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Coffee with Kay – July, 2022

Coffee Time with Kay
August 1, 2022

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! On this first day of August I’d like to invite you to our July edition of Coffee with Kay. Pour yourself a favorite beverage and sit a spell with me. I’ll spill the beans about what’s been going on in my life during the past month. And then I’d love for you to catch me up on your happenings in the comments section. Just click on the words “join the conversation” at the end of the post, located after the “Blessed for My Day” section. Let’s talk!

Coffee with Kay

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Bye-Bye #NSale!

This past month has flown by! And it had 31 days, to boot! I think when I’m busy time goes by more quickly. And it has certainly been a busy work month with several sponsored videos and blog posts, as well as the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to share. Of course the “sale of all sales” has finally ended, so you won’t have to hear about that for another eleven months or so. Ha! But it was indeed a good sale this year. I feel like Nordstrom really made a come-back after two years of sort of bland sales.

So I purchased a lot of fun fall fashion in the sale, and now I’m making a few final tough decisions before I make my last trip to Nordstrom with returns. To stay within my budget I do indeed need to let go of a few of those purchases. How about you? Did you find some good things in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I’d love to hear what you purchased and kept or returned.

Books & Movies

My fitness goals definitely suffered this past month as my work hours went long. But I’m back on top of that today with a fast-paced walk. We did manage to get out to the Cincinnati Nature center for a hike during the month, too. Other than that it seems that James and I resorted to books and movies for our time-off escapes in July. We saw three movies and I read two of the books on which those movies were based.

We both enjoyed Top Gun: Maverick, but I found it intense in places. I prefer a movie that allows me to escape stress; that movie actually spiked my blood pressure in places. Ha!

But I thoroughly enjoyed Where the Crawdads Sing, based on the novel by Delia Owens. In fact I made a point to read Where the Crawdads Sing before seeing the movie, and I was glad I did. It was a very good book, and the movie, I’m glad to report, stuck very close to it.

Then when I learned that another movie I had seen previewed, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, was also first a book, I decided to read it in preparation of viewing the movie, too. The book Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, written by Paul Gallico, was first published in 1958. So it feels a little dated and reads a bit archaic, but it was still a nice read. And reading the book did indeed make the movie all the more delightful. The producers changed the movie up quite a bit, but only, in my opinion, for the better. I would see it again in a heart beat! And James actually enjoyed it, too.

In fact, seeing Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris really made me think of you and what we talk about here at Dressed for My Day. The underlying message of the movie seemed to be about our need to feel seen, but also how important it is to be seen authentically and to see others as they really are, too. Just lovely!

Here at Home

In late June an online interior design service called Havenly reached out to me about partnering with them. Since I was in need of some advice on how to create a more welcoming entryway in our home, I decided to go for it. I’m so glad I did.

That area was basically a blank canvas still, after living here almost a year. After I did my style quiz I was paired with a stylist. Her name is Priscila. We scheduled when the design work would get started and I sent her all the details and images of things I liked, colors I wanted, measurements, etc. Then we actually got on a Facetime call and talked through things. She was in Mexico, but Priscila was delightful and easy to work with. And she has great taste! Here are the concept boards she first sent me for the project, which I titled, “Our Entryway with Joy,” because I want our home to look joyful.

My Initial Concept Boards
Concept Boards from my Stylist at Havenly (Use code KAYHARMS for 25% off Havenly’s Mini & Full design packages)

I liked the feel of that center concept board the most, but wanted a blue chest of drawers as shown in the first one. So Priscila combined those two concept boards and delivered me this design element board.

Final Design Board
Final Concept Board from my Stylist at Havenly (Use code KAYHARMS for 25% off Havenly’s Mini & Full design packages)

I loved it! These are not just ideas; these are all real products that I could then order to create this space. I ordered everything except the ceiling light fixture. And of course, we had already established my budget, so it all fell within the amount I wanted to spend. But before I placed my order Priscila sent me a 3D imaging of my new space based on the dimensions I’d provided.

Final 3D Scaled Model
3D rendering of my new projected space provided by Havenly (use code KAYHARMS for 25% off the mini or full design packages)

The scale is a little off, but that’s my fault for not being clear on some of the dimensions. But everything will fit just fine. Here’s the 3D rendering of the side view.

3D rendering of my new projected space provided by Havenly (use code KAYHARMS for 25% off the mini or full design packages)

The only problem was that shortly after I placed my order I received notification that the rug had sold out. So I’ve ordered another one that I think will work even better. I was able to get a larger rug, too, once I figured out that I could order a flat weave rug with a lower pile height so that our front door can open over it smoothly.

Almost everything has come in from my order except the botanical prints, rug (should arrive tomorrow!) and the dresser, which is on backorder until mid September. So I’ll wait and show you the finished product when I get those key elements in. But I can tell you that I have been extremely happy with my experience with Havenly. And I recommend them without hesitation. In fact, I’ll probably use Havenly again when we get ready to tackle the living room (which we call the evening room) and our bedroom. You can use code KAYHARMS at Havenly to get 25% off a mini or full design package. I used the full design package and it was a great investment.

