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Two Ways to Wear White Pants for Spring

March 22, 2024

Today’s blog post is sponsored by ME+EM.

One of the closet staples that gets the most wear in my spring wardrobe is a great pair of white pants. You can dress them up or down, but they always look polished and so fresh. Today I’m sharing a beautiful pair of Pleated Straight-Leg Sneaker-Grazer Pants from ME+EM two ways to demonstrate the versatility of this spring must-have. Check out my two ways to wear white pants for spring.

Two Ways to Wear White Pants for Spring
Pleated Straight-Leg Sneaker-Grazer Pants // Retro Sneakers // Slub Crew Neck Swing Vest in tulip red

First up, let’s see how I styled the Pleated Straight-Leg Sneaker-Grazer Pants casually. In fact, these 62% cotton, 37% LENZING™ Viscose and 1% elastane pants were “intelligently designed with a turn-up detail at the hem to complement everything from loafers to sneakers, helping it slot into both on and off-duty outfits.” (source) You can even shorten or lengthen the leg length thanks to this unfastened cuff. So they work beautifully with my Retro Sneakers, also from ME+EM.

Retro Sneakers
Pleated Straight-Leg Sneaker-Grazer Pants // Retro Sneakers

The trouser fabric is nice and thick, so they’re not sheer at all. But they also feel soft and breathable, perfect for spring and summer. I’m wearing a size 10 per the size charts. And while they do feel roomy on me, they are designed to have a relaxed fit. They feature a wide, but straight leg silhouette, and they fall beautifully straight from the base of your bum rather than hugging it, for an exquisitely tailored look.

Pleated Straight-Leg Sneaker-Grazer Pants // Retro Sneakers

For this first casual look, I wore the Pleated Straight-Leg Sneaker-Grazer Pants with a red tulip Slub Crew Neck Swing Vest, or what we in the states would call a tank top with a swing silhouette. Red is one of my favorite colors, and this top is one of the prettiest true reds I’ve seen. It’s also available in black and fresh white. The Slub Crew Neck Swing Vest fits true to the size guide; I’m wearing a size 8.

red tulip Slub Crew Neck Swing Vest

I love the seam detail down the front and back of the red tulip Slub Crew Neck Swing Vest. Details like that set this London-based brand apart from others. I accessorized this one-two look by adding a gold belt, some feminine pearl jewelry and a denim jacket. Easy peasy.

White Pants Worn Casually
Pleated Straight-Leg Sneaker-Grazer Pants // Retro Sneakers // Slub Crew Neck Swing Vest in tulip red

I think this outfit with white pants would make a great look for a casual Mother’s Day brunch or just lunch with friends. I would also wear this on a casual date night. Let’s see how I also styled my white trousers for a slightly dressier look.

White Trousers Dressier Look
Pleated Straight-Leg Sneaker-Grazer Pants // Shadow Berry Print Embroidered Collar Blouse // Merino Cashmere Silk Lace Stitch V Neck Sweater in blossom pink // Pearl Detail Nappa Kitten Sandal in ivory (sized up 1/2 size to 10 because they don’t carry a 9.5)

Another favorite way to style white pants for spring is with a pretty blouse. And this Shadow Berry Print Embroidered Collar Blouse from ME+EM definitely fits the bill. Crafted from a soft and semi-sheer viscose fabric with their Shadow Berry print, this blouse features ultra feminine details like a softly smocked sleeve and flowery cream lace attached at the collar and cuffs. Just exquisite.

White Trousers Dressier Look

I appreciate that ME+EM prioritizes fit, functionality and a forever wearability. This beautiful blouse is definitely one I will have in my closet for years, and I can certainly wear it multiple ways. The fabric is soft and the detailing is pretty amazing.

White Trousers Dressier Look
White Trousers Dressier Look

I topped the blouse with ME+EM’s Merino Cashmere Silk Lace Stitch V Neck Sweater in blossom pink. Intelligently designed to allow glimpses of your base layer to show through, this soft sweater vest will also look beautiful over other things already in my closet, from a simple white shirt to a silk blouse.

pearl detail Nappa sandals

And to complete this more elevated white pants outfit for spring, I wore the Pearl Detail Nappa Kitten Sandal in ivory. This beautiful, feminine sandal also comes in black suede, and both feature the trending pearl embellishment.

