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How I Dress at Home During the Summer

May 30, 2023

Sometimes it’s the things that seem simple that actually trip us up. And when it comes to what to wear at home during the summer, I think that’s exactly why I receive so many questions from readers on this very topic. We know this shouldn’t be difficult. But for some reason it’s almost easier to dress for an event or outing than it is a simple day at home. Are we making a mountain out of a mole hill? No, I think we just care. And that’s a good thing, in a day when so many people don’t seem to. So we’re not making a big fuss here, but I am sharing how I dress at home during the summer, along with a few guiding factors.

How I Dress at Home During the Summer
casual linen pants (more economical option) // Tencel lyocell blend ribbed polo top // sandals // earrings (gifted) // collar necklace // chain pendant necklace (gifted) // bracelet (gifted)

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I’m sharing one pair of casual linen pants with a couple of different tops today. And these items are available. (And I love them!) But I won’t focus too much on the individual pieces here. Instead, let’s talk about some guiding factors that can help us get dressed for our day…at home.

Work From Home Outfit

The title of my website alone ought to signal loud and clear that I think it’s important for us to get dressed for our day…most every day. Akin to making my bed, brushing my teeth and cleaning up after myself in the kitchen, getting dressed for my day helps put me in the right frame of mind for daily life. This simple act helps keep me mindful that I have a purpose, that I need to take care of myself and that I need to put my best foot forward whether I’m getting out and about or just puttering around in my home.

Getting Dressed for My Day Even at Home

I think that putting on something fresh and visually appealing also motivates me to engage with the world more. Whether that means I get out into my community or work from my office or play board games with my family or do chores around the house, putting together a true outfit rather than throwing on mismatched separates helps me feel more like my best self. And then I’m more prone to really show up.

A Real Outfit for a Day at Home

For me the minimum is looking presentable enough to answer the door if the delivery person brings a package I need to sign for. But I don’t settle for the minimum very often because I want my days to count for more than that. So I generally put together a pretty top and pants, skirt or shorts in a way that feels and looks pretty. Honestly, I have a real aversion to wearing things that don’t match…or go together. Know what I mean? I just feel icky. Well I would feel icky. But I absolutely never wear something that is ill-matched. It’s just how I’m wired.

Linen Pants for Home

If you’ve been around here long, you know I love wearing a blend of neutrals. That combination makes me feel peaceful and pretty. And even when I’m home that’s what I gravitate to. But sometimes I do get a real hankering for some color. I think adding a splash of color with a pretty top can lift your spirits when you’ve gotten into the doldrums.

Add a Pop of Color

But don’t get the wrong idea. While I’m not averse to occasionally putting on a pretty dress or even wearing some heels for a day of working in my home office, I generally dress at home for comfort. I don’t have to go to an office and wear an uncomfortable blouse and suit, so why should I?

comfortable at home

I think that’s why I love wearing linen in the summer. Not only is it cool and breathable, but it’s soft and comfortable, light on my skin. My Frank & Eileen linen pants just feel like home to me. These linen pants have quite the cult following for their ultra relaxed vibe and amazingly soft fabric. They run true to size.

Jewelry at Home

Do I wear jewelry at home? Yeah, I usually do. I just seem to automatically put some on. I keep it simple and I wear pieces that won’t get in my way for whatever I may be doing that day. So even though I love bracelets (and have one on in the top of the post) I often end up taking it off while I’m working at my computer. Which explains why there’s always a collection of them on my desk. Ha!

Dressed for My Day
crochet trim v-neck tee // casual linen pants (much more economical option) // sandals // earrings (gifted) // collar necklace // chain pendant necklace (gifted)

Do I wear makeup every day at home? Hmm, I try to. But honestly I go without at least one or two days a week. I do feel more outward focused, surprisingly, when I wear makeup. When I don’t have it on I actually feel more self-conscious and, therefore, more self-absorbed and a little pathetic. That’s just me though. Don’t let that rub off on you.

And finally, I do wear shoes at home. I don’t know why; I just do. True, some days they’re just house shoes. Ha! But I almost always have shoes on my feet.

I’d love to hear from you today. This is a judgment-free zone here, though. I’ve shared with you the reality of how I dress at home, and I welcome you to do the same. But let’s understand that in the privacy of our homes we definitely have the freedom to do what works best for us. I’ll be sharing another “suitable for home” outfit later this week. So stay tuned!