And Soon We’ll Be Welcoming…

I had hoped the entryway would be complete when we had company next, but it won’t be. Abigail and Andrew are coming later this week for a visit. Yay! And I’d rather have them here anytime than necessarily wait for the entryway to be ready. I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with the newlyweds.

By the way, we got the wedding photos in! I almost forgot!!! Well, we got them in online. We haven’t ordered anything yet. But I can share a few more with you here before I go. We think the photographer, Los Garcias, did an amazing job!

the Bride
photo credit: Los Garcias
photo credit: Los Garcias

Abigail wore my mother’s sapphire earrings as her something blue. They both have September birthdays. And she wore the same pearls my mother and I wore in our weddings.

photo credit: Los Garcias

The bridesmaids were the loveliest group of young women. She’s known two of them since she was a young child, met one while she was in college and met the others in the past few years. Their dresses were from BHLDN, a bridal shop that is part of Anthropologie. They now have mother of the bride dresses, too.

photo credit: Los Garcias

The little flower girl is a friend of Abigail’s from her church. She wore a dress that I had hand sewed and smocked for Abigail when she was about three or four. When I saw the flower girl walking toward Abigail (she’s off camera to the right) wearing that dress, I suddenly saw my daughter at two extremes – as a small child and a grown woman. I had to pull out my hanky!

photo credit: Los Garcias // Bridesmaids’ dresses from BHLDN

Is she darling or what?

photo credit: Los Garcias
photo credit: Los Garcias

Well, I guess I should share at least one photo with the groom! We do love our son-in-law!

photo credit: Los Garcias

We purchased Abigail’s bridal shoes from Ally, and they just recently featured her on their blog. So you can see a few more photos there, if you’d like, and read a little about her and Andrew.

Well I better stop and let you talk a bit. I’d love to hear what’s going on in your life right now. Thanks so much for joining me for coffee today. I’m bustling about today and tomorrow trying to get the house ready and work prepped so that we will all enjoy our guests’ visit. So I may not respond to your comments. But I am reading and enjoying them. Have a lovely day!

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Blessed for My Day

When you live your day independent of the your Creator you are prone to have a sense of desperation when things go wrong. You must scurry to set things right when they go amiss. You may even need to reach into the lives of others in an attempt to control their thoughts and activities. My, how tiresome that kind of life must be.

But when you realize that this day, like all others, belongs to the Lord, you can trust that He is in control. That’s not to say that He works like a puppet master, dictating every movement and moment, pulling strings to achieve His desired results. However, God has made this day for His good purposes and He is at work in and around us for good. So rather than trying to manipulate results ourselves, we can trust Him. We can take joy in watching for evidence of His love and provision. And we can anticipate that He will give us the grace we need to navigate this and every day with strength and joy.

This is the day that the Lord has made;
    let us rejoice and be glad in it. ~ Psalm 118:24

xoxo, Kay
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23 thoughts on “Coffee with Kay – July, 2022

  1. Loved all the pictures of your daughter’s wedding. She is beautiful! I’d also like to see your dress and get any mother-of-the bride tips. Thank you so much for sharing! I just started reading your blog about a month ago and find it very helpful and enjoyable.

  2. I enjoyed coffee with Kay. Love the Wedding pictures. Everybody looked so beautiful, even Andrew. lol The flower girl is adorable.
    I want to go to the movies you saw, but have not gotten around to it. July has been a busy month here. Bible studies, Doctor appointments.
    luncheons with the girls from church and my husband and I finally went fishing one cool morning. July has been so hot. Love summer though.
    We didn’t catch any fish, but small ones, catch and release, but had an enjoyable, peaceful time.

  3. This is the first email and blog of yours I’ve read since signing up over this past weekend. I cannot tell you how much your blog is helping me today when I really need it. I have a difficult and, most likely, a long phone call today that I am not looking forward to… However, I am definitely looking forward to more of your daily emails! Thank you so much! I’m glad I foubd you this weekend!!❤️❤️❤️

  4. Kay, thank you for sharing the wedding photos. You all look SO lovely. I like the connections you made via the jewelry and the sweet little flower girl’s dress. It looks like you all had a joyful, beautiful day! I wish the newlyweds all the happiness in the world!

  5. What a beautiful bride! Thank you for sharing this coffee chat- you write so well and capture the feeling of watching your daughter walk down that aisle so well – seeing the little girl she was and the woman she had become.
    Love your entryway choices – can’t wait to see it when it all comes in.
    My July flew buy with great adventures and then COVID diagnosis- fortunately mild but the isolation was really hard. It really brought home to me how blessed I am by those in my life.
    When I was reading your devotional the song with the verse you quoted was going through my head- so well written!
    Again thank you and on to a productive and fun August!

  6. Your dress was perfect with the bridesmaids! Beautiful photos to treasure of Abigail and Andrew’s wedding.

  7. What a lovely wedding it was! I’m a sucker for a classic wedding and that was gorgeous. Enjoy your time with the newlyweds!

    I’m anxious to see both Where the Crawdads Sing and Mrs. Harris!