By the way, I used their size chart to help determine the best fit for the sandals and it worked beautifully. I normally wear a US 9.5, which they don’t carry. So, per the size chart, I sized up to a US 10 for a nice fit. If you have any questions about fit when shopping ME+EM, they invite you to contact them directly for assistance. And remember, all returns are FREE and easy at ME+EM.

pearl detail Nappa sandals
Pleated Straight-Leg Sneaker-Grazer Pants // Shadow Berry Print Embroidered Collar Blouse // Merino Cashmere Silk Lace Stitch V Neck Sweater in blossom pink // Pearl Detail Nappa Kitten Sandal in ivory (sized up 1/2 size to 10 because they don’t carry a 9.5)

ME+EM also takes care of the duties and taxes involved in overseas shopping, so don’t let those keep you from checking them out. I love the classic, modern selections I find at ME+EM. And I appreciate them sponsoring today’s blog post. Remember, all opinions are genuine and my own, but I am so grateful to the brands who make it possible for me to bring you quality content consistently.

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Thanks so much for stopping in for a little style inspiration. How will you wear your white pants this spring? I’d love to hear from you today.

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Have you come to a place where you’re a little hesitant about what lies ahead? Maybe the future feels scary or the present circumstances are too heavy. I imagine most of us have been at that crossroad at least a couple of times. It can feel very lonely and anxieties can mount quickly. But you don’t have to be afraid.

Rather than gaze into the unknown, focus on what you know for certain. Camp out in the promises of God’s Word. Remember how He has walked you through similar hard days before. Recall how He released you from bondage you couldn’t break free of by yourself. Reflect on how He has gone before you and fought your battles, how He has carried you when you were too weak or uncertain to take another step. And trust that He will do the same this time. Do not be afraid. He’s got this, and He’s got you.

‘Do not be shocked, nor fear them. The Lord your God who goes before you will Himself fight on your behalf, just as He did for you in Egypt before your eyes, and in the wilderness where you saw how the Lord your God carried you, just as a man carries his son, in all the way which you have walked until you came to this place.’ ~ Deuteronomy 1:29-31

xoxo, Kay
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43 thoughts on “Two Ways to Wear White Pants for Spring

  1. Love the looks of your outfits today. But, my clothes budget is nowhere near what yours is with the Me&Em outfits.

    1. I guess so frustrated when I read comments like this. She isn’t trying to get you to buy a certain brand. She’s so gracious and kind and she accommodates different budget levels. There’s no reason to hurt her feelings by pointing out that her clothes are more expensive than yours. It would be just as rude to point out that somebody only wears the cheapest clothes from a local rag bag. You wouldn’t do that would you?

      1. Caron,
        I would agree Kay is gracious but I think it is disingenuous to say she ( or other sponsored bloggers) aren’t trying to get you to buy a certain brand. If not, why have sponsored posts in the first place or encourage shopping links etc? I appreciate it when a blogger is straight forward and indicates when an item is gifted such as how blogger Jo-Lynne Shane does. Each item she is gifted from a company is marked as C/O. Sometimes you just know a blogger is doing it just for the commission when the items from sponsored posts don’t ever show up in what they have been wearing lately.

        1. Carla, I do in fact, indicate gifted products in my How I Really Dressed for My Day posts with the same c/o or the word gifted. I would never try to imply that items I wear were purchased by me if they were not. However, I have purchased a number of ME+EM items on my own dime and love them. And any time a post is sponsored, here or anywhere else, you should assume that most of the items shown were in fact complimented by the brand, as I indicated here. And when a post is sponsored or not, I am never trying to get you to buy anything. Honestly. That feels very degrading for you to even suggest that I or other bloggers do that. I am in fact sharing with you what I truly like, enjoy and wear. If you see something you like and want to purchase it, that’s grand. But I am not trying to get you to buy something. If you stick around you will see me wearing these items again in my real life outfits.

        2. Carla, I think you misunderstood the purpose of my comment.

          But I will reply to you that I have never felt pressured by any of her posts or videos that I am somehow missing the mark if I don’t buy what she is wearing no matter what store it comes from.

  2. Cute outfits!! I just wonder how you keep the bright (red) tops from showing under your white pants. I never tuck bright colors into mine because they always show through.

    1. The pants are created in a wonderfully dense fabric. Still very soft and breathable, but very opaque.

  3. I was drawn to your site because of the name and have always looked forward to reading and getting ideas. I’m a big Talbots shopper – have been for 25+ years working a corporate job but always waited until their sales to get the good buys. However, I seem to notice a trend on your site where you show high priced clothes and its been a bit disappointing. Not many of us can afford a $400 jacket even if on sale. I know you probably receive a commission but I’m not sure why so many expensive clothing. So I’ve been drawn to a couple other sites for over 50 that pull in Kohls, Walmart and even Target! I didn’t realize they had such affordable and clothes I would wear! So I’m on the fence about continuing on your site. The outfits from today’s post I wouldn’t purchase anyway as I don’t like the pants at all. Love the red top but not for the price and especially coming from a foreign country. Not being negative at all. I’ve really enjoyed opening up your post every morning but again just disappointed on your high price points. Thanks for listening.

