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How I Really Dressed for My Day – 08/06/21 – 08/12/21

August 13, 2021

Happy Friday! I have to tell you, I’m feeling pretty happy today. My energy level is going back up and I’m excited about my work again. Maybe I was just exhausted from writing extra posts for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It is a pretty crazy time of the year for bloggers who cover it. Yeah, I’m pretty glad that thing is over. Ha! But today I’m thrilled to be showing you my outfits for the week because I thought they were all pretty fun. Let’s check out how I really dressed this for my day this week.

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Sizing Information

Just for reference, I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 155. I generally wear a size 8 or medium in dresses, tops, jackets and pants (or 29 or 30 in jeans), so that’s what I’m wearing in these looks unless I tell you otherwise. That way you can assume everything I show you is true to size unless I alert you to sizing up or down. I wear a size 9.5 shoe and, again, I’ll just let you know if I sized up or down in a shoe, otherwise it’s true to size.

What I Wore Friday

I looked deep into my closet Friday and found my white jeans . I don’t think I’ve worn them in months! I wore them a lot in spring, but they must have gotten hidden in my closet this summer because I just plum forgot about them. And I love white jeans!

How I Really Dressed for My Day this week
white jeans (TTS) // pink rumpled satin blouse or it may be this one (SIZE DOWN – wearing a small) // pearl hoop earrings (use code KAYHARMS for 10% off your order) // pearl and conch shell necklace duo (sold separately – use code KAYHARMS for 10% off your order) // gold heart stretch bracelet // similar pearl bracelet

I’ve gotten to where I prefer my white jeans or pants with light colored tops, keeping the contrast in intensity low to match that in my personal attributes. You might want to check out this post on contrast in intensity if you’re not familiar with the term. I also pulled the pale pink shell from between other shirts that had swallowed it up. Hahaha! By the way, size down in the top. It comes in a lot of other pretty colors, too. And I guess I was feeling like layering on the bling that day because I definitely wore more jewelry, albeit dainty, than I have been most days this summer.

What I Wore Friday 2
white jeans (TTS) // pink rumpled satin blouse or it may be this one (SIZE DOWN – wearing a small) // pearl hoop earrings (use code KAYHARMS for 10% off your order) // pearl and conch shell necklace duo (sold separately – use code KAYHARMS for 10% off your order) // gold heart stretch bracelet // similar pearl bracelet // white linen blazer // somewhat similar bag

That evening I slipped on my white linen blazer and grabbed my ivory colored satchel for dinner out. My Coach bag is sold out, but I’ve provided some similar options at a full range of prices in the shopping widget below.

How I Dressed for Saturday

After getting in my first leg strength training workout in a couple of months Saturday morning, I headed out to the grocery store. Then I spent rest of the day just working around the house on domestic chores. It was hot, hot, hot. so this shirttail tank dress was a good choice for running to the store and working around the house. I’ve definitely reached for this shirttail tank dress a lot this summer. It runs true to size and is available in other colors, too.

What I Wore Saturday
shirttail tank dress (available in other colors) // platform flip flops // Veronica hoop earrings // pearl demi charm necklace // phone organizer crossbody

While you’ll see me in other shoes with all of my outfits, I actually wear these platform flip flops almost every day while I work at home. They are so comfortable. I keep wanting to purchase the ivory or black pair, too, but I’m resisting because I know I’ll be buying new ones next year (for the job).

My crossbody phone organizer is always a good choice for a grocery run because it holds my essentials and stays out of my way while I shop. Of course, its fun to carry for other occasions when you want to be light and hands-free, too. The phone organizer is not in the widget below, but you can shop it through my text links if you’re interested.

What I Wore Sunday to Church

Sunday I attended our more contemporary service, so I took the opportunity to wear my seersucker easy pants and coordinating blazer. These 43% recycled polyester, 32% polyester, 24% rayon, 1% spandex blend pieces are very lightweight and have nice stretch to them, but keep their shape. I’ve really enjoyed this little “suit” this summer and will probably continue to wear it into early fall, maybe with black instead of this linen blend sweater tank .

