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5 Reasons You Get Tired of Your Clothes

Building a Wardrobe
May 28, 2024

Do you find yourself purchasing new clothes each season only to grow bored with them quickly? I’ve been there! Shopper’s remorse is a common phenomenon in our fast-fashion culture for sure. Not only is it frustrating to get tired of your clothes so quickly, but it’s a costly mistake. So today I’m sharing 5 reasons you may be growing weary of your wardrobe so fast and what you can do to change that.

5 Tips to Help You Love Your Wardrobe

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In my effort to move toward a more slow fashion approach to my wardrobe, I’m trying to purchase fewer clothes that will last me longer. I want an enduring wardrobe filled with mostly classic pieces that I can style in new ways with the addition of minimal more trendy purchases each season. I don’t want to “reinvent the wheel” every year; I just want to refresh my closet. That means my clothes to have staying power.

But I’ve definitely purchased clothes that I’ve grown tired of quickly. That frustrates me. So I’ve put some thought into what made me weary of those pieces so fast. Here’s what I came up with as well as the solutions to those mistakes.

You may tire of your clothes quickly if you’re wearing them year-round.

Now I’m not talking about those year-round essentials that have earned a valuable place in your closet, like a denim jacket, black trousers or white t-shirt. But if you live in a place where the weather stays cold or hot most of the year, you may be trying to utilize the same wardrobe year-round. In my experience, that’s a mistake.

Fall Fuchsia Cashmere Sweater + Corduroys
from my days on the border in Arizona in 2018

The photo above is from my first year of blogging here at Dressed for My Day. At the time we lived in the high desert of Arizona, fewer than 60 miles from the border of Mexico. I’m sure many people where I lived wore pretty much the same wardrobe year-round. But for the 14 years we lived there I still switched out my wardrobe every fall and spring.

Perfect Spring Weekend Get-Away Look
From April 2019 in Arizona

I rarely needed a coat in the fall or winter, but I still wore winter-ish clothes. That’s when the Audrey cashmere sweaters at Talbots became my favorites because they have a 3/4 length sleeve. So I wore a lot of lightweight sweaters or tops in the winter. And I was able to wear ankle jeans and pants year-round because I rarely needed socks. But I didn’t wear light pink jeans in the winter.

black riding boots with leggings
From February 2019 in Arizona

I wore boots, but with a lightweight blouse and leggings. You get the picture. Even though the climate stayed fairly consistent all year, I still switched out my wardrobes seasonally. In fact, this is why I prefer not to wear white jeans in the winter…even though you absolutely can. I just like to reserve white and linen and poplin for spring and summer, while I wear corduroy and boots and turtlenecks in the fall and winter.

Wearing white linen in the spring and summer
wide-leg linen pants // cotton shirt // similar Clarks sandals // necklace & earrings (c/o) (Use code KAY20 for 20% off at Penelope)

I think a lot of women grow weary of their clothes because they feel like they have to wear them all year long. But I encourage you, if you live in the hot south or the cold north, create separate wardrobes for fall and winter and for spring and summer. A little variety is the spice of life. And changing out your wardrobes seasonally will give them fresh appeal to you each year.

You may get tired of your clothes fast if they don’t really fit your lifestyle.

When I purchase clothes that don’t fit my real lifestyle I’m going to struggle to wear them. And if I struggle to find opportunities to wear those garments or accessories, I soon develop wardrobe guilt. Know what I mean?

Wearing Frank and Eileen
wide-leg linen pants // linen shirt // sandals // market tote // necklace & earrings (c/o) (Use code KAY20 for 20% off at Penelope)

During the first couple of years of blogging here at DFMD I purchased a lot of dressier things because I thought that was what people would want to see. Plus, I just love dressy clothes. Indeed, I did have readers request workwear ideas, and I certainly don’t mind adding a few career-worthy clothes to my closet even now. So I can sprinkle into my blog posts work clothes, wedding guest options, etc. But in recent years I’ve realized that I need to focus on building a wardrobe for the lifestyle I really have.

