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Trunk Club Try-On Featuring J. Crew

December 8, 2018

Happy weekend! Do you have big Christmas celebration plans for this weekend? I’ve heard from some readers who are attending Broadway plays, concerts and downtown festivals. In fact, I know some of my readers are performing in those Christmas events. Break a leg!! Meanwhile, I’ll just be enjoying the decorations in my home and doing a little shopping later this morning. Y’all, my man needs some new clothes and shopping with him can be a bit of a bear. Know what I mean? So say a little prayer!

Trunk Club Try-On Session J. Crew

I had scheduled a Q&A with Kay for today, but I neglected to ask you gals to submit any questions. Uh oh! So, since I received a trunk from Trunk Club this week, I thought I’d share my try-on session with you. I asked Shelly to send me all J. Crew products this time, and of course she did. So that’s what I’m sharing with you. I have some great pieces to share!

Martie Cotton Blend Pants & Parke Blazer

Trunk Club Try On Session J Crew

These Martie cotton blend pants are basically 4-season pants. I’m wearing an 8, and they feel fine, but to me they look a little snug. These are in cerise, basically an orangish red. They’re also available in black and cloud grey, and they’re marked down almost 50% right now.

The perfect long-sleeve t-shirt is actually a navy and white stripe, so I’m not sure it pairs all that well with this black blazer. It’s a very dark navy, I guess, and I thought it was black. But I think J. Crew may have it available in a black stripe. It is extremely comfortable, very stretchy. I’m wearing a small and it fits well.

And the Parke Blazer is a nice fitting blazer. It’s a lighter weight than my other one, but of course, I have no need for two. I do like this lined blazer though. If you’re looking for a black blazer to add to your wardrobe, this one would certainly check all the boxes. I’m wearing an 8, my normal size, and I think it fits pretty well. It’s also available in cerise (the same as the pants), navy and heather camel.

In the photos above, I’m wearing my Mark Fisher Elia pumps, which are now available at Nordstrom Rack for considerably less than the original price. These shoes are so comfortable and I get compliments every time I wear them…which is often!

Stewart Tartan Plaid Mini Skirt w/ Sweaters

Trunk Club Try On J Crew

This plaid mini skirt would not be all that short on a lot of gals. Keep in mind that I’m 5’8″. They’re sold out at Nordstrom, but still have a few sizes at J. Crew and it’s on sale. I really do like the skirt, but haven’t yet decided if I’ll be keeping it.

I paired it with the two sweaters Shelly sent me from the J. Crew line. On the left I’m wearing the sweater with jeweled buttons. Interestingly, I had been looking at this sweater on the Nordstrom website and almost ordered it earlier this week. I guess I got the last black one. Ha! But they still have it available in navy and a really pretty natural (creamy off-white really). Plus this pretty sweater is marked down 40%.

On the right I’m wearing a J. Crew cashmere sweater that seems to be sold out at both stores. However, I did find this similar cashmere mock turtleneck, but only in the cerise. It’s also marked down 40%, but still pretty pricey.

In the photos above, I’m wearing black tights and booties that are no longer available.

Lace Pintuck Pencil Skirt & Cameron 4 Season Crop Pants

Trunk Club Try On J Crew

I was a little at a loss for how to style this lace pintuck pencil skirt with anything else Shelly sent me. But she had advised me to pair it with the sweaters. I like it okay with this cashmere sweater for a slightly eclectic look. It’s a great skirt and it’s available also in black and festive red. I’m wearing the 8 and it fits true to size. This skirt is also marked down 40%.

The Cameron 4 Season Crop pants have a lot of nice stretch in them, but I think they’re still a little snug.. I’m wearing the 8, so size up. They are available in black and navy at Nordstrom and are 40% off. But at J. Crew they’re available in additional sizes and colors and are also reduced in price.

In the photos above I’m wearing my faux snakeskin heels, which are no longer available, and my Sam Edelman leopard print calf hair pumps, which are marked down 30%.

J. Crew Supersoft Turtleneck & Mini Harper Leather Satchel

Trunk Club Try On J Crew

If you’re looking for a loose fitting turtleneck, this one is extremely soft and comfortable. It comes in several additional colors and is 40% off right now.

I like this Mini Harper Leather Satchel a lot more than I thought I would. It has a great weight to it and feels luxurious. Of course, it’s a little pricey, so it should feel luxurious! But it is 40% off and you can also get it in black here.

Peplum Leather Jacket

Trunk Club Try On J Crew

Up front, I’ll just tell you this leather peplum jacket is out of my price range right now. But if I were in the market and prepared to splurge a little, this one is definitely worth it. The leather is buttery soft and it’s a beautiful silhouette, while still being modern and interesting. I really love this leather jacket.