What I Wore Sunday
seersucker easy pants // coordinating blazer // linen blend sweater tank // Everlane ReNew sport sandals // Veronica hoop earrings // customized Elisa multi strand necklace in drusy // hobo bag (more economical option)

These Banana Republic seersucker easy pants are marked down and you get an additional 50% off. However, it is final sale. But I can tell you that they run true to size. The coordinating blazer is not marked down. And linen blend sweater tank is marked down but it doesn’t look like you get the extra 50% off on it. Hmm. It also runs true to size and it’s a great little layering or wear alone piece for summer.

My Outfit for Monday

Monday I just worked from home, so I settled into some comfy jeans and a tee.

What I Wore Monday
jeans with ribbon tape // tee in scallop pink // sandals (more economical option) // pearl demi charm necklace // earrings no longer available // similar pearl stretch bracelet // demi bracelet

These modern ankle jeans have been favorites this summer. Not only do I prefer to wear lighter wash jeans in the summer, but it’s also trending into fall. So I’ll certainly be wearing these for a couple more months. I should have sized down to a small in the v-neck tee, but the way. This medium is way to big. But I do love the scallop pink color. It’s available in other colors, too. Again, I wore a little more jewelry than I’ve been wearing. I guess I’ve just been in the mood!

How I Dressed for Tuesday

On Tuesdays I’m pretty much glued to my desk editing Wednesday’s YouTube video. So I try to dress comfortably and in something that I can get outside in for quick walks throughout the day. I didn’t even put makeup on that day. And I’m not sure I’d combed my hair in these photos. Ha! Maybe I’d just gotten in from a walk.

What I Wore Tuesday
stretch wrap hem crops // tie front stripe tee // Bomba socks // Adidas running shoes

I wore my sagebrush green stretch wrap hem crops and tie front stripe tee. These are very comfortable and lightweight pieces, so they fit the bill perfectly. I’m sure I wore those citrine yellow platform flip flops above when I wasn’t out walking.

What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday I intended to just get out and get my blood tests and then return home to work. But the lab close to me was closed for renovations and I had to drive in closer to the mall. So I ended up doing the mall run I’d planned for Thursday, which worked out better anyhow. And I enjoyed wearing my black Parklet shirtdress so much. I got compliments in almost every single store I went into. Plus, I was comfortable and cool.

What I Wore Wednesday (6)
black Parklet shirtdress // leopard print sandals (30% off) more shopping options in widget // earrings (only in silver, over 50% off) // necklace (25% off, not in shopping widget)

Did you catch this week’s video, 5 Ways to Wear Black in the Summer?

What I Wore Thursday

Thursday I resorted to jeans and a tee again. Oh! And I’d gotten in my size 6 in the Talbots relaxed everyday jeans. I showed these jeans in this previous post, but I was wearing my usual size 8 there. I love these jeans so much that I quickly ripped the tags off and wore them. But later I suspected that I should have sized down. So I tried the 6 in the store. You can see that, if you’re interested, in this try-on session post. Anyhow, they weren’t on sale that day so I ordered them and the darker wash everyday jeans when they went 25% off. They fit so much better, but they still have a nice relaxed look.

What I Wore Thursday
sunshine t-shirt (marked down + extra 30% off, but final sale; TTS) // relaxed everyday jeans // Madewell trainers // ditsy floral hoop earrings (almost free!)

Also, a reader emailed me yesterday morning asking why I hadn’t shown these relaxed everyday jeans cuffed in that previous try-on post or the other post either. They’re cuffed on the Talbots website. I answered that they didn’t look right on me at my height (because they fit shorter) and with my thick calves. But right after that, these arrived and I put them on. Voila! They actually do look fine cuffed on me. I’m so glad, because I do think this is a fun way to wear them.

