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Great Style Runs in My Family! – New Styles from Talbots

May 16, 2023
This post is sponsored by Talbots

Want to know where I got my love for all things fashion? From my mom, of course! I think great style runs in my family. Mother and and I have enjoyed literally hundreds of shopping excursions, usually on Saturdays while I was growing up and always including a pause for lunch at a favorite café. And we’ve passed our love for pretty clothes down to my daughter as well. So today we’re all three teaming up with Talbots (a mutually shared favorite retailer) to share a little about each of our personal styles and how we’ve put together our new styles from Talbots.

Mom, Me and Abby in Talbots Fashions

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Mom and I both have a very modern, classic style aesthetic. And we’ve even managed to pass a love for the classics down to my 29 year-old daughter. But while we would undoubtedly describe our personal styles similarly, we are quite different otherwise.

Mom, Me and Abby in Talbots Fashions

My mother Louise is 87 years old (we don’t make any bones about our ages here at DFMD, ladies!). And she’s also a petite, measuring in around 5’4″. Abigail and I, on the other hand, are 5’8″. But while Abby and I share our height, she’s 29 and has a slender, svelte figure, and I’m 59 and more curvy. Abby also has longer legs and a shorter torso, while my proportions are even.

Mom, Me and Abby in Talbots Fashions

Of course Talbots is very size inclusive, so we were able to find great styles that fit our different bodies very easily. They have petite, misses, plus and petite plus sizes. And you’ll often find pants that come in tall and/or curvy fits at Talbots, too.

Mom, Me and Abby in Talbots Fashions

We had the most fun picking out casual but oh so pretty outfits from Talbots. Each outfit definitely reflects our personal styles and lifestyles. Unfortunately a few pieces are sold out, so I asked Abigail and mom to pick out some of their other favorites to share with you from the new fashions from Talbots, too. Let’s see what we styled from Talbots.

Louise’s Outfit and Favorite Picks from Talbots

Louise is a retired school teacher, wife and mom of two. Of course her greatest joy continues to be her four grandchildren who are all happily married and doing well. She’d tell you that any day that her kids and grandkids and their spouses are all doing well…she’s doing well! She’s generous to a fault and a true Southern lady.

Talbots X Louise
linen Bristol pants (Petite 10) // stripe square neck top (petite M) // metallic espadrille wedge sandals (TTS) // linen jacket (misses M) // hoop earrings // woven crossbody

Louise says the outfit she styled with Talbots’ linen Bristol pants (Petite 10) and stripe square neck top (petite M) is one she would wear to lunch with her sister or to a Sunday School party. She loves wearing linen as much as I do, and she’s a big fan of these linen Bristol pants for their fit and comfort.

Mom in Ankle Pants

Mom says that, while it may seem counterintuitive, she knows that showing a little ankle actually makes her look taller, especially when she wears a little bit of a heel. She also feels like navy is more slimming on her than lighter colors, so she chose the linen Bristol pants in Talbots’ indigo blue.

Mom's Espadrilles

While Louise loves a good blazer every bit as much as I do (and you’ll see her in two of them in tomorrow’s YouTube video!), she chose to wear this washed linen jacket because it looks more youthful and appropriately casual.

Mom in Striped Square Neck Top and Linen Jacket

I love that picture. Sorry, but I just have to pause to say that. My mom is such a dear. And she was such a good sport about taking photos and videos that day. We absolutely loved putting this post together. And I’ll cherish this memory forever. But I do want you to know that mother chose this outfit on her own. It truly reflects her style.

And Louise has chosen a few more of her favorite new styles from Talbots that I’ve included in the shopping widget below. You can shop Mom’s outfit below, too.

Abigail’s Outfit and Favorite Picks from Talbots

My daughter Abigail is 29 and just celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary with her husband Andrew. She actually worked at Talbots in Tucson while going to college and then at one in the Atlanta area. Abigail especially enjoyed helping women put together outfits and would often tell her more seasoned customers about Dressed for My Day.

Abby in her skirt
linen fit & flare skirt // ribbed tank // Vachetta leather slides // crochet round handle tote // floral stud earrings

Abigail loves taking younger women out to coffee for conversation and a little mentoring. She has a real heart for building community and helping other women do the same. So she says this beautiful skirt and tank outfit is one she would wear for a coffee date, a vacation outing with her husband or a church picnic.