    1. She offers clothes from Kohl’s. She even has offered clothes from Walmart. Mostly you can get styling tips from her no matter what price the clothes are. Her work has never struck me as a lesson in how to buy expensive clothes, only how to style them. Not being negative. Just trying to help. Which is in and of

  4. Good Morning, Kay! I thought you looked especially beautiful in the red, white and blue outfit today. Please do tell us how the red top doesn’t show through the white pants. Also, I loved the added touches of the gold belt and red purse rather than the usual white. Perhaps you could recommend where to purchase these accessories (or similar) in a future post. Happy Spring!

    1. Hi Brenda, the fabric used for the white pants is just very nice and dense, but also lightweight and breathable. The quality is truly pretty amazing. The red bag is one I shared a lot last fall when it was available, but it no longer is. The belt is one I’ve had in my closet for probably 15 years.

  5. By the way, Kay, I cannot afford the clothes at this price point either but I can easily duplicate these looks from what I already own in my closet. You have blessed me with some new creative ideas to put my old things together in fun new ways.

  6. Cute, but not in my price range! I was at Talbot’s yesterday and thought of you…as I really love when you feature Talbot’s clothing. I am wondering about the pearl necklace you are wearing the with vest outfit ( the one with multiple pearls) Is that a 16 inch? And does it bother your neck at all. It’s super cute! Thank you for your inspiration. 🙂

    1. The necklace is super light and I don’t even feel it. I don’t have a link for it right now; it’s from a new-to-me brand and I’ll share in a video in a couple of weeks. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with and introduce to my readers new brands that help to expand our fashion sense.

  7. You look so beautiful in the photos. I love your hair style. . I love the clothes, just too expensive for me. But I am inspired by the style

  8. Such beautiful clothes! I LOVE that floral blouse! So many great styling tips. I can’t wait to try some wider white/ecru trousers-like pants. Even though I love and purchase from Talbots, J.Jill, etc, I love seeing other brands and what is in style in this season. Thank you for helping me branch out.

  9. Thank you for your initial email comment about showing us high priced items. (Hey, we never know when a wind-fall of cash may come our way!) I love to see you in the clothes that look so much better on you, Kay. Some models look so sad and slouchy that it is hard to see an item in its best light. One small request, you may ignore if you have your reasons– would it be possible for you to model the back or 3/4 back of the garment/clothes you show? I know you don’t feel it is what you would want us to remember, but it will help to see how it is actually fitting there. We really are looking at the clothes–not your figure. And we all have so many less than perfect figures any way–at least I am less than ideal. Thanks for this lovely display of the clothes. The last outfit with the lacy puff sleeves and vest looks so wonderful—a good Mothers Day outfit for sure.
    Lastly, I really appreciate your BFMD inspiration…it hit the mark for me. I can tell as I get older that I am tempted with stressful thoughts of the future–especially how to manage the finances and insurances, etc. that my husband deals with so very well. It is a good possibility that I could out-live him, so in my old age there are concerns that sort of loom in the back of my mind. I am starting the process of learning from him, taking notes and asking more specific questions, etc., even talking to my daughter about helping me out if and when the Lord changes my circumstances. But then I was looking up at the notes I have posted above my desk that I had written many years ago: REMEMBER GOD! He rescued me before, He is strong to SAVE! Also: Isaiah 41:10. The Word of the Lord is a strong tower–I must remember that always.
    Love you ……..Janie

    1. Ahh, I love that note you have above your desk. Yes, I struggle with similar worries about how we will deal with various things in the future. And that’s exactly what I was thinking about as I wrote that devotional. As for the “behind photos,” yes, I can try to start getting those occasionally. I really do select the photos I share based on how well they demonstrate the clothes more than how I look anyhow. But I just rarely think about the “going away” photo. I’ll try to work that one in more. Thank you for your kind words and your support.

  10. Though I really enjoy good quality clothes, I could not afford an outfit of this brand on my retirement budget. Maybe one piece. Every piece is $300.00 or more. I love Talbot too, but I wait for their sales. i do love the print blouse. I have seen this style sleeve on their blouses before. Does the elastic on the blouse bother your arm, too tight? That would be a deciding factor on weather I bought it. That said, I am glad you can afford these items in your wardrobe, that you are blessed.