When I was in J.Crew Wednesday (picking up these jeans for a video this weekend), I met the store manager and we talked and talked about my blog (and about you wonderful ladies!). She was so interested and impressed with what we’re doing here; it did my heart good. Anyhow… she was wearing cropped relaxed fit jeans, a tee, a blazer, pearls!!!! and trainers similar to my Madewell trainers above (lots more options here). She looked amazing! So that inspired me to pull my trainers out of the back of the closet and wear them yesterday. So fun!

(By the way, if Jamie’s mom is reading, welcome! Your daughter is beautiful and lovely. I had such fun shopping and talking with her.)

Well that’s a wrap! Thank you so much for joining me for this weekly wrap up of my daily outfits. I hope you got a little style inspiration and enjoyed a respite from the everyday stresses of life. Fashion should be fun. Let’s keep it that way!

PS – One more thing! I’ll be joined by my daughter Abigail (of Mornings with My Dear Abby) for an Instagram Live THIS afternoon at 3 p.m. EDT. Join us for a quick discussion about how we work together, her fashion essence and more. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram so the LIVE will pop up in your story feed. Oh, and if you have any questions for her or us, leave them in the comments here below.

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Blessed for My Day

Some assume that peer pressure ends once we finish school. But I find that the pressure to conform to the ways of this world are even stronger these days. No, I’m not tempted to re-enter the party scene, sleep in all day or use foul language. The temptations to conform to societal norms are much more subtle and even “sophisticated” than that these days.

I find I must be vigilant to know and submerge myself in the truth of God’s Word in order to have a heightened awareness of what is of this world and what is of God. God desires to conform us to the image of His Son. And for that to happen we must spend ample time reading His Word, meditating on it and even memorizing it.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. ~ Romans 12:2

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30 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Day – 08/06/21 – 08/12/21

    1. I do ,too! How about a video on how you style it!?! My hair is cut very similar. Always looks the best after my hair stylist has blown it out. She gives me tips but I still struggle with it!

  1. Like the way everything looks on you! Questions: how does J. Crew tee sizing compare to J. Crew Factory ? How does the Talbots Modern Ankle Jeans fit compare to the Slim Ankle Jeans?

    1. I find the J Crew and Factory tees to fit pretty much the same. This is a medium and it just fits. I definitely couldn’t size down. And I wear an 8 in both of those Jean styles. But these are more comfortable to me than the Modern Ankle Jeans.

  2. Hi, Kay! I’m glad to hear your thyroid is functioning well. In spite of how you feel, you are still beautiful! Your beauty radiates from the inside out! You looked great in all of your outfits! Have a blessed weekend!

  3. My favorite look is the white jeans, pink top outfit but I love them all. I like the tee shirts that are half or even 3/4 sleeve although I rarely wear one these days without a jacket. There’s just so much we can ask of a bra. ?
    I get peer pressure from my sister in laws who are also my best friends so it continues all your life.

  4. Kay,
    Thank you so much for sharing outfit inspiration as well as spiritual insight on your blog! You have been such a blessing to me as a regular reader of your blog!! I like to pin some of your photos for future reference on Pinterest. I have not been able to do so this week. The error message shows as “the image is broken”. I just wanted to make you aware of the problem in hopes that you are able to resolve the issue.

    1. Yeah I know about the Pin problem just haven’t been able to fix it so far. You can still pin from my website if you have the Pinterest widget in your toolbar or if you just create the pin yourself in Pinterest. So there’s something wrong with just that little button. ?

  5. You most likely did more exercise moving and unpacking. That counts too! We all get sidetracked sometimes.
    I had to take a statin for cholesterol in the past. I just read labels carefully and use olive oil for any recipe calling for oil. Chicken and turkey with no skin and fish. Voila! It took a few months and no more statins. Oh ..and no premade baked goodies.
    Love the white jeans and pink top. Your jean story proves that we can’t always guess if a new look will work unless we try it! Glad your feeling better

    1. Hi Cathlyn. That’s exactly what it proves and I meant to mention that in the post and forgot. So I’m glad you did. Thanks! ?

  6. Hi Kay,
    I am glad you are already starting to feel better! May it continue!
    I appreciate all the work you put into your blogs and videos. Your widgets and other links make it easier to navigate the clothing you post. The outfits you model are so attractive! I see ways to use good clothing I haven’t worn for awhile.
    Thank you for all that!

