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How I Really Dressed for My Day – August

August 28, 2020

It tickles me that the last How I Really Dressed for My Day post I did was titled July 2020, Part 1. And there never was a part 2! Somehow I feel like I post one of these every time I turn around, but obviously that’s not true. Plus, there’s the fact that I really have felt like it was still July for the past four weeks, and indeed it’s almost September. Pandemic? Aging? Need a vacation? Hmm. It’s probably a combination of all three.

At any rate, I’m pleased to bring you How I Really Dressed for My Day in August! Well, at least for part of August. That’s another thing. I tend to forget to take these photos, but I always go to bed thinking I did take them. Ugh. Let’s see the outfits I found in my photos on my phone anyhow.

How I Really Dressed for My Day

What I’ve Been Wearing

We’ve had some cool spell recently, so my outfits have begun to reflect that. It’s pretty hot right now, but we’ve had some days in the 70s recently.

Also, as a style blogger I’ve begun to turn my attention to fall. And that has included experimenting with a capsule wardrobe for early fall. I’m doing a YouTube collaboration in a couple of weeks with another gal, and we’re both styling capsule wardrobes for transitioning from summer to fall. So some of my looks reflect the fact that I’ve been seeing how wearable a few of my choices are.

Sizing Information

I’m about 155 pounds and 5’8″. I wear a size 8 or mediums in pants, tops and dresses. So unless I tell you otherwise, just assume I’m wearing my usual size. I wear a size 9.5 shoe. I’ll provide links to everything that is available and links to substitutes for those things that are no longer available…if possible.

Let’s See How I Really Dressed for My Day!

Comfy & Casual Athleisure for Working at Home

First up, a very comfortable and casual outfit I wore while working in my home office. In case you’re new here, I generally spend the bulk of my days working from a home office. And with the prevailing pandemic, I get out even less.

I have a great walking trail right outside my door, but I fail to use it if I’m dressed up too much. So on days that I know I’ll be tempted to just hammer away at my computer all day, I wear athleisure clothes and sneakers so I’ll get out more frequently.

wide leg crop pants // white v-neck tee // sneakers // necklace sold out (similar)

white v-neck tee // This is my favorite t-shirt from Banana Republic. I have it in black and grey, too. For some reason I wear a small in the white and black and a medium in the grey. It may be that the sizing has changed; I bought the grey a good bit later than the other two. These are just $20 right now.

sneakers // I’ve really enjoyed these sneakers from Madewell. My all white sneakers are not on sale right now. But the updated version with a black stripe are actually part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and marked down to a great price.

wide leg crop pants // white sports bra // momentum tank // Sperry flip flops // white bangle

wide leg crop pants // I actually wear these recycled polyester/Lycra® Spandex athleisure pants quite often. Evidently I wore them two days in a row…or at least close together. They’re super comfortable, cool and versatile for my work-from-home lifestyle. They run true to size.

momentum tank // I purchased this silky soft tank, not to work out in, but to wear just like this with my many pairs of athleisure pants. I envision wearing it under a jacket if I leave the house. But it’s been nice to wear it just like this at home.

Slim Fit Utility Pants Will Be in Early Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Like I said, I’m prepping a transitional capsule wardrobe. And I’ve decided these slim fit utility pants will definitely be in it.

Slim Fit Utility Pants
slim fit utility pants // leopard print crewneck tee (wearing small) (great alternative) // day loafer mule (size up .5) // customizable necklace // earrings

slim fit utility pants // I find these pants to run true to size. I have all three pairs and love them. They’re extremely comfortable, hitting just below or at the navel. They have lots of stretch, but also have good retention. They’ll be easy to style through fall at least.

leopard print crewneck tee (wearing small) // This tee is part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and is about to sell out. Definitely size down. This small is still generous on me. Here’s a great alternative if you’re looking for a leopard print tee in a different size.

day loafer mule (size up .5) // The Everlane Day Loafer mules are now marked down 40% for a limited time. They’re also available in red, white and black. I find them to be very comfortable and they stay on my feet. Check the sizing information carefully.

Slim Fit Utility Pants
slim fit utility pants // slub cotton tank // linen easy shirt // similar flip flops // green ombre necklace

slub cotton tank // I’m wearing a 0 in this tank, but I also have them in size 1 for a roomier fit. So size according to the fit you desire. I think a good white tee is a summer wardrobe essential. I shared how I style this one in this previous video.

linen easy shirt // I really wish this wonderful basic linen shirt would go on sale for you. It’s such a worthy end of the season investment because I’ll definitely wear it year after year until it becomes stained or worn out. It runs true to size and is still fully stocked in all sizes. The colored linen shirts are on sale.

