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Can You Wear a Trending White Dress Over 50?

May 20, 2024

I remember writing just a few years ago that white dresses were trending, and here we are again. I was in the mall recently and every women’s store I passed had one or more white dresses in their window. This year is definitely set to be the summer of the white dress…again. But can we wear a trending white dress if we’re over 50?

Can You Wear a Trending White Dress Over 50?

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Maybe you’re scratching your head and wondering why I would even ask such a question. Good for you! You’re one of my readers who doesn’t overthink things or worry about what others think. But I’ve spoken personally and through emails and DMs with many of my followers recently who are indeed wondering if they should be buying a trending white dress at their age. In fact, I’ve wondered the same thing.

Can You Wear a Trending White Dress Over 50?
Elena shirtdress // beige heels (more economical option – use code KAY20 for 20% off) // Spartina 449 Sabine shoulder bag // Arabella diamond chain 14k gold necklace (c/o) // Maya 14k gold hoop earrings (c/o) – use code KAY20 for 20% off at Penelope

Why? Because for many of us more mature women we feel like a white dress is awfully bright. “Do we really want to show up that much?” And there’s also the concern that a white dress might make us look larger than we are. Who wants a dress that adds pounds rather than subtracts them?

Can You Wear a Trending White Dress Over 50?

But as you can see here, I’ve found a white dress that I feel beautiful in. And I know I can enjoy wearing this Elena shirtdress in cotton poplin with confidence. So yes, I do believe you absolutely can wear a trending white dress over 50. If you were already feeling confident about that, then you go girl! You’ve got this. But if you, like me, need a few tips to boost your confidence, keep reading.

Tips for Wearing a Trending White Dress Over 50

Elena Shirtdress in white
Elena Shirtdress in white cotton poplin (TTS; wearing 10)

Try On a Trending White Dress!

As with everything, you really can’t know how you will look and feel in a white dress until you try one on. Sometimes we assume the worst, but the proof is in the mirror! In fact, try on more than one. There are so many beautiful white dresses available right now, so everyone can find something to her liking.

Select a Trending White Dress that Fits Your Personal Style

Just because we’re talking about a trending dress doesn’t mean you have to jump ship and get on board with something that makes you feel out of sorts. I’m seeing white dresses that are sleek and sophisticated, as well as those that are more romantic and flirty. I’m seeing those that are very traditional, like my Elena Shirtdress, plus those that are more modern and edgy. And of course I’m seeing them in both shorter and longer lengths. Suit your personal style.

Elena Shirtdress in white
Elena shirtdress // beige heels (more economical option – use code KAY20 for 20% off) // Spartina 449 Sabine shoulder bag // Arabella diamond chain 14k gold necklace (c/o) // Maya 14k gold hoop earrings (c/o) – use code KAY20 for 20% off at Penelope

I personally didn’t want a white dress with any ruffles, especially around the neck, shoulders or arms. I wanted a classic that I could potentially wear for years to come. This cinched waist shirtdress checks all the boxes for me. It’s super soft and cool, and the waistline is amazingly flattering. The Elena shirtdress comes in sizes 00-24, and it’s also available in black, a classic blue stripe and a stunning floral.

Accessorize with Minimal Accessories
beige heels (more economical option – use code KAY20 for 20% off) // Spartina 449 Sabine shoulder bag

You Don’t Have to Wear White Shoes with Your Trending White Dress

When it comes to accessorizing your white dress, I think less is more. I prefer one of two routes myself. I like shoes and handbag and potentially belt in trending cognac. Or I prefer a shoe that quietly fades into the background but still has a presence, like the beige heels I’m wearing above. I completed my accessories here with my Spartina 449 Sabine shoulder bag, which features shades of blue and green on a similar beige background. That said, you absolutely can wear white shoes if you like. I would just definitely stay away from black, brown or navy shoes, which would be too harsh and bottom-heavy.

Can You Wear a Trending White Dress Over 50?

Wear the Right Undergarments with Your Trending White Dress

Here I’ve worn a my-nude colored bra, these Jockey skimmies also in nude and a nude slip. But honestly, my slip is so much shorter than the dress that I doubt it accomplished anything. I do think this dress is best worn with a slip, but they are extremely hard to find. I went into Dillard’s the day before this photo shoot and they had all of half a dozen slips total, and none of them were long, not even the half slips. I’m ordering this half slip when I get home from vacation. I guess we’re showing our age when we desire to wear a slip, but I just still think they’re a good idea.