    We’ve had a busy month as well! Went to church camp and worked as assistant cooks! Whew! Then kept our one year old grandson for 4 days – what a delight he is! Tomorrow I go back to work (I am a school secretary for an elementary school.) so soaking up my last day of freedom!

  8. All of you couldn’t have looked more terrific and gorgeous! Thank you for sharing such a happy day! When you mentioned you had been to see Mrs. Harris, it caught my interest and went to see it. What a wonderful movie! I loved it!!! Your entry way is very joyful and welcoming . . . like YOU!!! Added some things to my apartment to switch things up since my husband passed at the end of May . . . a little difficult to stay here but think I have the right mix now to make it feel pleasant and comforting!! Have a great visit with your family!!!!

  9. I enjoyed having coffee with you this morning, Kay! Thanks for all the wonderful tips in your blog today. Do you mind sharing the paint color of your foyer? The foyer make a great “first impression!”

    1. Sure. It’s Agreeable Grey. I think it’s a very common color but is supposed to work well with warm and cool colors.

  10. Your entryway is going to look so nice! What beautiful pictures and the little girl is adorable. How special that she was able to wear a dress that you made for Abigail when she was a little girl. Enjoy the time with Andrew and Abigail, now as a married couple.

  11. The wedding pictures are just gorgeous! Everything, the people, the clothes, the flowers, and the setting, is so beautiful.

    I bought some Clinique from the Nordy sale. Also, I took advantage of the special on City Lips. Thanks for letting us know!

  12. I love those wedding photos! I had tears when you mentioned the dress the little flower girl wore. Absolutely beautiful wedding. I loved shopping the Nordstrom sale. I purchased some great items. A few pieces from All Saints, a skirt and jacket from Halogen, (black and white herringbone) and shoes, 2 pairs both black. Loafers and heels, underwear and a great jacket for my husband. I loved everything. My store also had the first day for Icon shoppers and breakfast with assortment of drinks. All was lovely and fun! I went by myself because I had serious shopping to do. Thanks for your beautiful blog. Also, love your entryway choices. Ive been decorating and refreshing my home too. Im having a new dining room chandelier installed on Friday. I purchased it at Arhaus. Love it!!!

  13. We just saw the movie Mrs. Harris goes to Paris too and loved it. Isn’t it nice to see a movie with no cussing or violence??
    BTW, I just learned that Angela Landsbury starred in the same movie (although they called it “Mrs. ‘Arris goes to Paris” back in the 90s. Now I want to see that one too. And I loved that they used an older woman actress. Can you believe she is 66??

  14. What beautiful pictures! How exciting and fun to have your daughter and son-in-law come by for a visit.

    Thank you for mentioning your fitness routine. Mine has been disrupted this past month and I can tell the difference already.
    My refrigerator has died and it has been a challenge getting the warranty honored. In addition, I twisted my knee bringing in bags of ice to keep
    drinks cold.

    I am trying to focus on the beauty around me. My hibiscus tree bloomed for the first time since we moved last year! God reminds us of the many blessings every day.

  15. First, I am a Georgia girl who shares many common things with you including our Christian faith and strong love of family. Our grandson soon becomes the fourth generation of our family to attend the University of Georgia so we do bleed red and black! I have been a daily reader of your blog for several years and recommend it to my over 60/70 friends. As I enter my 75th year, I am enjoying a quieter and simpler life style but still want to be current and stylish for my age. I want to have items in my closet that make a “capsule” wardrobe for my activities. Your blog and several others that I quite enjoy fill that need for me in fashion as well as other area of interest. Thank you for your work to make this blog unique for targeting my group who can feel invisible to those under 50. I look forward to your lovely smile greeting me when I click on your blog.

  16. Thank you for sharing your daughter and son-in-law’s wedding photographs. Thank you for baring and sharing your emotions as well. The flower girl dress and pearl necklace were touching to me. So many of us feel like we know you – isn’t that crazy? I look forward to your posts always.

  17. Love reading your blogs when you are just “you”. Struggling with getting ready to retire, only working 2 days a week. But not sure if I want to retire or keep working (even back full time) as home life isn’t that grand.

  18. I love the wedding pictures. Abigail’s dress is beautiful and she looked so happy. I like your entry way too, it’s interesting how they do several boards. Thx for sharing. My summer has been busy, I recently choreographed a line dance so that kept me busy until July and now we’re visiting our favorite place, Lake George NY, in the Adirondacks

  19. Kay your daughter is beautiful and the wedding pictures are wonderful.
    I love the blue dresser best and I love your color palate. I have an umbrella stand similar to the one in the first picture and have blue and white candlesticks at my front entry.
    I hope you enjoy your new things and they give you great joy.

  20. Just gorgeous Both your foyer and the wedding. I am into my 2nd week of retirement. Some of your recommended purchases at Kolhs have been my go to uniform for working my two retirement businesses; cut flowers and soap making. I have had a small soap making business for about 7 years but did not have the time to grow it. I may be the only one alive on earth, 🙂 but the “NSale” did not entice me in this year. Good thing too, I have had to cut way back in retirement on spending.