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A Cool Girl Summer Outfit Formula

May 3, 2024

Well, it’s a stretch for me to think of myself as a cool girl. Ha! But this simple summer outfit formula is definitely one I wear on repeat during the summer because it keeps you feeling cool and looking fresh and polished. Even when I lived in Arizona, I frequently wore this particular style combination in the heat of the summer.

Cool Girl Summer Outfit Formula
wide leg linen pants (TTS; wearing 10; c/o) (more economical option) // Eileen white classic linen shirt (TTS; wearing M; c/o) (Kay’s favorite more economical option) // belt // sandals // shoulder bag or here (more economical option) // necklace // earrings (c/o) // bracelet (c/o)

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Summer Outfit Formula

What’s the cool girl summer outfit formula I love so much? Simply ankle length linen pants + linen shirt + sandals. All the rest is gravy! Of course, I love my gravy. And accessories and style hacks do make this simple formula all the more cool.

Frank and Eileen Linen Pants

I’m working the cool girl summer outfit formula here with my Frank & Eileen Wexford linen pants (c/o) in the color cement. I’m wearing my usual size 10 for a very roomy fit. I almost need the belt to keep them up. But the last thing you want for this formula is tight linen pants. That’s just so not cool. These are pricey pants, but they feel so good on. And you can wear them summer after summer. That said, I found comparable linen pants you could work this formula with below.

Linen Shirt by Frank & Eileen

I topped my linen pants with the Eileen white classic linen shirt (c/o), also by Frank & Eileen. I actually have several white linen shirts, and I just grabbed the one that was clean and less wrinkled on this day. But I personally LOVE the more economical white linen shirt at J.Jill. It’s a really soft linen that wears so nicely over time. The no-iron linen shirt from Chico’s is another great option.

Cool Girl Summer Outfit Formula

Now let’s talk styling. You don’t have to trust me when I tell you that this partial front tuck is so on trend and absolutely everywhere right now. If you’ve done any online shopping at all, you’ve seen it for yourself. You can see it on a Talbots model here, a J.Jill model here, an Ann Taylor model here and at J.McLaughlin here. So why the partial front tuck? It gives your look that effortless, slightly undone aesthetic, which is quite on trend right now. But if that’s just not your jam, no sweat! The bottom line is do something with the shirt to make the look more interesting: roll or cuff up the sleeves, pop the collar, tuck the shirt or front tuck, tie it at the waist. Another style hack I’m seeing a lot of is wearing the shirt completely out, but leaving the bottom two buttons or so unbuttoned.

Cognac Accessories are an Instant Outfit Elevater

I think accessories are important in this otherwise very basic summer outfit formula, too. Here I’ve worn a cognac belt and sandals. And I carried a textured shoulder bag with cognac trim. This caramel colored leather is so on trend for spring and summer 2024. And it adds depth and personality to this otherwise tonal look.

Cognac Accessories are an Instant Outfit Elevater

Any cognac sandals would do, but I’m slipping into these sienna brown Day Crossover Sandals by Everlane over and over these days. They come in other neutrals, too, and fit true to size.

Jewelry from Lagos

I like to keep my jewelry simple but impactful with this particular summer outfit formula. I don’t want to overwhelm the outfit with loud jewelry. So I wore my Lagos duo toned necklace, earrings (c/o) and bracelet (c/o).

Cool Girl Summer Outfit Formula

I’ll be wearing this simple, but oh so cool summer outfit formula over and over during the warmer months. I love it in these soft neutrals, but of course you can create similar looks with different colors and neutrals, too. Thanks so much for dropping in!

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18 thoughts on “A Cool Girl Summer Outfit Formula

  1. Kay! I am very ready for the summer months. I love when I can keep my wardrobe simple and look great doing it.

  2. Hi Kay, Sorry but i can’t get my head around the half tucked half untucked look you show. It just looks silly and sloppy to me. And no one I see in my area wears this particular look. Maybe stores and online photos show this, but real people where I live in NC aren’t wearing this at all. I expect it’s something fashion directors dreamed up but doubt if many of us will adopt it.