Eileen Fisher Linen
linen shirt // tank top // linen pants (the newer ones are a little longer than mine) // linen sandals // bracelet (c/o) // bangle (c/o) // necklace // earrings

So I’ve been very focused for the past year on purchasing well-constructed garments in silhouettes that are comfortable and modern and appealing to me…but also more casual. Now my personal style is “classic, effortless and elevated,” so I’m still building out my wardrobe with things that help me create polished, elevated outfits, but with a very casual and effortless vibe.

Two Ways to Style Off White Jeans Now
See the original post for details. cotton gauze camp shirt in cornflower blue // 90’s straight crop jeans in Tile White // earrings (c/o) // herringbone chain (c/o) // pebble pendant necklace (c/o) // belt but no longer in this color // Clarks sandals // crossbody bag

What I discovered was that when I quit spending my clothing budget on the dressier items I don’t really need, I had money freed up to spend a little more on my casual clothes. I used to spend more on dresses and nice slacks, but less on more “everyday-wear.” But then I realized that didn’t make sense cost-per-wear. Now I purchase much fewer dressy items and really only on an as needed basis – like for my cruise. But I’m building a wardrobe for my real lifestyle and I’m more choosy about those pieces…because I live in them.

You may get tired of your clothes if they don’t feel good and fit well.

We might think this is a no-brainer. But so many times in the past I purchased items because “that’ll do.” Know what I mean? But after wearing them once I’d realize those quick purchases didn’t feel good or fit right, and I had no joy wearing them.

Don't Have Regrets
wide-leg linen pants // linen shirt // necklace & earrings (c/o) (Use code KAY20 for 20% off at Penelope)

Now I am ruthless about fit and feel. I loved the colors and plaid on that linen shirt above the minute I saw it. But I assure you that if it didn’t fit well or feel good, I would have sent it right back. I no longer have room in my closet for things I don’t just love wearing.

Sandals & tote
wide-leg linen pants // linen shirt // sandals // market tote

I purchased a few new pairs of sandals this year, but I’m still wearing several I’ve had in my closet for years, too. And for every pair I kept that I ordered this year, I probably sent back six. You may be growing tired of me showing those Everlane Day crossover sandals above, but I just can’t help wearing them on repeat. When you really love the pieces you allow into your closet, you won’t grow tired of them any time soon. (And I’ve had that market tote for three years, too. Tired of it? Nope!)

You’re likely to grow tired of your clothes if they’re not in your colors.

And by “your colors” I mean two things. One, I think it’s smart to purchase clothes in the colors that really suit you. Color analysis has definitely come back into vogue and you can probably arrange to have yours done in your area. It’s a great idea.

Gauze Shirt
See the original post for details. cotton gauze camp shirt in cornflower blue // earrings (c/o) // herringbone chain (c/o) // pebble pendant necklace (c/o) 

I do find that I tire of trying to make things work that aren’t really in my colors. Have you ever experienced that? You buy something knowing it’s not really your color, but you just luvvv it, gotta have it. But in the end you realize you don’t wear it much because you don’t get compliments in it, you don’t feel like yourself in it and it doesn’t work with most of your wardrobe really. Frustrating.

Linen from Frank and eileen
wide-leg linen pants // cotton shirt // similar Clarks sandals // necklace & earrings (c/o) (Use code KAY20 for 20% off at Penelope)

But also when I speak of “your colors” I’m talking about the ones that you’ve voluntarily narrowed down your wardrobe to. I’m a big proponents of selecting a smaller color palette each season to help you build a more cohesive wardrobe that really mixes and matches easily. When we do this, it’s so much easier and fun to get dressed each day.

Linen Shirt and Tank
linen shirt // tank top // bracelet (c/o) // bangle (c/o) // necklace // earrings

A few times I’ve thought it was a good idea to bring something into my wardrobe that wasn’t in my color palette. But it always proves to be a mistake…at least in my experience. I rarely wear that item and then I grow tired of trying to fit it into outfits. We grow tired of the things that frustrate us.