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Blessed for My Day

Take a look at Proverbs 27:8 below. I don’t think the writer of Proverbs (probably Solomon) intended to say that we should never leave our homes or that if we do it’s a sign of some character flaw. But I do think his message is important for us to ponder. Why does a bird wander from its nest? To get food and bring it back to its babies? Maybe also to explore the area for predators? And maybe a bird leaves its nest simply to enjoy the surroundings, visit with other birds and stretch its wings.

But in the end the bird always returns to its nest. Home is sweet. And that’s why I believe this proverb is reminding us to make our homes a place of respite and peace. Home should be a place of comfort and rest and joy, a place we enjoy being and a place where we thrive. Getting dressed for your day…even at home…can make life there more enjoyable and productive. And it also makes my home a place where I can invite in others and share generously and easily.

Like a bird that wanders from its nest,
So is a person who wanders from his home. ~ Proverbs 27:8

xoxo, Kay
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17 thoughts on “How I Dress at Home During the Summer

  1. I like getting dressed too and always match. Just me! I would never feel comfortable in $300 pants tho, especially white. I get one wearing out of anything white. 🤣. Just too much money regardless of the color.
    Enjoy your vacation to Maine. Glad you get to do this.

  2. Our office is in our home and thus I have ALWAYS dressed for the day…. an intentional outfit, hair fixed, full make-up! (Even during the pandemic!!) I agree with what you said about how this affects our mood and mindset! I do it for me~ I do it for my husband!

    Hope you have THE BEST vacation!! “Trips” are my biggest fashion struggle!! I own decent things, but it’s like I get there and I need a jacket or I needed short sleeves! I never have what I need! I think I try to pack too conservatively, trying to make one pair of shoes and one jacket go with everything! I can’t imagine 2 weeks worth of clothes!! Are you bringing a U-Haul for your suitcases?!! I look forward to seeing if you “wardrobe capsule” and how that works for ya!!

  3. Kaye, my husband and I just returned from Bar Harbor on Sunday. We enjoyed the area so much! Obviously going to Acadia national forest and hiking the trails there at Cadillac mountain was a highlight. We also found a lighthouse at Bass Harbor on Mount Desert. Be sure to walk the sandbar from Bar Harbor over to the island at low tide. It was windy and chilly the day we went, but it was so much fun. Also, there is a really nice shoreline path that starts at the pier and goes along the shore in front of the Bar Harbor Inn for quite a ways that is definitely well worth the walk.
    Our favorite restaurant was the Side Street Café. They have the best blueberry pie we’ve ever had! The Terrace Grille at Bar Harbor Inn is wonderful, can’t y beat the alfresco dining for a memorable lunch. Have a wonderful trip!

  4. Although I have been retired for The past 3 years, I too feel icky If I don’t dress In something that goes together and looks nice. I know what you mean that’s how I roll too. I also have to wear jewelry everyday. I have to admit I own a lot So it’s easy for me to put on things that match my outfits everyday I would feel Not put together if I didn’t wear my jewelry everyday. Nice BFMD. Have fun on your vacation.

  5. Enjoyed todays post. Wondering what brand bra you have on, it looks nice & smooth under the sweater & t-shirt. Thank you!

  6. Thank you Kay for todays Post about dressing for ‘being at home ‘ ( I was one of the ones who requested too , after recently taking my Retirement at 65 ,I didn’t want to just slob about, I too cannot function mentally in mismatched clothes😂) I love the pretty and comfortable outfits you showed and look forward to seeing more later in week . I also loved the way you pointed out it gives you purpose to your day if you look and feel good . I too still love to wear my makeup even if some days its just mascara and lipstick , I could never go without them ! Ooh and now Im not nursing Ive grown my nails and bought some pretty Pink and Neutral nail polishes which Im enjoying wearing ( I use my Marigold gloves when cleaning etc) . I also enjoyed your Blessing for Today , how very apt . Thank you and I hope you and James have a fabulous fun holiday , you deserve it ❤️Xx

  7. I believe that every day I’m still here is a special day! I’m recently retired so I have just about figured out what my style for my new life where I’m the boss. Though most of my clothes are pre-loved and selected for quality, I have no problem investing in a piece that will last and be a “forever” piece. This includes all my linen things and fine wool that I carefully wash and store. My husband and I have sneakers with good arch support that we wear only in the house. I don’t wear makeup or color my hair anymore, and since ditching the makeup and wearing colors flattering to my makeup-free face, I have had comments about “looking healthy these days”. I don’t tell anyone what I’ve changed. This is my choice, and, like a beautiful garden, I love to see how others express themselves in their own way so their spirit shines through!

