be looking at more trends in the coming weeks. But I’ll also be sharing an updated fall wardrobe essentials list and classic styles as well.

I hope you have a great day. Now, go do something very summery!

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36 thoughts on “How to Try the Fall Fashion Trends

  1. I would like to see a post on styling the lug sole boots for the mature woman. I love Paul Green and bought the Jackson style boot on the Nordstrom sale. Having second thoughts but so fun! I have a very casual wardrobe.

    1. I will definitely be sharing how to style that trend. I have some (not the Paul Green, not others) myself. And others have already asked too. Hang onto them! We’ll get there!

  2. Hi Kay. I can remember the excitement about running to the drugstore to get the August issue of Seventeen magazine filled with all the fall fashions as a teenager, too. The magazine was so thick back then and it was fun to spend hours looking at the fashions and advertisements. I never could really afford those new clothes back then but still it is a great memory.

  3. Thanks again for defining what trends and fads are. It can be a little confusing when you go shopping or look online and look at the new silhouettes. I do try to do a couple trends a year. Sometimes they work for me sometimes not. I personally miss sometimes people dressing up more. Like for church. I know God doesn’t care what we wear But I do like to look nice when I go to God’s house
    Yes we must always remember even during these trying times that God is always there working in the background taking care of us. Bless you

    1. Generally the most universally flattering length is right at your leg break or slightly above. But it really depends on your body shape and proportions. I suggest trying on several styles and seeing what looks best on you. Be sure you’re wearing the style of jeans or pants and shoes you might wear with a blazer.

  4. I begged my Mom to givrpe me jobs so I could buy Seventeen because she wouldn’t. I spent days drooling over those beautiful models – remember Twiggy? I like your ideas about fads and trends so if I think something I like is a fad,I shop less expensive brands ( like old navy or Target) and sometimes I end up loving those fads and wearing them for years. If I am going to invest a lot of $ I took a hint from you and take my trusted I pad shopping and have a sales person take my pic – they love doin that. That wayI can think about it for awhile – sometimes just seeing it that way the first time decides it for me, other times I look at it several times before I decide.
    I look forward to your post everyday. God Bless!

  5. YESSSSSS! I am so excited about this, the first of fall 2021 posts! I literally stopped exercising and started my hot tea, so I could “snuggle in” with this episode! Magazines are definitely NOT what they used to be, but that brought back some lovely memories. Blessings to you, Kay, as you continue to bless us!

  6. One of the things I so appreciate about following your blog is your inspiration to try some trends. So I have added some animal print accessories and even a sweater these last few years. That’s pretty trendy for me! I’m not an “early adopter.” Only had one scarf before. Now, as I acquire more pieces, I’d love it if you’d do a post on how to mix them together. Do you ever style two animal prints with the same outfit? Leopard scarf w different leopard shoes? If so or if not, what are you looking for to pull the outfit together? Do you ever mix them with other prints? I like my leopard print necklace with my indigo small striped tee. But wondering about other possibilities. Snake sneakers with a small floral print scarf? Maybe you’ve already done a post like this? Thanks for any help.

  7. Oh yes, I have great memories of the Seventeen magazine! I bought a pair of the Dolce Vita chunky booties from the NAS and am looking forward to trying to style them once my fall/winter clothes are out of the attic. As an almost 65 year old, I have finally recognized that I don’t need to jump on the bandwagon for all of the trends. Not only do I consider my style essence, but I also take the area in which we live into consideration. I am still on the hunt for a pair of lantern pants that are in my price range, and will need guidance on how to wear them during the cooler months.

  8. I feel about fads the way I do about music. I have the genre I listen to most of the time but I do listen and appreciate other music but I don’t invest much into it. I do it for fun.
    I think the lantern pants are great and I bought a pair but I’ll still buy straight leg for my basics.
    God knew ahead of time what would happen to this old world. Evil may trend for awhile but I’ve read the back of the book. Good wins. Fear no evil for aged is with you.

  9. So ready for Fall fashion Kay….great descriptions of trends and fads. I am beyond grateful God is always here. Speaking of Esther, my husband and I saw the live production of “Queen Esther” in Lancaster, PA while on vacation this summer. It was phenomenal….like the Bible was brought to life with outstanding and talented actors and actresses. I am looking forward to your upcoming Fall posts.

  10. Fads: I desperately needed a dress for a wedding once, but stores only carried cold shoulder sleeves. I refuse to buy something that will be outdated in 3 years. I go for long term purchases. PS. I LOVD Seventeen!

  11. Hello
    Funny that you mentioned Esther! I live in Maryland and we are about 1.5 hours from Lancaster P.A. This is the home of sight and sound theater. We just saw Esther there a few weeks ago. Really well done. Have you ever been?

  12. Seventeen magazine was the best thing ever and back to school shopping was so much fun. I remember saving up my babysitting money and buying a new back to school outfit. Here in Virginia our falls come late. It often stays warm through the end of October, so I curb my enthusiasm for rushing out to buy fall clothes. I have enjoyed the new shape of pants, and incorporated some in fall colors that I can wear with lighter weight tops for back to school-I’m a teacher. With some of the new trends it’s all on styling. I watched a YouTube video where a women suggested wearing wide leg pants a little lower on your hips for a nicer silhouette. So, I tried it. It did make a difference, just a little “cooler” looking.

