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7 Ways to Style Linen Pants for Summer

July 1, 2020

Hello and welcome to Dressed for My Day. As we launch into July – potentially the hottest month of the year – I thought it would be nice to style my neutral linen pants in multiple ways. There’s nothing cooler, softer and more comfortable to wear on these hot, sticky days than linen! And I’m going to show you how.

Linen is a soft, breathable fabric made of 100% natural fibers (unless it’s a linen blend), so it’ perfect for hot summer days. I love wearing my linen blazers, dresses, t-shirts and button up shirts. But I steered clear of linen pants for years. Until now.

You may have already seen me style my marigold yellow linen pants in this post. And I’ve even shared the linen pants I’m styling 7 ways in this video before in this post. But I think most of you are with me when I say that investment pieces like these need to be extremely versatile if they’re going to earn a place in my wardrobe. So I hope you’ll watch today’s video and see the other ways I styled them.

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What do you think? Do you have linen pants you enjoy wearing? I’ve decided that while linen pants have a decidedly relaxed vibe, they are, in fact, very sophisticated and chic, too.

I’ve created a shopping widget with all of the items that are available from the video. Plus I’ve included a selection of linen pants for you to peruse, too.

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11 thoughts on “7 Ways to Style Linen Pants for Summer

  1. Good Morning Kay
    Another great video with great tips. I too have stayed away from the linen pants but after seeing your tips on wearing them, I will give them a try. I love the idea of pairing the linen pants with a white blouse. I look forward to your videos and blogs each week.

  2. Loved the video and loved all the ways you styled your linen pants. I have crop pants made of linen as well as a linen blazer. All are comfortable but can be dressed up or dressed down. I so enjoy your videos and your blogs. They have become such an important part of my day.
    Thanks also for BFMD. I too look forward to the day when the Lord will be King over all the earth.
    Have a blessed day, Kay.

  3. Kay,
    You are doing a GREAT job on your videos and I reall enjoy them! I think you need some different music though. Something upbeat but with a more current vibe! Just a suggestion. Have a great day. I would love to know how you style your hair and the hair products you use. Maybe another video??? Ha!

  4. Excellent video Kay!!! I enjoyed the music too. It made me want to put some outfits together. As always, I enjoy your BFMD .

  5. Great video Kay! I loved all the outfits – I love the neutral colors and simple styling. They would make a great travel capsule for a warm weather destination (when we can travel again). Is it possible to have photos (or a collage) of the 7 outfits to be able to pin on Pinterest? That would be very helpful. Thank you for all you do!

  6. I love the music! It’s so cool and relaxing. You are darling and I love the way you show us different ways to style one piece. I bought the fruit pants from Talbots that you showed several ways, even though my husband thinks they are wild!

  7. Love the looks you modeled in the video. Just wondering (since I am not too techy) if there is a way to ‘pin’ the individual outfits from you videos?? I know I can pin the link to the video, but would like to be able to see the outfits individually. Very inspiring, will need to try some of these recipes.

  8. I loved everything about this video! I haven’t had time to watch it until today and I’ve watched it twice! Such good ideas and beautiful outfits you put together – I’ve gotten so many ideas for use with my own pieces. I actually stopped the video and took pictures of each individual outfit but would love to be able to pin. Thank you Kay!