Abby in her skirt

Abigail loves wearing skirts and dresses. Unfortunately Abby’s linen fit & flare skirt is sold out. But she tells me that what really drew her to this choice was the colors and the simplicity of the piece. In fact, when Abby and I walked into Talbots briefly as we were taking these photos, she went straight to this charming cotton blend pullover that features the same colors.

Abby in her skirt

Abby loved that Talbots introduced these simple ribbed tanks this season. She says they look modern and youthful. I agree. Abby would wear an extra small in a lot of Talbots clothing, but she got a small in this ribbed tank and was very happy with the way it fit. It comes in white and six colors.

Abby in her skirt

Abigail chose the Vachetta leather slides because she likes the simplicity of them. She did mention that, while she enjoys wearing them, they are a little snug across the top of the foot. But she expects they may stretch a little with wear since they are leather. They looked really nice with the ivory crochet round handle tote Abby chose to carry.

Abby in her skirt

Not one to wear a lot of jewelry, Abigail completed her outfit with the azalea pink and silver floral stud earrings. Because Abigail’s skirt was sold out, she happily selected some other skirts and dresses from Talbots’ May collection that she would enjoy wearing. She has a few more favorite new styles from Talbots in the shopping widget, too.

Kay’s Outfit and Favorite Picks from Talbots

And that leads us to my outfit from Talbots. You probably know that I have a classic, modern style aesthetic, too. I’m 59 and I find that classic styles just feel right to me. But I also like to make at least a couple of modern choices with every outfit. I think that’s what keeps a woman’s style fresh…letting your style evolve a little so that you look more current and relevant.

Kay in Linen Pants and a Fun Pullover
Bristol linen pants (size Misses 8) // Groovy floral v-neck pullover (size Misses M) // Keri metallic braided sandals (TTS, but snug across top of foot) // rattan medium satchel

To me, linen pants are a classic summer wardrobe staple. But these Bristol linen pants have a modern vibe with their soft pleats in the front and a trending ankle length. They fit true to size.

Linen Bristol Pants

The white Bristol linen pants are lined, but they do not feel heavy or hot to me. In fact, they’re very comfortable. You can also get the Bristol linen pants in navy and flax and those are not lined.

Keri Braid Sandals

I’m wearing the Keri metallic braided sandals. You know I love a metallic sandal for summer! Above I’m wearing a size 10 (because mom and I ended up swapping shoes), but I really a size 9.5. So I’d say they fit true to size, but a little tight across the top of my foot.

I topped the linen pants with the groovy floral print pullover

I topped the linen pants with the groovy floral print pullover. The bright orange, yellow and peach colors are definitely modern choices, as is the retro print. Unfortunately it appears the groovy floral print pullover is also sold out as I write this post. Fingers crossed they get in some returns! But if not, you might want to check out some of my other favorites in the shopping widget below.

Rattan Woven Bag

I am loving my new rattan medium satchel. I think it’s so smart to have a white bag for summer, and this woven rattan bag is perfect for the season. It’s lightweight and the perfect medium size. And you know I love that I can remove the crossbody strap and carry it as a satchel, too.

Since my top isn’t available, I’ve selected some other fun, modern tops that I’d wear with these white Bristol linen pants. I’m sharing a few other favorite new styles from Talbots, too.

Thank you for letting me share with you my precious mother and daughter. We had the best time doing this together. And it was a joy wearing our new styles from Talbots.

Mom, Me and Abby in Talbots Fashions

And thank you to Talbots for sponsoring today’s blog post. Because all three of us truly love shopping Talbots, it was a pure pleasure putting together these outfits from our new fashions from Talbots. And I know my readers have enjoyed seeing how we have styled our selections, too.

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I hate to tell you this, but while we may live in a grey world, as Christians we will have to continue to see things in black and white. And when notice that our lives are no longer lining up with Scripture, we need to make a distinction. That takes courage. And it feels extremely risky. But God guarantees us that He will honor and support those who honor and obey Him. Is the Lord calling you to make a move today? To do something countercultural? You can trust that He will bless you in the end.

