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Holiday Party Look on a Budget

November 30, 2018

While I don’t mind investing a little more in classic, well-made clothing that I can wear almost daily, I cringe when I have to dole out big bucks for something I’ll only wear once or twice. You, too? That’s why I am so happy to share with you this holiday party look that I recently found at Target.

Holiday Party Look on a Budget

This simple velour dress looks elegant and appropriate for any special holiday occasion with a minimum of accessories. Unfortunately, this dress is not available online. I could cry.

Holiday Party Look on a Budget

But if you’re really interested in it, I’d check your local Target store. It’s by A New Day, it’s priced at $27.99 and the color us Burgundy. I don’t know what numbers from the tag to give you so you could call the store before making a trip there, unfortunately. I really wish I could help you out more.

Holiday Party Look on a Budget

But the good news is that everything else I’m wearing is available at That means you can order it, have it delivered to your store for free and pick it up. Often I get the merchandise I order at within just a couple of days. You really can’t beat that.

Holiday Party Look on a Budget

My black faux suede pumps are also by A New Day. They run large. As in I always, always, always were a 9.5, but I’m wearing a 9 in this shoe with plenty of room. So definitely order down a half size.

Holiday Party Look on a Budget

This sequined envelope clutch comes in several other bright colors, but the black is always a good choice. It’s a winner at just $15 and is available through the link.

Holiday Party Look on a Budget

My round and marquise stone drop earrings have such pretty pinks and reds in them. They’ll also dress up jeans and a cashmere sweater for a more casual holiday affair.

Holiday Party Look on a Budget

I’m really bummed that this dress isn’t available online, so I looked for other after 5 holiday dresses that would also work within a budget. For instance, did you know that you can order some beautiful clothes from now? If you’re looking for a holiday dress for a nice evening, you might want to check out this Donna Sorrento black velvet dress. Or you could opt for this two piece stripe skirt dress in black, silver and gold.

This Alison Andrews dress in the red or the black could be appropriate for an office or Sunday School party. And while this Miusol vintage cocktail dress would look oh so Christmasy in the green, I think the navy is stunning. And here’s another Miusol vintage party dress available in a striking red or pretty blue. And all of these are in the same ballpark as what I paid for my dress from Target.

I also found this very similar velour dress at H&M in turquoise, and this more fitted one.

Holiday Party Look on a Budget

You know, I really felt pretty while I was wearing this inexpensive dress, too. And when I was posing for the photos…in front of our library!…some of the people who walked by commented about how pretty I looked. I simply tell you that to say that we do not have to spend an arm and a leg for a dress we’ll wear to one office party that we don’t even care that much about.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t fork out a little more for a dress that you’ll wear to a truly special occasion – a family wedding, an anniversary celebration, your husband’s retirement party, etc. There are some days – and evenings – we know will be significant and memorable, and we want to look and feel special for those…exquisite even.

Holiday Party Look on a Budget
Burgundy Velour Dress (similar in turquoise) // Black faux suede pumps // black sequined envelope clutch // round and marquise stone drop earrings

But now we know, gals, that if we just don’t want to spend the big bucks for a dress that will hide in the back of our closets after one wearing…we don’t have to.

Thanks so much for spending some time here at Dressed for My Day today. If you liked this post, I hope you’ll pin it to one of your Pinterest boards or maybe share it on your Facebook feed. And if you’re not a subscriber so that you can receive my emails, let’s take care of that right here.

I’ve used affiliate links in this post, so when you shop through them and buy something I potentially earn a commission. I really appreciate you shopping through my links. It helps me to support me and James while we plant a church here in southern Arizona. Thank you.

Have a blessed and beautiful day, ladies!

Blessed for Your Day

Yesterday I had coffee with about eight women from my church. You know, a year ago most of us didn’t even know each other very well at all. We didn’t even know each other’s names! But now we know each other as sisters. We’re women ranging in age from 20s to 70s. Some of us work outside the home, some are raising littles, some are in college, some are military wives and some are retired. And we were raised in states from California to Kansas to Georgia to New Jersey. We’re a varied and eclectic group really.

But yesterday in that little coffee date, after we’d just visited and chatted for quite a while, we circled together in compassion and concern to discuss how we could help one of our number who was absent from our gathering. She’s struggling, and we weren’t really aware. But when we became aware, our hearts broke and we knew we needed to do something. In the span of minutes we had gathered from our purses well over $100, and we’re not women who normally carry cash!

I left that coffee shop feeling like I had been a part of something much bigger than myself. I went to drink coffee and gab, but I left feeling like I had made a dent. That’s what happens when we treat each other in the body of Christ the way the Bible instructs us to. It’s not just a matter of minding our p’s and q’s. It’s a matter of love. And love makes a dent.

Show family affection to one another with brotherly love. Out do one another in showing honor. ~ Romans 12:10

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15 thoughts on “Holiday Party Look on a Budget

  1. Love this post. Why spend an arm and a leg on pieces that can only be worn once a year. LOVE the earrings from Target!

  2. “Love makes a dent.” Love it! And who knew you could buy such pretty dresses from Target and Wal-mart?! Thanks for cluing us in.