You may get tired of your clothes if they’re just not really your style.

This is perhaps the biggest reason I get tired of some of my clothes. Something about the item caught my eye, drew me in, but in the end it wasn’t really my style after all. That happens to me a lot, actually. I’m easily drawn to purchase things that appeal to my eye.

Summer Outfit Formula
See the original post for details. wide leg linen pants (TTS; wearing 10; c/o) (more economical option) // Eileen white classic linen shirt (TTS; wearing M; c/o) (Kay’s favorite more economical option) // belt // sandals // shoulder bag or here (more economical option) // necklace // earrings (c/o) // bracelet (c/o)

But I’m learning that there is a difference between something that appeals to me and something I actually want to wear repeatedly. Know what I mean? For me, these are often very colorful, somewhat dazzling things. Honestly, they are beautiful…attention grabbers.

Colette wrap midi dress
See the original post for details. Colette wrap midi dress // Everlane crossover sandals // cognac belt // Veronica Beard Goody bag // Maya 14k gold hoop earrings (c/o) (use code KAY20 for 20% off) // Arabella diamond chain 14k gold necklace (c/o) (use code KAY20 for 20% off) // fresh pearl stretch bracelets

Those are often clothes I truly admire seeing on other women. But almost without fail, when I purchase those dazzling, colorful things I wear them once and I struggle to wear them again. They’re just not me. I like outfits that are more subdued. I like to think they are still striking and attractive, but just less showy. Still colorful even, but more understated all the same.

Frank and Eileen Linen Pants
wide-leg linen pants // linen shirt // sandals // market tote // necklace & earrings (c/o) (Use code KAY20 for 20% off at Penelope)

I remember coming to the realization a few years ago that I do not have to own everything I think is beautiful or lovely. Some things are best enjoyed without owning them. I realized this again recently as I was walking through our neighborhood enjoying all of our neighbors blooming trees and flowers. I had this urge to take photos so I could go home and tell James I wanted him to buy and plant all of these. Ha! Fortunately for him and our budget, I reminded myself that I can enjoy my neighbors pink dogwoods and roses and gladiolas and peonies. I don’t have to own them for myself.

Linen Pants
wide-leg linen pants // cotton shirt // similar Clarks sandals

The same is true of pretty clothes. Just because something catches my eye in a catalog or online or on a mannequin doesn’t mean I need it in my closet. This may sound very elementary to some of you, but it is a profound truth that I struggle with all. the. time. “Hello, my name is Kay, and I love pretty clothes.” Ha!

Linen Pants
wide-leg linen pants // linen shirt // sandals // market tote // necklace & earrings (c/o) (Use code KAY20 for 20% off at Penelope)

But while I’ve confessed “I have a problem,” I’m definitely doing much better in this over the past year. And my buyer’s remorse has reduced drastically. Instead of just buying all the pretty things, I’m focused on building my own wardrobe with things that are functional for me, fit my personal style, work for my real lifestyle, feel great and work with my colors.

Linen from Frank and eileen
wide-leg linen pants // cotton shirt // similar Clarks sandals // necklace & earrings (c/o) (Use code KAY20 for 20% off at Penelope)

I hope this rather introspective post was somewhat helpful for you, especially if you’ve experienced tiring of your clothes. Do you have other ideas about why we sometimes tire of our wardrobe too quickly? Do you have tips for building a wardrobe you can enjoy for years? I’d love for you to join the conversation below.

wide-leg linen pants // cotton shirt // similar Clarks sandals // necklace & earrings (c/o) (Use code KAY20 for 20% off at Penelope)

If all has gone as planned, I’m still on vacation. So I may not reply to comments. But I always love hearing from you. Have a blessed day!