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xoxo, Kay
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43 thoughts on “Great Style Runs in My Family! – New Styles from Talbots

  1. I’m so glad you are age-positive at DFMD! A pastor friend whose mom passed when he was 18 always says age is a blessing (more so coupled with good health). I love my Talbots clothes and I have never decluttered a single Talbots item! As a five-footer, I appreciate that their petite clothes are scaled and proportioned beautifully for every detail of the garment. It was a sad day when the Talbots store in my city closed down many years ago when fast fashion became the norm. Your mom is a rock star in her outfit!

    1. Absolutely. I’m so grateful for every year. And indeed good health is a blessing. Thanks for reading and pausing to comment, Krys.

  2. What a trio of gorgeous & stylish women. So nice to have an age spectrum in your models.

  3. What delightful pictures of you, your mom and daughter. I love how each of you put your own spin on the Talbot’s summer collection. Have a wonderful day.

  4. This 3-generation post is wonderful, thank you for putting it together! Love all three outfits and appreciate the personalities shining through.

  5. What a gorgeous picture of you three , all of you look so stylish and in your own individual way . Kay I must just comment here , not one of you look your age! You 3 look so Happy and Healthy. Its so lovely to see Style being shown by your different ages . Wow isn’t your little mum such an inspiration . ❤️❤️❤️Xx

  6. Kay, this is my favorite post ever! Beautiful ladies from three generations, such an inspiration! Your mom is absolutely adorable! Thank you♥️

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, Joan. Thanks so very much for letting us know. It was a joy to do it.

  7. Loved this post today. It was nice to see the various ages and what was worn. I think you guys could have worn any of the outfits. My question is since your Mom is retired and this goes for you too since you are at home, I am retired and usually just put on leggings and a tee shirt of the mornings because I do things in the house each day and walk outside or on my treadmill. The question is I feel very old and frumpy. I am used to working in a Corp. world where you were dressing in suits, dresses and heels everyday. The past 10 years or so we were wearing business casual. But I enjoyed my two piece pants suits, they felt so classy. I just want to know how you guys dress each day. I am a widow and live with my daughter and her family so I don’t have a lot of extra money to buy clothes. Can you give me some advice.

    1. Thanks so much, Dianne. I’m really glad you enjoyed the post. I think mom mostly wears comfortable pants and or jeans at home. And during the summer she still wears shorts as home some, too. But she would wear the outfit shown today if she were to go to lunch with a friend or her sister. And that’s even a simple lunch like Chicken Salad Chick, a casual restaurant. I was with her for almost two weeks when we took these photos, and I noticed her wearing casual linen pants or jeans most days with pretty tees. She also enjoys wearing a tee with an open button up linen shirt over it.

      I do plan to have a blog post soon about casual, nice outfits to wear at home during the summer. I’ve had other requests for that, too.

      1. Yes please Kay about casual outfits to wear at home , I retired in January and used to wear a uniform ( Nursing Assistant) , so obviously on my days off I wanted to get dressed up as Only having 2 days off per week it was spent lunch dates with my husband or Theatre or lunch with my lady friends . Ive never been a casual dresser i.e sweat pants/ t shirts , but I kind of want to learn to dress down . My neighbours think Im going out everyday , because even putting the waste into the bin , ive got my smart clothes on and my hair done and makeup on ( I would never stop being groomed though ) 😂😂❤️Xx

  8. Your Mother looks great at 87! She looks like she has such a fun spirit and really miss my mom. No more so than on Mother’s Day. I know you, your mother and daughter had such a good visit. I liked all your outfit choices. I am waiting for the mail to bring me the full skirt in navy and the square neck tee that Abigail showed in orange. I also bought the pretty floral sweater a couple of weeks ago and had all ready planned to wear it today with white pants, to the church to pray for our nation with a couple of the other ladies from church.
    Then we are going to go to lunch. Love the light weight sweater and so glad I all ready bought it since it is sold out. All of you have a blessed day.

  9. I absolutely loved this post! Three generations of faithfulness and love of fashion. This definitely is a wonderful memory for you, Kay! As well, I really enjoyed your “Blessed for My Day” at the end of the post – well thought out and written.