Statement Blouse for Night Out

Recently a couple in our church took us out to dinner at a really nice restaurant. It was our first time in a sit-down restaurant in five months! So I wanted to celebrate by dressing up pretty but also appropriately for the hip vibe I knew the restaurant had.

out to dinner
Shirred Silk Blouse or here for less (also in black and for less) wearing size large // distressed skinny jeans (wearing 30) // suede slide sandal // customizable necklace // earrings // bangle no longer available (beautiful alternative)

Shirred Silk Blouse or here for less (also in black and for less) wearing size large // I bought the ivory white Shirred Silk Blouse at Nordstrom, but it’s less at the brand website here. Yes, it’s still extremely pricey, but Frame does such a beautiful job with silk blouses. Because it’s silk, it won’t go out of style, but this blouse has modern touches, too. It’s also available in black at Nordstrom or at Frame. Check the sizing information carefully. I’m wearing a size large because that’s the size recommended for an 8.

I’ll reserve the silk blouse for special occasions, but it will be nice to have a go-to piece that so nicely elevates anything from a pair of jeans to nice black slacks.

distressed skinny jeans (wearing 30) // I purchased these in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and they have fast become favorites. I also shared them in this previous post. They’ve very comfortable, modern and a nice silhouette (if you like skinny jeans).

suede slide sandal // If you’re one of my gals who likes or at least doesn’t mind wearing heels occasionally, I can’t recommend these highly enough. I love the versatility of the sand suede color, but they also come in nine other shades, patterns or textures. They’re part of the NSale, so the price will go up soon.

Travel Clothes for a Day Trip

Last Saturday we took a brief day trip to Columbus to visit Daniel and Stephanie and their dog Cooper. The kids gifted us our own bound wedding album of photos we got to select, and we got to pick it up that day. What a treat! The album is just lovely.

Anyhow I wore these commuter pants and top because I knew we’d be in the car a good bit and the weather was very mild. But these pieces are actually very cool anyhow.

Day Trip to See the Kids
Brooklyn plaid ankle pant (sized up to a 10) // Momentum tee (TTS) // customizable necklace // gold hoops // sneakers // Tory Burch McGraw Hobo

Brooklyn plaid ankle pant (sized up to a 10) // Made from recycled Featherweight Stretch™ fabric these trendy commuter pants have a faux fly and zipper. You just pull them on for no fuss comfort. These are great for travel, but also for working from home. They have a professional polished look to them, but you’ll feel ready for the gym!

Momentum tee (TTS) // I have a couple of these in the tanks that I wear for exercise, but I’m reserving this tee for travel or normal work days. Once again, it delivers a polished aesthetic but with comfort and ease of wear.

What I Wore to Church Sunday

I could have sworn I snapped photos every Sunday morning before leaving for church, but, alas, this is the only one I found. I wore the outfit this past Sunday. And I completely forgotten we were having pizza and snow cones after the service in the parking lot. I would not have worn white pants if I’d remembered! Fortunately, I made it through without getting anything on them.

What I Wore to Church
Nic+Zoe Convertible Cardigan (lots of options) // Nic+Zoe tank // white ankle pants (marked way down!!!) // suede slide sandal // necklace (in rose gold) // gold brushed tear drop earrings // bangle no longer available

Nic+Zoe Convertible Cardigan (lots of options) // I shared this cardigan in this post during the spring. You can wear it a variety of ways. I later found the Nic+Zoe tank that matches it. I’ve just linked to all the Nic+Zoe Convertible Cardigans and the Nic+Zoe tank on the Nordstrom site. My color is no longer available, but there are several others and they’re mostly on sale.

white ankle pants (marked way down!!!) // These polished white pants do not require a lining, but they were still cool enough for me to wear them outside in the church parking lot for well over an hour on Sunday afternoon. They run true to size. Oh and they’re marked down to less than $30. They also come in navy.

Work from Home This Week

The rest of these are outfits I wore while working from home this week. Keep in mind though that I’ve been experimenting a little with that transition wardrobe. This first look, however, was what I wore Monday because I wore it out to dinner for James’ birthday.

Linen Pants
white drawstring linen pants (TTS) // black slub cotton tank // Brighton Bowie flip flops // customizable necklace

white drawstring linen pants (TTS) // Obviously I don’t have the pictures to prove it (or I’d show them!) but I’ve been reaching for my linen pants as often as possible recently, trying to enjoy them while I can. I ended up with four pair. So I cracked up recently when I looked back at one of my early summer videos where I suggested linen pants but said I didn’t have any and probably wouldn’t get any. Ha! These are still well stocked and marked down.