  7. Yes I love white jeans in the summer when it’s not real hot and it has cooled down a little bit here. I am going to wear some tomorrow. I love the top you have on with the white jeans. Love the pink top on you too. Pink is one of my signature colors also as well as the blue, they have a really pretty blue one in this blouse. I usually wear a medium but you said to size down to a small. I do have some problems sometimes if it buttons it being too tight across the front. What is your thoughts on that.
    So glad Your blood test came back good
    Your cholesterol being higher though I know you will be able to get that down. Love the blessed for my day. We do really need to trust God.

  8. We are the exact same size in everything! That is even more helpful because I love all the outfits you wear and we are so close in age (I graduated HS in 83!). Thanks for all your research and insight!! I have 2 pairs of relaxed fit straight leg jeans coming AND ordered the Athleta travel pants AND the Spanx bra for t-shirts!! You inspire me! Thank you!

  9. Hello! I had such a busy day, but looked so forward to coming home and getting all of my shopping put away so that I could take a walk and read your email!! Lovely as usual! And the blessed for my day is the exact subject matter my husband and I were talking and praying about last night. Honestly, if you’re floating along with the current of the world, it isn’t noticeable at all. But standing still in that current, you start to feel resistance. Going against it, even more! Thank God for brothers and sisters in Christ who can lock arm in arm and go against the current of this world together. Blessings to you, sweet sister!

  10. Kay,
    You have got to check out Step One Foods. for your high cholesterol.
    Developed by a cardiologist, it’s whole food & easy to substitute for a snack you already eat. Check out her website & blog. My total cholesterol dropped 40 points and more importantly my LDL dropped 78 points after 30 days. I have been using the products for a year now and have maintained those changes without statins.

  11. Kay, I don’t usually take time to post and truthfully I’m putting off my Fasterway leg-day workout.? But I have such positive thoughts every time I read your blog and I rarely miss one. You do such an excellent job. I see God’s blessings in you: your intelligence, your insight, your honesty, integrity, your good taste, your communication skills, your joy, even your progress since starting, your obvious research, etc. I believe God is using you abundantly. I’m happy to consider you a friend even though we may never meet in person, although I would be honored. (From a fellow preacher’s wife.?❤️)

    1. Oh Debbie. That is so kind. Thank you so much for pausing (and pressing hold on your leg day workout!) to share that encouragement. It means so much to me. I absolutely love what I do but it is a lot of work and some days are draining. We shot 5 videos today with all the B roll footage. I’m exhausted. But you ladies make it all worth it. You are all a blessing to me. I hope you got that workout in! ? I squeezed mine in…but I did opt out of the finisher today. ?

  12. Hi Kay! I am so glad to know that you are feeling better! It is obvious that pink is one of your signature colors because you look fabulous in it. It’s one of my signature colors, as well. Your hair looks great and I like how it looked on Tuesday. If your casual black dress was within my budget, I would buy it right away. I agree and like the BFMD.

  13. I bought the pink Satin blouse that you show here with white jeans and I’m waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I wanted the blue one too It’s all sold out in my size. I also bought the blush sweatshirt you showed last week with jeans. It is so cute. Looks more like a four top then a sweatshirt with the silhouette and fit. Love the pocket on the front too. I am usually not too much into wearing sweatshirts except when it’s chilly in the evening or early morning but this was so cute.

  14. So much inspiration this week! You look so healthy and vibrant. I caught your chat with Abby on Instagram. Loved it! I have two adult daughters and love spending phone chat time with them since we live far apart! I agree with Abby, it is not the amount of time you are together, but the quality of the time. We learn so much from each other. Looking forward to shopping some of your selections.

    1. Oh how wonderful! I’m glad you enjoyed our little chat. It was fun. Next week I have another special guest joining me and I’m hoping to make these basically weekly. They’ll get better as we go I’m sure. Thanks so much for your kind words. ?