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5 of the Best from the DFMD Archives

June 29, 2020

Happy Monday, sweet gal. And welcome to Dressed for My Day. We’re supposed to have a rainy day here in Cincinnati, so I thought we’d do one of my favorite rainy day activities. Let’s pour something good to drink, maybe get a little sweet treat to go along with it and peruse the archives in search of a little fashion inspiration. Let me explain.


When I was in college at the University of Georgia – oh so long ago! – I loved spending rainy afternoons holed up in the basement of the university library, which was where they archived the periodicals. Not only would I read the current editions of Glamour, Red Book, McCalls and Woman’s Day (yeah, my taste was a little old fashioned for a 20-year-old), but I’d also pull the boxes of archived magazines from the shelves and pour through copies from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.

I’d chuckle over the antiquated and outdated information I’d sometimes stumble upon. But more often than not, I discovered that what was fashionable and smart decades before was still worth noting.

Introducing a New Series

So today I thought I’d start a little series of sorts. Every now and again, maybe as frequently as once a month, I think I’ll pull a few of my blog posts from the past few years and share them with you again. You may have read them before, but then again they may be completely new to you. And if you did read them, now is a good time to see if the information you learned in them has made a difference in your closet at all.

So let’s check out the 5 posts I’ve pulled from the archives for today.

5 of the Best from the DFMD Archives

Where My Pants End and My Shoes Begin

I wrote this first post way back in March of 2018. And before I read back over it I assumed some of the information had probably changed with the newer pants lengths we’re seeing these days. But as it turns out, everything in this post is still spot on.

Where My Pants End and My Shoes Begin
Read the post.

If you’ve ever wondered how long different silhouettes of pants should be, Where My Pants End and My Shoes Begin will give you all the details you’re looking for. But it’s just part one of a two-part mini series. The second post, What Shoes Should I Wear with These Pants? will answer the next question we generally have when it comes to pairing our new pants with fashionable shoes.

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss and the Older Woman

If you struggle with your weight and nothing else is working for you, I can’t recommend the FASTer Way to Fat Loss enough. It’s only because I lost 20 pounds and substantial inches with FWTFL that I even have this style blog. And I still participate in the program to this day, two and a half years later. A lot has changed in the program, but everything in this post from the archives is still true. And I like that this post addresses the question so many of my regular readers have about FWTFL, “Isn’t this program geared to younger women?” The answer is no. Read the post to find out more.

FASTer Way to Fat Loss® and the Older Woman
Read the post.

Since I wrote that article, FASTer Way has developed an app that makes participating in the program even easier and more fun. I do my workouts every day using the app, plus I get my meal plans, recipes and tips from the app, too. Let me know if you have questions about this nutrition and fitness lifestyle program.

5 Body Parts Making You Look Older than You Are

Here’s an oldie but goodie. Posted in May, 2018, 5 Body Parts Making You Look Older than You Are provides timeless and practical tips you can implement today to feel and look younger.

Do You Look Older Than You Should?
Read the post.

Between Pedicures – How to Have Sandal Ready Feet Between Pedicures

I got into a salon just about as quickly as they reopened for a manicure and pedicure. But I’m not as anxious to return for a treatment. I felt safe and the salon took all the appropriate measures, but I just don’t see myself getting out for a professional mani-pedi as frequently this summer.

That’s why I think you may enjoy Between Pedicures – How to Have Sandal Ready Feet Between Pedicures.

Between Pedicures
Read the post.

9 Keys to Building a Wardrobe that Works for You

This last recommendation from the archives is not as old as the rest. But I’ve received many new subscribers and readers in the past year, and you may have missed this series. You’ll find more of the posts that followed in the top menu under Fashion. Just click on the Building a Wardrobe tab. But first read 9 Keys to Building a Wardrobe that Works for You.

Building a Wardrobe that Works for You

This was such a great series, if I do say so myself. It’s chock full of information to help you create a closet full of clothes (or not so full!) that really work together so you have beautiful outfits to wear for every occasion in your lifestyle. You’ll learn, in fact, how to factor in lifestyle, personal preferences, occasion, colors, body shape and more as you create a personalized wardrobe.

I hope you enjoyed our perusal through the archives of Dressed for My Day. If you’d like to see more posts like this one (not too frequently, mind you) just let me know in the comments. Thanks so much for dropping in!

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Blessed for My Day

I want to take care in how I say this, but I feel someone needs to hear it. Maybe it’s you. Dear gal, you need to know that if you have accepted Jesus’ gift of a relationship with your Maker through the blood of His death on the cross…there is no further sacrifice needed from you. You do not need to do penance. You do not need to make up for past mistakes. You do not need to do more good than all the bad you’ve done in the past in order to even the score. And you do not need to even out the scales with someone else either.

All God asks of you is to live out your life walking in obedience to Him, loving what He loves and disdaining what He calls evil, and staying humble and teachable before Him. If anyone is trying to cause you to feel guilty or condemned or shamed, please shut that voice down and turn to God instead. Others will try to complicate things; God has made them simple. Jesus paid the price in full and now you simply need to lean into Him for daily guidance.

He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God? ~ Micah 6:8

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xoxo, Kay
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11 thoughts on “5 of the Best from the DFMD Archives

  1. I love a good walk down memory lane. As a teenager I used to love to read my moms Woman’s Day! Of course I was also reading Seventeen and Glamour for the fashion, makeup and “romance”advice. I’m laughing out loud right now ?

  2. I always love ‘going back in time’ to ready some great magazines/articles. Some of their wisdom is timeless!!!!

    Question: will you be doing a blog about how to dress for the lake? I am leaving for a family get-away in less than 2 weeks, and was hoping to get some suggestions before I left. Thank you….

    1. Hi BJ. I did indeed promise that a few weeks ago, didn’t I? Oh my. I forgot! Yes. I can squeeze that in Thursday or Friday of this week in fact. I actually already have some ideas for it. Thanks for the reminder. ?

  3. Thank you Kay for this excellent archived edition as I needed my memory refreshed. I haven’t commented lately however I do read your blog daily. You look great and I am so glad you all are doing well.

    1. Hi Kathy. Thanks for the suggestion. I have been considering that and am presently looking for one to share. However, I do already have several posts in the archives in which I style them. Simply put “kimono” in the search tool and several should come up.

  4. Your Blessed for My Day message was meant for me, Kay. I struggle because it’s my own mother who tries to makes me feel guilty, condemned and ashamed. I pray for her and ask for Gods strength daily. Thank you for this timely reminder. Blessing to you.

    1. You bet, Rhonda. Yes it makes it harder when the people who do this are those we also respect and/or love. Be encouraged!