    1. Thank you. Yes, it was a special day. I’m having a couple of these photos framed and giving some to Mom and Abby, too.

  10. What a beautiful family you have. The pics of you, your mother, and you daughter are just as lovely as the clothes.

  11. Thank you for the Blessed for My Day devotional that you include with your emails. Today your words confirmed to me that I did the right thing in my decision to leave a job 6 months ago because I was required to compromise and support things contrary to scripture. The pressure to embrace counterculture today is very strong and difficult to stand against. God has blessed me since then. Keep speaking the Truth, Kay. Thank you for the encouragement to take a stand.

  12. Kay, I really enjoyed today’s blog post with you, Louise, and Abby. I have to say that your mother actually looks younger as time passes! All three of you are lovely ladies. I discovered Talbots when I first moved to Atlanta in the mid-80’s. My apartment mate who always looked so stylish recommended the store to me, and I have shopped there ever since (I am a women’s petite). Thanks for the work that you continue to do for us, and best wishes to you and your family. Sincerely, Judy Beck (now living in Raleigh, NC)

  13. Thank you for all that you do. I remember going shopping every Saturday with my mother and sister growing up. She would take us somewhere special for lunch that we had never been before which was always fun. Enjoy your time with your family! It passes by too quickly! Loved seeing all of the outfits and I love Talbots too! Thank you for the blessed for my day everyday. I learn something new everyday!

    1. Us, too! We always went to a little luncheon spot at the mall called Cashins. We still talk about it!

  14. Three generations of beautiful, stylish women! Even more beautiful because of the love and joyous spirit that shines within each of you!

  15. Loved seeing your mom and daughter- all are wonderfully styled. All of u have great style. I wish you could elaborate on exactly what u mean that we have to be counter cultural. I’m struggling with some issues that other Christians embrace but I don’t. They make feel I’m judgemental and not accepting of others. It is uncomfortable.

    1. Yep. That’s exactly the point. I really can’t elaborate here, but I will advise you to do and hold fast to what God’s Word says. If the Bible says it’s so, it’s so. Obviously we must prayerfully approach the Bible, and with humility, asking the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom, being willing to have our eyes opened our hearts changed by what He shows us. But if we do that and we find ourselves going counter to even what other church goers are doing or thinking…we must be courageous and dare to be different. And often the fact that it is uncomfortable is a sign that we are on the right track. I encourage you to read that little segment of Gideon’s story in Judges 6:25-32. What Gideon had to do must have been very uncomfortable and even frightening for him…that’s why he did it at night. But he did it.

  16. Love all these outfits! So interesting to see the different generations. My daughter would love Abigail’s skirt!

  17. Oh Kay thank you for sharing your dear mom and daughter. Precious are the days we spend with our parents and families. I miss my mom terribly. She also was quite the sharp dresser and passed her fashion sense down to me. Louise looked smashing as you all did 😊. Your reading spoke to me, as a Christian woman and reminds me to serve Him faithfully. Thank you Kay, blessings

  18. Help me Kay! Back in the fall, you did a video on prints. And what made them grown up and modern for the mature woman. The print in the sweater you have on is so much like some of the prints that you told us not to wear that I am now confused. What makes the difference? In fact Talbots prints are often like what you said not to wear. I swear the more I read the less I know.

  19. I always love blessed for my day. I also like you’re not afraid to stand for truth. All of you ladies look great in your outfits. Your mom is so cute in her wedge heels. That’s probably going to be me if I live to be in my 80s, still wearing my wedge heels. You’re so blessed to have your mom.

  20. Such a blessing to share your shopping with your daughter and your mom!!

    I recently purchased a linen blazer from Evereve and was surprised to find it had shoulder pads!! Is that a trend that is coming back??

    1. Yes, the firm shoulder and shoulder pads actually are very in right now. I suggest taking your body shape and proportions into consideration. Wear them if they work for you or remove if they don’t.

  21. I am so happy I found your blog through your inspiring interview with Cindy Hattersley. I immediately thought, what a lovely woman who is God fearing and not afraid to say so! In,use read more! And after reading this lovely post-your mom!!! and your beautiful daughter- I am hooked. Thank you and I’ll keep reading!