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30 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Get Tired of Your Clothes

  1. I have to confess that I’m not a fan of the half tuck, it just looks sloppy to me. That said, you look great in everything!

  2. Hi Kay,

    Wow, your first reason just hit the nail on the head for me. I live in a climate where there are two seasons: hot, and hotter. So I do wear the same clothes all year round. I never really gave it thought, but your idea of changing out one’s wardrobe twice a year, excellent. Maybe I’ll divide my colors into “spring/summer” and “fall/winter” to give me some much needed variety. Thank you!

    The other reason you stated that hit me – things that aren’t your style. Like you, I’m drawn to pretty clothing (and pretty things) that aren’t really me. Sometimes I purchase them and then just am never content wearing them. Example: boho. I love the look on others, but it truly does not work for me. My style is classic, feminine, and polished. I think I’m drawn to the flouncy, free spirited look of boho, but when I put it on, I feel like I am in someone else’s clothes. Not to mention my petite frame is swallowed alive by all the fabric. None of those pieces mix and match with anything else I own, either. So a little while ago, I eliminated the few boho items that snuck into my wardrobe and now my closet is cohesive and feels like “me”. But this is something I have to be constantly on guard about… my eyes still like those pretty boho things. LOL!!! In fact, it just happened yesterday, where another style blogger posted this adorable boho dress. I had to tell myself a good, solid “NO!” not to get sucked in. 🙂

    Great post, thank you!

  3. BFMD was spot on. I’ve learned that I only need to live thru a tragedy one time, and that’s when it really happens. SO, I turn those thoughts off and trust that God will supply as he always does. I could relate to your clothing woes today. Years ago, I decided my best palette was “spring.” Made life so much easier until I let all the colors in again. Recently had a color analysis done , and I was correct years ago. Still a spring even tho my hair is white! What a dif. Makes shopping so much easier.

  4. Posts like this one have solved so many wardrobe issues for me. I rotate/add to my closet six times a year. That’s once for every season, plus once for the hottest part of summer and once for the coldest part of winter. It does help keep my wardrobe from getting stale, but you’ve also helped me realize how much I crave a little bit of novelty. I keep intending to stop buying new clothes! But I’m pretty good at getting rid of things now. Another thing that has helped me is your advice for the fashion series about choosing the words to define your style. One of the words I chose was ‘active’ and by active, I mean being dressed nicely, but being ready to go for a walk without notice. That’s not the best way to describe it, but I have made decisions recently based on that word and I appreciate it because it makes me judge a new purchase or the day’s outfit.

  5. I love you Kay but I hate this website. It constantly reloads and crashes. I just lost my whole comment and am now having to start over. I just wanted to say that I have so enjoyed your last two posts. They have really spoken to me. I need to be more mindful and quit falling for the next shiny things. Both in my wardrobe and my sewing where I fall for all the pretty fabrics. I also need to hone down my style. Thanks for giving me the encouragement to do just that.

      1. Hello Elizabeth, I’m so sorry to hear that you are having these problems with the website. That’s not good at all. Can you let me know what browser you are using to view the site? Chrome, Safari, etc.? And also what device you’re viewing on – cell phone, tablet, computer. That information will help when I’m communicating these issues to my web host team. Finally, are you trying to view on your cellular data or on WiFi. We’ll get to the bottom of this.

    1. Hi Bobbie, I’m so sorry to hear that you are having these problems with the website. That’s not good at all. Can you let me know what browser you are using to view the site? Chrome, Safari, etc.? And also what device you’re viewing on – cell phone, tablet, computer. That information will help when I’m communicating these issues to my web host team. Finally, are you trying to view on your cellular data or on WiFi? I don’t know for sure the source of your problems, but I do know that when I’ve tried to read my or any websites on low speed WiFi or poor cellular data, the experience is not the best. But I don’t generally have a problem viewing my site and out of the over 10,000 pageviews I get each day, I’ve received very few complaints. I’ll definitely look into this for you. I want your experience here to be good.