  8. Hi Kay! Great post. I wear makeup and jewelry everyday and did so during my WFH pandemic years. I’m retired now. Doing so makes me feel ready for anything the day might unexpectedly bring. I’d like suggestions on evening tv lounging outfit, as after a full day, dinner prep and cleanup, I’d like to change into something comfy when we watch tv that isn’t pajamas or workout clothes…

  9. I also put makeup on and fix my hair even when I stay home. I remember my grandmother and mother not doing this unless it was a special occasion. Then it was such a struggle for them because I think they loss the practice of getting ready. So unfortunately they stopped accepting invitations to go out to family get togethers. So I don’t want to lose practice of putting on makeup, fixing my hair and getting ready for my day no matter what the day holds.

  10. I 100% agree with you. I get dressed, fix my hair and makeup, and wear shoes everyday wether home or work .( I work part time) jewelry can be optional though. I learned years ago I don’t feel my best when I don’t do these things.
    Thanks for a great post Kay and I hope you have a wonderful vacation!! I’ve never been to Maine, it sounds like a beautiful place.

  11. I’ve been retired for 10+ years and spend most of my time at home. I wear yoga pants and a tee or sweatshirt daily, along with either house slippers or sneakers, and no jewelry. I don’t like wearing my nicer clothing when I’ll be cleaning house or taking care of my many long-haired animals. However, I do like to dress nicely and look put together when I leave the house. As for makeup, less is definitely more for me. I get compliments on my skin and hair as is. Have a wonderful trip to Maine!

  12. Kay,
    My first trip to Bar Harbor was last May. Favorites are: Jordan’s for breakfast(blueberry pancakes & muffins, Paddy’s Irish Pub, Stewman’s (lobster cocktail- not a drink lol), West Street Cafe (halibut & blueberry pie), Trav’lin Lobster ( roadside Rt102) & a bakery that sells whoopie pies. Can’t remember the beautiful inn that serves tea & popovers. Last but not least, drive up Cadillac Mt for sunset( probably need reservations). Enjoy Acadia Nat’l Park.

  13. After marriage and working seven years, I became a mother. I wanted to be a stay at home mom. Knowing how stylish the women in the offices appeared, I determined that I would continue to dress stylishly, keep getting a good haircut, and make our home a refuge in the storm of life. My wardrobe changed, of course. Those were the best days.
    Thank you for sharing, Kay. Happy travels.

  14. Have a wonderful time!My husband is from Maine and we use to spend the month of July in the Acadia national park area! Particularly Somesville! This time of year can still be chilly up there! Swimming in the oceans or lakes will be cold! BAR Harbor is beautiful but it is a tourist trap! You should go to Jordan Pond House! It’s an experience! Go to southwest Harbor for a treat and Northwest Harbor! Go for a beautiful hike on the Fire tower trail in Somesville! So much to do I hope you have a good time! Let me know if you go to any of those places.

  15. I used to love to dress up to work at the office, and, as a stay at home Mom, I still enjoyed looking nice while raising our 6 children. I think it put me in a better mood, and best of all, my husband really appreciated it and would compliment me every day how nice I looked. That totally made it worth it!

  16. I worked in a very fashionable industry in Manhattan for almost 40 years so I have an extensive wardrobe collection of classic pieces. Since retiring to hot and sunny SW Florida, my wardrobe needs have drastically changed, but my standards have not. I refuse to give in to the shorts, shabby tees and flip flops I see too often here. I do wear shorts and a tee shirt on my very early morning beach walk, but after my shower I get dressed for the day. I wear earrings, minimal make up and something comfortable and stylish. I almost always wear a dress to church or when we go out for dinner. As for shoes, my everyday shoes are slip on Skechers, Vionics, etc. My podiatrist told me that going barefoot is terrible for your feet – especially as we age. She recommended getting good house slippers which I now ask for a new pair every Christmas. Vionic and Ugg make great ones.