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8 Holiday Looks for Every Occasion

December 12, 2018

More than likely your Christmas holiday season has revved up to full speed by now. Maybe you’ve already attended special performances at your church, gathered in a town square for the lighting of the grand Christmas tree or even spiffed up for a holiday party or gala. But my bet is you still have plenty of events or gatherings on your calendar for which you’d like to look festive and extra pretty. So I’ve gathered all 8 of my holiday looks in this one post to give you a little fresh inspiration.

8 Holiday Looks for every occasion

Maybe seeing all 8 holiday looks in one place will help you generate some fresh ideas, create some new combinations or discover how you can use some of your favorite accessories in different outfits. Remember, you can create a festive, lovely look for every event and gathering, even if you’re just getting together with friends or family to bake cookies or tamales.

I’m linking to each post you may have missed, but I’m also providing links to my Shop My Look pages when they are available.

Casual Christmas Looks

What to Wear to a Casual Christmas Gathering

You could easily wear something like this festive plaid button up shirt and jeans combo to go Christmas shopping. But I can almost guarantee you I’ll be wearing this outfit Saturday when my friend Dorothy comes over for our annual Christmas cookie baking day. We’ll be baking and decorating a couple of batches of this recipe, by the way! Read the post here. Or just shop the look here.

What to Wear to a Christmas Cookie Swap

I think these black cords and plaid shirt with the red down puffer vest would be perfect for a gal pal brunch or tour of neighborhood Christmas lights followed by hot cocoa. But I shared it first as the perfect combo to wear to a Christmas cookie swap party. You can read the post here. Or just shop the look here.

A Little Dressier

Holiday Event Outfit on a Budget

This slightly dressy holiday party look is almost exclusively from Target. Remember, you can order from and have it delivered to your local store for pickup free of charge. You can read this post and shop the look here. (Sorry, I don’t have a “shop the look” page for the Target looks.)

Red Velvet Blazer + Boot Cut Jeans

This classic red velveteen blazer has been in my closet for years, but each Christmas season and beyond it adds a little pizzazz to my wardrobe. You can pair it with jeans like I did here or wear it with dressier slacks or even a dress. You can read the post here. Or just shop the look here.

Holiday Fashion Accessories

This is really a full winter season outfit except I added an elegant Christmas scarf for a festive, seasonal touch. In this post I shared other Christmas accessories that you could add to your wardrobe to enjoy this Christmas and for years to come. Or you could give one of these lovely accessories as a gift to a friend or family member. She’d think of you every year when she wore it!

You can read the post here. Or just shop the look here.

For Dressier Holiday Affairs

Holiday Party Look on a Budget

This colorful and elegant look is all from Target, so it’s another budget friendly holiday party option. In this post I shared other budget options for holiday styles as well.

I’d wear this simple but elegant velour dress to a holiday office party, Sunday school party or live holiday performance. You can read the post and shop the look here.

What to Wear to a Holiday Performance

Especially because these are not traditional Christmas colors, you could wear this elegant lace skirt and velvet top combo well past the holidays. It’s perfect for a fancy dinner out, a live concert or a snazzy New Year’s Eve party.

You can read the post here. Or just shop the look here.

Velvet Jeans + Lace Top for Holiday Party

This final look is really my favorite. While these velvet jeans are elegant enough for any holiday outing or party, you can also dress them down with a chunky sweater and boots. But paired with this lacy top and heels, these jeans will make you stand out among all the Christmas lights. Oh, and don’t worry. While these velvet jeans are a little pricey, I provided more budget friendly options in the post, too.

You can read the post here. Or just shop the look here.

Vote for Your Favorite Holiday Look

Okay, let’s keep this fun. I hope you’ll shop the looks and read any of the posts you haven’t seen. But first, let’s vote! It won’t hurt my feelings one iota. I love all these outfits for different reasons.

But tell me in the comments which one of the 8 holiday looks you like the best and, if it’s different, which one you’d be most likely to wear or duplicate for a holiday event this year. I’d love to hear from you!

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31 thoughts on “8 Holiday Looks for Every Occasion

  1. My favorite is the black cords, plaid shirtshirt, and red puffer vest. It is something I would wear for a number of outings during the holidays, and I love vests! I also really like the velour wrap dress, and the lace skirt with black velour top. But with my lifestyle, the vest outfit would be worn most. Have a great day!

    1. I love the velour dress, the cuts so flattering and the velvet pants are great. I still Love the plaid skirt, not featured today, too.

  2. My favorite look, and one I’d wear if I had anywhere to go, is the last one…velvet jeans & lace top. No special events this year, though, so my ‘holiday’ look consists of winter-themed l-s tees, vests, jeans & boots. I avoid buying strictly Christmas tees so I can wear them throughout Dec & Jan.

    1. That sounds pretty much like my Christmas season too. That’s why I’m really enjoying the two plaid shirts. Thanks for sharing! ?

  3. My favorite is the black sweater, red skirt, boots and Christmas scarf. Although, you look great in all of the festive outfits!

  4. My favorite is the last look, so elegant! I also really like the red blazer and jeans, which I would wear often.

  5. My favorite is the lace skirt with velvet top- I thought you looked stunning in that outfit and it would be beautiful for a Christmas dress-up event. The one I would be most likely to wear would be the red skirt with boots and scarf, which would work great at our (mostly) casual church and yet looks festive and stylish.

  6. I love the velour dress on you Kay!! The one I would want to duplicate is the last look, the velvet pants and cream top-stunning! I have been wanting a pair of velvet pants!

  7. Oh Goodness Kay……I have several favorites. I like the red skirt, black boots with the Christmas scarf. I have probably 20 vests……in almost every color. I know I’m obsessed so I like the red vest with plaid shirt. You look fabulous in every one. So, which is your favorite or did I miss that? ~Lisa~

    1. Well, I said that the velvet jeans and lace top were my favorite, but really I’m more of a jeans and plaid shirt gal I think. Those are the ones I actually kept! And tonight I went out for a little Christmas dinner with friends and I wore my window pane plaid pants and a cashmere sweater, so I guess that’s more my holiday speed when it comes right down to it. 🙂

  8. My favorite was the lace shirt and velvet top. But I also loved the velvet jeans. I’m so glad velvet in back ” in”.

  9. I am torn between the velour dress and the red skirt with tall black boots outfit. You look nice in all but those are my favorites.