I would suggest sizing up, as is common with leather jackets. I’m wearing the 8, but I have broad shoulders and would definitely want the 10 for comfort. If you’re looking for a leather jacket that would be an investment piece you’d wear for years, this could well be it.


This was not my favorite trunk that I’ve received from Trunk Club. But, I have to admit, it’s what I asked for. Shelly did put together nice things for me, but they’re not pieces I really need for my wardrobe. So I’m not sure I’ll be keeping anything. But that’s no loss to me. That’s the great thing about Trunk Club. I get to try it out and then send back what I don’t want at absolutely no cost.

I’ll simply get on the computer Sunday afternoon and indicate that I’m ready for a UPS pickup. They schedule the pickup for me. They even send me two pieces of tape to tape the sturdy box back up. Then UPS will pick up the box Monday or Tuesday.

I’ve scheduled my trunks for once a month, but you can schedule them as often as you’d like. And you can ask for everything from workout clothing to jeans and sweaters to dress-up date night looks to under things. Yep! Under things!

I don’t normally encourage you gals to do something specific. But I really do want to urge you to at least look into Trunk Club. It’s an easy, non-threatening way to try clothing that you might not select for yourself otherwise. I love the convenience and how you’re treated like a princess. And if you have a Nordstrom card, it’s absolutely free to try. Otherwise, there is a $25 styling fee that is then applied to your purchase.

Let me know if you try it! If you try Trunk Club through my links and purchase something, I do get a credit. But then you can turn around and get the same credit when you refer someone. Yay!

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Blessed for My Day

A few months ago my husband received a large bill from the anesthesiologist who put him under for his back surgery right at a year ago. Not only were we surprised to be billed for the amount indicated, but we thought all the bills from that surgery had been taken care of a long time ago. Is there anything worse than receiving a bill you can’t begin to pay for a charge that you thought had already been covered?

Sometimes we act like that’s how God treats us. Even though we may have accepted the free gift of salvation that Jesus paid for in full on the cross, we sometimes act as though a bill has arrived in the mail for this priceless gift. We try to earn more of God’s favor with good works or pious prayers or more Bible reading or attending church. We worry and fret that we can never do enough to please our Creator and so we become frustrated and despondent. We allow shame and guilt and regret and anxiety to rob us of the freedom and peace and joy Jesus has already paid dearly for.

But the truth is that Jesus has paid the bill for our sins in full…once and for all. There is no bill coming…unless you have refused the gift from the One who paid for your sins in totality. Today let’s choose to live as women who are truly “in the black” with our God. No, we haven’t paid up. But Someone else has. Let’s be grateful, and let’s not live like frantic debtors.

 He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. ~ 2 Corinthians 5:21

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12 thoughts on “Trunk Club Try-On Featuring J. Crew

  1. My daughter and I FaceTime a bit. I love that when my teenager doesnt want to go to mall to buy stuff her i can FaceTime her and she can see what i pick out. She doesnt like to try on in the store. So if doesnt fit i can bring it but I least i know she likes everything. I loved the first outfit. Going to see what have in my closet to replicate that outfit have a wonderful weekend

  2. I love FaceTime because both of my kids and my two grandsons live far away. I love the plaid skirt, also ?!

  3. I think both pairs of pants that you think are too small look like they fit you very well. I really like the orange pants and striped top. I agree that the lavender lace skirt is a tough one to pair with the perfect top. It looks awkward with the sweater. (almost like you are wearing a slip) Speaking of Trunk Club…. have you every tried something called, Stitch Fix. It seems very similar. I have been having amazing success with it and love almost every package they send me.

    1. Hi Barbara, yeah, I sometimes tend to think things are too small, which really are not. It’s a product of my mom always buying clothes that were too big for me when I was growing up. Long story. But I’m learning a lot more about fit from doing this blog. You’re probably right. In fact, I’m sure the next size up would be too big. So there’s that.

      Yes, I’ve used Stitch Fix before once, years ago. I didn’t especially like it, but I think that’s because I only gave it one shot. And you do have to do these subscription clubs a few times for your stylist to get to know your fit and preferences. So I’m sure it would be good if I’d kept at it. But when I got a Nordstrom credit card I decided to give Trunk Club a go since it’s free from card holders. And I love it. So since I figure I only need one of these services, I’ll stick with it. But if you’re having good luck with Stitch Fix, definitely stick with that. Good for you. Because the bottom line is it’s a good way to shop and try things you might not try otherwise.