Can You Wear a Trending White Dress Over 50?
Arabella diamond chain 14k gold necklace (c/o) // Maya 14k gold hoop earrings (c/o) – use code KAY20 for 20% off at Penelope

Wear a Little Makeup and Pretty Jewelry with Your Trending White Dress

I think more of us can wear white than we might think. But it’s definitely a good idea to add some color with subtle makeup. Wearing some simple but impactful jewelry is also a good way to not look washed out in white. I’m wearing my beautiful Arabella diamond chain 14k gold necklace and Maya 14k gold hoop earrings, both by Penelope. You can use code KAY20 for 20% off fine jewelry at Penelope.

Elena Shirtdress in white
Elena shirtdress // beige heels (more economical option – use code KAY20 for 20% off) // Spartina 449 Sabine shoulder bag // Arabella diamond chain 14k gold necklace (c/o) // Maya 14k gold hoop earrings (c/o) – use code KAY20 for 20% off at Penelope

Most Importantly, Step Out in Confidence in Your Trending White Dress

The most important thing you wear, besides your smile, is a little confidence. Yes, you absolutely can wear a white dress over 50. There is no age limit here. You deserve to be seen, and the people in your life want you to know that. Once you’ve found a dress you love and that you feel good in, wear it with confidence and joy.

I’ve collected a variety of white dresses in the shopping widget below. These are in a wide range of styles, lengths and prices. I hope you find something you like if you’d enjoy trying this classic trend.

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9 thoughts on “Can You Wear a Trending White Dress Over 50?

  1. is a good source for slips. If you are fortunate to live where there is a VF Factory Outlet, that is also a good place. I have 2 VF full slips that are probably more than 20 years old, and they are holding up beautifully.

  2. I want my White linen Dress from Banana republic from last year to church yesterday. Funny that you should have a post on white dresses today. I got several compliments. I guess I’m not too old to wear a white dress LOL. I’m sure you’re having fun in Alaska

  3. This is so timely for me. I just bought a white dress that is my style and feels lovely on me, but it needs to be altered. I absolutely can’t wear it unless the straps are altered. Yesterday I asked my best friend what to do and she encouraged me to alter it and wear it all summer. Alterations aside, I told her that it makes me feel like I’m 23 years old and headed for a beach vacation in Mexico, which is a nice feeling, but I live in Iowa, not Mexico and I don’t want to look foolish. I am definitely over thinking this!

    As for slips, I have a wonderful collection of slips of all sizes. I’m all for them for both modesty and especially the way they help a skirt drape properly. I know you (Kay) don’t shop secondhand, but you will find some there.

  4. I also like a slip and the department stores here to not have much of a selection. I am glad to find out about Thank you, Lori!

  5. I don’t have a white dress for the simple reason that it’s not something I could wear easily w/o getting it soiled. I love the dress, though, and may purchase it in black. When I worked, I had a lovely pair of white drapey trousers. I wore them with strappy kitten heels in bright red. I think bright blue would also be nice — and in your case, match that beautiful bag. Such a pretty look on you. BTW, I am heading to the Canadian Rockies later in the summer, and your day wear for you Alaska trip, especially LLBean, has been very helpful.

  6. I received a cancer diagnosis in March and had an unsuccessful surgery in April. So now I am having chemotherapy with hopes of having surgery later in the summer. The Lord has been with my all my life and He remains faithful with me still. He is a Good Shepherd and no matter the circumstances, He leads me besides still waters and pleasant pastures. He is always peace in the storm.

    1. Bless you. I’m praying for you to have a complete healing. But I am so glad you feel the Lord’s presence regardless. 💙

  7. I bought a white maxi dress about 2 years ago and still haven’t worn it. I think I’m going to finally wear it when I go on my birthday cruise in August. I think it would look good broken up with color in the form of a belt and/or bag and shoes. I recently bought some green sandals and a green bag. I might try it with that and wear it with a raffia belt. It’s a great blank canvas to play with our accessories. I love how you styled your pretty dress! Oh and P.S. I have maxi slips that i bought on Amazon. I even bought pant slips for my white linen pants.