  3. Well the half tuck untucked Is not my jam as you would say ha ha!
    I agree that it just looks sloppy. Nobody in my town or state do it. hav
    Haven’t seen it either, Minnesota. I too believe it’s made-up by designers and Stores, the different looks. I will be glad when this trend Is over. We are a pretty conservative state For the most part except Minneapolis. To each their own. I went to a spring college graduation for a son in Winona, this spring and I was probably the most dressed up person there. Nobody dresses up for anything anymore. Too bad. There were sweats, Baggy sweatshirts, holey everything, men’s plaid hunter shirts,etc. Well you get the picture.
    On a good note I love your linen. i love linen too.

  4. Love seeing your posts everyday. Have a great trip to Alaska! We lived in Anchorage for three years in the nineties. Take warm clothes and layer.

  5. I’m another gal who is not a fan of the half-tucked look. Looks indecisive to me. Personally, I haven’t seen anyone in my area sport a half-tucked look, either, and I live in a very fashionable city. When it comes to shirt hems, my preference is “all in” (fully tucked) or “all out” (untucked). 🙂

    Other than that I love your outfit. Simple, breezy, chic. Perfect!

  6. Love linen, I have a hard time with the wrinkles but am getting better at not worrying about it. At a college graduation today at Point Loma Nazarene University and there are several women in linen and more than a few half tucks. I agree people don’t dress anymore, not uncommon for them to look like they just got out of bed or exercise class. My mother always said it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed so I am usually overdressed. I am just more comfortable when I feel put together. I do miss when there was true style and fashion. Kay, thank you for all your hard work in keeping us up to date!

  7. Linen and cotton are my favorite summer fabrics. I’m going to s girls’ night out dinner and play at one of our churches. One of their members invites several of her former coworkers like me. It’s always a fun night and the gospel is part of the program. The performance always is Christ centered. I like the half tuck. Bring short I think it can show the waist. Most of the time I do the front tuck or just tuck all the way. I wish tops weren’t so long. Even petite tops are so long. A crop top fits me a little past the waist which I like on me.

  8. This is a really nice simple outfit, and everything can be worn with the rest of my closet. I saw a front tuck over a belt recently, and it looked great. It created a waist even if you don’t have a slim anymore. Oh, and I really like zip flies. I’m kind of tired of pull-on pants. I like that your BFMD reminds us that ‘cool” girls are the same as the rest of us, and that most of us come into our own after high school when achievements are based on substance, not on looks.

  9. Hi, Kay! My husband and I boarded our cruise this morning (Saturday), and we are headed to Alaska! Our first stop is Juneau, where we will helicopter to Mendenhall Glacier and walk on it. Super excited! Hope y’all have a great trip. 😃

  10. Hi Kay you do look Summery and Cool 😎 that’s a Summer outfit formula I love too. I like the Front Tuck or the Front Tie or even I Tuck in all round depending on my mood or how my tum is looking that day and I’m a petite and like Terri finds ‘Tops are too long’ for us short girls. But finally how much fun is it that in this day of fashion and style we have all these choices to tuck or not to tuck , likewise to tie or not to , to leave out , and each and every Lady looks good whichever she chooses and we should all respect the Individuals Choice 💖

  11. Sometimes I think these “stylists” sit around having a good laugh at women’s expense. “Let’s see how many of these idiots we can get to wear a shirt half tucked… I mean we got them to do the front tuck so let’s try the half tuck now”
    ( giggle giggle).
    What you are wearing is timeless and classic but the styling is off. I refuse to follow so called “trends”.

    1. Hi Tammy. I can certainly understand you not caring for the partial tuck yourself, but I don’t understand your need to be so harsh about it. It’s just a style hack. And it’s just a personal preference. No one, including me, is forcing you to wear anything. I’m just sharing a style that I enjoy wearing and letting women know that it is a viable option. As always, thank you for pausing to share your opinion. But please understand that I am not forcing anything, and I would like to be treated with respect just like you would. To insinuate that I and others who wear this style are “idiots” is a little disrespectful.

      1. My apologies for having offended you. It was a generalized statement. I just feel that the fashion industry as a whole tries to dupe people into trendy styles and I always followed you because of your leaning towards classic , beautiful styling that kept women current, but within their age group.