  6. I know you are still in AK, but loved today’s post. I finally splurged and purchased a Frank and Eileen button up shirt through your link. They have come out with a new Liberty print, more in the blue family and I jumped on it. My colors and I know I’ll wear it for ages!! Thanks for the inspiration and enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  7. Two things really resonated with me – first, if they don’t fit right, you won’t wear them. I am long waisted so dresses with a waistline seam do not fit me, so I stay away from them. The second is buying for your lifestyle. I retired 17 years ago but still think I need work clothes (I was an elementary school administrator). Those are the items taking up the most space in my closet. I think today may be a good day for a closet cleanse!

  8. Hi Kay loved this Blog today absolutely Spot On 👌🏻. I have always put my wardrobe into Seasons . We have to here in the North East of England we only get about 8 weeks of Summer Ha! Thats why I love Cardigans of all styles ❤️. If I have bought an item I struggle to Style and I love it! What I do is put it away for about 8 months , then get it out and try to style it for a week ( I make myself do it!) if it still doesn’t work it goes to the Charity Shop no matter hiw much I paid . Hope you and James are having a Fab time , your Alaskan wardrobe was gorgeous ❤️I loved your BFMD it really spoke to me today ❤️

  9. You are right!! I knew most of this about halfway, but the way you have pulled it together really clarifies all of the points! Thank you

  10. Grr…I’ve had the same website issue today too, so I’m trying to resubmit my comments using Firefox on my laptop instead of Safari on my iPad. But regarding the post: you have pointed out all the issues that I (and many others, I’m sure) have struggled with over the years. May I humbly suggest another idea? I still feel ‘guilty’ about donating clothing items I’ve had in my closet for years because as a single mom working full-time, my budgets were pretty tight. It was difficult to get rid of items that “still have a lot of wear in them” just because I was ‘tired of’ them! Now, in my retirement years, even though I am much more comfortable financially. I still have some of this residual guilt. I have pared my wardrobe back to the colours and styles that suit me and look nice on me, but it’s still a struggle to say goodbye to some of my “old faithfuls” even when they don’t fit my current lifestyle. I have certainly updated my clothes to keep fresh and contemporary, and I do have a budget, and will usually only purchase better-quality items that I will wear for several years. But decades-old habits and mindsets are hard to break! I’m not a “spender,” but I still learning that I am worth spending money on, among other things, clothes I enjoy wearing.

  11. I am a compulsive shopper with a very low budget. I buy things online that are cheap, and never wear them. I’m housebound so it’s a habit I need to break. The only place I go is to a doctors office. I don’t need a massive wardrobe, just comfortable clothes for the heat of south Texas. This was an excellent post! Thank you!

  12. I agree whole heartedly with all of your points as I continue to struggle with not purchasing everything that appeals to me and focus instead on what actually suits my lifestyle.

  13. I’ve been learning that just because I see it and love it doesn’t mean it’s FOR ME! Also, when I see something I really like, I ask myself what type of mood I’m in. Will that boho top or skirt actually fit into my neutral, classic and timeless wardrobe? Yeah. Probably not so much!

  14. Hi Kay,

    Your post really spoke to me today. Lately I have been finding it easier to not buy/return clothing that either I don’t love or that I know I won’t wear. But I still fall for pretty dresses and I have one arriving today that I will probably have to return for lack of an occasion to wear it (or it won’t look right on me). My goal for this summer is to donate (to an organization that works on spaying & neutering feral cats) so that I hopefully won’t feel so guilty about thing that I’ve purchased, never worn, and missed the return deadline.

    I also really enjoyed your video from a while back about how to determine if clothing is good quality. My mom was a stickler for quality and you did a wonderful job explaining how to identify quality garments. Thanks!

  15. Great advice Kay. You always offer such good fashion advice. I live in central Texas. We do have cold weather but most winters are fairly mild. I still wear coats and boots. We don’t have much of a fall but I still wear fall colors in cotton pieces. As far as my colors I am a fall so I do get tired of the colors that look best on me. It’s harder in spring and summer. I borrow from the spring pallet. I know what you mean about buying something in a color that I don’t feel good in.