    1. The elastic on the sleeve is so comfortable I don’t even know it is there. Imagine how boring this blog would be if I only showed Talbots or any one other brand all the time. We all have our go-to brands that resonate with us and we feel comfortable shopping. And Talbots is mine, too. But I am so grateful for brands like ME+EM that afford me the opportunity to share their styles and widen our fashion sensibilities a bit. 😊

      1. Thank you for the information on the blouse. It is beautiful. Maybe I can squeeze it into my clothes budget. I enjoyed the BFMD as I always do. Have a blessed day.

  11. Love the denim jacket with the white pants – such a cute combo! Thank you for the value you add to your site by showing us how to style and put together outfits. I’m sorry some readers feel the need to make comments when an item is out of their budget. In my opinion they’re missing the point – which is the overall styling and putting together of a cute outfit, which can be created utilizing the most expensive brands, or the lowest cost brands, or items you already have in your closet. Thank you for helping us show up for our unique days – you’ve helped me tremendously with understanding how to put together a great outfit. I look forward to reading your blog every day!

    1. Thank you so much for your support. You get the big picture and I really appreciate that. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I have to introduce a variety of brands. And I do have many readers who shop ME+EM. But they don’t complain when I share more economical brands. These money-centric comments always break my heart a little. So I’m so glad when readers can appreciate the value I try to provide in every post.

      1. While I agree with Lori about some readers comments about items being out of their price range, perhaps they are feeling squeezed financially in other areas of their budgets as well. For them, it may be hard to look past the price tag to see and appreciate the style tips.

  12. I like your style, but am finding the wide, wide leg pants in denim a bit too much. This color combination and ideas are an inspiration.

    I look for quality pieces in a more affordable price range.

    Thank you for continuing to encourage women of any age to be their best selves.

  13. The blessed for my day hit home today. I’m facing a possible move. Even though I am excited I do feel sad when I think about what I will be leaving behind. Your devotional is always awesome.

    1. Ahh yes, moves are hard. I’ve moved too many times to think otherwise. And the positives can definitely mingle with the apprehensions and sadness. Bless you. You can do this! With God nothing is impossible. That’s what I read in Luke 1 this morning and focused on.

      1. Thank you Kay. My view on the clothes you show are that’s your blog. You can show whatever you want. If readers don’t like it just move on. I view fashion blogs because I like to get styling ideas. Plus there might be items I may want to buy. I don’t feel any pressure to buy anything bloggers show. You also give us a lot of fashion ideas like in your library. Some bloggers charge for that. I appreciate the devotional. You have the best one.

  14. I reiterate those who love to read your blog for many and varied ideas, not for trying to buy the exact items you show. I also read your posts for the intangibles you project: your positivity, focus on being a good person in a hard world, and kind way of speaking and writing. You help me reflect and begin my day with thoughtfulness. Thank you for all you do, Kay.

  15. I So agree with Lori’s comments! We are all trying to look and feel our best – that’s what you are doing – telling us what looks best in a particular season. Thank you!

  16. Kay, Thank you for spending your time to show us what is trending and what you feel are appropriate styles for women over 40. I always look forward to checking your blog for new entries and looking at the clothes and accessories you style. I have improved how I dress because of bloggers like you. I find your blog is the most entertaining to read because you share more details and you share more about yourself. Keep doing what you are doing.

  17. Hi Kay – I was telling a friend about your blogs, and our conversation headed to our hair. l’d love to share with her the blog you did a while ago dealing with blow drying your hair to keep in the curl, but I can’t find it. Can you help please? Many thanks. ME

  18. Hi Kay Happy Spring Day , those two outfits look really lovely , especially the tulip red top , I was going to say ‘it’ looked Sensational but no it is you who looks Sensational, thank you for showing us how to style white pants specially wide leg ones. I love how you Inspire us to create new looks from what we already own as well as show us new stuff. I know some of it might be out of some of our price ranges but I have noticed you only promote what you ‘Love’ and you like a Company who Cares and has good Ethics , whilst also showing us if we buy ‘Good’ its Lasts, all this throwaway fashion is no good for our planet. Kay you have been Blessed with Grace and Beauty and a Special Talent so why not use it . Thank you so much for bringing Joy daily into my email inbox 💐🙏🏻I also Love reading your ‘Blessings For My Day’ and your breakdown of the Bible Readings really help me understand ❤️