  13. All the August fashion magazines were thick with fashion back in the day. I remember pouring over Glamour magazine as well as Seventeen. I just ordered the leopard print sweatshirt from Talbots as my “trend to try” this fall. I can think of several ways to style it. I am also eyeing the casual blazer look too. Thanks for the reminder of a fun memory!

  14. Hi Kay – Love following your posts and your style. I know you used to wear your hair curly and now have it straight. I can do the same thing with my hair but have issues with frizz (and I live in the PNW where humidity is low this time of year). Can you share any products and or tips for dealing with frizz? Another question, I purchased a faux moto jacket at the NSale this year. It is asymmetrical and I am a pear shape. Does the jacket need to look like it has to zip? If I size up to go around my middle area, then it looks too large on shoulders and sleeve length plus excess fabric across the chest…

  15. I have been following you for at least two years, since I first discovered you. You have a lovely classic style, overall. And I admire your posts on spiritual and character building. I just have one complaint. The shorter length pants visually cut off the leg length and I cringe when I see them on any fashion blogger and scroll through faster. Especially the newer baggie leg styles. A fad that needs to go, they’re not attractive on anyone. (I know, it’s my opinion, but as a design student of balance and proportion, it’s very off putting.)

    1. Hi Diana. I’m glad you enjoy the blog for the most part. Thanks for letting me know. You might want to keep in mind that I’m 5’8″ and my legs are pretty long. The photos may not convey it, but I’m not terribly concerned about visually cutting off leg length. And the truth is that shorter lengths are in style. I try to share them styled so that they optimize leg length. For instance, this is why it’s important to wear the right shirt length and shoes that continue the line of the leg. It so happens that I just this morning purchased a couple of pairs of full length boot cut jeans that I’ll (hopefully) be sharing in the next few weeks. But I will continue to show shorter or cropped and ankle length jeans, too. I’m not a slave to fashion trends, but I do enjoy keeping up with what is current and participating in the trends I enjoy.

  16. I especially liked your “devotional” today!! I loved this paragraph, as you pointed out how God was at work in the book of Esther, even though He’s not mentioned a single time!! You wrote: “When you turn on the news tonight or read the paper and you see or hear no mention of God, do no fret. He is here. He is at work. Do not look at the world as though God has abandoned it. Instead, realize that He has a plan for His people, and it will not be thwarted.” I loved this!! Thank you for sharing!!

  17. Love your article today, and so glad you put in #15 and #16, to caution people on who not to take /ask advice from. I have a wonderful sister in law, she’s pear shaped, warm toned, and loves camo, hates anything animal print, warm natured, does not like sweaters. I am cool toned, straight, love animal print, and bright colors, love sweaters and layering because I am always cold. I have learned not to go shopping with her, because our tastes, colors and body shapes are so different, and my feelings have taken too many poundings because of our different styles.

  18. Thanks for sharing about fads and trends and how to best incorporate some of them into my wardrobe. I’ve become even more classic recently as my husband prepares for retirement in June 2023. So, I’ll probably look at trying a new color in a classic clothing piece and/or updating some accessories. You help keep me current and looking my best, Kay!

  19. I appreciated all that you wrote today. Great advice. I’m wondering about animal print: I have a sleeveless animal print blouse that I can wear while it is hot, but should I wait later in August or September to wear it? I have not seen animal prints this summer and I’m just wondering if they are only relegated for fall and winter wear? It is one trend that I’m trying and I like this top–I use it in cooler seasons too with color not just neutrals (black and tans). Your advice means a lot to me. Also, loved your BFMD! Thank you. Have a great weekend with your family.

    1. Hi Jane. I think cat prints seem a little less “on trend” this year and zebra prints and, surprisingly cow prints, are more of the moment. However at the end of the day animal prints are really a classic print and never go out of style. And you can definitely wear them any time of the year.

  20. I love your reminders here. For the most part, I remember how I should dress my body with consideration of my body type and personal style. But once in awhile, I see something on a blogger or model and think something is so cute, then order it and see that it looks totally different on my body and I have to return it. My husband is honest with me, and while it can be frustrating to hear a negative opinion, I know he is usually right. Last year I bought a pair of lug sole boots with trepidation, but I ended up wearing them more than any others. You never know until you try. On another note, I am amused but happy to see things I wore in the 70’s as a teenager are back…I am loving the flare jeans, platform heels and sweater vests from my youth! I am excited for the fall fashions this year.

  21. Thanks for defining trends and fads again. Sometimes it is hard to think if a fad is going to become a trend and wish maybe we had tried that piece or style.
    Now I need to read the post once again and see how it fits in my fall wardrobe. though it is a little hard to think about Fall when it is still 90 degrees and humid.
    Have a blessed day.

  22. I enjoyed your posts about the Nordstrom sales, but I’m happy to get back to the regular posts. I have so many new clothes that I bought this last year (we sold our company-now I need some restraint!), I need to remember how to style them:) I love following you-it is a luxury for me in my day. Thanks so much!

  23. LOVE this post. it is so full of helpful information. I am definitely saving this post, would love to print it off. Your explanation is the best one I have read about trends and fabs. Thanks for your work.