Brighton Bowie flip flops // I’m so pleased that Brighton sent me these precious sandals because I’ve also worn them a lot. They’re just fun! And really they’re quite comfortable, too.

Talbots Trio
dark wash skinny jeans (TTS) // French lady roll cuff tee (wearing a small) // suede buckle mules

dark wash skinny jeans (TTS) // After spending so much time trying on things at Talbots Monday, I immediately put on a few of the items I purchased on Tuesday. These jeans fit true to size. And I really appreciate that they are a true high rise. So many of the premium denim jeans I got in the NSale said they were high waisted, but then they weren’t (at least not on me).

French lady roll cuff tee // Indeed, this little tee was comfy and fun to wear all day. I love having a few tees that give instant style to a pair of jeans without all the fuss. Size down in this tee. I’m wearing a small.

suede buckle mules // And yes, these mules stayed on my feet all day just fine. In fact, I’m wearing them right now! True to size.

Remember Talbots is offering 25% off full price items (like the ones above) and an extra 15% off if you use your Talbots card (just through the 30th).

Yesterday I was actually just in and out of clothes all day as I began prepping for the next round of videos that we’ll be taping on Saturday. But I ended up in this the last portion of the day.

leopard print tee // distressed skinny jeans (wearing 30) // black flats (TTS) use code MYDAY for 10% off // gold brushed tear drop earrings // similar bangle

leopard print tee // I picked up this yummy leopard print tee when I was making returns recently at Banana Republic. I can’t wait for the weather to cool so I can wear it more and out. It’s so soft and in such pretty colors. This will definitely be part of my early fall capsule wardrobe. I’m wearing a small very comfortably. Oh, and it’s marked down and available in other prints and colors.

black flats (TTS) use code MYDAY for 10% off // I’ve shared these ultra modern flats before, too. But they’re worth mentioning again. These flats are soooo comfortable. And they’re marked down right now and available in other colors. They also come in medium and wide widths. Oh, and I checked and my coupon code is still working. Yay!

Alrighty! We’re going to stop there. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t get all the photos I think I’m getting at the time. Ha! Let me know if you have any questions about anything I’ve shown. These are all things I’m wearing and loving. So I can definitely fill you in on wear and sizing.

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Blessed for My Day

It happened again yesterday. James got in from his walk when I had just barely finished reading my devotional. And before I knew it he was unloading on me all the bad tidings of the day’s news. Ugh. Bless his heart. He doesn’t mean to upset me. Our timing just gets off occasionally. He’d already had his quiet time and moved on to processing the morning’s news, but I was still basking in the warmth of the promises of Revelation 21.

We prayed. Well, he prayed and I wept. Then we went on with our days. But I had to bring my mind back to the truths that had anchored my soul just minutes before. It’s a struggle sometimes isn’t it? The news is hard these days…regardless of where you stand on the issues. But the truth of God’s Word and the peace He affords us is stronger and more powerful, dear gal. Cling to Him with all your might.

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Isaiah 26:3

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13 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Day – August

  1. Kay, your BFMD was so timely and encouraging! My husband’s style is to turn on a news channel when he gets out of bed in the morning and leave the tv on until he goes to bed at night! Mine runs almost completely opposite. Couple that with the fact that we are spending more time together at home than ever in our married lives! On our worst days there have been harsh words and tears. On our best days there have been communication and compromise. We try hard to give each other the grace God gives to us, and on Monday we celebrated 45 years since taking our vows. Thanks for your timely message and showing that others struggle with this balance, too. Blessings!

    1. Oh my. The struggle is real! Ha! But yes it is so worth working through the differences. Congratulations on your 45th anniversary! ?

  2. Thank you for all the inspiration. You have a gift for putting together interesting combinations. I just want to compliment you on your hair style. It is current, youthful and sexy if I may say so!

  3. Hi Kay! I like all of your outfits, but my favorite is what you wore to dinner with your friends. You look fabulous in that outfit! It’s still really hot in our part of GA with unbearable heat indexes (triple digits). We are so ready for the cooler weather. I hope that you have an awesome day!

  4. Great looking outfits! I really like animal print and am thinking of trying it for myself.
    Thanks for BFMD. I learn from the short devotional and am truly blessed by the very practical advice each day.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I appreciate BFMD, and especially today. This morning as I was reminding myself to rejoice in God’s day and praying for friends, my husband came in talking at great length about all the bad news of the day. Just as I was wishing I could bolt he left. I flipped to your blog in relief. When I got to BFMD, I laughed. So cheering to see someone else has the same problem, so your tears were not in vain!