  16. I definitely resonate with the clothes that don’t quite fit or feel right. I try things on and I think they fit but then when I wear them for a full day i find a fit issue that I didn’t notice initially. It’s not that it doesn’t fit but it’s not as comfortable as I want it to be so I don’t wear it often. I feel like once I’ve worn it all day I can’t return it. Also the feel of thing, I love a good sweater but I’ve found I can’t tolerate heavy fabrics like wool and cashmere ( I live in Virginia and it’s just not that cold here anymore). Sometimes I will still try one and think it will work but in the end I wind up not wearing it.

  17. I found your post very informative, and I agree with all of it. It has given me impetuous to go through my wardrobe and sort out what I haven’t worn and to be more selective when I buy. Thank you

  18. I also have tremendous problems with the website crashing. I was wondering if it could be caused by links embedded within the blog, as opposed to at the end. I use an iPad and a cell phone, same issues on both. I had been using Safari, and recently changed to duck, duck, go as a search engine but that didn’t help. I wrote this comment in a note, and cut and pasted it in to the comment as I could not get through otherwise. Hope this helps. I’m not sure how widespread the problem is, but maybe the website designer can commission a survey to determine how wide spread this is. I love Kay, love the content, but most often I can’t get through the blog without many crashes.

    1. Generally speaking, I don’t suggest Safari for website viewing. My husband has used the other you’ve mentioned but it’s not going to give you a great experience either because it prevents use of cookies, which my site does rely on. I suggest you try Chrome. It gives a very easy navigation of the Internet and is friendly to sites like mine. If you just really don’t want the use of cookies, I understand that, but you will sacrifice some of your viewing experience.

  19. Wow, thank you for including some beautiful pics from your past posts in with the present style posts to show us how we can adjust our style as we age gracefully with some normal, yet beautiful body shape changes. We can still enjoy building/adjusting/changing our wardrobe choices/items, no matter in what stage of life(career, retirement, etc.)we might be blessed to be in at the moment. I do appreciate your posts on beauty items for women over 50, also!

  20. I really appreciate your comment about seasonal dressing. I, too, have certain clothes (e.g. white jeans) that I save for spring and summer. We have our own styles and our own seasonal preferences. One thing that I am sure you’ve never done is buy something because a blogger recommended it – even when you know deep down it’s not your style. I’ve done this a couple of times, sadly. One of the things I love about your blog is that you have taste and style and help us develop the same. I hope you are having a great vacation.

  21. I found this article so interesting and I identified with it so much. I’m retired but working at Talbots part time. I love my retirement job and always loved fashion. I get excited about all the colors and new items each month. That said, it’s distressing me because due to my discount and no self discipline,I can’t seem to stop buying! Like you Kay, I love the way the colors pop and how they look in the store. I’ve bought items that later wondered why. Yes, I return some. Although, I am active in my later life, I don’t have a huge social life. So a lot of what I buy, I hardly wear. I heard that some buy for their fantasy life. That was me!
    So now I am being more deliberate about purchasing what works for me. One thing I know about myself is that I am cold all the time. No medical exam has come up with a real reason. I feel a chill when others do not. I hate air conditioning in the summer because I can’t dress how I’d like. I stopped buying sleeveless tops because I only wear them 1 month out of the year. I have to wear not only a swear I’ve the sleeveless top but another layer over that. Just that one detail has changed my buying habits. So knowing oneself is the key to wearing what works best. Keep the good tips coming and I hope you’ve totally enjoyed your cruise.

  22. Please provide details about your criss- cross sandals in May 28 post – the opening pic in which you are sitting on the steps. The post is entitled,
    Tired of your clothing’. Thank you

  23. One of your best posts ever! Thanks so much for all your great advice and for moving away from fast fashion!